5432/P:WtWM - Woodsman's Rampage

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P:WtWM - Woodsman's Rampage
Date of Scene: 08 August 2017
Location: Alberichstadt <P:WTWM>
Synopsis: The Woodsman clashes with someone in the Forest, Die Reisende go to investigate.
Cast of Characters: Janine Liberi, 151, Kotone Yamakawa, August Kohler, 1129, 1102, 385

Janine Liberi has posed:
    Throughout all the mirrors of Alberichstadt, those 'blessed' by the Red Woodsman would perceive a flash of red among the haze that congeals in the reflective surface. This is typically indicative of said Woodsman becoming active within the Forest. Towards what end is unclear, but one of the shapes that writhes when the Shadows become active seems to be dancing with the red streak. A Shadow is clashing with the Woodsman perhaps? But why?

    Either way, this is something worth investigating. To the Shack! Where Janine is waiting, looking pale and clutching her afflicted shoulder. Considering their last meeting with the Woodsman left her in a less-than-optimal state, she probably has a few rights to be apprehensive about seeing him again. "If we're doing this, remember; he still owes us an answer. Now would be a good time to seriously consider questions."

    Once everyone has assembled, it's time to head through the mirror. The sky above, normally dreary and overcast, is pitch black and rumbling. However, some of that might be the sounds of aggressive battle in the distance. The White Pig is in his hollow, snuffling and squealing with every noise, clearly afraid for his life. He's not going to be much help for tracking down the Woodsman. Luckily, those noises will guide the way readily enough.

Ainsley (151) has posed:
    Ainsley showed up quickly when she heard the mirror had shown Woodsman activity. She didn't have much to say until everyone was assembled, showing her previous tense attitude due to the consistent anomalies in the local Persona users. As for questions, she mentions her suggestion aside to Janine: "We should ask how to reach or defeat the Black Queen."

    Stepping through the mirror into the Forest to discover it is pitch black makes Ainsley's feathers puff up, as her last exposure to similar conditions involved the Wolf terrorizing everyone. But she can't hear it today, so she slowly calms down, and prepares to follow the sounds of battle while compulsively checking her gear with an anxious fidgeting of her tail and a thin frown on her reptilian face. It terrifies her that they're going to approach someone like the Woodsman at all.

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Yamakawa was quick to show up after Ainsley as she heard about the mirror which had shown the Woodsman was up to things again. She was suited up in stealth armour once more. It does some times help and she's about as ready as she can be. She'll move into the mirror forest just after Ainsley and she is also pulling out her matter manipulator as well. She pulls her SMG out of it and checks the weapon over, before also getting a pistol. The pistol ends up in a holster on the armour's webbing, and she returns the bit of star bounder tech back to her other hip. The weapon is checked, safety off and then she'll follow in time with Ainsley, cloaking from view as she goes.

Also a small scout drone detatches from the back of her armor and flits away ahead it's a simple camera and if it's noticed it will be taken otu quickly, yet it might give Kotone some what of a heads up about what's waiting for them.

August Kohler has posed:
August is here. He has a gun, visible, and is rubbing both his hands together (the right one is pretty badly burn-scarred) in anxious anticipation. Over his back is a satchel (it does not have grenades, he would have assured several times - it's ammo and medical supplies) and has a mirrored bracelet on his wrist.

As the group meets up and approaches, the topic of questions comes up. "We don't even know what she's capable of. I'm not sure if we want to ask him 'how to reach her', necessarily, when we could use the question for better things. Let's ask him what would be the best question to ask him." There's a small hint of sarcasm there, as he glances at the pig in the hollow, before towards the area with the battle. "It's probably going to be a fight. If the Woodsman goes hostile, try not to get hit. He tears you in half." Not even considering 'retreat'.

Ainsley (151) has posed:
    Ainsley's retort to August comes quickly and without apparent need to think about it, "That vicious bitch has had us on the defensive, reacting to her demented little underlings day after day, crushing all of your lives under this slog of a war with her, kidnapping and killing innumerable people while we struggle to find solutions to the problems she creates, and you don't think it's important to know where she is?"

    The look she gives August is just... astonishment, but there's no shortage of frustration. "... sorry, it's..." She rubs the back of her head. "It's just getting to me."

