Tomoyo Daidouji

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Tomoyo Daidouji (Scenesys ID: 648)
If I'm going to stand next to someone incredible, I need to become incredible.
Full Name: Tomoyo Daidouji
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Theme: (FC) Cardcaptor Sakura-1
Function: Fashion Designer
Status: Active
Factional Information
Faction: Union (20-Ally)
Other Information
Physical Age: 15 Actual Age: 15
Still Aging? Yes Voice Actor: Junko Iwao
Height: 5'1 (155cm) Weight: Secret~
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Violet
Theme Song: Yoru no Uta


The best friend of Sakura Kinomoto, Tomoyo has been by her side all throughout her magical adventures, providing different lavish costumes for each capture. During the year that Sakura was missing, Tomoyo helped Oka, the Mirror Card to effectively fill the Cardcaptor’s place so that she would not be missed. Throughout that year, Tomoyo resolved that when Sakura returned, they would be equals. Finally, her preparations have started to come together, in the form of ‘Tomoyo’s Boutique,’ a clothing store that brings in materials from all over the Multiverse to make clothes that are stylish, comfortable and fit a person’s powers and capabilities. However, Tomoyo aspires to be more than a tailor for Elites. She has started learning aikido and carries multiple minor artefacts from across the Multiverse, hoping that one day, she can stand on equal ground with Elites in all ways.





AIKIDO: Tomoyo has taken up aikido, a martial art that does not rely on physical strength. It promotes counterattacks that do not harm the attacker, ideal for a peaceful soul like Tomoyo. However, she is by no means a master yet.

SKILLED TAILOR: Tomoyo has had a lot of experience making clothes, mostly for Sakura. However, she is more than capable of making clothes for anyone, having a good eye for fashion, what would suit people and making any suggestions they have into reality.

CAMERAWORK: Tomoyo never leaves the house without her video camera. Usually, she’ll use it to record Sakura, but with the Multiverse so full of interesting people, it may get more use than that. She even has her own small editing suite to edit the footage she shoots.

SINGING: Tomoyo has a lovely voice, sweet enough to be envied by The Song and The Voice cards. She is a member of the school choir and often sings the solos that any song they perform has.


ITEMS OF POWER: To make up for her lack of powers, Tomoyo utilizes items she has acquired that require nothing from her in terms of supernatural power. For a list of these items, see +info Tomoyo/Items.

TOMOYO’S BOUTIQUE: A small store recently opened by Tomoyo, ‘Tomoyo’s Boutique’ specializes in clothes made from both mundane and magical materials, clothes that work well with the various powers and abilities that people have while looking good. As of now, it only has clothes by request only.

DAIDOUJI TOY COMPANY: Run by Tomoyo’s mother, Sonomi Daidouji, the Daidouji Toy Company produces all kinds of gadgets, such as cell phones and cameras. Tomoyo usually gets to try out these devices before they hit the stores.


BODYGUARDS: Four severe-looking women in suits and wearing dark sunglasses, Tomoyo’s bodyguards will be by her side at an instant. Typically, they handle transporting Tomoyo and her clothes about, but they will also step in to protect her when she is in danger. (PL: 25)

BOUTIQUE EMPLOYEES: At the moment, Tomoyo’s Boutique has two employees other than Tomoyo. Takashi Yamazaki, a classmate of Tomoyo and Sakura who is renowned for his ability to tell long-winded lies on any subject. His job is to help with the fitting and measuring of male customers. The other employee is Toya Kinomoto, Sakura’s elder brother, who sometimes comes in to help with manual labour and heavy lifting.


MUNDANE: Tomoyo is a totally mundane human. As such, she lacks the resistances to things like mind-altering magic that many Elites may take for granted. In addition, since her physical capabilities are also utterly human, she could not go against Elites without magical items (PL 20->14 if disarmed).

