What (not) to do with a Virus

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What (not) to do with a Virus
Date of Cutscene: 15 December 2016
Location: The System - Britannica
Synopsis: After clearing the System Tower floor 44, Lexicon finds something to do with Christmas
Cast of Characters: Lexicon

"What am I doing?"

This phrase is muttered tiredly through the palm of Lexicon's hand, as she covers her face and rubs at her eyes as if trying to massage out the vision before her. It doesn't work, as the scene remains when she draws her hand down enough to see again.

System Tower Souvenirs, declares the sign in red neon lettering, underlined with the white lines so inherent to Britannica's architecture. A rustic-looking old fashioned curio shop on the edge of Britannica, nearest to the mountain clearing where the monolithic Tower so often appears. In the large plate glass window, multiple plush toys of Patty Cat in her various stylish dresses and Rodney Rat in his slick black suit rest on tiered shelves. Lexicon's eyes linger on the top row the longest, where a Special Edition Patty Cat dressed like Silver Soul--bodysuit, white hair, red eyes, even plush versions of her Processors--rests. A handful of red and white Santa hats also occupy the display, marked with brown Poochooze ears sticking out of the white fur band. A small plastic version of Viral Super Robot Galakryzer strikes a heroic pose in the corner.

"Why did I authorize a souvenir shop," Lexicon mutters, "Why is it stocked with reminders of the damn System Tower's floors up 'til now..." Her eyes wander to the door, where a two-dimensional panel resides, depicting a girl dressed for cold weather in front of a wintery background. The still image shows her with her hands raised, her eyes sparkling, her face filled with excitement, "...And why did I agree to let a virus run it?"

"Because you're a fine and just Drive Core Controller," Stylono states brightly from just behind Lexicon's right shoulder, "She's so pleased to have been given a chance, see?" She gestures, and Lexicon's eyes follow to a pair of customers wandering into the shop.

"Oh my, a store run by a virus? How unusual!"


Thank you for visiting my shop! Please look around as much as you like and ask me any questions you may have!

"...Yeah," Lexicon closes her eyes, arms folding, "I guess it wasn't a bad decision. It's just hard to trust a virus." One eye opens and she can't help but allow half of a smile, "Then again, how could I refuse? I mean. It's Christmas."