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N'Raha (Scenesys ID: 819)
"Know that I'll kill your god if I have to. Maybe even if I don't."
Full Name: N'raha
Gender: Male
Species: Miqo'te
Theme: (OC) Final Fantasy XIV: ARR-1
Function: Adventuring Catman
Status: Active
Factional Information
Faction: Watch (Member)
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Other Information
Physical Age: Young Adult Actual Age: 22
Still Aging? Yes Voice Actor:
Height: 5'8" Weight: 140lbs
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Green
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A brash young catman from the deserts of Eorzea, N'raha's life was turned upside down when the Garlean Empire nearly ended the world in a bid for power, and in the chaos, light was reborn. Raha found his calling by becoming one of the Warriors of Light. Now he chases an unenviable life as a war-weary troubleshooter writ large, slaying the summoned gods of the beastmen, the Primals, and seeking to restore justice to the people of Eorzea. Armed with the skills of a mighty warrior and guided by the Echo, a timeless ability to catch glimpses of far-away times and places, what future will Raha find within the Multiverse?



The Echo:

N'Raha is a champion of a creator deity known as Hydaelyn, blessed with power known as the Echo. The specific form of Echo he possesses allows him to see snippets of past and future, and a peek into the minds of others.

Hint···: Raha gets occasional glimpses into the past and possible futures of things that are immediately pertinent to what's going on around him, and gives him some insight on how best to handle current situations and problems. Mental Intrusion···: The ability to see other people's histories also grants Raha a peek into the minds of others, offering him insight into their state of mind, their past and present. Intrusion Immunity···: Those blessed by the Echo are exceptionally immune to mind-controlling influences.

Blessing of Light:

The Light of Hydaelyn suffuses Raha, giving him great power and turning him into a holy warrior tasked with defeating the summoned gods of his world. 

Superhumanity··: Raha's abilities and endurance have been increased to super-cat levels, making him stronger, faster, and more resilient than your average Eorzean.


Disciple of War:

Raha is also a Warrior, a follower of the ways of axe-wielding berzerkers, a stalwart pillar to those in need of defense.

Toughness···: As a berserker, Raha channels his inner rage and fury into raw power, and is able to shrug off blows that would cripple lesser men. Weapon Mastery - Axe···: Raha is able to weave damage and defense into his combat style, cracking armor and bones and turning aside blows as needs be. He can quickly shift from an all out assault to defending his allies.

Scion of the Seventh Dawn:

Raha is a member of the Scions of the Seventh Dawn, an independent organization tasked with the identification and elimination of primals, but now more broadly tasked as what is essentially a world saving group.

NPCs, Regeneration, Share Powers··: Raha is able to call on the Crystal Braves, a squadron of mercenary warriors under the command of the Scions. They are functionally members of mid-level MMO adventuring parties, and come with healers, damage dealers, and tanks.


Adventurer, Vagabond, Sellsword: Hammerspace: Raha's magic allows them to store equipment and items that can be called up at a moment's notice, making himself fully armed and ready for combat. Knowledge - Culinarian: Raha is a member of the Culinarian Guild, both because he loves food and cooking. He's equally at home at a campfire stove, or in a fancy kitchen making gourmet meals for the rich and snobby. Survival Skills: Raha is also an angler, and loves to take a break when he can to try and land The Big One, or at least land something tasty. A cat became hungry once, and now he won't have to be ever again.


When You Have An Axe, Everything Looks Like A Rock: Being the Warrior of Light has increasingly become a strain on Raha, and intrigue after intrigue among the alliances and the Empire have left him jaded. Raha increasingly advocates for the most direct solution to problems, even when more complex solutions might yield better results in the long run. If things are taking too long, if the proposals are getting overly complex, if negotiations are stalled, he'll probably hit stuff with his axe. This can push him into dangerous situations, and fights he's not prepared for. Force over subtlety is a poor choice in delicate negotiations, or when you're trying to defuse things. In fact, it will most likely just make things worse.


