August Kohler

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August Kohler (Scenesys ID: 894)
"I won't let you get away with this! Help me, Tin Soldier!"
Full Name: August Kohler
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Theme: (OC) Persona: Were the World Mine-1
Function: Hanged Man Arcana
Status: Dropped
Factional Information
Faction: Watch (2-Second)
Groups: Die Reisende
Other Information
Physical Age: Late Teen Actual Age: 18
Still Aging? Yes Voice Actor: Danny DeVito
Height: Average Weight: Lanky
Hair Color: Red Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song: {{{Song}}}


A scholarship student at the exclusive Drachenblatt Academy in Germany, August Kohler was an intelligent student with a focus on mechanical engineering, but in a school for the rich, his lack of wealth led to him being bullied and ostracized, causing him to isolate himself from others. August never expected himself to make friends after this, but by chance he learned of a rumor and partook in it, gaining himself the power of Persona, the manifestation of one's ego, from the terrifying magical realm known as the Mirror Forest. Using hammers as a weapon and armed with the Persona known as the Tin Soldier, which uses powerful fire attacks and a gun-leg to fight off its foes, as well as powerful buffs to assist August's allies, he adventures into the Mirror Forest to discover what is going on in there and put a stop at it, and likely with the help of new allies, as well. However, it's not going to be easy! August has a habit of lying about things he deems unimportant, and despite using it as his primary elemental attack, he's also very weak to fire! August will have to rely on the strength of allies and bonds, if he's going to get anywhere in his goal!








PERSONA COMBAT: Using a Persona is taxing on both the wielder's mind and spirit, and every use wears the wielder down more and more. After battle, August needs to rest in order to regain his lost energy, and during long combat, there's a chance of him collapsing completely from strain.

HABITUAL LIAR: August tends to lie about minor things, which can put him in trouble depending on who he lies to. He won't lie about the most important situations, but he will lie about things he doesn't think matters, and will definitely lie about his own social status whenever he believes he can get away with it.

SOCIAL SITUATIONS: August doesn't have the best grasp on social situations, and can be incredibly blunt. He will usually put his own needs over the needs of others, and will speak his mind, even when it might hurt somebody's feelings.

SHARED WEAKNESS: Anything that harms the Persona, in turn harms August. He will feel any damage done to his Persona, and fire attacks will harm him just like they would the Persona, much worse than any average person.

STILL A STUDENT: Despite being a superpowered being fighting eldritch horrors in an alternate world, August is also still a teenager, and must deal with things such as class, homework, and keeping his double life a secret. This can put a lot of stress on him, as well as limit the time he can fight during important school weeks.

BULLIED: Due to being a poor student in a school full of wealthy teenagers, August has been extensively bullied for his status. This has led to him becoming more withdrawn, and isolating himself from others due to feeling he's a burden. It takes a bit to get him out of his shell as a result, and he will often avoid social situations when he can.

FIGHTING FIRE WITH FIRE: Despite the Tin Soldier's use of fire attacks, it is simultaneously weak to them, taking more damage than the average person. This also applies to the Tin Soldier's own fire attacks, which can be turned against it to seriously harm it.


