5590/P:WtWM - Siege-Breaker

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P:WtWM - Siege-Breaker
Date of Scene: 01 December 2017
Location: Alberichstadt <P:WTWM>
Synopsis: Die Reisende begins their attack on the Black Queen and disrupts a parade.
Cast of Characters: Janine Liberi, August Kohler, Atalanta, 1141, Kotone Yamakawa

Janine Liberi has posed:
    It's been a long while, but Die Reisende reconvenes in the Mirror Forest once more. With their victory over the Constable, they won a stone from the Black Queen's Castle, allowing them to recruit the White Pig to track the source of their woes back to the source.

    The little glade they have carved a home base from still looks very much the same. The Pig is occupying his little hollow, but seems to panic the moment the brick is produced. Those attuned to such things would get a vague sense of... something from it. Not exactly /evil/, nor good. Just... something about it is a little revolting. It's a simple piece of frosted glass cut into a cube, so why does it feel so awful?

    The Pig would need to be coaxed, cajoled, or threatened into sniffing the brick and leading the way. Once he does, the Forest seems to become ten times more oppressive. The path becomes narrow, tangled with roots and dense with sharp stones. The trees overhead form a thick canopy of frosted, fractured glass that refracts all light from... whatever brings light to the Forest. It's a long march through these harsh conditions before their destination appears through the gaps.

    For a place called the 'Black Queen's Castle,' it is not actually all that black. It's made of glass, like everything else, but it's a curious breed of it. The inside of the bricks has been frosted, so the walls are as opaque as actual walls. But the exteriors are reflective with uneven surfaces, casting fractal reflections of the party from a distance.

    A moat protects the castle, as they do any good old-fashioned medieval European palace, and on the same side of it as the party is a military parade. Knights clad in dress uniforms akin to the Queen's Guard of England, with the coat, trousers, and high hat. However, the colors consist purely of greys and blacks. They stride in their formations, holding up banners and twirling them in synchrony, it's all very well-practiced. Said banners are made of a strange fabric that is partly reflective, but one constant on them is the image of a black queen chess piece. There is little doubt as to whom the banner is in honour of.

    It is clear that Die Reisende will need to navigate past this lot to get to the lowered bridge that permits access to the castle courtyard. But how?...

August Kohler has posed:
The group is probably heading into the Shack in the Black Forest, where August and his Archer-class Servant have moved in. Entrance is through a very large mirror on the wall, which is opened by the contact of a native Persona-User with its surface.

Once inside, August is in a hoodie, with a bag of something that he's slowly pulling out once the pig seems to be afraid of the cube. "Hey, come on, Pig. I have your favorite treat." August reaches into the bag, and pulls out a handful of...bacon bits. Hey, the Pig's never been against cannibalism before, why would that change now? Is it even cannabalism if it's a Shadow? "Help us out, will you? We need to get to the castle. If you won't, well, that's not an option." August's implication: choose either the carrot or the stick. All up to the pig.

Through the harsher forest, August is using a knife to cut through any roots they can't just cross over, even if it's taking a bit and his knife isn't suited for it. It's the actual castle that brings him to a stop, staring at his own strange reflection in the mirror. His eyes avert to the moat, as well as to the knights.

"We should rush them. I'll summon my Persona and aim for a distraction, Archer could pick them off from a distance, and the rest of you can take them on full-bore, yeah?" The redhead begins to move. Seems he's not waiting for a full agreement, as he glances to the castle. Well, atleast he doesn't need a mirror on him.

Atalanta has posed:
     There's additional assistance. This one is harder to spot, and is almost exactly behind August at all times, but not in any real noticable way - the assistance is not on his butt, but rather, a good mile or so behind it. For being a forest made of glass, the green and blonde-haired figure that is the assistance looks rather at home amongst it, bow in hand.

     August *is* her master - like Atalanta would let him go off without her.

     She is aware of the conversation nonetheless; it helps remind her that she is not alone here, for all the strangeness of the forest itself. August had told her bits and pieces though, ahead of time - it is not as scary as it could be. Atalanta muses to herself - it reminds her of a certain boar hunt... hopefully August won't just drop dead on her.

     Wouldn't put it past this strange place, however.