Title Date Scene Summary
A Long Respite's End ft. Raha and Inga July 10th, 2020 {{{Synopsis}}}
FATE: The Castle Run In Under 12 Malms March 3rd, 2020 {{{Synopsis}}}
BCoB: Eternal Flame, Twisted Truth February 27th, 2020 The heroes of Eorzea delve again into the depths of Allagan madness in order to prevent the return of a calamitous entity. Fate twists beyond reckoning.
The Time Between ft. the Warriors Of Light February 16th, 2020 {{{Synopsis}}}
GATE: The Deep Minds of Mahjong February 13th, 2020 Amelris, Raha and Majima take part in degenerate Mahjong gambling
BCoB: Beneath The Silence February 11th, 2020 Castrum Occidens has gone dark. The heroes go to find out way and uncover more than they could have imagined.
FATE: We Need A Bigger Boat January 31st, 2020 Arkae and her crew manage to heist a fat blockade runner airship from a smug potato.
What Do You Mean I Need A Vet January 21st, 2020 Inga and Silica combine efforts to fix Raha's damn ear that he keeps busting
CT4: A World of Darkness January 14th, 2020 Heroes invade the Void in order to prevent the Emperor of Allag from marshalling his forces to destroy the world.
Life is Pain, Don't Let Anyone Tell You Different ft. Raha and Inga January 8th, 2020 Inga, Raha and Alruna piece together the after events of the disastrous fight in the Tower
CT3: You Have Selected Regicide January 7th, 2020 The investigation team uses a risky method to breach the Crystal Tower and stop Xande and save G'raha Tia.
ALLIANCE: The Center Of The Maze January 2nd, 2020 {{{Synopsis}}}
Heavensturn 2020 December 30th, 2019 Heavensturn 2020 seems to go better than the 2019 version, if only that there's more Warriors of Light to enjoy it
Warriors Of Light And Dark... And A Princess December 29th, 2019 Riku and Sarracenia get to know the new adventurers from Eorzea the tried and true way. Through FIGHTING.
The Legacy of Allag December 17th, 2019 On the outskirts of Mor Dhona lies the great Crystal Tower, a towering edifice and lasting testament to the mighty power of the Allagans. And now mere mortals seek to plunder it. But how? Join Raha, Cid Garlond and other surprise guests as the plot to crack open the Tower begins!
The Works Lost to the Cold and Dark December 4th, 2019 The Concord, lead by Priscilla, come to exact both revenge and their pound of flesh from both the Nameless Servant and the Watch in general
Mapping The Realm: Kamurocho September 27th, 2019 Majima hosts Raha on a little tour of his slice of the Multiverse, Raha is rude about Things
Summer Cookout ft. The Watch and Co. July 12th, 2019 Raha hosts a little get together with the Watch
FATE: There Might Be Giants June 20th, 2019 Adventurers help the Scions of the Seventh Dawn put down a rampaging giant. Also, Haseo has a meeting with an Ascian. He doesn't like it.
FATE: Blood, Augur, Hex, Magicks June 12th, 2019 Offworlder Adventurers join Raha and Inga in putting down a rogue Beastman being powered by a Mysterious Source
MECC Tomoe VS N'Raha May 28th, 2019 First round MECC action between N'raha and Tomoe
MECC: Nova Terra vs N'Raha May 27th, 2019 First round MECC action between N'raha and Nova Terra
MECC: Tamamo no Mae vs N'Raha May 24th, 2019 First round MECC action between N'raha and Tamamo no Mae
MECC: N'Raha vs Mortimer May 14th, 2019 First Round MECC action between Raha and Mortimer Balman
The Stage is Set ft Inga and Raha May 2nd, 2019 Raha and Inga get cozy and figure things out ahead of the Warrior of Light's MECC fight.
A Link Between Universes April 26th, 2019 Members of the Watch (and Janine) help Link put down a pack of Moblins and other baddies.
FATE: The Truth Is Out There February 26th, 2019 N'raha and Inga meet with a mysterious machinist and help put down a mysterious beast of mystery.
Watch - Training Day February 14th, 2019 Members of the Watch take part in some light training against each other.
Le Roy Es Mort ft Inga and Raha January 24th, 2019 Inga and Raha patch things up after the fight against King Moggle Mog.