Title Date Scene Summary
Crimson Tears December 5th, 2019 August Kohler tries to leave, and runs into one last complication... and obligation.
The Works Lost to the Cold and Dark December 4th, 2019 The Concord, lead by Priscilla, come to exact both revenge and their pound of flesh from both the Nameless Servant and the Watch in general
Aurora Shell Analysis September 12th, 2019 A group of scientists meet with Solty Revant to discuss what they have discovered about the Aurora Shell and the Blastfall before the local authorities attempt to arrest them and contain the information they discovered.
Watch - Training Day February 14th, 2019 Members of the Watch take part in some light training against each other.
Immigration Control January 26th, 2019 Two dozen victims of human trafficking freed August and Corona. Touta obtains the Hand of Evangeline, with the power to cause regret in Touta. Small vampire still at large.
Hiding in Plain Sight January 3rd, 2019 Pirates hiding in a vacation resort town put out a distress call because they're under attack from a moderately crazy boat ghost, there's an excessive number of guns, and a lot of people yelling at each other.
The Aurora Shell and the Blast Fall December 30th, 2018 A team of Watch scientists try to learn something about the Aurora Shell and the destructive lightning that falls from it.
P:WtWM - A Hurried Pursuit December 28th, 2018 Die Reisende cause urban destruction in pursuit of a member of the Wildekinder
Never Powerless July 10th, 2018 Empty Tidings meets with a now powerless August Kohler and makes a bargain.
P:WtWM: Even Speedwagon is Taken! June 30th, 2018 Die Reisende rush a tower in the Mirror Forest to save Speedwagon
P:WtWM - Party Time May 11th, 2018 Janine throws a party, Agatha gatecrashes, Hoshi might be in danger?
TPT: The Cold Readers May 8th, 2018 Pending
The Opposite of Unearthed May 3rd, 2018 Pending
Prospektor's Revolt-Finale May 2nd, 2018 Pending
TPT: The Crimson Thought April 27th, 2018 Pending
Prospektor's Revolt-7 April 21st, 2018 Pending
Two Aftermaths April 19th, 2018 Pending
P:WtWM - Final Breaker March 29th, 2018 Elites fell the Majordomo, the last member of the Black Queen's Court
Oh You Can Go Straight To Hell March 24th, 2018 The Watch looks for a way into Malfeas and finds the best path is already blocked.
Coal-Raker March 4th, 2018 Die Reisende draws ever closer to the Black Queen, so the rest of the Court bands together to deal with them.
P:WtWM - Truth-Faker February 17th, 2018 The Pied Piper plays his last tune. Part of the Persona: Were the World Mine plot.
The Knight of the Round Table Alliance January 26th, 2018 The Watch recruits Krusty of the Round Table Alliance.
Prospektor's Revolt-1 January 4th, 2018 Pending. Submitting logs because nobody has been.
P:WtWM - Risk-Takers December 28th, 2017 Die Reisende take their first steps into the Black Queen's Castle, and encounter a surprising interrogation.
P:WtWM - Siege-Breaker December 1st, 2017 Die Reisende begins their attack on the Black Queen and disrupts a parade.
You'll Never See It Coming October 31st, 2017 Die Reisende runs into the worst thing you could see in the Forest, or anywhere really.
P:WtWM - Re-confessions October 9th, 2017 Due to Mirror Forest-induced amnesia, Janine must tell her family once more of what she has been doing.
The Final Taint September 30th, 2017 Tomoyo calls a meeting during the final improvised Taint to ensure that bad blood does not linger. Loose threads are tied off, and the city is finally left alone.
In The Closing Act, Everyone Wants The Same Thing For Different Reasons September 27th, 2017 The execution date for the old monarchy of Chapter and the traitors in the new government arrives. Loyalists, assisted by the Starlight Bandits, play their last card.
OMNI: One More FiNIsh September 23rd, 2017 Both Inspiration Trust and the rebellious splinter group make their way to OMNI's central server. The matter is finally settled.
P:WtWM - The Wheels of Fate September 7th, 2017 Janine's family is kidnapped by The Constable, who challenges them to a race of life and death to save them.
A Grand Celebration For Two Covers Co-Conspiracy By Many August 24th, 2017 The Watch and Concord both gun for Forrester Houl, traitor to Chapter and self-interested politician.
P:WtWM - Woodsman's Rampage August 8th, 2017 The Woodsman clashes with someone in the Forest, Die Reisende go to investigate.
'A Needless Flashy Escape' Can Have Two Meanings Depending On How You Read It July 27th, 2017 The Starlight Bandits clue in the Watch on corruption in Chapter's new rebel government.
Warp Iris: The Conclusion July 13th, 2017 The finale. The end of Loci Iris.
