You'd Better Be There! (Genghis Rex)

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You'd Better Be There! (Genghis Rex)
Date of Cutscene: 12 April 2015
Location: Reptilon - Tyranno Citadel - Gymnasium
Synopsis: Brachio and his brother Roman have a brotherly chat.
Thanks to: Serori
Cast of Characters: 114
Tinyplot: A Wish for the Future

Reptilon - 4/12/2015 - 6:50 am

Brachio had been at it for over 4 hours. Having isolated himself in the Tyranno gym and pushing himself like her were still an adolescent in training. His muscles ached and burned and his skin was slick with a cooling gel that Reptilonians (who could not sweat) in the athletic community used to prevent "the pants."

He'd already gotten a pretty good pump from the free weights and now he was squeezing in his cardio and power by working with the heavy bag. It wasn't going as well as he'd have liked. Being one of the most successful athletes in Reptilonian history, Brachio held several world records for weightlifting, endurance, and raw physical power. However, right now, he wasn't even coming close to matching his potential.

The hulking Sauropod slammed his fist into the heavy bag, then turned a scowl to the digital readout attached to it. "13" flashed on the screen. It was a far cry from the 26 TON record he'd set a decade ago. Was his age catching up to him? Maybe too many 'soft' years making movies and working for Rex and the Tyrannos.

A presence crept into his awareness from behind, "S'up Roman?"

The tall Triceracop stepped into his brother's field of vision, "Never could sneak up on you."

Brachio remained focused on the heavy bag, rubbing his heavily taped fists together, "Not many can. What brings the Triceracops to my gym?"

Roman stepped behind the heavy bag and leaned his shoulder into it, bracing it, "I left the badge at home. I wanted to talk to my brother, not the Tyranno bruiser."

Brachio threw another punch at the bag, this time with his left fist. The wallop pushed Roman back several feet, but he held his ground, "Good, cause I don't talk to cops."

"13.78 Tons" flashed on the screen.

"How's mum?" Brachio asked, as he looked over the readout with a frown.

"She misses you." Roman responded.

"Give her my best." Brachio quipped before driving his right fist into the bag again.

This time the force of the punch rocked Roman away from the bag and nearly took him off his feet. He shook off the blow, then stepped back to the swaying bag, steadying it, "What's your problem with cops?"

"16.28 tons"

"No problem with cops" Brachio locked eyes with his little brother, "Problem is YOU bein' a cop. I didn't work as hard as I did to build a career for you, to have you walk away from it."

Roman frowned, "You walked away first."

Brachio drove his left fist into the bag, pushing it backwards and sending Roman stumbling backwards with an audible 'OOF!'

"Did all I could do as a gladiator. Set you up good. Set you up for life." Brachio muttered, eying the readout, "Thought you'd turn out better than Brontothunder, at least ..."

"18.56 Tons"

Roman rubbed his shoulder, "MacMahonadon did what he could. He'd have made a place for me no matter what. It was the fans, man. The fans didn't want Brachio's little brother. They wanted Brachio, and he was off making movies and joining a revolution."

Brachio leveled a steely look at Roman, "Step back."

Roman stepped to the side as Brachio reeled back to throw another blow, "I didn't need the money, Brachio. I needed a purpose ... a purpose for me, not one my brother gave me ..."

Brachio snarled and hurled his right fist; as his taped nuckles met the leather there was a deafening WHOOM as the strike echoed through the empty gym. The chain on the heavy bag snapped and flew across the room, sliding to a rest 50 feet from its attacker, "Ungrateful as ever. There's the Roman I know!"


"Mum's proud of me. Proud of you too. You should go see her." Roman said unmoved by the incredible show of force.

"I bought her a house. I set her up for life. That should be enough." Brachio muttered callously.

"She thought you were dead for almost 4 years. I thought you were dead. The whole damn world thought you were dead ... I saw her through it, Brachio. I helped keep her strong. You need to go see her. She needs to see you."

Brachio rubbed his fist and stared at the ground, his face a stone-like mask of indifference, "Fine. I'll go see her tomorrow. Ask her to make my favorite, ok?"

Roman shook his head, then slapped his hand on Brachio's back "Mashed potatoes it is! You'd better be there!"