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Zek (Scenesys ID: 6393)
"I dream of what I want to be."
Full Name: Zek
Gender: Male
Species: Tenno (Human?)
Theme: (FC) Warframe-1
Function: Tenno Sleepwalker
Status: Active
Factional Information
Faction: Concord (1-Partner)
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Other Information
Physical Age: 16 Actual Age: Unknown
Still Aging? Unknown Voice Actor:
Height: 5'8" Weight: {{{Weight}}}
Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Blue
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Zek is a young man possessed of extraordinary power. Zek is a Tenno, a highly-trained, ruthlessly efficient warrior created by the ancient Orokin Empire to defeat a seemingly-insurmountable enemy. Using the powers of the vast and incomprehensible Void channeled through bio-organic proxy bodies known as "Warframes," Zek and the other Tenno prevailed -- and then murdered their masters, though none can remember why. Recently roused from cryogenic suspension, Zek has been awoken badly and drifts across the worlds in a state not unlike sleepwalking, finding himself following his whims and drawn to the illogical and the strange when something singular doesn't arrest his attention for anywhere from hours to days at a time. During moments of lucidity, Zek is a calm, collected young man who enjoys wandering and learning of new worlds alongside a number of creative pursuits that end in some manner of new creation. In some of his worst moments, he is instead a force of bloody violence, using his reassembled Warframe to carve a path of carnage across battles that may not have ever needed fighting in the first place. In either case, Zek has a singular overriding goal that drives him: to make his own way and live his own life in a world that seems intent on using him until the day he dies.



Salvaged Warframe:
Zek remotely operates a Warframe assembled from salvaged technology, channeling his unnatural powers with great effect.
Proxies: Zek remotely operates a techno-organic battle armor through which he is able to use his abilities. He can also project a duplicate of himself near any of his proxies. Zek can rebuild a completely destroyed Warframe with moderate effort.
Damage Reduction: Warframes possess multiple layered defenses including reinforced frames, hardened armor, and built-in shield generators, contributing to their incredible resilience.
Mobility: Zek is able to traverse nearly any environment through a combination of extreme acrobatics, gravity-defying parkour and power-assisted air dashes and double jumps.

Void Channel:
Zek's otherworldly powers manifest in his ability to wreak havoc on synthetic opponents and turn them against their masters.
Bane - Mechanical Beings: The power of the Void is anathema to machines. Zek knows exactly how to turn his powers and the tools at his disposal to the destruction of the synthetic.
*Hacking: Proxies: Zek's skill and Void-born powers make him extremely adept at subverting electronic systems ranging from simple locks to sophisticated AI. Zek can possess hacked machines and use his powers through them, though doing so damages the machine.
*Destruction: Zek is capable of creating singularities and tears in space to summarily annihilate whatever is put in front of him, with or without his Warframe.


Tenno Scum:
The Tenno were made into finely-honed instruments of Orokin will... and now they roam the Origin System, powerful and masterless.
Stealth: Zek, like all Tenno, has been trained in the arts of stealth and infiltration. Sound-baffling modifications to his Warframe and equipment frequently aid his efforts.
Weapon Mastery - Polearms: Zek's particular combat talent lies in the use of polearms of all types for offense and defense. If it has a haft, he can use it to safely charge into a hail of gunfire or clear a room.
Weapon Mastery - Modern Infantry Firearms: Zek is highly trained in the use of physical and energy weapons found throughout his home system that are analogous in role and function to firearms used by modern infantry.

Vauban Chassis:
Zek's Warframe is primarily based off the Vauban design, a combat engineer and field controller model.
Attack List - Ranged: Zek's Warframe produces a huge variety of munitions, including conventional, acid and EMP bombs, typical elemental types, and toxic, radioactive or viral weapons. His weapons are frequently modified to use equally exotic attack forms.
Field Shaping: Mobility: Zek can and does deploy his engineered explosives as traps and mines, seeding areas with danger and using them to reshape battlefields. He can also drop anti-gravity pads for his convenience or to frustrate pursuers.
*Incapacitation: Zek can create containment fields, immobilizing victims in mid-air stasis. The smaller the field, the stronger: a building floor-wide field lasts seconds, while single-target ones lasts minutes. Destroying the emitter releases those caught.