P:WtWM - The Intendent of Shallow Desires July 12th, 2017 Die Reisende set out to stop a member of the Queen's Court from harrassing some peaceful Shadows at the request of Spriggins Jack. And... well, they do succeed at that...
(What) Do People Think July 10th, 2017 Inspiration Trust wrangles some helpers to survey the common folk in the city in which OMNI sees all.
P:WtWM - Confessions June 28th, 2017 Janine tells her mother about what she's been doing. It goes about as well as you expect.
Sanary Mucks Out A Grand Auction Like It Were A Pig Sty June 27th, 2017 The Bandits hold an auction for a stolen book that tells the future in the kingdom of Chapter. Rebels and loyalists argue over who gets it, but in the end, it's traded for fresh pork.
P:WtWM - Coachmistress' Challenge June 10th, 2017 Plumbing in the Mirror Forest is not the best.
Tainting the Taint June 8th, 2017 A splinter cell of Taint artists seek the Watch's help in disabling one of OMNI's server farms. But Yang has already informed the government of their intended actions. A clash between punks and public security begins here!
The Warp Iris: Confrontation June 1st, 2017 Poor communication kills.
The Ruins Beneath The Minds Holds Statuesque Secrets May 24th, 2017 The rebel government, headed by Perplex and backed by the Watch (and Gaige) descend to find the treasure spoken of by the Starlight Bandits.
P:WtWM - Janine's Birthday (summerized) May 20th, 2017 A summary of what happened in the original scene, lost in the server crash.
The Warp Iris: Debate May 9th, 2017 A heated debate on the matter of what to do about the Warp Iris.
Welcome to Alfheim April 23rd, 2017 Upon learning that video games are real and the VRMMO and RL worlds have merged, Kirito and others go to Alfheim to investigate.
P:WtWM - Clash in the Forest April 16th, 2017 People have wandered into the Mirror Forest once more. It's up to Die Reisende to extract them while avoiding the Wolf and Woodsman in the middle of a battle.
What Follows An Uprising, Is It Called A Downlowering April 11th, 2017 Molly has lost Irvine! Time to track him down. Luckily, some nice loyalists have found him, and just need a bit of info from him...
Warp Iris: The Lure March 31st, 2017 Elites gather to beckon the Warp Iris, the being from beyond the universe. Reasons differ, conflict ensues. Negotiation occurs.
P:WtWM - Beneath the Library March 19th, 2017 Die Reisende go do some late-night spelunking into some recently unearthed caves that may have a tie to the Mirror Forest. What they uncover is perplexing. Also, birthday planning ensues.
ICoT: What's Left Undone March 13th, 2017 Kid invites Elites into the rarely-explored Jawson Bog on his hunt for Shards. What happens next is I N T O X I C A T I N G
TRUE PSYCHIC TALES: Heart Attack February 12th, 2017 Flamel gathers a task team to eliminate the Heart Render.
History Is Like a Dusty Library Shelf; Packed Together, And Oft Ignored January 22nd, 2017 Revolution! Repressed serfs march on their literary masters with the Watch and Kirito assisting. The League push back! Oh yeah and the Bandits were there too.
The Other Battle On Big Bridge January 8th, 2017 An attempt at pilfering experimental weapons from a convoy in Iskandria does not go as planned. A giant robot is involved, Mel is called an old hag, and Vatol is the only one to survive completely unscathed. Also, Scene 5000 GET.
Masks Are Used To Hide Your True Self In A Literal And Metaphorical Sense January 6th, 2017 The Starlight Bandits make a public threat to steal a key of great value from a ball filled with guards and foreign military. Some come to prevent this, some come to watch, and some come for the free food.
Rosin Up Your Bow January 5th, 2017 The Requisite Seedy Bar Episode. The Fiddler makes a deal. It's probably not going to cost anyone their souls.
The Vertical Metropolis January 3rd, 2017 A picnic in Evance. Much is philosophized about. Milly is overrun by pidgeons.
P:WtWM - School Daze December 31st, 2016 Die Reisende meets with Alexis Eberhardt and Johnny Bridgeston, the two Drachenblatt students they rescued from the Forest.
The Best That's Ever Been December 28th, 2016 The Watch Gets Swamped but At Least the Music Ain't Bad.
Border Crossing December 21st, 2016 Will and friends try to cross into Iskandria. The Iron Church attempts to hold a peace conference, but someone thinks it's wise to drive an airship into the fortress instead. Victor Xix gets political cred, Mel Brock hurls a bunch of ragtag adventurers into a monster-infested swamp.
No Brakes! December 13th, 2016 Remnant didn't get away unscathed by the Multiversal Grand WTF.

