416/Pub Meet: Cuckoolander

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Pub Meet: Cuckoolander
Date of Scene: 14 August 2014
Location: Ivalice
Synopsis: After an investigation, and a daring jaunt into the mines, the party that pursued Beowulf and his Dragon into the mines wants some answers. And so, they venture down to the pub to see if he's still around for the telling...
Cast of Characters: Tomoe, 129, Faruja, Auron, Allyn, Riva Banari, 513
Tinyplot: Of Stones and Sins

Ultima (129) has posed:
Gollund - It's nearly nightfall, the sinking sun's descent on the horizon has the sky awash in a brilliant mixture of orange, yellow, violet and blue shades over which sparse clouds almost glowing gold hang. The Felmarian Plains is... saturated with snow as usual. Several inches deep and frigid to the touch, especially as a southbound wind blows through. The citizenry are as sparse as the clouds, most have taken to their homes by now... the few that haven't have probably taken to...

...the tavern. There is a raucous noise coming from that direction too, as a cacophony of voices resonate from within and without. Sounds of laughter and drunken fellows making merry upon the old wooden deck, celebrating their precious hours of freedom as only hard working Ivalician men know how. Every candle, torch, and/or chandelier is lit tonight... making the tavern easily the brightest area in this small little mining town out in the middle of nowhere.

Upon closer inspection, there appears to be at least ten men on the deck tonight. Many are seated around tables, drinking and playing cards. Some, however, are standing... and moving about... even as the bar maids come and go themselves. One man, who has probably had one too many, seems to be... attempting to dance in a far corner by himself. If one is watching carefully, they might even see a brief flare of purple behind him off deck and around the tavern side... but it's gone the moment his gaze wanders in that direction.

Faruja has posed:
A Templar leaving service. It's a rare thing, usually leading to a position in the clergy, or simply training the next generation of knights of the Church.

Then there's desertion. Any Order of knights has that problem, and it's never a pleasant duty to attend to. Thus, the distinctly /not/ merry figure of one Faruja Senra steps into the bar. Dressed in brown robes and a cross, he limp-walks in, playing the part of a lowly priest. After all, depending on /just/ what the man he's hunting for says, it might be best to not be recognized if he can help it.

For now, the rat finds a seat at the bar, single eye discretely taking stock of all about. The dancing man in the corner does draw the eye a touch!

Riva Banari has posed:
Riva is here, but she's not in Templar uniform. She doesn't want to give the wrong message tonight. If the man wants to get out of the business, that's none of her business. What she /is/ interested in, are the other things she heard from him. She is seeking out this man, this... Beowulf Cadmus, for her own research and interrogation. She's dresses in a black coat, shirt and slacks. She might be notable, but probably not nearly as notable as her Templar uniform. She arrives at the bar and orders a drink, looking around casually as she plops down a couple gil to pay for it.

Allyn has posed:
Allyn limps into the bar slowly, seems the wolf is pretty slow to heal from wounds he got not all that long ago. His ears and tail lowered as he makes his way inside the bar. He glances around for a few moments and pads over towards the fireplace and curls up on the ground. Well, it's probably not the best vantage point to be in, but his ears perk a little so he can keep tabs on sounds and such here and there.

Auron has posed:
    There's more than one robed man in the tavern that evening. Auron is wearing his hooded red outfit again. Though unlike Faruja, he wears no cross. He doesn't have his Katana this time, but he is by no means unarmed -- he has his hidden blades with him. They are, as the name implies, hidden under his sleeves. He's left his hood up as well, to hide the top of his face, and the scarf hides the bottom of his face.

    He enters the tavern a bit after the others, taking a seat nearby Faruja without being too close. Yet he's not so far away that he can't see the others. A way to make it seem that they're not together, while still keeping close enough that they can keep in contact.

Tomoe has posed:
Tomoe is a bit behind the others in her time arriving, Tomoe had been a bit behind Auron in his arrival she's got a hood up but it does not too much to deflect whom it is. Given how tall she is she tends to stand out in that regard in this world. She moves to sit down however and seem to be just here to get drink and something to eat. That is not the cause but apperance right? Still from the looks of her she might be some sort of templar.