Miari (1129) has posed:
The reality of things is that Miari is by no means one to bare her neck to some unknown 'big bad asshole', and that is why she didn't pledge to HELP exactly... but a call for such is nevertheless answered. A low-flying cloud brings her to the given coordinates...

    Yep. She's riding a cloud all the way to the Shack's entrance. And from there, she eyes the humble dwelling with SO much disdain, mixed with a little sheepish. As if to say, 'Elites are operating out of THIS?!'

    Adjusting her kimono, the emerald-haired sorceress draws the fan from her sash and twirls it around in one hand, still closed.

    But she remains quiet while others hop through the mirror... before following herself.

    NOW THIS is worth jawdropping over! Which she promptly does. "... Fascinating! This..." The open mouth closes quickly after a moment or two of thought. "... is a very dangerous realm. No place for an ordinary mortal."

    A bit of looking around has her gaze fixing next on Janine. "Combat is not my forte exactly, but my sorcerous mastery will do in a pinch. What sort of... 'big bad asshole' is causing a ruckus?"

Kotone Shiomi (1102) has posed:
Shiomi is here, SEES band on one arm and all, she's got her evoker in its holster, and her naginata on her back. She goes through the mirror with the others, she stays mostly quiet for the time being, only glancing towards Miari, "It's a lot like the Dark Hour that manifests every midnight in my world, and in many other ways the world of these guys mirrors my own."

Yuna Kagurazaka (385) has posed:
Being on expedition duty for the Hikari Fleet puts a rather sizable dent in Yuna's ability to respond quickly when the call goes out - but respond she does, one of the last people through the mirror before the Persona-users have to let the portal close. She's already in the Light Suit, and Elner is close behind her; the rest of the Matrix of Light, though, remains somewhere else.

Which is really too bad; Powered Form would be a *huge* reassurance given what's been said about the Woodsman's offensive strength.

Oh well. She still has her Light Suit and, when she calls for it, her shield. Those will have to be enough defense.

Janine Liberi has posed:
    "Fucking chill, Jesus," Janine says to Ainsley. "Honestly, I think that we just need something to give to the Pig to sniff out the place. But if no one has a better one, I guess we can use that. Although... this is all storybook nonsense, maybe there's a sword in a stone somewhere we need to get to kill her or something." The bandaged girl grumbles as the group begins the march towards the sound of battle.

    Their new companion, Mirai, gets a look. "The biggest, baddest asshole. Swings a huge axe and doesn't give a shit about anyone. Doesn't matter how good you are in a fight, you can't beat him. We tried." The sounds of battle get closer and closer... and then it comes into view.

    The Woodsman is fighting someone, swinging that great wood axe and carving down the glass trees effortlessly as a by-product. But his opponent is dodging and weaving under every blow.

    The figure appears to be a knight atop a horse from a distance. However, up close, it's clear that there's more to them than that. The helmet atop their head is not a metal bucket, but instead a motorcycle helmet, visor down, it's tassel modelled after a fiery red mohawk. Its armour is not plate, but rather a leather jacket with padding underneath, evocative of a US football player. Sewn on the back is a patch depicting a snake and a mongoose at each other's throats, literally. Fang and tooth have sunk through fur and scale, drawing blood on each end. His lower half, leather pants and riding boots, are soaked in blood.

    His steed certainly looks like a horse, but it's actually a machine. The eyes blast out high-beams and the mane is actually bristling spikes. The legs end not in hooves, but in thin wheels. The tail is actually some kind of serrated exhaust pipe that lashes like a real one, constantly belching black smoke. The reins are clutched tightly in one of the rider's studded leather gloves. The other holds a long tire iron like it were a jousting lance.

    The Woodsman looks at the group, but says or does nothing to acknowledge them. The... motorcyclist? Knight? Does, however. "Ah, heya kiddlywinks! I'd love to chat-BOY would I like that, I have a lot to tell you-but I gotta keep Big Red here on his toes soWHOA!" The horse revs to life again and the legs bend low, driving the rider under the Woodsman's next swing.

