6228/A Simple Meeting ft. Watch and Scions

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A Simple Meeting ft. Watch and Scions
Date of Scene: 12 December 2018
Location: The Mist, Eorzea
Synopsis: The Watch meet with key members of the Scions of the Seventh Dawn, and Morgan tries to step up to the Queen.
Cast of Characters: N'raha Tia, Inga, 6716, 6331, 6843

N'raha Tia has posed:
    The place? A lovely little cottage in The Mist, the adventurer's community near Limsa Lominsa in Eorzea. It's a coastal area, with houses packing a cliffside nook overlooking the ocean. The place itself is cosy enough for someone who is apparently a major dang hero. You'd think Raha would rate better than a cottage.

    Inside, on the first floor, someone's set up a large kitchen table with snacks and food. There's chairs arranged around to give people places to mingle, and a large map of Eorzea hangs up on the wall.
    Two people seem to be the hosts tonight. N'raha himself is getting snacks arranged just right on the table, while a small Lalafell mills around a bit, adjusting chairs and fussing a bit. "Oh! Raha, are they nice this time around? I mean, Miss Setsuko was nice once we figured out she wasn't actually a Primal, but... oh." Tataru huffs and panics a moment, before adjusting an armchair for the fifth time.

    "It'll be fine, Tataru, just... calm down. The food and everything else will suffice. Are Minfilia and the rest on their way?"

Inga has posed:
Inga is perhaps one of the first to arrive, simply because she actually knows where she was going this time. She's dressed a little less archaically today, in a green velvet dress with long sleeves that comes down to her mid-calf, a wool shawl wrapped around her shoulders. She still has her belt, from which hangs a knife, small leather pouch and a few talismans made of bone.

She rapts on the door with the end of her oak staff, waiting on the threshold with a thoughtful set to her brow, lips slightly pursed. Eventually, she opens the door and peeks her head inside, thinking perhaps her knock was not heard. This was the right place, she was sure of it. "N'raha?"

Morgan Berselius (6716) has posed:
For a moment, Morgan entertained the idea of just kind of sliding out of a nearby floorboard and casually taking a seat at the table like some kind of terrible capricious elemental spirit.

But, you know, maybe it's not the best idea. Last time, that ended with giant icicles being shot through his everything! That was just not comfortable.

Instead, he... takes the front door! Like a normal person! What a weird notion, actually taking doors for once. It's a strange and unfamiliar sensation, waiting out in the dusk for someone to come to the door. "Raha, this where you're living? Pretty nice place. I like the location."

It's next to the sea! That must be really nice.

May (6331) has posed:
May has been occupied for a while. She even went back to Ribble to check on the place, and you never go back to Ribble if you can avoid it (for starters, there's very little there worth going to).

But she's back, and a Watch gathering is sufficient to get her attention. She really does need to check in with the Watch again, after all. Which is why, when someone knocks at the door and then opens it (Inga), there is suddenly someone else behind her.

That person is May, a blonde centaur with a bow at her flank and a quiver of arrows at the small of her back, wearing red. "I couldn't help but hear that you were looking for the place, too. Mind if I, uh, tag along?" She smiles, broad. Maybe she can get an introduction from Inga and save her some awkwardness.

...That she doesn't know Inga exactly, either, is kind of glossed over.

Zenos yae Galvus (6843) has posed:
    "Yes, it will be FINE Tataru," A white haired slip of a man says, sitting at a table with a book on it. His eyes look up, as he smiles to her. Trying to be reassuring at the least. Across from him, another white haired woman, with dark skin and cat ears upon her head also stare up, as those who have come start to filter in.

    "Yes, Tataru, I am sure things will go much more smoothly this time around." She says, as both of them rise from their spots.

    "Greetings," The small Elvish looking boy(girl?) says, taking a small bow as he speaks, "I am Alphinaud Leveilleur. This is my friend Y'shtola." She nods her head, obviously not one for formalities.

    "Informal, but I suppose it will have to do. Seeing as we could not get funds to host in The Quicksand," He says, somewhat put out. Of course, it's not like HE manages the money.

    Y'shtola has decided to take a step out of the way between him and Tataru.