Finna (513) has posed:
    Finna's here! in fact, she's been here for a while. Did she pre-empt Faruja? Probably. But whatever the case, there's another serving girl among the flotilla, and nobody seems to be paying ANY attention whatsoever to her fox ears and tail - eyes simply slide away from them, and from the fact that she has never been here before.

    As opposed to JUST pickpocketing gil from the locals, she's at least chosen to do some work while snitching a handful of gil from here and a handful from there, until she's secreted up about a few days' wages worth!

    She's of course, told nobody any of this, and never will. So when Faruja ambles in, her nose wrinkles once, and she casts a smile his way! SMILE SMILE! WELCOME!

Ultima (129) has posed:
When Allyn moves toward the fireplace, from beneath the blanket of raucous bar noise comes the subtle clicking of wood againt wood and a closing latch. Soft thuds of leather boots make their way slowly across the second floor balcony, stopping only to turn slightly and descend a long stairwell to the first floor.

From behind the hanging chandelier, suspended well above the bar floor, and down the second floor stairway, comes a well-dressed man. In comparison to the even the most well kempt man here, he is an impeccable image of nobility. This despite the wearied expression which can be found in his features. He is a sharp-looking man with sandy blonde hair swept neatly back, wearing a ruffled orange scarf over an evergreen coat and silver breast plate with pants of white silk. A sword, encased in white scabbard with gold trim rocks gently at his waist with each step down toward the first floor... while cream-colored fingertips glide softly over the rail.

His descent is met, briefly, by an approaching bar maiden bearing drinks. Briefly, a one-way exchange occurs... with the girl eyeing him with an inviting smile. And yet, he nary even affords her more attention than it takes to move from her path.

The man moves toward the bar, briefly addressing the bartender. Anyone within earshot might hear him say, "...Sleep eludes me this night as well. ... Wine please." before he casts his eyes about... where it falls upon Allyn in the corner particularly...

Faruja has posed:
Faruja recognizes Riva, Tomoe, Auron, and Finna alike, the rat flicking his tail once to each one. Otherwise? He remains relatively motionless as he orders a drink. Should Finna pass by? There's a wink. Someone's here and being discrete! Rare for the rat.

Blonde hair, impeccable looks, right height. That's his man.

The nezumi moves a seat down, and offers a kindly smile. Sip ale.

"Methinks wine, good Ser, shan't do ye well upon that matter. Might I suggest visiting a White Mage? Or mayhaps prayer." The last bit is whispered, and the rat taps his cross meaningfully.

Riva Banari has posed:
It was a matter of time. Her questions said that the man was still here. And in order for him to leave, he'd have had to take the dragon with him. And that's... a little harder to disguise.

Riva sits there nursing her drink for a bit, mentally comparing it to things she's had before while giving him a few moments to sit and relax. Well, it's better than Budweiser...

"You look like you have a lot on your mind, Sir." Riva comments, looking over to him with a small smile. "Having so much weighing on you doesn't seem to work for you. Care to share? Maybe another perspective can help."

Allyn has posed:
Allyn feels a little lazy with the fire warming his fur, though yeah it might be a little strange for a wolf to just be laying there like that. His ears do perk a little more as he hears the sound of footsteps coming from up above, but other than that he doesn't make a response. He listens for the sound of them coming down the stairs as well, staying alert, but unmoving.

He does open his eyes and lift his head off his paws though once he feels the man's eyes on him as he returns the look and tilts his head curiously. Not sure why the man is looking at him so, but curious, well maybe the man recognizes him or something. He also gives a sniff in the man's direction, though he might not smell anything because they are in an inn afterall and there is a lot to smell, but for now he's just acting like any normal animal would.

Auron has posed:
    The sound of someone descending the stairs has Auron tilting his head in that direction, just enough to see who it is. He waits in his place though, until the man has found a place to settle. Then, while others speak and offer moral guidance, Auron merely places himself nearby, offering silent support. He doesn't want to overwhelm him. However he does offer a nod of greeting, and tilts his head up just enough that his face can be seen for a moment. Just to let the other man know who he is. He's not a thief, don't worry.

