WMAT Prize Announcement! (Mister Satan (TP))

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WMAT Prize Announcement! (Mister Satan (TP))
Date of Cutscene: 14 August 2015
Location: World Martial Arts Tournament
Synopsis: A special list of prizes is announced for the WMAT!
Thanks to: Huron Blackheart
Cast of Characters: Mister Satan (TP) (Dropped)
Tinyplot: WMAT 2015

The World Martial Arts Tournament logo appears on screen with its usual cheerful fanfare! The tournament's bouncing themes are familiar by now, so it's obvious that something different is going on whenever the melody shifts into a march possessing more of a military gusto. The logo cracks apart as the musical transformation completes, revealing the clenched-fist icon of the RED CORSAIRS! (Image: [1])

A growling voiceover begins as fire flickers up from the bottom of the screen to frame the logo.

HURON BLACKHEART of the Red Corsairs and Chaos Undivided are PROUD to sponsor tournament with bloodsport prizes befitting CHAMPIONS!! In addition to a bountiful cash contribution, bracket champions will receive the FINEST and DEADLIEST weapons to be found in our markets! All weapons will be customized to fit their wielder if they would turn out to be too small or too large or too alien to use the roughly human-sized versions.


  • Berserker's Hellblade: This unholy two-handed sword contains an angry and raging Chaos Daemon, a Bloodletter, which will constantly attempt to make its wielder give in to his rage and commit mindless violence, but only when in use. It is extremely sharp and may produce bursts of flames. (OOC: Upgrade app required!)

Image: [2]


  • Lash of Torment: An animated whip capable of sprouting barbs and executing insane maneuvers on its own. The Chaos Daemon contained within is spiteful, encouraging pain rather than death. Incredibly painful as a weapon, the Lash of Torment can telepathically share its victim's torment and terror with any others within a dozen feet or so of the attack. (OOC: CONSENT REQUIRED. Upgrade app also required!)

Image: [3]


  • Plague Sword: A large one-handed blade which looks as though it is rusty and bleeding infected blood. Those wounded by the blade are infected with dozens of different diseases ranging from mundane to supernaturally powerful, some of which are immediately lethal to non-Elites, and may bring them back as mindless infectious ghouls for a single round before they decay. This sentient Daemon Weapon contains an unusually chill and relaxed Daemon who will mostly tell its wielder being a weapon is the great lazy life. (OOC: CONSENT REQUIRED. Upgrade app also required!)

Image: [4]

Still competing to win?! Several trained APOTHECARIES are available to provide medical support and potent brews to make you forget your pain. Don't be afraid to ask for the help of the Red Corsairs!


The logo vanishes in a final burst of flame and triumphant music.