WMAT Prize Announcement! (3) (Mister Satan (TP))

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WMAT Prize Announcement! (3) (Mister Satan (TP))
Date of Cutscene: 16 October 2015
Synopsis: WMAT advertisement for Blue Oni Garage.
Thanks to: Kotone Yamakawa
Cast of Characters:
Tinyplot: WMAT 2015

The commercial begins with a black screen and the beginnings of seductive music. A purring female voice-over begins to narrate: "You're not afraid..."

A metallic blue shimmer appears on the screen. It looks like part of a mechanical body. At first it looks like a car, but as the camera pulls back slightly, it becomes something more sleek and slender. The camera follows the blue glimmer at a slow pace, giving the viewer plenty of opportunity to admire the unfolding image as the voice-over continues. "You take life by the handles, and turn it onto the road you know is right for you. Is the road rough -- a risk, and a challenge to dominate? Or is it smooth and straight, enabling you to gun the engines and run the course in mere seconds?"

The camera pans over the crystalline lens of a headlight, and continues down to the deep tread of new tires hugging a platinum hubcap. "Whatever your speed, you need a vehicle that can take you ahead of all other contenders. You need grace as well as danger. You need style as well as function. You want it all -- and Blue Oni Garage can deliver."

"Introducing the Knight Motorcycle -- a customized motorcycle designed to fulfill your every dream for the road ahead." The camera pulls back to reveal both the motorcycle and the speaker standing beneath a spotlight. While she continues to speak, the woman -- dressed in a full leather riding uniform -- straddles the seat, and grips the handlebars. "Whether you're an organic or a cyborg, Blue Oni Garage has a Knight ready for you."

She peels away from the spotlight in a blur, and the image cuts to a montage of the woman zipping through late night traffic. She navigates the packed roads with ease.

"Blue Oni Garage...vehicles built for /you/."

As the scene plays out, a text overlay explains that Knight Motorcycles are available for test drives on Papaya Island. The text also indicates that as part of Blue Oni Garage's sponsorship of the tournament, WMAT winners will have their selection of customized motorcycles.