Robert Speedwagon (1141) has posed:
    Well that was a weird bit of conversation on the radio. But Speedwagon and his bunch are sort of getting the idea that 'weird' is par for the course, as the saying goes. So this time, instead of freaking out, Robert decided to just... well, offer help. Probably a dumb thing to do, but with the grave sound of those young voices, they were about to embark on something perilous, and none of the three of them liked the idea of young kids having to do something so perilous.

    So it's a group of three rough-looking fellows that arrive at the specified place. One is a younger Asian fellow with long black hair held back from his face with a pair of three-pronged clips, wearing a Mao jacket and loose pants in drab greenish and gray tones. One is a rugged-looking man with long, unkempt reddish-brown hair and a short beard, wearing a fringed leather jacket, pants, and belt in light brown colors. This second guy has a large bluish 'splash' of a tattoo over his eyes and the bridge of his nose.

    And leading the group is a muscular blond fellow dressed in attire that wouldn't look out of place in Victorian England! Mashed atop his wild blond locks is a dark blue bowler hat with similar decorations in the band as the Asian fellow wears in his hair. This must be Robert Speedwagon, the guy who spoke up on the radio, and his group. While the tattooed man has knives visible on his person, and the Asian man has the bearing of a martial artist, the blond man holds a sledgehammer over one large shoulder. And he doesn't seem to be having a bit of trouble with it either, which may be a testament to his physical strength.

    Given the intricate means of reaching this place -- first the mirror, then following the White Pig -- Speedwagon and his cronies would probably have had to join in before the journey was begun. And it's a frightening journey, as well it should be, particularly if this forest is the coolective unconscious of a world. Dark mirrors of human thoughts, twisted back in unrecognizeable ways; even when harmless they're alien, and that alone is frightening.

    But Robert Speedwagon has been into the belly of the beast before, he's faced fear and watched friends die without being able to save them -- the latter of which many might feel is even more frightening. He doesn't run from things that frighten him unless he has no choice. He may be no Hamon master, but he remembers what Zeppeli said about making fear one's own.

    He does however, need to corral his companions, though. Tattoo is noticeably jumpy, and Kempo is very much reminiscent of a frightened cat ready to hiss and swipe at the first thing that jumps out at him.

    As for the castle itself? "Brrr." This from Speedwagon himself, and he shudders. "Reminds me too much 'f headin' ta the castle at the Lot. Except worse. LOTS worse..." For once he's not about to jump out in front. He doesn't know what's going on, so he'll take his cues from the people here that DO know what's going on.

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
It has been a long while since anything major went on with in the forest save for the strange beings they met on Halloween, but now the call had gone out and Kotone was quick to respond she'd couldn't bring her Armed Suit as much as she wanted to, as even cloaked it might cause uneasy questions to be asked in the city. So she's just come as armed as she can be on foot. They would have to talk to the pig, but it's clear that Kotone is being very damn serious tonight.

She has a Matter Manipulator at her hip likely carrying a few extra things in it, but for now she's visually got a pistol and a sub machine-gun, also a few plasma grenades hanging here and there on her stealth armour.

She seems ready to move she's got the idea trust in Archer and her abilities but it's also clear she's ready to lend a hand in being sneaky.

She can get why Robert seems to find this place scary, even after all her time here she's still chilled by it. A ripple crosses gher body and as it passes she starts to just vanish until she just faded away from view.

"Keep your wits about you Mr. Speedwagon it's going to get pretty crazy from hear on out."

Kotone is ready to go in once the last details of planning, are sorted out. Even if it's just who is charging here.

"Well August I said I'd be in till the end and I mean it."

August Kohler has posed:
The group's assembled. August is still moving, as he talks loudly without even glancing back. "Archer, slip inside and make sure they don't shut the gates. If they do, open them back up. Exercise as you see fit otherwise. I'll start us off...now!" The redhead sprints forward, as he stares at the castle and shouts.


The Tin Soldier manifests in front of the military parade...and moves to set the lot of them on fire, it pouring out of the gun. Battle start - subtletly non-existant.

Atalanta has posed:
     "Yes, Master."

     Atalanta puts on a burst of speed that not only catches her up to the group, but past them. She doesn't go straight for the door, either - she doesn't need too. She tracks the guards movements instinctively, like a hunter does, before she vaults the moat. She turns intangible, a special trick granted by her to the Holy Grail, to slip past the wall.

