WMAT Prize Announcement! (2) (Mister Satan (TP))

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WMAT Prize Announcement! (2) (Mister Satan (TP))
Date of Cutscene: 15 September 2015
Synopsis: MMS announces its prizes for this year's WMAT!
Thanks to: Vervi, Fuki
Cast of Characters:
Tinyplot: WMAT 2015

An explosion interrupts WMAT coverage! Gunfire and clashing steel can be heard with increasing clarity as the initial BOOM starts to fade away! As the fire and sparks dim from view, the conflict becomes more visibly clear: it's two tiny female robots locked in what appears to be a brutal exchange of gunfire, high-speed martial arts, and war cries! These six inch tall figures are familiar sights in the Multiverse.

The voice over is an intense growl one would normally associate with movie trailers.


Hyah! Hrah! The battling shinki collide again, and the camera zooms in on their determined faces. On the left, an Arnval model. On the right, a Strarf.


The Strarf backflips away. The Arnval takes aim with her machine gun.


Silver text flashes onto the screen with a sizzle of electricity clinging to every letter.


Boom! The Strarf's thrusters fire, propelling her toward the Arnval.


Ratta-tatta-tatt! The Arnval's machine gun looses a spray of bullets!


The two models collide behind the company logo, and a shockwave ripples across the screen.

"Proud sponsors of the World Martial Arts Tournament for three years running, MMS is once again making incredible shinki model upgrades available to all who compete in this year's tournament! Want your own WMAT-themed shinki armor and weaponry? Stop by our tent to browse our selection of available equipment!"

The MMS logo bursts apart to reveal another shinki silhouette that starts as a black shadow, but quickly fades into clear view. She's sporting short green hair and a jointed metal 'skirt' of tentacles. "Introducing: MMS TYPE TENTACLES! Modeled after our very own Maryceles, this unique model will be awarded to this year's Bracket C World Champion! Additional models will be made available at the request of Brackets A and B world champions."

The shinki's skirt abruptly flares into a bristling ring of readied weaponry as she snaps into a combat stance and shouts a short, sharp kiai. "You'll never find a shinki model as ready for action as the MMS Type Tentacles! Featuring deadly firearms and adaptibility in melee, the MMS Type Tentacles makes a fierce addition to any collector's or competitor's shinki army! Bloodlust not included."

MMS theme music swells in the last few seconds of the commercial as the MMS Type Tentacles winks and flashes a victory sign.