WMAT Prelim Ends in Surprise! (Mister Satan (TP))

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WMAT Prelim Ends in Surprise! (Mister Satan (TP))
Date of Cutscene: 30 July 2015
Location: Earth-4555
Cast of Characters:
Tinyplot: WMAT 2015

EARTH-4555 - The World Martial Arts Tournament may have officially opened with a peaceful gala, but it was in a preliminary match between two existing champions that the tournament's intended spirit was demonstrated to its fullest.

Homura Akemi -- World Champion of last year's Bracket B -- and Seikou Starks -- multi-year World Champion of Bracket C -- provided a sneak peek of the tournament to come. Flashy explosions, bullet storms, and magical projectiles rocked Tournament Stadium's arena to the delight of thousands of viewers. With Mister Satan commentating alongside newcomers Kuma, Shigure, Nowaki, Chitose, and Ziggy Grover, the excitement never dimmed from start to finish.

Both Homura and Seikou were challenged by one another's talents. Homura's speed and time control gave her a consistent edge, but Seikou's capacity for destruction had no trouble closing the gap. Each exchange left a mark, no matter what form of weaponry was utilized. Spells, guns, explosions, and swords alike clashed time and again, until both girls were left looking exhausted to the bone. Outward injuries were difficult to assess, but pain was easy to read. (Enclosed is a picture of both Homura and Seikou mid-fight. They're hurting and tired, yet obviously determined.)

As the fight progressed, no clear winner could be called, and it was Homura Akemi who offered the perfect solution -- a truce! Having come to deeply respect her opponent over the course of the fight, Homura offered to call things a draw. Seikou, touched by the gesture, readily agreed.

Mister Satan was moved to tears by the honorable demonstration. In a generous move, he awarded the evening's secret prize to both competitors. A statue depicting both Seikou and Homura standing together will be erected outside the tournament's Hall of Fame as a tribute to their mutual tournament successes, and the respect they demonstrate for one another.

The tournament's opening ceremonies will be held tonight. Qualifiers are scheduled to begin tomorrow.