N'raha Tia has posed:
    Tataru does in fact stomp her little feet across the living room and rap Alphinaud on the knee. "It's fine! And you just watch yourself, that sake's imported!" She huffs, and then hauls herself up on a chair as Raha starts letting people in. "Hey, get comfortable I... uh." He blinks a bit at May, and murmurs. "Not sure if I've got a good spot for a horselady but, uh. I can find a futon?" He blinks and bit and scrambles downstairs, as another person filters her way into the room. She's blond, petite, with a rather elaborate hairstyle and a pink leather and cloth outfit. Tataru waves at the lady. "She's here!"

    Raha is just coming up with the large cushion for May, when he nods at the last Scion. "Annnnnd this is Minfilia, one of the other Scions with the Echo."
    The blonde blushes a bit, but demurely covers it up. "It is a pleasure to see you all, even if the times seem to have increased the need for a meeting such as this. Please, find refreshments and we'll go through what you all need to know. And we can answer questions."

Inga has posed:
Inga turns to address the woman behind her, and is rather surprised to see a woman that is much taller--and half /horse/. This is a first for Inga, and for a moment she just blinks. "Oh, hello. Yes. This is the place. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to stare," she adds.

People are shuffling inside now, so Inga just moves on in. She bows a little over her walking staff to those introducing themselves, and to N'raha, for hosting. "It is a pleasure to meet you all. I am Inga Freyjasdottir," she introduces, then would take a seat nearby, her keen gaze traveling over the Scions and those assembled from the Watch. She places her staff across her knees and rests her hands gently upon it, her thumb idly tracing a rune carved into the wooden surface.

She helps herself to a drink, pouring some sake. She sniffs it, takes a sip. She winces slightly, but the expression is quickly replaced with calm.

Morgan Berselius (6716) has posed:
Morgan peers at the strange horse-woman out of the corner of his eye like he's not quite what to make of her. His eye is only somewhat more incredulous when he sees the wiggling feline ears on several of his hosts. But hosts are hosts, yeah? The raggedly dressed youth shrugs his shoulders and moseys his way in. "Really nice place you guys've got here," he chirps, brightening. "Been awhile since I've been in a place this nice. Food's over here?"

Even if he might not necessarily need to eat anymore, that doesn't mean he can't /enjoy/ a meal. Warm ricewine and hearty clam chowder are rare treats he'd never turn down.

"Pleased to meet you. Name's Morgan Berselius, paladin and monster hunter. Hope we can all work well together~"

Zenos yae Galvus (6843) has posed:
    Alphinaud jumps a little at the hit. "Ow..hey!" he says, frowning. Y'shtola laughs, as if it was fully expected (It was.)

    "I believe they are called Centaurs." She says, politely to Raha.

    "Hello, Antecedent. I believe your helper has taken offense to my suggestion of a different venue." he complains to Minfillia. Y'shtola on the other hand seems more bemused than anything, "Evening, Fillia." She says, more familarily.

    "Well met, all of you." Alphinaud says again, "I am of course here to help our mutual friend with answering any questions you might have."

May (6331) has posed:
"It's fine," May says, in response to Inga's look (and Morgan's, even if he doesn't say anything to her). "Centaurs are pretty common at home but I know they're not everywhere, and even where they are they don't live with humans much. Where I'm from, though, it's pretty mixed..." Which is probably why she doesn't bat an eye at the cat-people, either.

May becomes careful as soon as she goes inside, because hooves plus hardwood floors can equal a mess if she isn't. She walks carefully and a little slowly, but every step she takes is still loud enough to carry. But she's used to human-style houses, so it's not the first time.

"Hello!" she says, brightly. "I'm May." For someone who was worried about being introduced a few moments ago, she's over it now. It helps that there are multiple people who don't know each other - she thought it might be a planning session with her the odd one out. "And it's fine, I can stand! I don't mind. Or use the floor." Honestly, she always feels low when she's on her stomach and everyone else has a chair... though maybe not with the lalafell around. "And yes, I'm a centaur."

She does go over to poke at the refreshments before she finds a spot, though. She certainly isn't shy about that.

N'raha Tia has posed:
    Raha smiles at people and then winks to Inga as he settles in, and... lets out a lot of stress out of his shoulders and frame. There's friends here, and teammates, and possibly comrades if everyone plays their cards right.