Finna (513) has posed:
    Finna does return the wink as she passes by Faruja, and keeps an ear open towards the man and the goings-on. But she knows from experience that a CRAPLOAD of people dogpiling on one soggy-minded sleep-deprived man in a tavern is NOT gonna go over well, so she doesn't join that effort.

    Instead, she takes a minute break from her work to ASSAULT wolf-Allyn with scritches behind the ears and a thorough batch of affectionate petting! Even belly rubs, if he goes for that thing.

Tomoe has posed:
Tomoe looks over to Faruja but she says nothing yet, she gets her order placed and she leans back in her chair as she moves to wait and watch really. That's mostly what she's here for right? She does take note of Riva whom is new, well to the multiverse but she seems to be adapting well enough to things. Allyn gets a glance but not much else. Auron? Well shes pretty sure it might be Auron is also taken note of Finna however is the wild card to Tomoe. Who the heck is she? She does seem to known Allyn or can't resit the pull of a dog/wolf to pet.

Ultima (129) has posed:
The man brings his head to rest against his arms, eyes falling on darkness as he tucks his head into them. The bartender walks away to fetch a bottle, and a glass, from a nearby rack. The bar maiden walks back behind him, glancing at his back briefly before moving along to another table.

His fingers tap, quietly a few times, and then Faruja's words fall upon his ears... followed shortly by Riva's... and he lifts his head lethargically before glancing this way and that.

Auron's silent glance is noted, and the man seems at least mildly visibly relieved that he didn't also pounce upon him as the other two did. Auron gets a slow nod, a hand is lifted to brush a stray lock of earthen blonde hair, and he sits up. A hand moves to tug at his scarf a bit, as the bartender returns with the crystal glass, and then slides across the bar quickly to procure it.

"...Would that they might...", he replies softly to Faruja, "...but these wounds, are of the Church's doing." A simple, almost defiant, statement... with its edged softened only by noble mannerism. There's clearly some enmity there.

His gaze alights to Riva, and the glass is lowered from his lips after a soft, wet, inhalation. "...I dare say, you look familiar." It takes a moment for him to process it and then, "...ah, yes. Of course. But I suppose you already have a base understanding of what ails me... come to dig a bit deeper then?" He takes another drink, and sighs. "...I can fault you none for that. I know what it is like... to pursue truth ardently..."

His glance falls, momentarily on Tomoe as they glance towardd Faruja again... he takes stock of the girl, then offers to no one in particular... "...I feel as though I am well known..."

Riva Banari has posed:
Riva nods in response to Beowulf's response. "The problems you face sound like the kind that don't go away easily... And the kind of thing my people frown upon deeply." Riva shrugs, and takes another drink. "You've got a lot of problems, and you know things that can help crack this thing wide open. I want to help you deal with the problem, because what you described is bad news not just for you, but for everyone." She gestures with the tankard. "So help me help you. If you can detail what you know about the situation maybe we can fix it."

Tomoe has posed:
Tomoe looks to the man as he arrives she keeps an eye on him curious about this. She looks the man for a moment, she tilts her head at Beowulf and sets down her drink to speak to hi. She pulls back her ood after a second as well.

"It kinda does end up tht way I admit Sir. It's also true you seem to be in a great deal of trouble as well. We may be able to help you in the end if your willing to work with us."

Faruja has posed:
A clawed hand upon the table squeezes just slightly. He buries his muzzle in his drink, downing half of it as he lets alcohol soothe away his anger at so bold a statement from a former knight. But hasn't the rat felt similar wounds? The touch of Heresy has been more widespread as of late.

Riva in particular gets Faruja's note. He /smiles/.

"Methinks the Lady speaks the truth. Confession is oft a cleansing thing Ser. Though one done in..." There's the briefest nod to Riva, and in the general direction of all of those he's seen tonight. These are people he trusts to various degrees.

"Private." There's gold being gently counted out, as if the rat's about to rent a room. A bit more than that, no doubt for privacy. He simply doesn't trust so many ears here.

