A Fleet's Missive (Nagato)

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A Fleet's Missive (Nagato)
Date of Cutscene: 06 April 2016
Location: Hikari Seaport
Synopsis: After a solitude to reflect, the Admiral comes back.
Thanks to: Hoshi Amakasu, Graf Zeppelin, Wo.
Cast of Characters: Nagato

Admiral's Office - Hikari Seaport

It has been a few days since Nagato took a leave from the Fleet to refocus and repent from decisions gone wrong. Decisions that cost the lives of two of her fleet mates and nearly a third in the Special Division Project. One that had Nagato spend a couple sleepless nights crying upon the guest bedroom in Amakasu's house... and a couple more in ALO distracting her from the pain. But the words from Akebono, delivered to her by Hoshi led Nagato back to the Seaport, steeled for the future.

Taking a seat in her chair, Musashi and Mutsu each placed a hand upon their Admiral's shoulder, giving a nod to her. Nagato's face turns into a brief smile before reaching for the microphone that led towards the base's communication systems. "Ooyodo, patch me through into all of the base speakers."

"Are you sure you want to do this?" comes Mutsu's voice, followed by "We are behind you one hundred percent, Admiral." from Musashi.

"It's something I have to do." comes the reply.

"Admiral, you're patched through, the entire base is listening." comes the light cruiser stationed in the tower.

"Attention Fleet. This is Admiral Nagato. Operation Rei-Go did not go as planned on Saturday, we lost two good women and nearly a third from my personal failure. This loss, felt by the entire fleet hit me hard, I failed you all as an Admiral and as your friend by having them sacrifice their lives for our victory. I retreated to a secluded location to reevaluate my actions and to reevaluate how the fleet is run."

Nagato's fist clenches.. "There will be no more senseless continuances with injured ships, there will be more organization, more structure to the fleets and better intelligence scouted for future operation. We all felt the loss and for this, we will become stronger. We will recover Kuma and Natori. We will eliminate the enemy fleets. We will all be whole again, this I promise you as your Admiral."

A pause is given, Nagato's shoulders getting squeezed gently by the two other command ships. "I understand if the ones who find animosity towards me for my bad decisions still hold this towards me, I shall do my best to regain the trust that I have lost with you and I will do my best to fix the mistakes that I have made. However, I should not have to remind you that this is war. That everyone has made their choice to join in the fleet." another pause "A choice that even I have made myself."

Nagato turns to look back towards Musashi and Mutsu, a nod is given between them all, "As your admiral, I will guide everyone to find victory on the dawn's horizon. We are the Hikari Combined Fleet, we are going to be better than the Abyssal Fleet, we will clear the seas of their taint, we will show the enemy that the Hikari Combined Fleet will prove that the seas shall be open for all but those who threaten it. This I promise you as your Admiral."

In sync with Mutsu and Musashi, six more words are said.