You Have Selected Regicide January 23rd, 2019 The Adventurers infiltrate the heart of Moogle Country and put down Good King Moggle Mog, Twelfth of His Name, Kupo.
It's Possibly a Primal January 19th, 2019 The Scions and the Elder Seedseer brief the Adventurers about the presence of a new Primal in the Black Shroud
Market Day in Ul'dah January 10th, 2019 Katt, Staren, Inga and Raha take some time to peruse the markets of Ul'dah, and chit chat about life and stuff.
The Minstrel's Ballad: Gaius's Ambition(4) January 9th, 2019 The thrilling conclusion of the Minstrel's Tale of the downfall of Gaius van Baelsar.
On The Topic Of Monster Hunting ft. Raha and Samus January 8th, 2019 Samus meets Raha and Staren, decides to murder a Dragon
The Minstrel's Ballad: Gaius's Ambition(3) January 2nd, 2019 The Wandering Minstrel's Third Act takes the Warrior of Light and his companions to the fight against Gaius van Baelsar
Heavensturn 2019 December 28th, 2018 Raha hosts a party for Heavensturn
The Minstrel's Ballad: Gaius's Ambition(2) December 26th, 2018 The Minstrel's Ballad focuses now on the Ascian Lahabrea, and the Light's intervention in his defeat
The Minstrel's Ballad: Gaius's Ambition December 19th, 2018 The Wandering Minstrel spins a yarn of the fall of Ultima Weapon, told in a way only Yoshida-san can, and the Adventurers get pulled right on in.
A Simple Meeting ft. Watch and Scions December 12th, 2018 The Watch meet with key members of the Scions of the Seventh Dawn, and Morgan tries to step up to the Queen.
A Chance to Catch a Breath ft Raha and Inga December 7th, 2018 Raha and Inga catch up and discuss some serious stuff.
FATE: It's Not Lupus December 6th, 2018 The Heroes obliterate a poor FATE Boss, and then kibitz over crabmeat and shipwreck tossing. Raha returns to the Multiverse, too.
TRIAL: The Bowl of Embers (Hard) January 28th, 2017 The party finds themselves face to face with the Primal Ifrit, and takes down another threat to Eorzea.
An Ember Enkindled January 22nd, 2017 The Watch discusses the results of their investigation into the mole that plagues the Immortal Flames, and discovers the source of Ifrit's information.
A Crystal In A Dune ft. Raha and Mihk January 20th, 2017 Mihk and Raha do a bit of detective work to puzzle out who killed an Amaljah spy in the IF.
FATE: A Hells-Damned Arms Race January 14th, 2017 The Warrior of Light and the Watch are ambushed by the Amal'ja, which is rather bad luck for the Beastmen, actually.
A Year Reborn ft. N'raha and Nina January 1st, 2017 People gather in The Mist to celebrate a new Dawn over Eorzea
Leve: A Fishy Smell In Ul'dah January 1st, 2017 FOR EVERY POSE A PIRATE OR FISHMAN WILL DIE
Bushin - N'raha December 31st, 2016 Setsuko comes to give N'raha one last goodbye.
Party Time December 24th, 2016 Yari Takane hosts an End of the Multiverse Party. No one dies. Boats sing and get drunk
Leve: Fry Me A River ft. N'raha and Yuuki October 10th, 2016 Yuuki has an unexpected guest in ALO, as Mr. N'raha crashes in to do some Fishing and conversing with a fellow adventurer.
FATE: Adventures in Throatslitting September 17th, 2016 A small band of Offworlders braves a dark cave to assault a bad anarchist who's called The Slitter. Not Lewd.
Seriously, A Shieldmaiden Challenges Momoyo!!! January 18th, 2016 Sanary comes to challenge Momoyo as promised and garners an unexpected audience. Unfortunately, Momoyo who is out for blood, is looking to provoke the Feds in return for Yari's malfeasance...
FATE: A Spark of Vision January 2nd, 2016 A beach party is rudely interrupted by Imperials
Leve: A Pirate's Life for Mau! December 12th, 2015 A motley band of Elites take sail aboard N'raha's Un-Named Sea Going Vessel in search of Pirates!
A Wild Rose by Any Other Name October 10th, 2015 Ten good reasons to ship Cirra and Thancred.
Imperious Imperials ft. N'raha and Yari October 6th, 2015 N'raha and Miss Takane discuss the future over fishing and perch.
