Wandering Flame (Auron)

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Wandering Flame (Auron)
Date of Cutscene: 15 November 2014
Location: Njorun Station - Medical
Synopsis: After almost bleeding to death and being saved by the virtue of Ayeko's healing water, Auron has a funny dream. Or is it a dream at all...? (OOC: Censored language warning.)
Thanks to: Armsmaster, anyone in the Leviathan scene
Cast of Characters: 236

So we meet again...

(BGM: "Wandering Flame")

        It's not the first time Auron's been at death's door. The last time he ended up going through it. And then coming back, to keep promises to Braska and Jecht.

        This time he was stopped before he went through. The effect of the SENTIMENT'S SLICKER kept him from bleeding to death out there. Though Ayeko's healing water had kept him from dropping dead when the effect wore off. And he was able to get to Union Medical -- albeit barely -- so he was in good hands when it finally did.

        Doesn't mean he's in that great of shape, though. He'd been bleeding out consistently for Fayth only knew how long. How long did it take them to defeat the Endbringer Leviathan? Too long. When he 'shut off' the coat, he had immediately passed out from pain and blood loss. So for now he's confined to bed, pale from blood loss, hooked up to medical machines he didn't know the function of. At this point he doesn't care, though. He really can't. Mainly because he's rather deeply unconscious.

        But he can hear something. A voice. Male. And it's instantly familiar.


        That voice... how is that possible?


        Louder now. Closer. But it's too dark to see.

        "Might help if ya opened yer eyes." Pause. "Or, well. Eye. Ah, f**k it, y'know what I mean."

        ...Yeah, that probably would help. Doesn't stop him from firing back at that voice, "...Jackass." But there's no venom in his voice. It's familiar teasing by now. But at least he can see now. Or well, he will be able to when he opens his eye.

        And when he finally does, he sees...


        A field of tall grass and flowers, ringed by rocky cliffs with waterfalls rushing down them. Softly wailing pyreflies loop lazily between the flowers and under the waterfalls. The Farplane? He hasn't died, has he?

        As if the owner of that voice had read his mind, the reply comes, "Nope. Not yet."

        Auron looks forward. His remaining eye widens. It's definitely someone he knows well.


        Sure enough, there he is. Lopsided smirk and all. "Yup. Surprised?"

        That's putting it mildly. "How...?"

        "Y'came pretty close ta dyin' out there," Jecht remarks, crossing his arms. "Hadn't been for the water lady, ya woulda. Still ain't learned howda throttle it back, huh?"

        Auron smirks. "And you ever did?"

        "Pfft!" Jecht hisses. "I'm the Great Jecht! Can't nothin' keep me down for long!" Auron chuckles. "You onna other hand," Jecht notes, poking Auron's chest firmly but gently, "needa watch it. Yer still human. 'Till ya croak again, anyway. An' it ain't quite'cher time yet."

        As he says the last, Jecht's image begins to fade.


        Jecht just shakes his head. "Don't worry, man. The time'll come," he assures Auron. His voice gentles as he adds, "Don't rush it. Ya got a chance t'live again. Use it. Then come back an' tell me all about it. We c'n swap stories then." His voice returns to his normal brash tone as he notes, "An' we'll see if ya can top my stories!" And then he begins to laugh merrily. The sound of Jecht's laughter begins to fade quickly...

                * * *

        ...Replaced by silence broken by intermittent beeping.

        "...Sir Auron?"

        That's not Jecht. That's a woman's voice. Fayth, his eye is too heavy to open. C'mon, eye. You're the only one he has left, it's all up to you! More seriously, Auron keeps trying to open his remaining eye, until he sees a slit of light. Ow. That hurts. Too bright. But at least he can see.

        He looks up. A blonde woman. Oh, he recognizes her. The ex-Summoner from Bevelle. The one with the lady Guardian who could break most Spiran men. Gisenia? That's right. That's her name.

        "Are you awake, Sir Auron?"

        He can't speak yet. Can't force any words out. He nods, slowly. Ow. Fayth, even that hurts!

        Gisenia smiles. "Good. We've got Crusaders in the city, helping with search and rescue, and rebuilding. The healers tell me you were pretty badly hurt, and that you'll be out of commission for a while. But they seem to think you'll make it."

        Auron nods again, slowly. Ow.

        Seeing the wince, Gisenia pats Auron on the arm gently. "Rest for now. Concentrate on recovering your strength. I need to go inform the others that you've awoken."


        That causes another wince. He completely forgot about that. He'd have some explaining to do when he recovered. That he was alive wasn't common knowledge in Spira. He hadn't even told Gisenia who he was. And she mentioned others. Oh Fayth, he hoped she hadn't told the Crusaders...

        ...How the hell is he going to keep this from blowing up in his face?