Allyn has posed:
Allyn sniffs at Finna when she starts to scritch and pet him, though he wouldn't let just anyone do that. It's unbecoming of a wolf, but he knows Finna and doesn't seem to mind the attention. He even rolls over to have his belly rubbed for her, even going as far as licking her hand and then chewing on it playfully. He know's she's not human and that's why he feels that it is alright for him to actually enjoy it. He does wince a little though, because he's still injured, but yet, he plays on. Though while he is playing with her, he still tries to keep an eye on the others and the man that they are talking to, as he is curious about what is being said. He nuzzles Finna's hand and presses his cold nose against her plam, nudging her a little to watch and listen too.

Auron has posed:
    Here is where Auron speaks, in response to the 'well known' comment. "Perhaps you are," he offers quietly. "Or perhaps we also know pain, and sensed a kindred spirit in you." He falls silent then, and nods to Riva's words. And then to Faruja's statement. "Good idea," he replies.

Finna (513) has posed:
    "Poor beast. Got in a fight, huh?" Finna whispers, with almost conspiratorial interest. She even goes on to whisper, "Hopefully it was a win." Scritch-scritch. She easens up on the assault now that she sees the injuries, avoiding the hurt areas. Her own tail starts wagging faster, and for one brief moment it looks like she's about to pounce Allyn! That would be when he starts getitng mouthy! She doesn't seem to mind that kind of attention at all. As if expecting it, she even wrestles against the playbite playfully a bit!

    But then, she gives him a wink. One that suggests she's on to things.

    Because she turns about, eyes on the distant man and ears sharpening their hearing through the use of focused Essence. Suddenly, the faintest whisper becomes clear to Finna, and she'll have no trouble listening to that conversation from across the room! Despite the din...

Ultima (129) has posed:
The dark-skinned ex-Templar casts a sidelong glance toward Faruja, as he speaks, and the thin line of his lips turn a bit. He looks almost remorseful, "...I have no sins to confess, but some which I must cleanse even still." There's a pause. He shifts his eyes back to the far wall across from him, "...apologies, ser, for my misgivings. Days of sleeplessness, and my love bereft, have left me less less than pleasant feelings as late." It's a small apology for offending the Burmecian's sensibilities, but there's not an ounce of remorseful piety to it.

His brows knit, as he considers Riva and Tomoe's suggestion through the haze of tiredness. He lifts his right hand, brushing the flat of it against his brow and down the side of his face slowly, as his elbow rests against the flat of the bar. Several moments pass, and the bartender comes to refill his glass. ... But the Templar stops him, catching the tip of the wine bottle with a swift but dexterous movement. "...Mayhap not. Feel free to offer the rest of what I have paid for to someone else."

"...I really ought to know better, what would she think... of me poisoning my mind and my body."

He turns, standing, from his stool... and nods to Auron briefly. "Brothers and sisters in suffering then. ... Perhaps I will give you what time I can afford. ... Let us make for the upstairs... better for the talking I should think."

He'll give them a few moments to register that, and then he'll begin to make his way back up the stairs and toward a nondescript door at the back of the hall. He gives Finna and Allyn a very brief glance downward, but says nothing particularly to them at this junction. Upon reaching the door, it leads to a bare minimum room, with a table and two chairs as well as a simple bed and a stool with bucket by the window. There is a fire place, though, and he goes to poke at it before staring toward the window...

Riva Banari has posed:
Riva listens attentively, and nods. She doesn't say anything more at this point. She doesn't need to. she lets Beowulf head up to their room, and then Riva stands, nodding to her allies as she heads up as well, to sit down at one of the chairs. She'll let Beowulf handle things at his pace.

Tomoe has posed:
Tomoe sees the man is tired and isn't going to press too hard givne the state he's in. She is howeve rlistening to what he has to say. She looks at him for a moment seemingly sympathic hbut she remains silent, sometimes saying less is more after all.

