Whispers (Elliana Fairchild)

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Whispers (Elliana Fairchild)
Date of Cutscene: 20 May 2013
Location: Elliana's Nightmares
Synopsis: Elliana meets with the Lord of Nightmares again, and makes a deal... but what kind?
Cast of Characters: Duet Fortuna
Tinyplot: Wrathborn

Heels click on the floor, and Elliana has to stop for a moment. As always, she arrives mid-dream, but her mind processes things more normally than most. Glittering hall, impressive architecture... it was familiar. She knew this place, though it was not a nightmare she'd had recently.

"Welcome, welcome... care for a drink?" The charming voice comes from the side, and it all clicks into place. Elliana turns and frowns.

"You have a lot of nerve taking that form," Elliana states coolly to the Lord of Nightmares. He smiles back at her with Rampart's face, a grin that is more malicious than the Solar would ever wear toward her.

'Rampart' begins to walk, letting the blonde fall into step beside him as he replies with a chuckle. "Come now. You call me Lord. You call this one Lord. I saw it in your memories. And is that any face to take with someone who has tried to make this dream pleasant for you? I know how rarely a good dream is for you."

Elliana snorts, "Is that why Tender Whisper is pinned to her throne by seven swords?"

The Lord grins with a helpless shrug. "Ehn. Close enough?"

Sigh. Elliana shakes her head. "Enough of this. I did not seek you out this time. That means you want something."

"Do I?" The smiling figure glances aside. "You were the one who tapped into my power in ways never before. You are learning... but there is still so much more you could do."

Suddenly suspicious, Elliana narrows her eyes. "You are suddenly quite helpful, Lord of Nightmares. What are you up to?"

Chuckling, 'Rampart' shakes his head. "My imprisonment here chafes at me, it is true, but it also opens up other doors at the same time. I can reason, and with reason comes the realization that this is an opportunity. I cannot be rid of you without also ridding myself of that which I have come to enjoy. With my power and your intelligence working in a true fusion, we can accomplish things far beyond what either of us could alone. And we can start by giving you the ability to truly manipulate the nightmares of others. It really is win-win for both of us."

Elliana was still suspicious, of course. She listens, but carefully asks, "What do you mean...?"

Tsk. 'Rampart' flashes another grin. "Just as I said. There are so MANY things you could do. Especially with so many options ~outside~ our own world. So many possibilities..."

Elliana shakes her head again, though she sighs heavily as she knows he is right. "Very well. Show me some of these..."

'Rampart' smiles wider. "I am at your command, My Lady."

Some time later, a certain blonde exits her room, newly-dressed and bathed. Her destination is the Confederate central library, where she approaches the nearest terminal with a faint, odd smile.

"Give me a list of wish-granting artifacts in known Unified worlds."