Working With Beasts (Gaius Van Baelsar)

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Working With Beasts (Gaius Van Baelsar)
Date of Cutscene: 06 October 2014
Location: Upper La Noscea, Eorzea Region, Hydaelyn
Synopsis: Gaius works out a deal with the local beast men tribe, which may not go as planned in the long run-- or will it?
Cast of Characters: 522

The Garleans have had the Kobold's main home surrounded for some time, the activity was watched and for the moment the dig-loving beast men were unsure what the metal over-dwellers were planning. They wanted to summon Titan, but others feared too. There was unrest among them, even belief that how could the metal ones stop them if they summon Titan? They could not get down deep enough!

At least that was the thought until one of the Magitek Cannon's on a mount nearly ran a hole clean through part of the mountain side. Not only did this stir the pot, but caused one of the head Kobold's of the religious order to come out screeching and wailing--

--This was not the wisest of ideas. For that beast men soon found himself being grabbed up by the Garlean Centurions and brought to the Imperial camp near by.

"Monsters! Over-dwellers! You are all monsters!" It screeches out as the creature tries to break from its chains, nearly derobbed. The sound of the metallic boots causes it to silence as Gaius Van Baelsar's voice speaks to it as he makes around the corner with his gunblade in hand. Those black eye lens that seem so void of any sight stare right at the Kobold's own.

"Monsters are we?" The Imperial Legatus says calmly. "Hardly fitting coming from a beast whom worships false golds and scurries about with the stench of blasphemy over them." Gaius then raises his gunblade pointing right at the priest, "I should have you stripped of everything, including your lands and leave you race to rot in the acid swell you created for your kind."

Gaius then lowers down his gunblade, "But I have better use of you, false prophet of a leech god."

The Kobold fight's with the chains as it screeches back out, "Blasphemy! Heretic! Titan will--" It then screams out in pain as an electric whip slashes across its backside as the Centurion barks out, "What did we tell you about calling out to the monster, beast?!"

Gaius slides his gloved hand along the edge of his Gunblade, until he hears another crack of the whip and then looks over to the Centurion. "Enough." He then looks over to the Kobold once more. "At any time, I can lay utter destruction to your people's home, but I will not. In hopes an agreement can be made with you creatures. Imperial Legatus Nael Van Darnus believe it not be possible, but I desire to see if it can be done."

The Imperial Legatus then tilts his head over so slightly, "Now-- what I need from you... is just to play messenger and I shall not lay waste to this area. I am sure you understand what I mean by lay waste, yes?"

The Kobold high priest narrows his eyes, but says not a word, only a whisker twitch to the Garlean's words.

"Good. You are to have your people be rid of all their aetheric crystals by bringing them to us on the edge of the borders. This is to show we can trust you with such a simple task, once that is done, I'll have my men give your people a bit more breathing room. You are also to send out some of your own followers to the other beast men tribes. You are to have them give a message."

"Message?" The Kobold asks with his ears going back, "But others will not listen! Listen they will not! No no. They will fight back! They will kill them!" As the Kobold tries to make his plea to this, the Centurion goes to raise his whip, only to hold when Gaius raises up his free hand, "Please. Please. Understand Steel Over-dweller! Others will not obey!"

"Then they will meet a fate, that yours-- if you should cooperate-- will be spared from." Gaius then takes a step forward, "For if I so /dare/ see a /hint/ of one of the beast men's false gods coming forth from the pores of the decay... I will bring far more power to bare upon them then what your people witness with that weapon," He points over to the mounted cannon, which causes the Kobold to gulp slightly. "Do I make myself clear?"

The Kobold falls quiet, looking at the ground. His whiskers twitch and his ears do the same. His clawed hands move a bit and he looks quickly side to side, before his body then sags, "Yes. Yes. Crystal Clear. Steel Over-dweller very clear. Will speak to high numbers. Will speak to low numbers." his voice then becomes more softly, "..will obey.."

Gaius then takes a step back, "At least you bloody rodents have more foresight then the lizards." His gunblade raises up, which nearly causes the Kobold to panic to only find itself freed from the chains that held it up broken by the bullet shots, causing the Kobold to fall to the ground. The Imperial Legatus then aims the weapon at the Kobold as he tries to get back up, "Remember what I said and remember it will. My patience is thin and I do not threaten, beast."

The Kobold stares up at the point of the sword and gulps, before he scurries back, "Yes. Yes. Will remember. Remember well. All that is lords will be yours. All will get message. Message will be given. Yes. Yes!"

Gaius then swings his sword, "Then be gone before I change my mind!"

Kobold screeches before it quickly runs away on all fours. A woman in white armor stares at Gaius with her held tilted ever so slightly, one of the eye lens covered over by what seems to be a patch, her voice carries its on authoritative right. The Centurion however, stays out of this... "My Lord, one would start to think you may be getting.. soft. Trusting such a creature to honestly do as we request and not just go forth and summon its bestial master."

The Imperial Legatus looks over to her, but says nothing as he attaches the Gunblade back to his backside and starts to walk back down the steps onto the dirt ground. The woman shrugs her shoulders faintly and shakes her head really, "Are we /honestly/ going to work with them?"

Gaius then looks over his shoulder to her, "We have the technological superiority over them ten fold. All they have on their side is a cave system that can be brought upon their heads and a beast that can mind control our people if we dare get to close at the wrong time. If they dare to raise a claw.. any of them.. we will make a swift example."

"But are you not worried they will be then used as a martyr by the other tribes?" She asks as she then goes to follow him. "I do not mean to question you, your excellency, but I am concerned their may be.. hm.. trouble ahead with this plan."

The Imperial Legatus comes to a stop, before he looks upward at a moment toward the blue sky and clouds. He then looks at her once more. "You do not wish to question, yet you do. Have you no faith in your Legatus, Livia Sas Junius? I thought of all, you be most supportive of such a choice. Being it may ease the minds of the Alliance that we are ones who are willing to work with even worse filth then they."

Livia crosses her arms over her chest. "I have all faith in you, my Lord, as I never doubt your abilities-- but.." her arms then lower, before she looks off to the side. "I would rather see them dead then," she then looks back at him. "Working along side flea-infested vermin. Yet, you are correct as ever, my Lord and forgive me for ever doubting the wisdom of this plan."

Gaius Van Baelsar stares at her for a moment, before he continues to walk on. "Make sure the rest of the camp is aware of the soon to come shipment. I want the spies within Eorzea to be notified. We shall give to the people of Eorzea what they have been robbed of due to Bahamut-- at least then this can be a some what more meaningful when I attempt the deal."

Livia watches as Gaius walks away, her hand comes up and rests on the side of her face softly. "Always with the shadows.. never in the light. It is no wonder his radiance gave you the title of Black Wolf, father. You never desire to strike unless you have the full advantage.. and make your advantages.. by manipulations in the shadow." She then lowers her hand. "But I do wonder what is truly your plan... Cause even you know this will not work in the end."