Allyn has posed:
Allyn continues to wrestle with Finna for a few moments, his own tail wagging, it's been a while since he's really had someone to play with and he speaks quietly, "It was a draw the person didn't want to hurt me too badly, so she proposed we call it a drw." he then notices the man and the others heading up the stairs and gives Finna a gentle nip, before he gets back to his feet. "Shall we follow them? I'm kind of curious, I still suspect that dragon he loves is carrying eggs or something. Especially the way he and the dragon acted."

He ponders for a few moments, "Actually, I've got an idea, lets instead of following them up, go outside. Maybe we can hear from the roof? I'll change and we can see." he takes Finna's hand gently in his mouth and starts to tug her towards the door as he heads for the outside, where he shifts into a falcon and heads for the roof, looks like his flight feathers are done growing back in from whatever happened to them in his fight.

Faruja has posed:
"Mmm. Love oft makes one perform foolish, brave, craven, and courageous acts." Comments the rat simply, before nodding to the man and the others speaking. Then? He'll wait for the Templar to rise and head up. He waits a minute or two before following. A glance back. Are the others following as well?"

Auron has posed:
    Auron is the last to head up to the room, and the last to enter. As such, he remains by the door. That's not because he's antisocial. It's because he's listening for anyone who might be passing outside. He would conceivably be able to hear their footsteps.

Finna (513) has posed:
    Thankfully, Finna has no real hard time sneaking off when nobody's looking. She follows after Allyn, and once she has a moment with no eyes on her... fwooosh, feathers and wings instead of skin and arms. She's a red-tailed hawk! A red-tailed hawk who's perching right outside the window of the appropriate room... but just to the side, so she can't be seen easily.

    Thankfully, soundproofing with old construction like this is pretty shoddy.

Ultima (129) has posed:
The ex-Templar turns his attention back to the fire, after a few moments, stoking it as the crackling of flames and the distant noise of drunkards fills the gap of silence in. The iron poker is shoved forcibly against a thick cut log, pushing it back against the flame and inciting a growing warmth from the stone fireplace. Once he's done that, he stops... and places the poker back in the tool stand. He brings both hands together, rubbing them gently, before finally cutting to the heart of the matter, "...So then, ..." He turns, pacing slowly toward the nearby window and leaning against it to glance out into the snowy exterior. "...What do you want to know?"

From on high, it's easy to see nearly all of the small town of Gollund and much of the Felmarian plains. The southward blowing wind has since stilled, making the chill of the Felmarian winter more tolerable. Especially so for those with fur or feathers. Moving toward the eastward edge would take one near the window, where the voices within can be heard. Not too far from that window, however, and trudging through the snow at a snail's pace... is a sight of the unusual kind.

That very violet scaled, brawny, and near-wingless lizard (FFT Dragons have only shriveled flesh where wings once were) is in fact wandering behind the tavern - out of sight of most folk. Bigger than any man, even a man like /Erik Blackburn/, at roughly eight feet and a half in height with over a ton of weight to it, it mills about in search of... something.

Odd though it may be too see a lizard, even of that size, meandering through the snow... it doesn't seem to bother her any. In fact, she stops near a particularly festive looking shrub colored with berries red as blood... and takes a gigantic bite out of it.

Followed by a lazy snort.

Faruja has posed:
Faruja speaks bluntly once they're all alone. "Quite simple: why art ye leaving the Templariate, Ser Cadmus? And didst ye see within the mines? Every detail, please. I...am not unfamiliar with the wounds ye speak of. Indeed. I seek to cleanse that which seeks to twist the Church's purpose. Ye may well say 'tis mine job."

Then he turns to those who have followed and their thoughts.

Riva Banari has posed:
Riva crosses her legs, relaxing in the chair, but watching Beowulf intently. This is a complicated man. "I don't want to waste your time, Sir Cadmus. But you mentioned things about people trying to summon up demons, didn't you? And then there's the question of how you got into this situation in the first place. Perhaps... you can start by telling us your story."

She nods as Faruja speaks. "It's not every day someone decides to quit what many people think is their calling."

Tomoe has posed:
Tomoe goes back to her drink she's very much enjoying it. It's good stuff better than most things she'd find in her world where everything is mass produced more or less now. She does however.