    Minfilia for her part purses her lips and gazes at the group in turn before starting out. "I'm Minfilia Warde, and I am the leader of the Scions of the Seventh Dawn. We are named such because we have tasked ourselves with protecting Eorzea, and shepherding our people out of the last Calamity. A Calamity caused by the Garlean Empire." A beat. "Who have shown themselves today on the public frequencies, clearly, which has a lot of people on edge among the Eorzean Alliance."
    A glance to Raha. "Our good friend N'Raha, and his fellow Warriors of Light, helped put an end to Garlean Aggression into our region of Hydaelyn not too long again, but it appears that the sword must needs be taken up again, as it were."

    Raha shifts a bit in his seat, and looks to Shtola and Alphinaud.

Zenos yae Galvus (6843) has posed:
    "That is a bit more complicated than that, Anticedant," Alphinaud says, "While the empire did start the project...it was likely not known by it's former emperor what it was. Not only that, the voice heard today was the Prince...who has sided with the now, apparent, emperor...which means the war of Succession has come to and ned."

    Y'shtola nods, grimly, "Thrancred is out there confirming details, of course, but it does appear that the empire has ended the rebellion far sooner than we would have thought...likely due to the stablizing factors of another group..." she shrugs, "Who they have joined is still very much in the air at this time."

    Alphinaud nods, "Nor do we know their continued goals towards Eorzia...rather they will pick up were Van Balsar left off, or focus their attentions elsewhere."

Inga has posed:
"It is good to meet all of you," Inga replies. She raises a brow at N'raha's wink and flashes him a slightly confused smile. It was a fairly good turnout. She hopes he is feeling encouraged by the attendance.

Inga listens. She's fuzzy on some of the people and events mentioned, but thinks she understands at least the big picture. "Your enemies have joined the multiverse. I can do a bit of looking into it to find out to whom they have allied," she responds. "Perhaps they will not trouble you just now...one might hope. From what I understand, the Garleans are not the only problem you are dealing with," she says, sipping her sake again. No face this time. She was prepared.

Morgan Berselius (6716) has posed:
It's probably for the best that Morgan's not saying anything about all these weirdos all around him. His mouth has very little in the way of a filter after... everything.

But he seems to be okay with Tataru and the various Miqs, at least! Maybe 'small person' doesn't twig enough in his head, and 'cat ears are adorable' takes precidence over anything else.

"Garlean Prince, huh? That's the guy who was on the radio?" Morgan taps at the edge of his sakezuki between sips. "Hmmm, if they're able to drop the moon on things, that's no good. Can't imagine how much damage that could've done to the place. Should we keep expectin' similar trouble, or is their new Emperor uh. A little more reasonable?"

May (6331) has posed:
May ends up with sake and something she can't identify to eat that smelled good. She takes a sip from the sake, and...


Well, this is not something May has had before, judging by the slightly watery-eyed expression. She swallows anyway and tries to look like she meant to do that, with mixed success. Maybe she should stick to water. She covers it by nibbling at the snack. She still has no idea what it is but she likes it better than the sake.

"Wt - " May swallows and tries that again. "Wait, the moon? Like... the whole thing? I didn't hear about that..." She only heard part of the previous conversations. Her ears flatten down slightly before popping back up to normal. "I know of the, um, the monsters around here but I didn't hear about the Empire. Is it a demon empire, or... um, not?

N'raha Tia has posed:
    Minfilia sighs at Alphinaud and Shtola, and nods. "And I hope Thancred can find out more. It's good to know he's recovered from... being taken. So." She dusts her hands on her dress a little reflexively, before turnign to look at the The offer from Inga earns her a smile from Minfilia. "I understand you serve a... being much like the Mother Crystal. And that you've spoken with Hydaelyn. So, any assistance you can offer is appreciated on that front, Miss Inga."
    She bows her head a little bit, and then quirks her head slightly at Morgan. "We must needs complete research on that subject to properly answer that question, Mr. Berselius. As of yet, we've driven off one Imperial Legion, the XIVth. If this new leader is planning to bring to bear the full might of the Empire, well." She frowns, and does not complete that statement.
    May gets a look, and she turns to Alphinaud. "Missiuor Leveilleur can better explain the mechanics of Dalamud and what it did."

    Raha grumbles a bit from his spot next to Shtola, a noise that sounds vaguely like '...ended the word, 's what it bloody did."