A section of Wall fell in Vale, and Grimm began flooding in, seeking blood and fear.

An unlikely band of heroes, and the unlikely alliance between the White Fang and City Security, helped drive the monsters back, so that rebuilding can now begin.

Paladin December 11th, 2016 A trip to the forest does not go as planned. The legacy of an ancient catastrophe is brought to life- Cabrashel the Herald of Fertile Earth. Marchosiel states his intent.
P:WtWM - The False Raid December 4th, 2016 Janine's plan to completely clear August's name is put into effect. It may not have gone off without any hitches.
MANDATORY BEACH EPISODE December 3rd, 2016 Will invites some friends to a tropical island! Unfortunately they don't get much beach time.
Imperial March November 26th, 2016 Iskandria marches on the Frontier. In one such battlefield, someone has sent up a call for help! Elites arrive to fight back the horde, but battle is also joined by a messenger from the heavens. Enter the Hero.
CC-SJ-2 Imperial March November 26th, 2016 Testing
CC-SJ-1 Bunker Hill November 13th, 2016 Will invites some friends on an adventure. They find the remains of a long-dead civilization, terrible revelations, and a new light in the darkness.
CC-SJ-1: Bunker Hill November 13th, 2016 Will invites some friends on an adventure. They find the remains of a long-dead civilization, terrible revelations, and a new light in the darkness.
Bunker Hill November 13th, 2016 Will invites some friends on an adventure. They find the remains of a long-dead civilization, terrible revelations, and a new light in the darkness.
P:WTWM - The Most Dangerous Game November 5th, 2016 A fateful encounter. End of Act One. The sun shines in the rain, as Die Reisende faces off with The Huntsman for the final time.
PWTWM: The Wolf of Samhain October 31st, 2016 On the night of Halloween, Fear stalks through the Mirror Forest. Several heroes move to rescue a kid from the Pale Wolf, the embodiment of Fear, but find themselves fighting their own inner nightmares. With Special Guest Stars!
P:WtWM - To Face Courage October 21st, 2016 The Red Woodsman proves conclusively he is not to be trifled with.
P:WTWM - Training Excursion October 8th, 2016 Die Reisende trains for their battle with the Red Woodsman, which they are horribly unprepared for. They investigate an odd keep in the Forest, and find something incredibly eerie.
Persona:WTWM FA4 - A Lesson on Bravery September 19th, 2016 The fourth and final day of the School Festival Arc. A fateful encounter.
Persona:WTWM FA3 - Operatic September 18th, 2016 Day 3 of the School Festival Arc! Hangovers, drama, and the true introduction of a new role.
Persona:WTWM FA2 - Hit the Shack September 17th, 2016 Day 2 of the School Festival Arc! The adventures of the pizza guy! Also beer, poker, catgirls, the return of the King's Game, and a startling revelation about the White Pig.
Persona:WTWM FA1 - A Bunch of Fools September 16th, 2016 Day 1 of the School Festival Arc! Pasta, teriyaki, and fortune telling!
Persona:WTWM - Old Man Turtle September 5th, 2016 Ainsley summons her newfound Persona for the very first time.
Persona: WTWM - The Inquisitor September 3rd, 2016 Ainsley has been taken by the Piper. A team is mobilized to enter the Cathedral of Lies to save her from her own Shadow.
Persona:WTWM - Long Live The King September 2nd, 2016 Everyone's <insert opinion here> tank-wearing cat returns! He has an offer to make, and helps the group start a catfight. Featuring a musical guest!