Miari (1129) has posed:
"A Dark Hour?" The maiden spares a bit of a glance Shiomi's way, but the distant sounds of conflict do much to queel her curiosity. With the hair on her neck now standing straight up she sidles up next to a tree in a vain hope of keeping cover.

    Vain, because LOOK AT WHAT IS GOING ON OVER THERE geeze.

    "An unbeatable warrior within a world of dreams. How strangely straightforward! We seem to have found him though."

    And without further ado, she focuses her inner spirit. No longer looking with merely her eyes, she's attempting to get a feel for the two warriors' supernatural potency and natures, if any sense could be made of it in such a strange place.

    "Who's the mounted one?"

    The question might be rhetorical, because she sees fit to return the fighter's commentary with a shout of, "Just why is that man after you?!" Cool as a cucumber, as if not terribly worried he might lose his head...

Ainsley (151) has posed:
    Ainsley rubs one of her arms, frowns powerfully but nods at Janine's words. "Would be just our luck," she agrees, to the remark about a magic sword, her feathers bristling again. Her nerves are pretty raw right now, clearly. Just nothing but bitter unhappiness thinking about all the bullshit that's happened in the past year or so.

    When they reach the scene of the fight, the Woodsman is fighting an awfully strange Shadow(?) that seems to have business with them. She lifts her brows in interest when she overhears what this Motor Knight has to say to them, and she directs her worrisome frown to the Woodsman briefly, but puffs a sigh to herself when it's clear that the unbelieveably powerful being is distracted.

    "Show me what you feel."

    As she says this weird, ancient, dead language word for 'emotion,' she casts a spell that creates a soft green lensing effect around her eyes, which both widen. She tries to detect the nature of the Motor Knight's emotions, the base concept of most Shadows. She can isolate information, sometimes, from doing this, particularly when it comes to Shadows belonging directly to humans.

    This may be a poor idea in the vicinity of such a powerful Pure Shadow, but it's her best first step to assessing the situation.

Kotone Shiomi (1102) has posed:
"Where I'm from, every night the Collective Unconscious comes out to play, and Shadows come out to feast upon the minds of men." Shiomi gives a brief explanation of the dark hour, "Overall, very similar in vibe to this place." As the strange fight is on display, she's quiet enough and watches, though she already grabs hold of her evoker with one slightly unsteady hand.

August Kohler has posed:
August was going to retort, but Janine does so first. "Finding her is important, but yeah, there might be easier ways. The Woodsman knows this place and what we're fighting far better than we do. If he can /tell us/ something we can't find for ourselves, it could help us." He glances at Miari, briefly, shaking his head at her demeanor as they move forward - and then spots the battle itself. The Woodsman is fighting...a motorcycle knight? A very fast one, if he can dodge through the Woodsman's strikes and has barely been injured. And the knight...wants to talk to them? Possible friendly, it'd seem. "Alright, it seems this rider has answers. That means we want him to survive so we can talk to him. Which means..." August ponders, glancing at the mirrored bracelet but not doing anything.

"Guys, the hell do we do here?"

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Kotone Yamakawa takes note of Miari's arrival and didn't expect that still added support was needed she looks to them for a moment after the conversation on the radio is finished.

"We can talk in more detail later."

With that out of the way she's getting ready to move forward even as Yuna catches up with the party. Kotone too had been over seeing expeditions which had left her with little time to do much more but today? Yes this was something that needed her attention as well.

The party finally comes up on the Woodsman who seem to be fighting someone on a mecha horse from the looks of it? This was not quite what she was expecting.

"I have no idea Miari."

As Ainsley casts her spell? Kotone is just shocked, she's not seen this from her friend before. At least this sort of spell. She also makes ready to re-cloak once things get going like sh thinks they are going to be.

"Kohler I was hoping ... you had an idea of what to do."

Yuna Kagurazaka (385) has posed:
Compared to *some* of Yuna's visits to the Mirror Forest, this is very much a scenario she doesn't want to be in - but her friends in Die Reisende needed her help, and she hasn't been around often enough when they needed her; the least she can do is try to be here now.

Even if a piece of her doesn't much want to be.

"Shugoseiheki," Yuna calls out quietly, and her kite shield materializes, the 'Wall of the Guardian Star' that August last saw when A2 was trying to kill the Warp Iris - and nearly went through Rhapsody to do it. The blonde glances at her shield, then at the Woodsman's axe as it smashes through another glassy tree ...