Zenos yae Galvus (6843) has posed:
    Y'stola nods her head firmly, "Well, far be it from Thancred to listen to counsol, especially when it comes to 'rest'. No doubt he feels...responsible for the event, and given that his current condition prevents his work in our normal field, this would be something he can feel better about."
    Alphinaud nods once, though he actually looks unwell for a moment, "To explain better, is to understand what Dalamud actually was. To that end, we...actually do not know much. Only that it was revealed to actually be an anchient device of a civilization called Alag. It housed a Elder Primal known as Bahamut, which lead to devistation all across Eorzia. It was finally brought to heel thanks to the sacrifice of Archon Louisoix Leveilleur."

    He simply pushes on, after a short pause, "My sister, I believe, has been digging into the remains of the moon, though I know not what success she has brought. Of course, I would not mind good company from watching over her, lest she get in over her head. There is also one other part of the system, also being looked into by Cid Garlond. Though I know not what the Crystal tower had to do with the moon. He would likely have the details."

Inga has posed:
Inga nods. "Yes, I suppose that is true. I need not look into the wyrd to get information on this, though. I will ask around first," she adds with a small smile. She will look into it, in one way or anything.

Inga listens to Alphinaud, managing to pay attention even as she struggles to figure out his age...or gender...or...why the men are all about as pretty as the women in this world. So strange.

"Well, for whatever my services are worth, I am willing. Trying to stop worlds from ending has become more than a passtime," she responds with a touch of humor. Oh, its true, but it is still ridiculous.

May (6331) has posed:
May remembers that surname, but only because she heard it a few moments ago.

She has enough tact to not ask immediately, though. "Okay," she says, instead. "Well, I wouldn't mind helping! Though, uh, I don't know very much about any ancient civilization, but I'm willing to learn! I left so I could make a difference and it sounds like maybe I could help. Though, I can't fight an army or anything on my own, so don't ask, but I can keep an eye on people, or go ruin-exploring...."

She finishes the sake and then remembers why she hadn't done that yet. Her eyes water even more, and she struggles not to cough on it. Went down fine! Honest!

Morgan Berselius (6716) has posed:
What's with all these people and not being able to handle their booze?

Morgan just tips down another sip. It burns pleasantly all the way down. "This stuff's good. Only alcohol we get back home is this awful turnip-wine. Uh."

Right, there's important topics on the table.

"So there's a lot of stuff to worry about, but that doesn't answer the important question," Morgan says, swirling one last gulp of booze around in his dish. "What do you need /us/ to do? What of these other Primals? Is what the Prince said about their manifestations killing the world true? Do we spy on the Empire, or something like that? What's a Hydaelyn, a god? What's the difference between her and these Primals?"

N'raha Tia has posed:
    Raha's ears slink back against his head, and he grumbles a bit more about worlds ending, but manages to come back to the here and now, loosening his collar and taking a bit out of some of the lovely imported Doman sweets. Nomf.

    Minfilia smiles again at Inga and bows once more. "Then you do have a lot in common with Raha and the other Warriors." A brilliant little smile at Inga... and there's a glimpse, just for a moment for the Seer, of that same (lowercase) echo that she got when she first touched Raha, that flash of the Mother Crystal. Minfilia's a seer as well.

    May's comments get Raha to perk up though. "Hey, if you can stand behind me and shoot things that are trying to beat the snot out of me, that's more than half the battle, really. The Crystal Braves are nice enough kids, but uh.." He scratches his cheek. "Sometimes they have a hard time keeping up."
    Tataru gives Raha's leg a swat too as she shuffles past. 'Several of them are older than you are and have been fighting wars since before you were born!"

    Morgan then touches on Specifics, and Raha takes part of that. "He's not wrong about the Primals. It's the same reason we fight them. They bring chaos, they cause disorder, and they slowly ruin the star, yes. Though we have no intrest in killing the Primals and then also subjugating the people that happen to live in the vague vicinity of said Primal." He dusts at his sweater. "And Hydaelyn..." A glance at Shtola, and then back to the group. "...you're standing on Hydaelyn. It's the star we all call home. And She's also my benefactor."

Zenos yae Galvus (6843) has posed:
    Y'shtola says, calmly with the patience of a teacher, "Well, I imagine you should find his sister or Cid to find out more about the moon." She says, with that slight narrow of her eyes, "I shouldn't have to stand around with a mark over my head to tell you where to go, do try and think for yourself." she comments, "But to answer your other questions, "The best way to explain what the difference is, is to explain what a Primal itself is. It is, simply put, a collective unconcious construct. It requires a ritual to summon one, often borne of the wills of groups of people, often based on their collective belief. The stronger the offering, rather it be crystal or prayer, the stronger the primal. Among other...less savory methods to summon said gods. These beings are creatures that naturally exist only in the lifestream itself. However...when one is summoned, not only is the cost needed to summon them, but to substain them. Feeding it more crystals, and slowly draining the planet are matters of course."