Persona:WTWM - The Winds of Time September 1st, 2016 The school nurse and the school therapist turn out to not be inconsequential at all! A Shadow bent on a strange ideal of Law and Order attacks a brave hero, who does not resemble any mascots at all!
Persona:WTWM - The Doctor Is In September 1st, 2016 August visits the school nurse, and is in turn brought to the school therapist. Obviously these are inconsequential characters!
Persona:WTWM - Black Coffee August 20th, 2016 The Majordomo of the Black Queen's Court makes an offer to some very useful people.
Persona:WTWM - Feeding Frenzy August 12th, 2016 DYNASTY WARRIORS, PERSONA EDITION! People wander into the Mirror Forest at a carnival, requiring Die Reisende to fight a Shadow onslaught, close the open mirrors, and find any clues possible!
Persona:WTWM - And This Little Piggy August 9th, 2016 Ainsley 'chats' with the Pig, and learns some interesting things about his personality. The group finds an odd pair of Shadows, and August almost gets eaten by a vampire tree.
Eurobeat in the Velvet Room August 7th, 2016 The Velvet Room extends temporary contracts to off-worlders, so they may meet the long-nosed Igor and his lovely assistant Agatha.
PWTWM-An Acknowledged Threat-2 July 15th, 2016 Die Reisende has entered the Mirror Forest with no preparation and an abducted...person? With a sprawling dungeon in front of them, surely they'll find answers...or a trap.
PWTWM-An Acknowledged Threat-1 July 8th, 2016 Die Reisende takes their investigation for the missing student into the real world, after finding a list of possible names. But things don't go remotely as planned...
PWTWM-An Acknowledged Threat-Prologue July 1st, 2016 Someone has been abducted once more, not long after the last time. But when Die Reisende searches the Mirror Forest for the victim, they find themselves obstructed.
P:WtWM - The Dashing Herald of Bad News June 26th, 2016 Die Reisenden and friends travel into the Forest to rescue a rumormonger from the Shadows within.
Death Recuperates April 13th, 2016 Janine finally recieves some visitors at the hospital.
P:WTWM - Cat People February 17th, 2016 A tank-wearing, cannon-wielding, swordfighting Shadow challenges the party to a battle, and proves to be much more than expected.
Shadows Cast By Midnight Light January 11th, 2016 One cold night in Alberichstadt, the Shadows within the Mirror Forest seem agitated. A party of Elites go to investigate, and learn of tragic consequences.
How To Start A Fire December 1st, 2015 Kenji gives August lessons on not burning himself to death.
The Marquise vs. The Beast November 29th, 2015 Janine and Ira brawl over nothing really. But then HERE COMES A NEW CHALLENGER
Death Awaits You November 16th, 2015 Travellers venture into the Forest of Mirrors to investigate the reflection of another Persona user.
P:WTWM - The Countess Who Sang To The Stars: Chapter Two November 10th, 2015 The students return to the Mirror Forest to meet with the Countess and save their classmate. Will they succeed?
P:WTWM - The Countess Who Sang To The Stars November 3rd, 2015 Someone has gone missing from Drachenblatt Academy. August and Hoshi are working to find them in a strange world, with the assistance of others who are willing to brave them.
Woodvale Trial: Nature's Wrath October 20th, 2015 The Devouring Earth are launching another assault. Can the heroes beat them back?


Title Date Scene Summary
Case Closed(?) (Janine Liberi) December 5th, 2016 The detectives assigned to August Kohler's case discuss the recent turn it has taken.
Birthday Surprise (August Kohler) November 1st, 2016 August Kohler gets a belated birthday surprise.