A Decision Made (Tomoyo Daidouji)

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A Decision Made (Tomoyo Daidouji)
Date of Cutscene: 12 June 2016
Location: Tomoeda-865
Synopsis: With the help of her mother, Tomoyo finally reches a decision about her future.
Thanks to: To everyone who got involved in everything leading up to this. I hope you all had a good time!
Cast of Characters: Tomoyo Daidouji

Out on the gazebo in the gardens of the Daidouji estate, mother and daughter drink tea, sitting opposite from each other at a round table. On the middle, equidistant from each is a letter and a cheque. The letter consisted of the usual corporate pleasantries, explaining that Tomoyo's claim on the burned Boutique had been accepted, to please cash the enclosed cheque to receive it, and that they hope she continues to keep them in mind in future.

The number printed on the cheque is a big one. It was certainly enough to finance a rebuilding of the Boutique, with enough left over for something more, perhaps even the next stage of her plan. But it was also enough to pay back the loan she took out on the store, and then set her up for life. Pay her tuition at a prestigious university; make something of her mundane life.

"So, what are you going to do?" Sonomi Daidouji asks, gently placing her teacup on its saucer with nary a clink. She stares at her daughter, resting her head on her hand. Tomoyo is staring at the check, hands folded on her laps. Her tea sits before her, untouched. "I'm still uncertain Mother," she replies honestly, softly. Her usual quiet exuberance extinguished. Sonomi lets out a soft sigh, laden with maternal concern. "You're still uncertain you can make it out there?"

The tailor runs a finger around the rim of her cup contemplatively. "Just knowing that everything I worked so hard for can be taken from me, even here in Tomoeda... it makes me think that I might be better served focussing on school until I'm actually an adult." Her words are heavy with despondency. It's clear that it's not what she wants.

"Tomoyo... I've been thinking," The young girl tenses. Would her mother claim the money now? It would mean she could stop fretting over what to do, but... "I understand your issue now. You've never had to deal with failure."

Well, that was certainly not what she was expecting to hear. The tailor looks up with wide eyes to meet her mother's calm gaze. "It's not your fault, of course. I've spoiled you a little bit, and you have a lot of talent. In a normal life, you would probably excel at every challenge thrown at you." Sonomi sips her tea, letting her words sink in as Tomoyo casts her mind back, trying to recall a time she had failed in school, in her hobbies...

"But, in going into business, there is always a chance of failure. It's not just a matter of your age, or your clientele. Businesses can be crippled by natural disasters, economic downturn, strong competition... And yes, criminal activity. Your case is tragic, but not uncommon." Tomoyo places a hand on her cheek, her view on events forcibly expanded by her mother. It seemed so dreadful and unfair up close... but stuff like that was happening all over the Multiverse all the time.

A pause, as Sonomi sips at her cup. Tomoyo nibbles her lower lip and asks, "Do you think I've been a fool about this?..." Her mother shakes her head. "You have every right to be upset. But how you process it is up to you. Treat it as a relatively tame caution, step away from the Multiversal stage and settle down for a while. Or don't let it keep you down and start again." She stands smoothly, and walks around the table to pull her daughter into an embrace. "I'll support you Tomoyo, no matter what."

Tomoyo leans into the hug slightly, peeking out the corner of her eye to the cheque on the table. Looking back on her days in the Boutique, meeting so many people, making so many outfits... it was so much fun. Even if it is the riskier option, she can't just go back to the life of a normal schoolgirl.

"Mother? You wouldn't happen to know some good construction companies, would you?" she whispers, tears of relief escaping her eyes. Finally, she can move on. Sonomi smiles and strokes her hair. "Would you like the consultancy charge added to your loan repayment?" she asks wryly, drawing a giggle from her daughter's lips.