Inga has posed:
Inga snickers a little at May's reaction to the sake. "I'm used to a sweeter taste," she says to her queitly. Sake would not be her alcohol of choice, for certain.

Inga looks back to Minfilia, nodding to her. That echo is observed with a small smile. A fellow Seer. She's like N'raha in that they possess this Echo.

She listens to the answers to Morgan's questions thoughtfully, tapping her fingernails gently against her staff. "I see. So when a primal is summoned, it draws energy away from Hydaelyn? This is perhaps a silly question...but does anyone make sacrifices to strengthen Her?" she asks. It is how she understands, relationships with the gods. Clearly Hydaelyn gives a great deal, but do her follows make offerings to strengthen her? Is that possible to do? She supposes stopping those who would weaken her is certainly something...

May (6331) has posed:
May asides to Inga, rather quietly, "I don't drink much."

May brushes her hand against her bow, strapped to her flank and out of the way. "Well, I can do that!" she says, brightly and at a more normal volume. "I'm good at that. I can also scout and I've had to do some monster hunting so I know how to help with that too." Just no ladders, she thinks to herself. Ladders are the worst human invention.

She also thinks about what she's been told. "If she's the star," May says, slowly, "wouldn't she be, uh, up in the sky? This is the planet. But you talk to her? What's that like?" You can't be a benefactor without talking to them!

But it's the rest that gets her attention. "That sounds horrible! Why would anyone ever summon them if they're so bad for the world - well, you don't need to answer that, I know some people make horrible decisions. Monsters and demons do, too. You can count me in if you need help with that too."

Morgan Berselius (6716) has posed:
"Well, I'm all for not wanting worlds to die. Seen that happen once too many times as-is," Morgan laughs over the lip of his dish. "Ah well, that does make it a bit easier though. The fact that their presence in this world needs to be sustained by prayer and worship means that it /is/ technically a valid tactic to go after their worshippers-- especially considering the alternative of letting these Primals run rampant."

"Otherwise," the dark man frowns, "There's nothing stopping them from summoning it again and again until they get their way. What /is/ the final objective there, anyway? Just trying to get their god into the world to assert a little dominance over their slice of Hydaelyn?"

He gives Y'shtola a little bit of a Raised Eyebrow Look. "Hey, I was just asking to make sure there wasn't anything specific you guys needed us to do. No need to get... catty."


"Encountering a place with an active planetary divinity though..." He frowns a little bit more, running his thumb thoughtfully across the rim of his sake saucer. "That's not something I thought could happen, to have that much power. But I guess that just makes it all the more important to deal with these Primals before they destabilize things. Do the Primals have a unifying motivation, or anything in particular they're interested in that draws them to manifest?"

N'raha Tia has posed:
    Raha's ears go up at 'catty'. His eyes also narrow a bit. Hmmmm.

    Minfilia looks to Morgan. "The unfortunate side effect of summoning a Primal is that they are able to create their own followers." She purses her lips. "They have the power to utterly annilate any sense of self inside of a mortal shell, and make them whole subservient to the Primal. Depending on which Primal it is, we have different terms for it, but they are all functionally the same. That is why one cannot simply send an army to fight them. And that is why the Garleans fear them. Because there is no way around being Tempered, Drowned, or otherwise taken by a Primal."
    "The only defense we have found is the Echo, or by being an Offworlder of sufficient inner being. Like you three." Minfilia's glance rakes the room. "Which /is/ one thing you can all do to assist us."

Zenos yae Galvus (6843) has posed:
    Y'shtola looks at Morgan for a moment, "Ah I see, I think I remember your type. What was it they called it.."

    "Divoid of humor, intelligent conversation, and deserving of only PUNishment."

    Alphinaud simply pushes past this, "To answer your other...dangerous question. The beastmen in General are various in temperment and outlooks. There is possibility of some adventurers trying to make ways in with these groups."

Inga has posed:
Inga turns her hazel eyes toward May. She would sympathize with hating ladders. And stairs. And vaguely rough terrain. "Perhaps they simply do not know--or the feel their situation is so dire they do not have a choice," Inga comments.