Dreams of the Old War:
Zek barely remembers the Old War, but he knows what he was made to do.
Superhumanity: While Zek himself is possessed of remarkable physical ability, his Warframe is physically superhuman in all respects.
Repair: Zek's technical skill allows him to quickly field-refit damaged high-tech equipment or rebuild vehicles and structures over a longer period.
Hint: Zek's dreamlike state affords him the capacity to make logical and illogical leaps based on collected unconscious observations about his surroundings, bringing him to helpful conclusions that may otherwise seem absurd or obtuse.


Space Ninja:
Zek is capable of being nearly anywhere and fighting nearly anywhere.
Entry Methods: Zek is eerily capable of finding his way into secure facilities, usually through maintenance or ventilation systems, though he relies on other means of getting around (such as stealth, hacking, or brute force) once past the front door.
Environmental Protection: Zek's Warframe is built to withstand exposure to vacuum and Terran temperature extremes, though it stresses its shield systems. Both Zek and it are able to traverse dangerous subspace environs such as his world's Void in relative safety.
Resistance - Biohazards: Casual exposure to mundane biohazards (such as common forms of disease or terrestrial poisons) will not damage Zek's Warframe, though potent or weaponized biohazards can damage its largely-organic components.

Integrated Equipment:
Zek's Warframe is fitted with some amount of useful equipment meant for things other than killing.
Conveniences: Zek's Warframe possesses an augmented reality computer system usable for a wide variety of tasks and a full communications suite.
Enhanced Senses: A short-range motion tracker and local auto-mapping function are also included in the Warframe's functionality.
Healing - Self: When damaged, Zek's Warframe will automatically attempt to seal breaches, restore structural integrity, and recharge shields to allow for operational longevity.

Vivid Dreamer:
Zek has problems sleeping, and problems waking up in the morning. Or ever.
Low Intake: Zek does not require sleep.


MONO-FOCUS <Trouble>: Zek gets wrapped up in things to the point of severe distraction, mono-focusing on a task to the exclusion of all else. When his attention has been devoted to a task for a length of time or he's spotted an object of interest (typically a piece of technology or an interesting artifact), Zek becomes difficult to rouse from whatever he's doing. This mono-focus may be merely annoying or inconvenient when he's wrapped up in repairing a piece of technology when a firefight breaks out, but becomes worrying and dangerous when he's instead unable to disengage from the same firefight while he still has enemies yet to slaughter.

DREAMING WIDE AWAKE <Significant>: Zek remains in a state of partial slumber, functionally sleepwalking through life. Zek is quick to accept irrational and inexplicable events with the most tenuous 'logical' connections as real, leaving him vulnerable to being led on by the cunning and the mad. Zek is particularly susceptible to illusions and hallucinations, being unconsciously willing to accept what fools his senses due to his subdued connection to his conscious mind.

AUTOMATONOPHOBIA <Minor>: Zek distrusts and fears thinking machines with some severity. Given the opportunity, he will destroy any he comes across for the safety of himself and those around him. While he can be persuaded not to react with sudden and extreme violence in the moment, it takes more than words to convince him of one's good intentions. Notably, human minds converted to electronic forms cause Zek little distress, as their fundamental structure remains understandable, relatable, and eminently destructible.


Title Date Scene Summary
Heavy Robotic Signatures Detected June 16th, 2018 Zek wants a spaceship, so he enlists some help in clearing it out. It turns out it's a bit more complicated than that.
Retiarius Recumbentibus March 21st, 2018 The Corpus put up a unique prize for winning in their gladiatorial Index: a Tenno. Certain people take exception to this.


Title Date Scene Summary
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