     Once inside proper, she draws Tauropolos, the Holy Bow rising into the air as she sights down and goes immediately for the gate guard with a single arrow. After that, battle is joined - Atalanta switches from single, careful shots, to single, multiple - basically, she's trying to draw people away from the gate while also paving the way for the outside group.

Robert Speedwagon (1141) has posed:
    Speedwagon looks in Kotone's direction, with a raised brow and a smirk. "Like it 'asn't already?" he points out. "Good ta see yer again, though. Don'tcha worry, I'm gonna be careful," he promises. Though he's momentarily distracted when August... does a thing. He takes a step back at the appearance of the Tin Soldier. "WHAT 'N THE BLUE 'ELL?! What kind 'f evil spirit is THAT?!" Subtlety? Robert Speedwagon? Surely you jest. The sentiment's echoed with a noise of surprise from both Tattoo and Kempo -- though Tattoo sounds more like a startled parrot than anything else, really.

    A few moments pass when Robert realizes what's going on. "AHA! I see now!" He nods. "A' right boys, with me! Spread out!"

    The three of them surge forward almost as a single unit, right at the guards. They are, of course, attempting to avoid the flames from the Tin Soldier. As for their capabilities? Tattoo is a quick and precise one; 'death of a thousand cuts' is appropriate here. Kempo is a good balance of strong and precise, slamming devastating single strikes into has he hopes are pressure points. And Speedwagon has a big-ass sledgehammer that he can easily swing one-handed!

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Kotone now cloaked and is ready to go out she does like Robert's sense of humour though. She's heading out to get into the mix of thing, Kotone's like Atalanta will be moving to get inside by use of her stealth systems, and Cybernetic abilities he will hold off for a moment until Atalanta and she'll start make for the gate it self to see what she can do. As Atalanta moves to distract the enemy?

Kotone will plant several plasma grenades away from her but in the same sort of direction that the blasts will distract, and help to draw even more aggro away.

<<Archer, heads up explosives going out.>>

Janine Liberi has posed:
    August begins spewing flame at the parades, causing them to flinch and move away from it all. They way they do is eerie though. They don't break formation, and they don't scatter in an optimal way. They just... bend away, like a single living thing. Those that he does burn instantly drop though, the others leaving them behind.

    As Speedwagon and his Ogre Street crew rush in, they encounter no resistance from the dress knights. They carry sabres at their sides, but they cling to their banners even as they are struck and sliced. Their flesh has a strange, rubbery quality, but they bleed all the same, and their skulls crack like they should.

    Kotone's plasma grenades burst effectively, splitting up the enemy and making them fail and panic for a moment before they converge once more. All in all, the assault had reduced what might have been 100 Shadows to a crew of 30 or so. Not bad!

    Atalanta rushes the gate, scaling the wall and shooting the guard, another parade Shadow. This leave sit wide open, but before she can rain down arrows, someone calls out to her in a feminine Scottish brogue.

    "Oi! Ye dastards outta not be poundin' me boys!" says someone in the same dress uniform. However, their big hat is much bigger, and they've swapped the trousers for a kilt. Their red, curly hair pokes out from under it, green eyes glittering fiercely. A flag with the same design as the banners the knights carry is slung over her back. Honestly, it's a pretty cute Shadow.

    Or it would be, if not for those cheeks.

    Massive, warty and tumorous. They jiggle and ooze with each outraged step towards Die Reisende. "Oh, ye are! Ye blackhearted blaggards! Trying to storm the castle eh? Well, ye can forget it! Ya made it real personal, and I'm itchin' to do it to ya! BOYS! HUDDLE!"

    The remaining members of the parade convulse suddenly. From their tummies, long umbilical cords emerge, slithering across the courtyard towards the feminine Shadow before burrowing into her stomach. She coos as the remaining 30 become linked to her, before suddenly rushing at her with great speed.

    They form a tower beneath her, elevating her high above Die Reisende as she takes the flag from her back and begins to wave it, cackling. "I am the Standard Bearer of the Black Queen's Court! It's more honour than ye are worth to die witnessing it!" She begins to twirl it as the tower of knights twists, forming a single long chain of hands gripping ankles. They swing the Standard Bearer, causing her to scythe through the party's ranks. The fabric on that flag proves to be razor sharp, slicing up the ground, and any unfortunate flesh it finds!