The puns earn an eyeroll from the seer. Maybe she'll try some food...

Back to Minfilia. "That is interesting. They have a sort of compulsion to get more worshippers..." Inga taps her chin with her finger lightly. "When these Primals are defeated, the leave the material plane to go back where they were, ja? They can be summoned again?"

May (6331) has posed:
May frowns slightly, because when you come from a town that has centaurs, dwarves, elves, humans, and the occasional odder race, you don't make jokes about them. At least, not unless you know the person well.

Also, she has yet to hear a good centaur joke and doesn't want someone to try to fix that.

At least Y'shtola can dish it right back. She smiles into her (empty) cup before rising to find some water. There's water around here, right? She hopes so. "So they'll get more people by any means... but it sounds like it doesn't work on me, so count me in there, too! As for talking to beast tribes..."

She tilts her head. "Do I count as one, to you? I've met some people who think so, but I'm not what I'd call a Beastman. They're hairier. I've never met one personally."

N'raha Tia has posed:
    May gets another look from Raha. "I'd like that, honestly. We've already handeled most of the Primals, as we said, but there's never an end to them. Someone keeps spreading the secret of Summoning to the beastmen and others, and so..." He spreads his arms on the table, and snags a hard roll. "There's never going to be a shortage of work to do. And. AND."
    "We haven't even gotten into the demands of the Grand Companies and the Alliance, but... uh." This seems to be a rather touchy, heated subject for the catman, and he's stifled by a pat on the hip from Tataru from her place at her high stool an the table.

Morgan Berselius (6716) has posed:
"They... Obliterate minds? They force their own worship by anyone who just happens to even be nearby? No," the dark man rumbles, staring daggers into his cup. "That's not something I can countenance to continue. The gods are the gods, the people are the people. If they can't win worship by their own merit and resort to tyranny to sustain themselves instead..."

His hand trembles, a droplet of sake tumbles from his cup. The room suddenly grows a little colder. Shadows suddenly seem so much darker, and colors a little less brilliant. It lasts only a moment, almost enough to be passed off as a trick of the imagination. Then his shoulders hitch. Morgan closes his eyes and takes in a very long, deep breath. The world fades back into what it aught to be. "Well, I'll do what I can. I've got a few tricks up my sleeve when it comes to mental warfare. I don't know if I can promise restoring someone's sanity outright, but maybe without the Primals interfering... I can give it a try."

Oh, but there's something he needs to deal with first! Something important.

"Ahahahahahaha~" Morgan laughs like nothing at all is wrong in the world and he didn't just accidentally let a little too much of himself slip just then. "Hey now, I don't think I deserved that. After all, I was just..." He griiiins Y'shtola-ward, "...Kitten."

Inga has posed:
Inga looks toward Morgan, her expression hawk-like as the room darkens. "Yes, it is a disturbing effect. I understand they worship these beings already, however...once they no longer have a choice, it is time to put a stop to it," she comments. "I wonder if a bit of education could help--learn why they summon these beings, let them know the consequences, offer help as an alternative," she offers.

Zenos yae Galvus (6843) has posed:
    Alphinaud decides to avoid this one, as Y'shtola simply gives Morgan a smile.

    "Do you think you are clever, Mr. Berselius? Do you think that I have not heard the tail end of these before? That I have not delt with the whole kitten caboodle of these puns? Let me tell you, my knowledge of these puns will leave your fragile little mind in a catatonic state, it will be a litteral Catastrophe, not that the Multiverse would meown your passing. I could take your rear all away up and down the purramids of your egypt, to the flats of Cateneud." She says, simply, staring right at him.

    "Do not think you are cute, because this is my catistance."

May (6331) has posed:
"Deal," May says to N'raha, with another one of those big smiles.

She stops smiling when the room gets a little darker, but she's apparently willing to put it off as a trick of the light; when it fades, she starts again, though it looks a little wan. "I'm not afraid of hard work," May says, "just boring work. In that I didn't want to be a farmer or run away," she clarifies. "Boring work that helps people is okay, but I'm an adventurer, so... that's not what I get asked to do most of the time."

How little she knows.

Then there's the punmageddon. May's smile broadens at it. Finally, someone who hits back! She's not good enough with words to ever do something like that herself. Maybe this will actually work.