"It seems Faruja beat me to what I was going to ask. Still yes anything you might know about this would be of a lot of use, in trying to solve this issue."

She sets her mug down and looks at Beowulf for another moment pondering any further things she might ask him.

Finna (513) has posed:
    Finna hears - at first - more than sees the dragon out back. All the rustling gets her attention easily enough. She hop-hops away from Allyn over the roof and spots the creature... and then things start linking together.

    Spreading her wings, she glides down, down, down towards the dragon... and lands on the snow. But by the time it has landed... the red-tailed hawk is now a fox.

    A white-furred fox, well-adapted for the cold, and it is apparently fearless towards that dragon.

    Tail and ears glittering silver, it trill-chirps softly at the dragon in greeting - sounding more like some sort of dove than a fox.

    But, well, foxes can make a lot of odd noises when they want to.

Allyn has posed:
Allyn had perched next to Finna on the window, but just as he was going to try to get her attention and point out the dragon, it seems that she has noticed it already and had the same idea that he did. He flies down from the window and lands on the ground next to Finna and the dragon.

He wonders if the dragon can speak, he knows that it at least understood what he said last time, because of the look she had given him. He tilts his head at the dragon curiously, "Can you speak?" he asks of the dragon.

Ultima (129) has posed:
Beowulf's eyes trails from the window to Faruja, and then slightly back again. His head turns slowly to acknowledge what his ears received, and it's clear from his expression even as he looks away that he is thinking. His body doesn't particularly follow, however, and he continues to lean against that window... with a distance to his demeanor. "...Of Demons and the Templarate...", he mutters vaguely in respose to Riva, Faruja, and Tomoe at once. "...My problems certainly encompass them... neither particularly unleavened."

He leaves them to ponder his meaning for a bit, before he slowly begins to walk across the room. He sits upon the bed, quietly, with a soft rustling of cotton sheets and quilt. Then he interweaves his arms, and sighs.

"...I am surprised you do not know, as surely as I know your station, that I am no mere Templarate. I was of the Lionel Gryphon Knights, defenders of the Cardinal Delacroix." He shrugs his right shoulder, then, "...small matter I've kept the faith, but a man of the Church I am no longer. I turned my back upon it, when the love of my life was stolen from me by a man to whom I was sworn to protect." He taps the fingers of his right hand against his left bicep slowly, "...I have only those in this room to thank that I have, in some way recovered her."

He swings his right leg, one over the other... before rocking back a bit. "...As to your question of Demons, yes... in a way. Demons take many forms, but I'd not mean the literal sort." He glances toward Riva then, "...Of course, we saw one. I've no explanation for that other than a story." He gestures in Faruja's direction with a tilt of the head, "..Our Lord Inquisitor here doubtlessly knows it as well. A common one, taught to all the faithful... of Saint Ajora and the Zodiac Braves. T'was that I was referencing. It said, an ancient king of Limberry once managed to conjure the Lucavi from the pits of hell itself."

As Finna descends, the Dragon continues to almost mindlessly crush leaves and branches alike in its maw along with the berries it sought. It's when the fox approaches though, that she stops... and drops a beady, red-eyed stare at the fox. From Finna's vantage point, those beady eyes might surely look like red hot burning embers.

Her maw falls open slightly, and some twigs fall out. The rest is swallowed down her monsterous gullet before she pokes her enormous muzzle at the tiny creature...

...and emits something akin to a purr in greeting.

Then, she turns her attention to Allyn... and her eyes widen a bit in recognition...

She promptly snorts at him in reply. And then stares pointedly in silence. If she did understand, she seemingly cannot reply verbally. May have to do with Dragons being extremely ancient.

There's a gesture though. She picks up a branch from the nearby bush that she'd knocked off, offering it in mute greeting.

Faruja has posed:
"Holy Ajora, and his very own followers, the Zodiac Braves, bearing stones of symbols torn from the night's sky itself. Gathered, they slew the fell Daemon summoned by the Heretic-King of Limberry, the Lord's justice done." Paraphrases the rat for those unfamiliar with the old tale.