Yeah, trying to tank THAT seems like a phenomenally bad idea, even with help. Although maybe, with enough of the right KIND of help ...

Maybe it'd be worth a try? She doesn't have to hold the Woodsman for long - assuming her suggestion leads to her trying to hold him off at *all*.

Janine Liberi has posed:
    In peering at the Shadow, Ainsley sees... a lot of feelings. It all adds up to a sum that doesn't have a lot of single words to sum it up. The best one that comes to mind is... well, 'yandere.' Twisted obsession, clinginess, anger, toxicity, all of these swirl together within the knight. And yes, just the knight, the steed is a not a 'part' of it.

    In response to Miari, Motor Knight says, "Oh me? I got a job to do! Gotta keep this guy busy, you know how it beeEEEEE!" Another rev from the horsebike to jump aside, avoiding a vertical swing. "Boy, that was a close one! Are you gonna help me or not? C'mon, we're friends, right? Friends help each other!"

    Meanwhile, everyone hums and haws over how best to approach this, if at all. Janine says, "Hey, he owes us an answer. He never gave as a time window. Maybe just... asking it will distract him?"

August Kohler has posed:
August can't figure out a question, but he also can't sit there. As Yuna moves to block the Woodsman with her shield, he summons the Tin Soldier with a "Persona!", firing buffs at the blonde that increase her endurance - both physical and mental. Perhaps this will assist in holding him back, as he begins to manuever around towards the Woodsman's back?

Miari (1129) has posed:
"Hmmmm...." Miari's none too certain what to make of this situation. There's much information to process. Shiomi's input gets nodded too quickly and assimilated, though it's the disturbingly potent auras clashing out in front of her which command the most attention.

    "We should all flee should the Woodsman take this fight seriously." Is the conclusion she reaches with a shiver.

    "Oh, very well." Instead of staying behind the tree, Miari returns to striding a bit closer... despite the fact that those axe swings are the main source of wind in the forest right now.

    Still, she doesn't approach further than thirty paces from the monstrous lumberjack and his Shadow opponent. "Stalwart Woodsman, surely this is not the best use of your time. There won't be much of a forest left to be a Woodsman of at this rate. Might this duel be postponed to some later date? We have business with this rascal."

    She carefully controls her tone, letting no fear through... but her spirit's shivering. She's QUITE ready to bail if this goes badly...

Yuna Kagurazaka (385) has posed:
"Thanks!" Yuna calls out (again, fairly softly) in reply to August as the buff takes effect. Her courage buttressed as well, she hefts her shield and moves forward, watching both the motorhorse rider and the Woodsman as well as she can; she knows approximately where she'll need to interpose herself, but the way the combatants are moving around, getting into the right spot at the right moment is going to be just a *little* bit tricky. And of course, if the Woodsman spots her before she's ready -

Well, that would still provide the Rider with an opening, wouldn't it? And Yuna's not carrying a *weapon* so she shouldn't seem like a particular threat ...

Miari's calling out to the two of them - particularly addressing the Woodsman - and that's about as good an opening as Yuna expects to get; she bolts forward, interposing herself in front of the motorhorse and its Rider. Hopefully she'll still be conscious in ten seconds to see what comes of it ...

Ainsley (151) has posed:

    Ainsley has pulled a book that normally hangs off of her belt, a metal-bound tome, and pulls it up to her face. A burst of blue light shines from behind her as a large, elderly turtle man in modern fisherman gear appears, floating in a cross-legged position. She promptly points to Yuna in the midst of her motion to interpose herself between the Knight and the Woodsman, and her Persona reacts by pulling a fishing net from behind him, and throwing it in that direction. The moment it leaves his hand it disappears in a flash of blue light and ephemeral blue shards, and a shield appears around Yuna, meant to reflect damage away from her once the Woodsman attacks.

    Interfering in the fight is the only thing she can think to do right now, considering their lack of concensus on the question they need to ask.

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
She looks to Ainley for a moment, then to the rest of the party before she makes ready to act she has her gun ready and she's scared oh god is she ever. This is out of her native world's element to be sure. She has no real support magic to use and even as others attempt to talk she finds some courage to speak.
"Friends huh? So you know of us then?"

