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Zero (Scenesys ID: 6806)
"Understood. Leave it to me."
Full Name: Zero
Gender: Male
Species: Reploid
Theme: (FC) Mega Man Zero-1
Function: Legendary Reploid
Status: Dropped
Factional Information
Faction: Watch (4-Member)
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Other Information
Physical Age: Adult Actual Age: 300+
Still Aging? No Voice Actor: Yuto Kazama
Height: 5'6" Weight: Dense
Hair Color: Blonde Eye Color: Black
Theme Song: Mega Man Zero - Zero's Theme


The last and greatest creation of the late Dr. Wily, Zero is a combat robot without peer, far eclipsing even newer models in sheer specs and capability. Having spent the last hundred years in deep stasis, they were awaken to a world they weren’t familiar with and immediately thrusted into a conflict between a rag tag team of runaways called the Resistance and the current world power known as Neo Arcadia. Choosing to side with the Resistance, Zero’s life has been far from easy, fighting nonstop for the past year as he slowly regains his memories. Equipped with his iconic Z-Saber and the less iconic Buster Shot, they engage enemies with a combination of swordsmanship and ranged shot while using their natural mobility as a supplement.




Zero is equipped with a special feature called the Learning System, allowing him to learn while fighting.

Power Copy-1: Zero can adapt skills and elemental properties he sees his opponent use in a fight into special techniques for his weapons.

Battle is my Forte:

As a robot built for combat, Zero is equipped with a small arsenal of weapons which he uses to solve most of his problems.

Weapon Mastery - Z-Saber: Zero is masterfully skilled with a pair of energy swords known as the Z-Sabers, able to mix swift bladework with parrying incoming melee attacks and cutting through projectiles.

Attack List - Melee, Attack List - Ranged: Zero's arsenal can be charged with energy to unleash special attacks in melee or at range and also empowered with elemental (fire, ice, electric) properties. His signature special weapons are energy tonfas, a high-power pistol blaster, and a boomerang shield.


DWN - Infinity:

The last creation of a mad doctor, Zero stands near the pinnacle of combat robot engineering despite his age.

Superhumanity: As a robot specifically designed for battle, Zero possesses superior speed, strength, and endurance.

Mobility: Zero is capable of doing quick dashes across the ground or off walls to avoid danger and double jumping. He can also climb up walls by repeatedly jumping up against them.

Resistance - Hacking: Zero is warded against attempts to alter or sabotage him through means of computer viruses or digital tampering due to a combination of anti-virus vaccines and a strong soul.

Shield Boomerang:

A special energy shield that doubles both as a way to reflect projectiles and as a weapon.

Attack Redirection: Zero can produce a spinning energy shield on his forearm that reflects simple projectiles like bullets and energy shots directly back at the source.

Attack List - Ranged: Zero can throw the energy shield like a boomerang weapon. He can also augment with the shield with elemental properties.



Zero is a robot, which grants him some associated bonuses.

Agelessness: Being a robot, Zero is incapable of growing old.

Environmental Protection: Being a robot, Zero isn't bothered by simply cold or hot climates. He also doesn't suffer ill effects in space or underwater.

Resistance - Diseases: Zero is incapable of catching common illnesses, such as flu or the common cold.

Splash Jump Boots:

Zero is equipped with special feet parts that make dealing with water easier.

Water Functionality: Mobility: Zero with enough concentration is capable of hopping across small bodies of water. Failing this, he can still fight underwater as if he was on land, but is incapable of properly swimming.

Healing Functions:

Zero is equipped with a couple of ways of quick and easy repairs to himself.

Healing - Self: Zero can patch himself up using a special refillable energy canister. He also has an auto repair function, though it's slow, requires him to be standing still for a bit, and is incapable of fixing heavy damage.


WHAT AM I FIGHTING FOR!? <Trouble>: Despite his status as a legend that has saved the world countless times over, Zero views himself more as just another expendable soldier rather than a hero, placing more value on the satisfaction and safety of others rather than his own. To that end, he is exceedingly uncaring about his own personal safety, throwing himself into danger for people he barely knows at the slightest sign of a problem, and generally is not above maiming or blowing himself up if it gets results. He also has a habit of placing the burden of fighting for others solely on himself to the point of overworking his body, constantly pushing himself to the point of collapsing.


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