Faruja sighs. "Well. I hath nay orders regarding ye, Ser Cadmus. Yet. Leaving the Cardinal's service shall nay doubt come with a hefty price. Bluntly? Leave. Swiftly. Ye seem a good enough man, and I hath seen far too much blood and far more important matters to attend to than hunting ye. I take nay pleasure in such tasks."

There's a small smile. "And if ye travel with thine love? Then ye art blessed indeed. However. Ye art troubled. 'Tis more to this tale?" FAruja can't help but feel relieved. At the least, the Church's secret is yet to be exposed. Perhaps, just maybe, it can be salvaged yet.

Finna (513) has posed:
    Finna seems fearless towards the great dragon, despite the difference in size. And the same trilly-chirp's given towards Allyn when he swoops in.

    "I understand that you cannot speak like this. Or write. And if you could, I couldn't read the language from here. But I may have an answer, although temporary, to give you human form. Not yours, had you one, and only for a day at a time. I cannot offer it endlessly, and cannot guarantee my magic will be strong enough... but if you'll take that offer, and tell your story..."

    Suddenly, the little fox's flesh ripples and shifts, expanding outwards into the human form of before. She's dressed in furs and leathers, unarmed, and her fox tail and ears are on full display. So, too, are previously unseen silvery claws, which she uses to prick a finger, drawing a steady flow of blood, and holds it out towards the dragon.

    drip, drip, drip, the crimson liquid splashes against the fresh snow...

    "Then drink. There are no catches, but it won't last beyond a day."

Allyn has posed:
Allyn tilts his head at Finna's reply to the dragon, well, that might work he supposes, though it has taken him by surprise a little. So Finna can speak while shifted as well, though he has never heard her do so before now. Yeah, so even another talking animal that he wasn't expecting to do so, can take the shapeshifter by surprise, it's probably how some of the people he's met that were surprised when he could speak human speak as an animal, he never expected he'd feel that.

He watches as Finna shifts, but he stays in his falcon form, no reason to do the same thing as the fox woman, besides, he's not got any magic, well some might consider being able to shapeshift magic, but toher than that. Though he does have to say to Finna, "You can do that?" though there are a lot of 'thats' he is asking about.

He looks at the branch that is offered to Finna and himself? and plucks off one of the berries, well he doesn't want to be rude and not accept a gift, if that is what it is.

Tomoe has posed:
Tomoe says "Humm I see so yu are that highly placed? I see, my own faith had a time where there was rife crouption I can not disrepect your choice for walking over such Sir. If there's nything else we can do for you and her please ask."

She lisens about the information on the demons she gets a bit paled as he hears about it.

"This is pretty dire..."

Riva Banari has posed:
Riva takes copious notes. It's clear she's going to have to get some more information on the situation. "I'm glad to have helped you in some way. It's a terrible thing to lose those you love." Riva smiles at that, warmly. Maybe she's a bit of a romantic like that.

However, things move to important matters and she starts, quickly looking back to her phone, with which she taps upon rapidly. "The Lucavi, huh. And this demon we saw was one of them?"

Riva shoots Faruja a glance at that. "The man was betrayed, Sir Faruja. He claimed that himself. How can you expect him to simply forgive and forget that? Surely if that was that he'd have left already. There's something else that complicates things further."

Ultima (129) has posed:
Defiant again, Beowulf shakes his head, "...There are few swords my better in his service, and the respect I held as Captain with my knights not so easy to fell." His eyes narrow a bit, but he doesn't really aim it at anyone in particular. The opposite wall gets the most of it. "...Lest they send Aliste or the Lord Folmarv after my head, I will likely go unfettered. The Lord Cardinal is not a man known for his lack of generosity either." His eyes shift, turning toward Faruja, "...but I am sure you are quite aware of his Holiness's charity."

The Dragon stares quietly, at Finna's offer for the longest... quietly cotemplating the offer... with eyes as red as the blood she sheds focused intensely upon the wound. Then, a heavy step is taken toward her and the Dragon's maw opens slowly...