Robert Speedwagon (1141) has posed:
    Thankfully all this bellowing from the female Shadow gives Robert and his companions time to get back. Which is a good thing, because this is incredibly weird, and more than a little frightening. Particularly when... actually none of Speedwagon's gang knows WHAT the hell is going on. All these weird cords and... What are they doing...? ...! OH DEAR GOD! This is... about how the progression of his thoughts goes as the weird transformation takes place. "What the HELL is THAT?!"

    And then the sweeping of the scythe made of the other soldiers through the ranks scatters the three of them, as they all jump in different ways to avoid it. Tattoo is fast enough to avoid little more than losing a few fringes on his outfit. Kempo was already moving when the scythe started its swing, and rolls back underneath it.

    Speedwagon however, is neither super-quick nor a martial arts master. He doesn't have time to turn and run -- he really has time to do little else than to throw himself backwards, away from the strike. It's not far enough or fast enough though, and a split opens up in his side. It's only by sheer luck that his arm was above it; if it hadn't been he'd have lost his arm. As it is a spray of blood splashes from his side, and he emits a loud "GYAAAH!" He falls back onto the ground, with a wince as the impact causes him further pain from the wound. That's gonna sting!

    Tattoo definitely knows the sound of a slice wound, and looks noticeably agitated. "Boss!" he calls out, looking for an opening back to Robert's side.

    The blond man huffs a breath, and then rolls back to his feet, still grimacing. As he gets up, he picks up the dropped sledgehammer, and then heads to regroup with his companions.

    "HA!" Speedwagon declares. "You're a poor substitute for Death, luv!" He raises his free hand to the brim of his hat. It looks like just a mere flick of his finger against the bottom of the brim. But in response the brim seems to unravel somehow, revealing the four blades formerly hidden inside the brim. He flicks his head to the side, sending the hat spinning into the air in a circle around him, then catches it on a finger and spins it around that finger as though it were nothing more than a hoop. "This is really gonna be a 'slice', innit? Guess I better take a cut meself!"

    And then he flings that bladed hat right at the Shadow, the looping arc aiming DIRECTLY at her face. He's hoping to take out her eyes, because it's really hard to hit a target one can't see. He hopes.

August Kohler has posed:
That's certainly a member of the Court. As they begin to connect, and the Standard Bearer strikes with her scythe, it slams into the Tin Soldier, carving into it and knocking it back, causing August to grasp for his stomach. "Shit. What's your problem? We do something to make this personal for you? Pretty sure we haven't even met." The Tin Soldier flares again...and fire pours out, moving to try and burn against her tower and wind it down. "Everyone, on her!"

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
The blasts from her grenades work well, quite well they have distracted a good deal of Shadows on top of Atalanta's own distraction and she'll be making ready to really get into the fight now, as the gate is rushed she also hears the Scottish accent pretty quickly herself. The big showdown is going down now as the standard bearer makes herself known and that's when the fight's really going to get under way. The scythe comes just as Kotone is moving to get back into range and she nearly loses a limb to it, she's also forced out of cloak for the moment from that near miss.

Also with the shadows linking to the guardian of the gate? Ideas form in kotone's head and on top of being deeply disturbed? She has an idea.

She does not to target the standard bearer directly but for the shadows forming up the tower and which are linked to her. With Robert overcoming his fear and using his hat like some kind of spy movie villain? It should serve as a very good distraction for her as she attempts to open up on some of the lower level portions of the tower with her SMG hoping to do damage and to see if the Standard Bearer suffers any ill effects from it.

"On it, August!"

Atalanta has posed:


     "Obviously, master."

     Oh, there's Atalanta. Snarking at August. As she should be. The leonine Archer hasn't stopped moving - she knows better. Moving still gets you killed - it makes you a easy target. Strafing with bow and arrow is lie clockwork from her, her shots coming every way as she circles the newest animal of her many Hunts - but not staying in a circle. She knows better - and she looks alive and happy really, doing it. Hm.

Janine Liberi has posed:
    The Standard Bearer cackles as she feels her flag sink into Speedwagon's side. Her tower reassembles with her at the top once more. "Mmm~ You're a bloody Englishman aren't ya? Then I guess I'll take your head first!" The Londoner's blood drips from the flag, and collects in her open mouth, creating an opening! The hat is tossed, and she watches it. "What devilry is th-" she begins to say, but it goes across her eyes, and she screams. The tower writhes, the many knights groaning in sympathy, before the cries become a laugh. "Bloody fool! I don't need these eyes! I have so many more under me!"