FRAIL: Tomoyo has the constitution of a typical girl her age. Because aikido does not encourage being bulky and tough, her training has not done much to help with this. As such, she is not exactly resilient, with only a couple of strong blows being enough to bring her down.

SAKURA: Tomoyo cares deeply for Sakura. In the year that she was missing, Tomoyo was certain that Sakura would return, but her absence still hurt the heiress deeply. Now that Sakura is back, Tomoyo can’t imagine losing her again. As such, anything that may hurt or otherwise take Sakura away is something that will cause Tomoyo to become irrational and behave foolishly in an attempt to protect her friend.

TOMOYO’S BOUTIQUE: Tomoyo’s Boutique represents a significant investment of time and money on Tomoyo part. However, it is a mundane business, protected only with a sturdy lock. As such, it would not be hard to break in, or destroy for an Elite.

GARMENT GRID: Garment Grids have the information of the owner’s physical appearance coded into it. A downside to this is that anyone else who got their hands on it would be able to use it to impersonate Tomoyo.

DOLLMAKER’S BLANKET: The flying blanket Tomoyo uses to get around is not terribly fast or manoeuvrable. Nearly any other form of flight would let someone run circles around Tomoyo. Also, it is about as durable as a normal blanket, easily damaged or destroyed which would be disastrous in midair.


