When the Dolls come to Play (Alice Margatroid)

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When the Dolls come to Play (Alice Margatroid)
Date of Cutscene: 21 October 2015
Location: Alice's Wonderland - Makai
Synopsis: After a 'heartwarming' talk from Marisa and Tomoyo, Alice preps herself for the future confrontation with what else... a new spellcard.
Cast of Characters: 807
Tinyplot: Touhou Kakudai

Makai, Alice's Wonderland, Unknown Time.

Alice sits in one of the clearings, a few of the card-shaped demons wandering around with pikes in their hands in a orderly fashion, a row of dolls are set in a peculiar line in front of the dollmaker, each of them look like a specific person. A needle in hand, she works on a small blue cape for one of them. "And Mima, you're just about complete." she whispers. Eight dolls, hand crafted to look like specific people. Yuuka, Mima, Reimu, Youmu, Sanae, Sakuya, Shinki... Marisa.

A few of them hold very specific things... Mima's cape is there along with a cute ghost tail instead of the legs. Reimu has an ofuda sewn into the back of it. Shinki has a small lock of her hair set in the ahoge. Marisa... has a tiny copy of the Hakkero, a MicroHakkero. Youmu has a small crafted blade and Sakuya's has a small knife in one hand and a pocket watch in another. She takes a look at the Yuuka doll and shakes her head, "You are going to be hard for me to get..." she nods, "Perhaps... I may leave you alone..."

Louise appears a short while behind Alice, placing her hand upon her shoulder. "Those are cute, Alice. You've become quite the dollmaker." she starts, "I know what's troubling you though, Yuki told me. She's still recovering after that beating by that miko cat."


"Oh, that's her name, isn't it?" and a nod is given from Alice. "Well then! Say, what are you doing anyways? Preparing a bunraku or something?" Alice takes a brief look behind her, a sullen gaze falling on Louise. "Mmm.. this is unlike you Alice. But never the mind, I'll be visiting Steve again soon, did you want to.."


"Ah... okay. Well, if you need something, let me know. You know where I'll be." Louise smiles and makes her way out, leaving the Dollmaker and her Dolls, all but one of them now floating. She takes a small, gold bordered card and gives a soft, if heartbroken smile. "I know you'll see one use before the Star Breaker takes you away, but let this... be one of my grandest spells..."

The eight dolls disappear and Alice gives a bit of a smile. "Welcome... Mimicry: Grand Play of Gensokyo." she tucks the newly made spellcard in her dress, "All the players will be seen soon... and the stage will be set shortly. Mom... you might get to see your dream lived this time. Ten years is a long time to wait to expand Makai, isn't it?"

Wonderland slowly goes dark, leaving the maiden of the dolls in that open field. "Time to go see Mom. It's dinner time."