Beowulf uncrosses his legs, "...and lest I should sully the good Cardinal's name, let it be known I am still his devotee. I would protect such a man with my life, even though my faith in the the Church itself wanes." He paces again... head turning quietly toward Riva as she speaks to Faruja, and adding when she's done "...Indeed. And... What you ask of me would be considered heresy, Lord Inquisitor. Would you hear a heretic, turn-coat, knight incriminate one of your own?" He gives Faruja time to consider this, and adds, "...If not, then perhaps..." He starts to suggest Faruja leave, but doesn't wish it to be taken the wrong way. He doesn't hate the Burmecian after all.

He wanders back to the window, and tucks his hands behind his back, "...then here is heresy, laid bare: ..."

Suddenly, a shrill shriek comes from outside the building. And it draws Beowulf's stare.

...Down below... the Dragon seems to have taken Finna's offer. No longer a Dragon, however, she...

...has instead become a wretched, humanoid, lizard-like beast that could easily by mistaken for a fiend! Though she possess the slender, shapely, form of a woman... it is covered in violet scales. Hands and feet have become great clawed appendages. Even her, somewhat human, face bears scales upon it that mar her otherwise beautiful features. And she's still with eyes like embers... that are presenty burning holes in a nearby window. Upon seeing herself, she promptly staggers back, "...Worse, ..." ... And then turns to run off through the snowy plains! "...It's WORSE!!!"

(Dragon Lady: [1])

Upstairs -

Beowulf suddenly turns, darting for the door, leaving Faruja just one more juicy little morsel of heresy before he leaves, "...Gods be damned."

Finna (513) has posed:
    This leaves one Finna staring after the dashing dragoness-woman. Then blinking. And gaping. She asides to Allyn, "Yes... yes I can.... and THAT hasn't happened before!" Well, nothing quite as lovel to hear as a screaming, shrieking, woeful woman, but in Finna's moment of perplexion, the fox-girl seems slightly bemused at the results. The face she makes is kind of like a big smile, and something more like a deer in headlights as she scrunches up her shoulders and starts tapping her index fingers together.

    "... Thaaaaaat was.. different! Maybe the curse is a biiiiiiit too powerful... maybe?"

    She's smiling, but she's also wincing. Oof.

Faruja has posed:
If being a diplomat has taught him nothing else, there's a time to backpedal mercilessly. Case in point: now.

"I wouldst never offer such a fine knight as thyself into the fell depths of Heresy. I merely ask that ye tell me aught but the tru...

Before Faruja can get any futher, there's a shriek. Faruja looks out the window. He has the briefest thought of his own beloved.

A glance to Beowulf. "Watch thine tongue." Chastises the rat, before making his leave. He's had all that he can gain here.

Auron has posed:
    Having remained quiet for the conversation, Auron does indeed hear the shriek. And he's not on Beowulf's heels on the way out. Though he won't be by the time they get where they're going. He's not a fast runner. "...What was that?" he asks, when Beowulf stops running. Because he's totally gonna follow him. He may need to catch up though...

Allyn has posed:
Allyn tilts his head to peer up at Finna and blinks, then looks after the running dragon woman. "That was interesting, but we shouldn't just stand here." he flies up to Finna's shoulder and pecks her on the ear to draw her back into the here and now. "We should go after her, so someone doesn't hurt her, or she doesn't hurt herself, don't you think?" well it seems like it was Allyn and Finna's fault after all. "We'll need to protect her." he launches off Finna's shoulder then and flies off in the direction the dragonwoman went.

Riva Banari has posed:
Riva sounds more agitated as Beowulf and Faruja dance around the central problem. "This is a difficult situation... But I certainly don't doubt your loyalty or ability, Sir Cadmus. However, even with all of this we still haven't come to the actual point..."

Riva suddenly looks over and gasps. "What the hell is going on!?" She hisses, before standing up and following Beowulf as quickly as she can. Faruja might be ready to give up on him but she is not.

Tomoe has posed:
Tomoe is going to do what she can but there's little she can do now she leaves some coin to pay for her drink and she rises up, then something strange goes down.

"Wait what's this?"

Much like Auron she's going to get up and try to seew what the heck is going on here.