Title Date Scene Summary
The Final Taint September 30th, 2017 Tomoyo calls a meeting during the final improvised Taint to ensure that bad blood does not linger. Loose threads are tied off, and the city is finally left alone.
OMNI: One More FiNIsh September 23rd, 2017 Both Inspiration Trust and the rebellious splinter group make their way to OMNI's central server. The matter is finally settled.
(What) Do People Think July 10th, 2017 Inspiration Trust wrangles some helpers to survey the common folk in the city in which OMNI sees all.
Yang's Punishment June 15th, 2017 Yang is subjected to her August-approved punishment.
Tainting the Taint June 8th, 2017 A splinter cell of Taint artists seek the Watch's help in disabling one of OMNI's server farms. But Yang has already informed the government of their intended actions. A clash between punks and public security begins here!
Yang's Stand June 7th, 2017 Yang visits the Grand Chancellor and OMNI in regards to the rebel's plans.
Velvet Fashions April 9th, 2017 Velvet Crowe finally upgrades from her rags to a respectable look.
The Taint: Public Council April 6th, 2017 Inspiration Trust gathers to debate OMNI, the AI overseer of a futuristic city that forbids personal expression. More progress than expected is made!
The Grand Reopening of Tomoyo's Boutique March 4th, 2017 Tomoyo's Boutique finally reopens with a new look!
Annual MainTAINTance February 11th, 2017 The annual Taint, an artful protest against a technological reigme has come. Elites fight on both side, even when they don't want to.
Multiverse Career Day December 27th, 2016 Tomoyo sets up a career day for new factions and groups! Come one and all to learn about where you might fit in the new Multiverse!
A match for the ages November 12th, 2016 Tomoyo and Li spar. It ends predictably.
Party at Frightmare Manor October 30th, 2016 The subtitle of this scene is NIGHT OF THE LIVING COSTUMES!
Plans for Petals October 11th, 2016 Syaoran finally returns to Tomoeda!
Contract of the God's Forge September 25th, 2016 Andre and the Giant Smith meet. The hunt for weapon upgrades begins.
Life Goes On August 21st, 2016 Ren and Tomoyo catch up, months after the fire.
Raid for Justice May 22nd, 2016 Tomoyo leads a raid on Gentle Brooks, an apartment block for criminals. Their target is one man, but many stand between they and him.
In Pursuit of Justice May 15th, 2016 An illegal auction is broken up by Elites at Tomoyo's suggestion.
Ashes to Ashes April 24th, 2016 Tomoyo's Boutique burned down. People come along to see how the owner is coping.
Business Upswing April 20th, 2016 New outfits and interlopers at the Boutique!
Socializing: Greater Than Algebra April 18th, 2016 The two girls from Tomoeda take a break from study to converse lke (mostly) regular high-schoolers.
Third Time's the Charm April 16th, 2016 For the third time, Mamimi and Tomoyo meet on the streets of Tomoeda. Both progress in their relationship with the other, in their own ways.
A New Project April 15th, 2016 Tomoyo is filming a short movie for a school project, and she needs Elites to serve as actors!
Canon in E(xalted) April 14th, 2016 Ren tunes a violin and plays it. People listen. ALSO: Musical skill in MMOs!
An Intruder at the Boutique March 8th, 2016 Just as Tomoyo was closing up, Yari slips into the Boutique to make off with some very dangerous gems.
IFOS: Bad Moon Rising March 5th, 2016 There's one last piece of alien technology to find before the aliens can leave Amarillo: it's located in the sewers under the city. But light-hearted weirdness belies the fearsome atmosphere brewing above ground...
IFOS: Evil Men February 27th, 2016 Tomoyo and Gakupo are out collecting alien tech. So are the Men in Brown. Crossover seems inevitable.
A-kwisitions January 13th, 2016 A-ko gets her outfit!
The New Hot Fashion January 12th, 2016 Natasha retrieves her new outfit!
Resurrection and Rebirth December 19th, 2015 Wherein a group of unionites deliberately create, then subsequently walk into, Omelas.
Sanae Styles December 11th, 2015 Sanae comes to pick up her treated uniform, and gets something extra thrown in!
IFOS: Of Fire December 11th, 2015 Staren and Tomoyo go to investigate the site of Elvis' demise. What weirdness caused this all to begin?
Invaders From Outer Space: The Way November 21st, 2015 What is in Amarillo-8? Who is the mysterious message-sender who has asked the Union to come there?
Touhou Kakudai Stage Credits - Tea Party in Akumakami Castle November 14th, 2015 With the incident resolved and the culprits apologetic, one last thing comes with Gensokyo tradition. A tea and snack party at the Akumakami Castle.
Touhou Kakuadi Stage EX2 - Makai's Wonderland November 13th, 2015 Though the Makai Expansion Project has been ended on an unexpectedly peaceful note, Shinki has extended an invitation to the Demon World's Wonderland for all who participated against the Koakuma incursions. With so much work put into creating it, it'd be a waste not to use it!
Touhou Kakudai Stage 6 - Alchemical After You November 7th, 2015 The Boss makes herself known along with her faithful daughter. Stressful to be in a strange land, the final confrontation draws to an end!
Sakura and the Purple Pentacle November 7th, 2015 Thirty minutes ago, Sakura Kinomoto disappeared chasing a mysterious man. Two minutes ago, Jean announced that every multiversal in world 865 would die. We've only got less than an hour to save the world...