FATE: A Breath of Stale Air September 19th, 2015 Bertram, N'raha, and a bunch of helpful folks beat the tar out of a corrupted air elemental, and Xiao does something foolish
A Frank Discussion on War ft. Setsuko and N'raha September 17th, 2015 Setsuko sits N'raha down on controlling his inner NO YOU SHUT THE FUCK UP DAD-ness
WMAT A1 The Desert Marvel vs Cortex September 17th, 2015 It's Cortex versus N'Raha in the WMAT!
Trial: The Striking Tree August 29th, 2015 Ramuh, Lord of Levin, casts his judgment upon Eorzea's heroes.
The First Crystal August 21st, 2015 The Lightning Crystal is acquired, and Crystal Mom is met.
WMAT AQ1 The Desert Marvel, N'raha Tia vs Mokuba Kaiba August 19th, 2015 Mokuba and N'raha fight, with N'raha winning.
WMAT AQ1 The Desert Marvel, N'raha Tia vs. Mokuba Kaiba August 19th, 2015 N'raha and Mokuba have it out in round one action on the WMAT
WMAT AQ1 N'raha vs Shigure August 15th, 2015 Shigure and N'raha have a massive slugfest over who is the better Armored Person.
FATE: Rotten to the Core August 14th, 2015 Another corrupt, angry elemental of the Twelveswood manifests, and must be cleansed.
Duty: The Tam-Tara Deepcroft August 8th, 2015 Adventurers head into the Tam-Tara Deepcroft to stop the ritual being cast by the Lambs of Dalamud, and encounter Avere Bravearm's party again. Also Setsuko cuts off someone else's arm for a change.
I'm Not a Youkai, Seriously ft. Marisa and N'raha August 6th, 2015 TAKE IT EASY, THAT'S MY MOTTO! N'Raha learns the ropes on Mushroom Hunting from Marissa
Leve: Sylph-Management August 2nd, 2015 Diplomacy with the Sylph turns into dancing and fighting Garleans. This one gets tired of typing like these ones very quickly.
Duty: Sastasha Seagrot July 25th, 2015 Adventurers clear the Sastasha Seagrot of pirates, and acquire a pirate ship.
Leve: Pretty Enough to Eat July 23rd, 2015 Inga and N'raha seek fish, the Truth and OUR WISDOM FLOWS SO--HEAR FEEL THINK
Leve: We Come In Peace July 22nd, 2015 Adventurers meet the Seedseers of Gridania and discuss assorted matters. Also Alwyn sucks at spelling their names consistently and correctly.
FATE: Something in the Water July 18th, 2015 Bertram seeks aid to help calm some unruly elementals in the Black Shroud.
Leve: It's Probably Pirates July 12th, 2015 Adventurers investigate a group of pirates known as the Serpent Reavers.
A Dash of Lime and Vinegar ft. Kyra and N'raha July 5th, 2015 N'raha and Kyra share clam recipies and chat about life
Leve: Levin an Impression July 5th, 2015 Yda and Papalymo request and receive assistance to investigate a disturbance amongst the Tempered Sylphs of the Black Shroud.
FATE: Dschubba Snacks July 1st, 2015 A call for aid to protect a Chocobo stables is answered, but a mysterious black-robed man makes the outing more interesting than it should have been.
Welcome Home to Gridania! ft. N'raha and Bertram June 30th, 2015 N'raha meets a fellow adventurer, gets sound medical device about talking to giant crystals.
Freshcat on Campus ft. N'raha and Xiao Li June 28th, 2015 A visit to learn more about Alexander Academy turns into Operation: Touch Fuzzy Tail.
FATE: Below his Station June 28th, 2015 Aulus Rem Vulso of the Garlean Empire seeks to test war machines in the East Shroud.
Dock of the (Vesper) Bay ft Kyra and N'raha June 24th, 2015 N'raha and Kyra make a connection at Vesper Bay! Pray return........
Brunch, No Chasers ft. Mihk and N'raha June 23rd, 2015 N'raha meets up with Miss Lihzeh over fish and politics of world building
Leve: Skeletons in my Deepcroft June 22nd, 2015 In light of undead concerns, the Tam-Tara Deepcroft is resealed... for now.
FATE: The Coeurl King June 20th, 2015 The Coeurl King and his poaching operations are violently halted.
Welcome to Ul'dah, friends! June 19th, 2015 Landon and Cirra visit Ul'dah and meet two adventurers.


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