N'raha Tia has posed:
    Raha just... opens his mouth, and then closes it. Then he hides his face in his mug of beverage.
    He tries to send psychic signals to Morgan to stop, subtly shakes his head, and then looks to Inga for ...help.

    Minfilia is biting her lip, trying not to laugh. She's managing to kee pa straight face, even.

Inga has posed:
Inga looks to N'raha and gives him a helpless look. There's likely not much she can do here. She could curse Morgan so nothing but nonsense comes out of his mouth, but she doesn't think she can do it without him knowing about it, and she was trying /not/ to make anymore enemies today... So she shrugs and hides her face in a cup of tea that came from....somewhere.

Morgan Berselius (6716) has posed:

Oh wow she actually knows how to pun. Well! Hm. There's no way that someone can just let /that/ go unchallenged...!

"I don't know if I'm cute and I don't mean to bragdoll, but rogueishly handsome is anothpurr story. I think myabe it might it in both our bombayst interests to take a brex with all these puns before somebody sphynx us insane. That's not to say that spay that this isn't a fun little dipurrsian, just that we might be distracting from some more pressing abyssiness. Why don't we make hasty use of an escape claws and collar it an even truce for now so we can get back to discussing some more impurrtant myatters?"

Morgan sips at his sake.


Inga has posed:
Inga sighs heavily as Morgan opens his mouth again. Inga, softly spoken, not a hair over five feet tall and cripples...raises her voice and speaks like thunder. The aura around her reads MENACE, the air crackling with electricity, the way it feels just before lightning strikes. It's a voice that has told kings to change their plans. "That is enough! If you cannot see the woman is offended then there is no help for you! You will apologize for the sake of the goodwill between us all and bring no further strife to the home of our host!"


May (6331) has posed:
May stays out of the way.

Just... entirely. She slides back a little bit to stay out of Inga's rage range; though she can't think of why she'd be targeted, it's always best to be sure. "I think that would be a pretty good idea," she says afterwards, into the silence. "Where I'm from, we've got a lot of different kinds of people living together... and it's best to *not* make jokes like that to people you just met."

Morgan Berselius (6716) has posed:
Morgan gives Inga an appraising look and then... breathes an exaaaggerated sigh. "And here I thought we were all having a bit of fun with it. I appreciate someone who can match me for terrible punmaking, but all good things must come to an end, I suppose."

He laughs into the silence and again smiles Y'shtola-ward. "Sorry for starting this word-war. I hope you weren't too offended and were able to get some kind of enjoyment out of our duel of diction."

"But it is probably better we stop. Otherwise, things may quickly get... Well, you know. Something-astrophic."


Zenos yae Galvus (6843) has posed:
    Y'shtola looks at him, calmly, and firmly. Infact, she is smiling, "Appology accepted. I shall not hold your lack of social graces, lack of decency, and lack of intelligence against you. However, I will tell you that I, am not interested, little raven."

N'raha Tia has posed:
    Minfilia's stoic looks breaks, and she bites her lip, finding her seat.

    Raha's ears slink all the way back against his head and he tires to make himself very small indeed.

    Tataru, hoever, just lets out an "ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo" worthy of a Maury crowd.

Morgan Berselius (6716) has posed:
"And I similarly shall not hold your questionable sense of humor and unsolicitated assumption of my attraction towards you as marks against your character." Morgan siiiiiiiips at his drink again. "Though you are definitely cute and witty, so I can't say that your assumption was /in/correct."

Inga has posed:
Inga finishes her mysterious tea. "Well, I think perhaps that concludes this conversation. I look forward to working with you all. N'raha, thank you for your hospitality," she says, and places her staff so she can use it to help herself to her feet. "Be in touch. I'll help however able."

May (6331) has posed:
May seizes on something she understands and is willing to get involved in.

"Me too," May says. "I'll definitely help... you said there was other work? I can get ahold of you later and we can talk about that too...? Once we figure out what we need to do right now, as opposed to later."

N'raha Tia has posed:
    Minfilia recovers enough, and pats Tataru on the head. "Now now, later you can gossip, dear." The Lalafell lets out a huff and sighs.
    And then the blonde Seer turns to May and Inga. "Feel free to register with the Adventurer's Guild and take Leves. That is the best way to get yourself involved with the people, and find out what they need. The large issues, we can easily call on you."

    She then flicks out a tomestone, with a linkshell attached. "I shall give you all the shell frequency of the Scions, that we might call on you."