Touhou Kakudai Stage 5 - Galaxy Can Be Home October 31st, 2015 It's time for Fraulein Earth to play host to the Makai girls and Yumeko makes her appearance. Swords, danmaku and angry ladies all present!
Rarity's Scarousel Bootique October 28th, 2015 Rarity and Sweetie Belle (and special cameos!) hold a haunted house for Nightmare Night (Holloween!)
The Smith and the Tailor October 27th, 2015 Lloyd retrieves his heroic blacksmith outfit!
Dragon Unchained October 24th, 2015 Only one thing remains to be done, and Defiant lives dangerously as he attempts to undo what Teacher did. Chaos ensues.
Touhou Kakudai - Ramuh's Comfort October 24th, 2015 Yuki and Mai, upset at not being able to succeed at Kaiba Land turn their attentions on Alexander academy. Yuki manages to do some negotiations with Souji and crew while Mai deals with a laser happy Marisa.
Sakura and the Wave October 24th, 2015 Some time after the seas begun receding from around Japan, Sakura receives a threat from the Purple Pentacle. With the help of the Union they head to the appointed place to face the organization down and secure her final card once again.
Lover's Quarrel October 20th, 2015 In the wake of the attack on Kaibaland, Tomoyo and Marisa go to visit the suspected culprit.
Touhou Kakudai Stage 3 ~ The Card's House October 19th, 2015 Alice finally makes her appearance as "Margerie" thanks to Marisa in Kaibaland, however, things take a turn for the worse...
M.A.S.K. October 14th, 2015 Icon has an offer for Tomoyo Daidouji.
Late-Night Visits October 8th, 2015 Alice Margatroid visits Tomoyo late at night out of concern. The two discuss both the past and future.
Aftermaths October 4th, 2015 "There's blood on your hands now, but only you get to decide if there's blood on your soul."
Jack Slash October 3rd, 2015 It's time to deal with Jack.
Nemesis Sub-Terra: part 1 September 23rd, 2015 Ren has awful luck when it comes to picking places to go and have fun. But this isn't something that can be resolved in one adventure...
Can Love Bloom, Even In The Dojo September 12th, 2015 Sakura and Tomoyo meet to have a sparring session. More than flesh wounds are opened up.
Mission: Bermuda Triangle September 6th, 2015 What started out as an ocean recon mission goes off the rails in the most spectacular way possible.
WMAT CQ2 Krezentia Einjager vs Fate T. Harlaown September 3rd, 2015 The perfect mother and a rebellious daughter fight for a spot in Bracket C's main event.
Pickups En Masse August 27th, 2015 A whole bunch of Elites converge on Tomoyo's Boutique to pick up outfits! Discussions on giant robots, Stonehenge and the evolution of magic occur.
Gearhead's Gear August 25th, 2015 Kotone picks up her outfit.
WMAT CQ1 Gohan vs Toph Beifong August 20th, 2015 It's two prodigies facing off in the Northern Mountains for an intense fight!
WMAT CQ1 Sakura Kinomoto vs Lute August 17th, 2015 Lute vs. Sakura
Oak Island August 8th, 2015 The Traveller travels to Oak Island along with Alice and Tomoyo. They spend the afternoon exploring.
Mamimi in the Morning August 5th, 2015 While on a morning run, Tomoyo bumps into Mamimi again. Optimism and pessimism clash once more!
Fishy Fashions August 4th, 2015 The Dagonian waitress Minette pays a visit to the Boutique to expand her wardrobe!
Soldier's Swag August 1st, 2015 James Rogers picks up his outfits, just in time for the WMAT!
Shinra Styles July 28th, 2015 In the aftermath of the Kaibaland incident, Tomoyo stops at her Boutique, only for Xiaomu and Reiji to come visit!
The Time, Part 2 July 27th, 2015 Sakura and Kaiba have a Duel over The Time, while the rest try to save Tomoyo and take the card outside of Kaiba's challenge.
The Time Part 1 July 26th, 2015 The Union enters Death-T, in order to try and reclaim Sakura's card, The Time.
Vivio's Vestments July 26th, 2015 Vivio gets some casual and formal wear for her adult form!
Hero in Heels July 23rd, 2015 Sarah Rogers picks up her outfits, and gets a lesson on walking in heels.
Collecting Commissions July 20th, 2015 An idol and a princess collect their outfits.
Tomoyo's Quest July 8th, 2015 The Traveller takes Tomoyo to Creation-3 on a quest for another artifact of power.
No Loitering! July 5th, 2015 Tomoyo encounters a certain Mamimi Samejima smoking and slacking outside of her Boutique.
Dressing for Tomorrow! June 30th, 2015 The sibling-from-another-universe duo, James and Sarah Rogers take the Quinjet to Tomoyo's Boutique!
Dress Like a Kingslayer! June 25th, 2015 The imposing MORDRED pays a visit to Tomoyo's Boutique, while Yamazaki rambles about lions.
Sphere Hunting! June 20th, 2015 A crew of Elites travel to Remiem Temple at Tomoyo's behest to retrieve a sphere that may be in the area. But the nature of who possesses it is a horrifying one indeed...
Summer Sellouts June 15th, 2015 On a balmy summer day, Tomoyo has in several Elites to commission new outfits.
The Dollmaker and the Dressmaker June 13th, 2015 Alice Margatroid sends her two favorite dolls to Tomoyo's Boutique to shop for unusual materials.
A New Voice On the Radio (James Rogers; X-Union-Chatter) June 4th, 2015 James Rogers, woken up by radio chatter, introduces himself to a number of Union Members via the radio. His family and background are discussed and then his prejudice against robots rises up and leads to an invitation to meet a Shinki (Lizbet).