    The tower begins to move with purpose towards Speedwagon, following him even if he runs. The men that make it up draw their sabres as the Standard Bearer calls for Speedwagon's death. August yells up at her, causing her to sneer. "You killed my boys! If I had all 100, this would already be ova! But now I gotta take time to kill ya! I got better things!" Fire is spewed, but the knights know of that now. One of them bodily leaps from the structure towards August, soaking up all the flames right at the nozzle. That's one of them down, and the tower wobbles for a bit as grips shift to compensate.

    However, Kotone sprays the base with gunfire. Each knight soaks up several shots before going down, and serve as a meat shield for those behind before their grip loosens. However, those that get to see this immediately squeeze tighter, so that when it is their time to die, they enter rigor mortis, allowing them to still support the structure. The Standard Bearer is still furious though. "How dare ye?! Stop bullyin' my boys!"

    Atalanta strafes the structure, firing over and over. The blades of the tower knights swing, cutting the arrows from the air, but a few slip through and bury deep into their bodies. By now, the number has been reduced to about 24 still alive. "That does it! Boys, ROLL OUT!"

    The tower of bodies seems to swallow the Standard Bearer as it collapses. Dead bodies are ejected as it reconfigures, taking on a rounded form. Hands grab at the ground to get it rolling as its exterior bristles with sword blades once more. Soon, it s a fast-rolling ball of meat and blades, speeding towards anyone it can hit! It uses the trees and castle walls to launch itself into the air so it may crash down also!

Robert Speedwagon (1141) has posed:
    The Standard Bearer might have gotten Speedwagon's blood -- incidentally it tastes like normal human blood, if she's counting; it is however, the blood of an Englishman, fee fie foe fum -- but it seems he's taken her eyes in return. "Haha! Ya gotta keep your eye out for anythin', luv!" Speedwagon crows, as he catches his hat and returns it to atop his head, blades and all. "Not that it'll do yer much good now!" Though despite his bravado, he realizes he's in real danger here. She seems to be focusing on him. Then again, that gives him a chance to distract the thing so the others can get some good hits in, doesn't it?

    More than that. He's noticed something else. "Those soldiers... she's just burnin' through 'em like kindlin'!" he realizes. That... almost makes him feel sorry for them, really. "Ya got nerve!" he snarls, this time at the Standard Bearer. "Us bullyin'?! Nothin' doin' -- YOU'RE the one throwin' 'em at us like they was shite at the bottom 'f your boot!"

    Suddenly the Boss reconfigures herself! "Oh bloody hell... another form?!" Robert exclaims. Then he calls in warning, "Careful! Don't stay in front of 'er, she'll run ya down!" Yet despite his advice, what does he do? Yup. Stands right in front of her. And yells rude things. "Yer want MY head?! Then COME AND TAKE IT, IF YER CAN, YA MANKY WAGTAIL!" he bellows, swinging that sledgehammer in a circle at over his head.

    Thiiiiis is probably not the smartest thing he's ever done. But he's not just standing around, no. He's waiting. If he stays far away, he'll just get traced, but if he stays a reasonable distance away, he can quickly dodge out of the way and whack the rolling ball of Shadow with that sledgehammer. Also, if the Boss is focused on him, with luck Tattoo and Kempo can come in from the sides or from behind!

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Kotone has learned something though, the shadows do react they are connected but they don't vanish on death they remain holding up the tower, her idea to cut the legs out from under this Shadow? While not perfect s she'd like has had some effect and she has some better idea of how this Shadow functions at least she thinks she does for a moment.

"Well if you insist then..."

Kotone's going to change targets now as she starts to move, she does not hold back but ten the bodies do something. They change the form is far different and now it's rolling fast at them, and Kotone while fast might not be able to evade something that large, she's actually clipped the blade cutting into her, her armour helps a bit and she's able to get clear without being cut down but the cyborg has been hurt and they are still.

<<I'll survive.>>

She not34s before she's thinking it's time to change weapons and she'll try to give Robert and his boys some covering fire as she tries to empty the remainder of the clip at the primary shadow.

"If you cared about your boys you'd step out of the way and let us fix things here!"