She will not distract the knight too hard. 5R
She keeps her weapon ready she has her movement systems all booted up and ready and she makes ready to act to protect Yuna if it's needed.

She knows that she can be far more easily repaired long term than say Yuna is if she got the full end of the Woodsman power.

Janine Liberi has posed:
    A flurry of action. Yuna, engulfed in multiple layers of buffs, leaps in between the Knight and the Woodsman on his next attack, another beheading swing. It hurts. Without the buffs, it might have been on the same tier as that attack from A2. With them... it's still bad, enough to send the girl crashing through the glass trees. But it slows the attack, enough for the Knight to get out of the way. "Thanks friend!" it says.

    And the Miari walks up, attempting to speak to the mountainous being. "It got in my way. You get out of the way, or you'll be next," is all he says in response, swatting at her with the back of his free hand. It's a lazy swipe, but it still comes out quickly and has a lot of force behind it.

    "Know you? Only through proxy!" the Knight calls in response to Yamakawa. "I've heard a lot of things! You killed the Huntsman and the Intendent, right?"

August Kohler has posed:
Yuna's able to block the attack, and the Knight gets some distraction. Apparently he knows them - and that they fought the Huntsman and the Intendent. Is he an ally, then, like Panzerkatze? It's possible. He's probably a better ally than the Woodsman. No one else asks a question though, so from behind the Woodsman, August shouts for his attention.


He knows that words have power. And that's exactly why August is saying his real name, waiting for the Woodsman to turn towards him. "You owe us one question, and I'm cashing it in. Answer us as clearly as you can, immediately." The redhead pauses, his Tin Soldier moving in front of him, as he takes a breath and stands up straight. And then, he says the first thing that comes to mind, comes to instinct, even if it's not the best question.

"How do we stop the Black Queen's Court from hurting more people?"

Yuna Kagurazaka (385) has posed:
If it hadn't been for the combination of August's buffs and Ainsley's shield, that one swing would probably have put Yuna directly out of the fight, in much the same way that happened during the final appearance of the Warp Iris. As it is, the impact *still* sends Yuna flying - but the Light Suit remains intact, even as several trees which had been behind Yuna fail to uphold the same claim.

As to what shape Yuna is in when she finally comes to a halt ... well, Elner is still floating and watching, rather than dashing off to focus on Yuna's safety, so she can't be THAT badly off. But neither is Yuna rushing back to the others, like you might expect her to do.

Miari (1129) has posed:
SUCH VIOLENCE! And over just stating a mild request of all things. Indignation boils in Miari's gut... but it's equalled by fear and she clams up, ALL thoughts going to the backhand sailing her way.

    Motivated by pure death-fear she shrieks a single word in focused alarm. A word that humans may not speak. Only avians may speak the Word of Ten Thousand Birds, and so...

    The Woodsman's hand passes through an EXPLOSION of doves. Dozens of the creatures are splattered, but hundreds scatter in different directions and rejoin a flock that swoops back multiple Woodsman-arm-lengths away.

    The flock reconverges, minus the slain birds, as Miari... now leaning inelegantly against a tree for support, as damage to the flock carried over to her. She does not perspire, for she cannot, but the close shave has scared her out of her wits! She coughs up blood...

    ... SEVERAL times. "Eugh..."

Ainsley (151) has posed:
    "Yeesh," Ainsley remarks from the incredible force of the strike aimed at Yuna. She cringes at the sound of the impact, the shield she conjured shattering under the force of the blow. She frowns at the knowledge this Knight has, because his job is apparently to distract someone that might have a direct reason to fight the Black Queen.

    "... why don't you get the hell away from him so you can say what you're gonna say?" she speaks up to the Motor Knight, but then she hesitates as she realizes that he's riding a mechanical animal. She stares at its movements with a frown on her face, and prepares another spell for sensing emotion, this time focusing on the Motor Knight's steed. She's reminded of that mechanical bird that fooled them into thinking it was something it was not. Her eyes flash green like before as she tries to figure out where it comes from.

    "Yes, we're those people," she answers the Motor Knight, "Who else could possibly be out here that aren't other Shadows?"