This was immediately followed by the scene Robot Exposure Therapy.

Lost Logia Looters May 30th, 2015 After buying a Lost Logia at an auction, Vivio and Tomoyo stumble upon some thieves stealing the shipment and chase after them.
Save The Teacher! A Test of Sakura's Resolve! May 11th, 2015 Hiei kidnaps Sakura's teacher and then she shoots him with rainbows!
Tomoyo's Boutique Sale Steals May 4th, 2015 The madcap fashion sale continues!
Tomoyo's Boutique Bargain Bonanza! May 2nd, 2015 Tomoyo's Boutique is having a sale, and plenty of Elites arrive to capitalize on the opportunity.
An Early Morning Cardio Workout April 21st, 2015 A sad Sakura and a mute Tomoyo jog into each other in the early morning, each with a lot to say to the other.
Threads of Fate: The Rematch March 25th, 2015 Though Uzu lost his last duel against Ryuko, he has challenged her again, and with Satsuki's permission. But, will it go Ryuko's way again? Or has Uzu got something up his sleeve?
Threads of Fate: Sanageyama vs. Matoi March 21st, 2015 Uzu Sanageyama, with Satsuki Kiryuin's permission, challenges Ryuko Matoi to a duel!
Outfitting a Fleet March 16th, 2015 The 5th Force Reconnaisance Fleet docks at Tomoyo's Boutique for a new set of equipment.
Suit Up, Heroes! March 10th, 2015 Dragon and Defiant need clothes for a beach party. Tomoyo is happy to provide!
The Seamstress Delivers February 22nd, 2015 Tomoyo has Toph's order ready!
Fairy Fashions February 21st, 2015 Nasa comes to Tomoyo's Boutique to retrieve her outfits!
A Royal Reception February 10th, 2015 The Quilt Monarchs hold a party to celebrate the elites of the Multiverse.
You May Now Wear The Dress February 4th, 2015 Ayako comes by Tomoyo's Boutique after hours to get the dress she commissioned.
Dressing for Adventure February 3rd, 2015 Eiko comes to retrieve her coat. +10 cold resistance get!
Who Doesn't Love Fashion January 31st, 2015 Tomoyo has to dress up 65 masks, a task that is easier than it sounds!
Properly Dressing a Paranormal Detective January 29th, 2015 Psyber swings by Tomoyo's Boutique to commission an outfit.
The Seamstress and the Fighter January 28th, 2015 Tomoyo gets commissioned by Toph and stops by to gather research for the job.
New Game Feature: Customization January 21st, 2015 Eiko comes by during closing hours to make a request and get fitted.
Filming for Fashion (and Profit): The Fashioning January 20th, 2015 The second round of filming, featuring Crys, Arthur, Frederica, Zephyr and Kyra!
Filming for Fashion (and Profit) January 17th, 2015 The time to record the ads for Tomoyo's Boutique has arrived! First up, Cameron and Riva.
High-Up Fashion January 16th, 2015 Freya comes by to retrieve her two commissioned outfits!
Drow Dressings January 15th, 2015 Tomoyo gets to live out a childhood dream as Nasa comes to commission some outfits for her fairy form.
Flow Like Fashionable Water January 8th, 2015 Ayako finally comes to commission an outfit!
To Dress a Giant January 5th, 2015 Freya visits Tomoyo's Boutique to enquire about clothes that will grow and shrink as she does.
Faruja's Fitting January 1st, 2015 Faruja gets his commissioned outfit from Tomoyo!
Meeting of Models December 27th, 2014 Tomoyo's call for Elites to act in her commercial is answered! Much discussion about functional fashion ensues.
That Fashionable Rat December 18th, 2014 Tomoyo's Boutique gets it's first major customer, in the form of a priestly rat with a specific request.
Starry Catch-Ups December 6th, 2014 Tomoyo pays Sakura and Kaede a surprise visit to catch up!