August Kohler has posed:
"Maybe you shouldn't have been an evil bitch, then." August replies, as he grimaces at the knight soaking up his fire. He needs another option...but then they turn into a ball of meat and blades. August dodges the initial roll, but the crash knocks him off balance, smashing the Tin Soldier back. He reacts by shooting another burst of flame straight into the sphere, as he shouts out. "Everyone, attack simultaneously!" And then, a shout to Kotone. "Don't try and talk sense into a Shadow!"

Atalanta has posed:
     A brief discussion.
     Yeah, okay, maybe Atalanta should've figured that out.

     Atalanta finds the nearest tall thing that is not the boss or an ally - actually, the nearest tall inanimate object - and scales it. She prefers the higher ground. It's best for watching, looking, scanning, shooting - everything. With a sigh, once she's there, she pulls out her bow again, but the arrows she shoots this time are distinctly more golden than the last - she's firing hard hitters this time. Not as fast as before, but more painful in the long run.

Janine Liberi has posed:
    Speedwagon volunteers to be bait, standing right in the path of their foe and calling it out. It bears down on him, the ground shaking tremendously at is approaches. It ploughs through the Tin Soldier, knocking it aside, the flames catching the side. Because it's rolling straight right now, it can't exactly beat the spreading flames out. The ball begins to wobble to one side, the voice of the Standard-Bearer now audible as she screams at the knights to hold together.

    Kotone sprays the other side. Once again, the Shadows go into rigor mortis to help the ball hold together. But this form demands more flexibility, so this just makes it wobble more, straying from one side to the other.

    Atalanta scales one of the guard towers, and picks off the tank with shining arrows. They pierce deep on the Shadows they hit, and only get driven deeper when that part of the ball rolls along the ground. It begins to shed Shadows as this secondary impact totally removes limbs.

    all of this combines to slow the ball enough that Speedwagon can dodge, avoiding the blow! The rolling structure collapses as those who are still aflame take their blades and cut away their umbilical cords, immediately flopping and disintegrating. The Standard Bearer only has about 10 attached to her now, and she's not happy.

    "Right! Sick of all of 'ya! Boys, throw me!" The knights grab on to their flesh ropes and begin to spin their whole bodies. The Standard Bearer becomes like a throwing hammer, spinning about before they all release her in unison, launching her with their combined strength, right up at the guard tower Atalanta has secreted herself in. The flag twirls, and she slices the whole structure off at the base at such an angle that it begins to slide down on the party!

    "I'll add ya to the castle foundations! HYAHAHAHAH! Boys, don't let 'em survive!" she shouts, stabbing her flag into the castle walls to watch the carnage. Her knights immediately rush at the party, aiming to grapple and hold them in place as the tower comes down!

Robert Speedwagon (1141) has posed:
    The dodge is still a near thing, one of the remaining blades catching the tail of Speedwagon's coat and ripping it. An inch closer, if that ball had been going a little bit faster, and it would have cut into him again. "Whew. Close one," he sighs, recognizing the danger.

    Unfortunately the danger's not over yet, and as the remaining Shadows come to try to grab and hold them in place. "Ah! Blighters!" There's not enough room to swing his sledgehammer. Fortunately his hat can be used as a melee weapon too. But then that boss starts crowing about adding them to the foundations, and Robert looks up to see the form of the immediate danger this time.

    "Oh bollocks!" he curses. "She's bringin' the tower down on us! Clear out!" he instructs his companions, and makes to get out of the path himsef. But then... there are the Shadows to contend with. Then again, with there only being about ten in total now, and there being six of them (including Tattoo and Kempo), that will spread their numbers thinner.

    What might also spread their numbers thinner is when Speedwagon, Tattoo, and Kempo regroup and try to just BULLRUSH out of the path of the tower's fall! What this results in is three rather well-built fellows more or less STAMPEDING down a straight-line path, all of them standing about an inch between each shoulder. This is a wall of thug. And if enough of the smaller Shadows are contending with others, this should be useful in thinning their numbers.

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Kotone pauses for a split second at August's words. "Right! I forgot!"

She does not argue, she does not complain no she keeps going trying to not end up ending up crushed under this shadow katamari. Now the Shadow seems to have other plans for them all. "I'm a building material nor are any of my friends!"