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
The name drop comes, the fight has started at this point she sees the Woodsman also take a swing at Miari too she sees where this is going. YUna is struk and it's not looking very goo with that Kotone is looking to Yuna but doesn't go for her is Elner isn't making for her she has others to deal with.

She stands her ground but then comes the strange spell that miari uses she's not even sure what just happened there. She does see Miari is bad off two.

It's she's not a healer all she can do iis keep the woodsman attention but she does move in such a way she might be abl to intercewpt a follow up attack for yuna, or maybe even Miari if she really moved it.n

"So we have a reputation then I see."

She doesnt' have time to sya much more one Ainsley and August have handled it the best she's noit sure what to ad but she's ready as she'll ever be for if this becomes a full on fight.

Janine Liberi has posed:
    The Woodsman grunts as Miari collapses into a flock of birds. He doesn't even try to wipe his hand of the blood. And then August invokes the name Seigfried. The Forest seems to become still, a tension filling the air, billowing from that massive form. He turns, and regards August with eyes that glitter dangerously, burning from within.

    "Be careful with that name, boy," he says. "Finally, you ask. And I will answer, as per the promise made. To stop the Black Queen, you kill her. To kill her, you reach her. To reach her... use that ridiculous white buffoon you keep around. Offer it something from there. Something like this."

    He swings again, at the Knight. He goes to dodge, but this swing is faster than before. It nicks him, and takes a scrap of the leather jacket with it. The Woodsman plucks it off and tosses it to the ground. "Use this. Pursue this fool when he leaves this place."

    The Knight laughs. "Oh, you horrid brute, you ruined the surprise!" It looks to Ainsley and Yamakawa, and sounds like it's grinning. "So it IS you... you killed my friends! Beasts, monsters! If you were really my friends, you would lay down and let I, The Constable of the Black Queen's Court, run you down this instant!"

    Meanwhile, the mechanical steed doesn't ping much to Ainsley. It's like its made of emotion, but a mix of them, combined together. Perhaps the Court has a crafter, akin to Agatha?

Yuna Kagurazaka (385) has posed:
Still groggy from the impact, Yuna is starting to pick herself out of the shards of glass that used to be one or more trees; the Light Suit is sparking somewhat, but the defensive aura is still holding.

Tentatively. For now. She's been in worse shape.

But she's in no condition to join in a general battle against the Rider - or rather, the Constable - if it can be avoided.

Miari (1129) has posed:
This matter regarding the hero's name doesn't go unnoticed by Miari, despite the sorceress needing a few moments to mend her wounds. Subtle golden energies flow from her skin, illuminating a golden half-circle mark on her forehead that wasn't there before.

    "Men like you are STUPEEEENNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNDOUSLY aggravating!" She sees fit to announce directly at the Woodsman, unafraid of delivering a tongue lashing. But her attention isn't quite on him... no, her gaze falls to the Motor Knight instead.

    A flick of her wrist and the metal fan opens. "If you but were more forthcoming like that instead of inflicting grievous harm on someone who merely spoke to you!"

    She strikes downwards with the implement... and a HOWLING WOLF COMPOSED OF WIND is unleashed... straight for the self-proclaimed Constable. It courses across the distance like a hurricane gale, and will rip and tear with razor air before dissipating.

Ainsley (151) has posed:
    Ainsley frowns at the Constable's response to her answer. Of course it's another member of the Court... and his message is just more threats for her and the others. She makes a show of rolling her eyes and putting her hands on her hips. And then she flinches when Miari decides to attack the Constable. While that's going on, the lizard jogs briskly over and reaches down to pick up the strip of leather, and then sprint away from the continuing chaos.

    "Let's get out of here. He'll drive the Constable away, and will not be able to pursue us without a trail," she says, waving at the others, "We need to get back to the pig anyways."

August Kohler has posed:
"I know what I'm doing." August replies to the Woodsman as he tells him to be careful with his name, as he waits for their promise to be fulfilled. In the end, it is - a scrap for the Pig to track with, and the Knight is the Constable - a member of the Black Queen's Court. When he says 'friends', August snarls. The Huntsman, a friend? This man considered him a friend? "You're disgusting. My name is August Kohler, and I'm going to kill you someday." It blurts out of his mouth, anger mounting...but they can't fight him, not here. They need to hunt him. August moves back, no longer preventing the Woodsman's encounter. Instead, he moves to wait to see what happens next, his Persona guarding him, watching the Constable's next reaction. Does he attack? Does he flee? "What is your business here, Constable?"