Title Date Scene Summary
A Decision Made (Tomoyo Daidouji) June 12th, 2016 With the help of her mother, Tomoyo finally reches a decision about her future.
Smouldering (Tomoyo Daidouji) April 25th, 2016 Tomoyo drives herself to distraction.
Short Film Released! (Tomoyo Daidouji) April 21st, 2016 After having it graded, Tomoyo releases her school project on the internet for all to view!
Red String (Tomoyo Daidouji) November 10th, 2015 Tomoyo prepares for the final confrontation with a good friend and their mother.
Tomoyo's Big Day October 25th, 2015 Tomoyo had quite a day today.
Last Breakfast(?) & First Cause (Tomoyo Daidouji & Ren Tanaka) October 3rd, 2015 (OOC note: This was originally two cutscenes.)

It's always darkest before the sunrise.

To Strategize Against Slash (Tomoyo Daidouji) May 24th, 2015 Tomoyo, kept awake by fear of Jack Slash's challenge, plans on how she could even stand a chance.
The Voice Vagrant Visits (Tomoyo Daidouji) April 19th, 2015 Tomoyo receives a visitor in the night, who makes off with something very precious.


LEI ZI’S HAND MIRROR: What appears to be a hand mirror with a jade frame and handle is in fact a magical artefact on loan to Tomoyo from the Li clan. Like the mirrors of the goddess it is named from, it crackles with electricity on command, allowing Tomoyo to use it like a makeshift stun gun.

GOURD OF TRICKLING HEAVENS: An elegant gourd in cool blues and greys, this is a minor Lost Logia from Mid-Childa, acquired through a gray-market auction. When opened, cloud floats out endlessly from within, accumulating a few feet above the ground before letting out gentle rain, eventually dissipating. Allowing large amounts to accumulate does not produce storm clouds, but it does prolong the rainfall.

GARMENT GRID AND SAMURAI SPHERE: These two items consist of a brown credit card-sized grid with multiple nodes interlinked by curving and straight lines, along with a blue watery hemisphere set in a golden circle. They were retrieved from Spiria, from an ancient temple and the scientist Shinra, respectively. By scanning the sphere with the grid, the memories contained within the sphere can be used to create a new outfit on Tomoyo, as well as imparting new capabilities unto her. Currently, she can gain a samurai-themed outfit, along with a simple naginata. As the Garment Grid only amplifies existing combat capability, Tomoyo only gains proficiency with the naginata when using this.

THREAD OF LIFE: An artefact from Creation-3, bestowed upon Tomoyo by Plocei Tsuru, the god of weaving for her aid in a certain matter. This anklet is made from yellow jade, rendering it usable by a normal human. Once a day, it can be activated to cause blades of grass to grow from the edges of her wounds, binding together to close them. This grass fades eventually.

DOLLMAKER’S BLANKET: A magic blanket made by Alice Margatroid so Tomoyo could join her on a Makai expedition. Designed to fly under its own magic power, Tomoyo only needs to sit on it and concentrate to make it fly. As a result of being self-sustaining, it cannot go very high or very fast. However, in areas with high levels of background magic, it can go a little faster.