Then comes the knights and Kotone ends up in close combat as they slam her into the wall and now she's struggling up close, but her strength is not that that of a normal woman of her size and she will push back hard attempting to break free and she'll even given the knight pinning her a hell of a kneeing if she can in her bid to break lose before the tower falls upon her.

"Let's stop foolen around here!"

Kotone will try for the all out attack the moment she can get lose.

August Kohler has posed:
Getting knocked down sends August down with it, as he loses his footing. He groans, as he considers what to do...and then the Standard Bearer moves to take down the tower with his Servant in it. August's reaction is fast. The Tin Soldier moves up, and then begins dashing for the tower...which it leaps up to start trying to climb. It's moving to try and make sure Atalanta can get out safely, giving her an extra hand to get out of the crumbling tower...and then it turns. The gun trains down on the Shadow, and then begins to fire a rain of bullets at her from the crumbling tower. Try and take her out...

There's one issue, though. August can't move while he's controlling the Tin Soldier, and he's just barely in the pathway. He's going to get crushed.

Atalanta has posed:
'throw me?'

     "Ohhhhh Caledonia!"

     That's such a weird curse. Atalanta and the Tin Soldier collide together, the offered hand letting her down safely in enough time to realize that if she doesn't Move she's about to see her second master of the war - and one she tolerates a hell of a lot better - die. Her green eyes flash, her hair pooofing a little bit more than normal as her tail swishes and her ears flatten against her head in aswift motion before Atalanta suddenly darts at August, picking up the pace to super speeds as she physically tackles into him, throwing both of them far enough to the side to miss the tower falling on their heads.

     "Look look look look!" She chants at August demandingly, scolding him in the process.

Janine Liberi has posed:
    The Standard Bearer looks down as the party struggles with the Shadows. The Ogre Street crew barges forward, knocking several out of the way and slicing through those that are more stubborn. August fires at her, so she twirls on her flag to launch herself across the walls. Down below, Kotone escapes one of the knight's grapples while Atalanta gets August out of the impact zone just in time.

    The tower comes down, crushing all the remaining Shadows. Up on the wall, the Standard Bearer suddenly shrieks and sobs, the umbilical cords attached to her withering away. She seems to be mumbling something, but is too far away to be heard. "YOU'LL ALL PAY FOR THIS!" she screams, before disappearing through a window into the castle.

    The wall now has a large gap, and the castle drawbridge is down. They can easily move further inside now... but woof. What a start.

August Kohler has posed:
August only realizes at the last second...when Atalanta slams him backwards. The Tin Soldier thuds against the ground with only light wounds, and fades away afterwards due to August deactivating it. As his Archer is resting on top of him, August looks up straight into her face, sighs, and moves to start pushing her off. "Good thing you're safe. If that's the first one, and we know there's still atleast two more cronies before the Queen...well, shit. This is going to be a 'time'."

Atalanta has posed:
     Atalanta swats August.

     "Move, you stupid idiot! Don't /die/." Pause. "Can we do that again?"

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Kotone Yamakawa breathes heavily more out of habit than need but it was quite the little grapple she sees that they have all made is through this fight and the way is open, she'll take a moment to reload her SMG before she looks to Atalanta and August. "You two are quite the pair and ... come on we got to get going your not alone in this."

Robert Speedwagon (1141) has posed:
    As the Ogre Street gang plows through the shadows, as soon as they're out of the path of the tower's falling, Speedwagon looks back, to make sure everyone's out of the way. His eyes go wide as he sees August in the path of the falling tower. "MOVE OUTTA THE WAY, BOY!" he calls out. He's not going to make it, Robert realizes all of a sudden. And at the realization, Speedwagon actually prepares to run back and try to drag August back himself.

    Thankfully Atalanta -- who is MUCH faster that Robert himself would be -- manages to pull both herself and August out of the way. He breathes a sigh of relief. It's a collective sigh of relief, actually, between the three Ogre Street thugs. "Thank 'eavens," he sighs.

    He prepares for more trouble from the Standard Bearer... but she retreats. Gritting his teeth, Speedwagon growls after her, "Bloody fustylugs! I'll feed ya your own teeth next time!" Once a thug, always a thug, right? In some ways at least.

    Though once the situation's more or less calm, he notes, "Well! Good job knockin', eh?" Indicating that there's no way the mistress of the castle hadn't heard them. Though then he gets serious. "Ev'rybody all right? Reasonably, at least?"