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Kotone Yamakawa now knows the truth about the other being the Constable is one of the Queen's own, thus he's an enemy of the group and humanity as a whole. She would fight but it seem now isn't the time to fight she'll look to Ainsley nod once and move to fall in.

"Then lets get out of here. I don't want to say any longe, we got the leather let's go!"

She does not join Miari's attack nope she's going to be pulling out now.

Janine Liberi has posed:
    Woosh! Miari shoots a gust of wind at the Constable, who swerves to avoid it. He also laughs at August. "Oh, I know you August Kohler. My friend, the Huntsman, told me so much about you. About how you screamed and cried! So pathetic. But it's okay, I'll be your friend. Know why? Because I'm so wonderfully kind, I'll deign to be with a shitheel like you!"

    The horse revs as the rider laughs. "My business is my business, but I suppose I'll let you know! The Black Queen's Castle... it moves, you know? Sometimes, Big Red here gets a bead on it, comes charging in. It's up to one of us to hold him off before he can get to it! And I think I've done my job, so I'll be on my way. Goodbye friends! I look forward to your pursuit. Let's see if you can catch me!"

    The horse whinnies, engines screaming as he blasts away through the trees, almost clipping Yuna on her way back.

August Kohler has posed:
"Fuck you." Two words, but August Kohler fills them with so much hate and spite it could power an engine. As soon as the Constable flees, August is dashing down his path, trying to figure out where he went, running and running. He doesn't know how to navigate the forest, but if he can find /something/, he'll keep going, just to prove to this bastard he can.

Yuna Kagurazaka (385) has posed:
'Almost' clipping Yuna is still enough to make her flail and collapse back into rather pointy wreckage of mirror-glass tree debris. Fortunately, that landing hurts a lot less than the original shattering impact did.

She doesn't even try to get back up before August tears past at top speed - and when the German youth does *that*, she decides just lying still and letting any other pursuers run past is ...

Okay, maybe not the best idea. She doesn't want to get *stepped* on by anyone who isn't paying enough attention.

This is about the point at which Elner flits off to locate Yuna and help provide, if nothing else, a reference for which direction she should go in.

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Kotone Yamakawa takes note of the information the knight drops off but she's very much not a happy campter. She sees yuna gho down and with the king fleeing she's going to move to go give Yuna a hand and help Elner with Yuna. She's not about to let the songstress be left in a state like that.

Ainsley (151) has posed:
    "August!! We can't go running off into the forest chasing a man that's clearly faster than us!"

    Ainsley bellows this at August, "We need to regroup, get the damn pig, and track him on our own terms, not his!" If he doesn't listen, she follows, running after him as soon as she starts shouting either way.

Miari (1129) has posed:
Hearing this explanation from the Constable, Miari purses her lips thoughtfully and snaps her fan closed again. All the shit talk seems to be going ignored, despite the berating she just aimed at the Woodsman.

    That explains the Constable's actions. But not the Woodsman's. Still, one glance at him has her thinking twice of actually asking him any QUESTIONS. 'Big red' is more a force of nature than a person, she's starting to feel.

    One does not ask tornadoes why they howl.

    But standing there, she turns the facts over and over in her head so far and reaches a solid conclusion.

    "... The stakes must be awfully dire in this world. I'd better lend them some aid and see where it leads."

Janine Liberi has posed:
    As August sprints off, Janine runs after him, slapping at his legs with the flat of her sword until he trips. "We're going back, you idiot. We got the scrap, we'll get him when we're good and ready for a proper fucking fight. I'm actually pulling rank in Die Reisende as second in command to say that you're not in the right state of mind. So suck it up and move!"

August Kohler has posed:
In his mad dash, August is tripped. He growls at Janine, briefly, but he can't see the Constable out there anymore. "Fine. Fuck." He lifts himself up and heads back, and is /clearly/ not happy about it.