Awake (Abyssal Operation Hydra)

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Awake (Abyssal Operation Hydra)
Date of Cutscene: 04 June 2017
Location: Unknown Deep Sea Graveyard
Synopsis: Dark clouds gather in the ocean's depths, foreshadowing a coming storm.
Cast of Characters: Midway
Tinyplot: Abyssal Operation Hydra

Mood BGM:

In an unknown location, deep beneath the ocean's surface, two figures move through a collection of crags and ridges. Despite the crushing depth, neither figure wears any kind of dive suit. In the dull deep-sea light, they appear only as women in tattered clothing, their eyes aglow in pink and crimson respectively.

"I don't like this place," the pink-eyed figure announces. When her companion does not respond, she reaches out, dragging her hand along the formation beside her. Silt and rust breaks away, revealing pitted steel beneath, "Why did we come here?"

"We draw our power from such places. But the others do not come here," the red-eyed figure states calmly. She remains fixated ahead as she walks through the ruin, "Do you know why?"

Pink pauses, scanning her surroundings. After a moment, she shrugs and skips a few paces to catch up. Leaning forward, she glances up with her hands folded behind her back, "Nope. You gonna tell me?"

As the pair ventures deeper in, the ominous shapes of numerous wrecks become visible, looming across the seabed. Mangled, twisted steel masts and structures, cables, and discarded guns transform the barren landscape into a nautical graveyard. As the duo passes things, the shadows almost seem to move, a faint and agitated whisper sounding a hidden presence.

When Red remains silent, Pink straightens and folds her hands behind her head, "Yeah. I didn't think so." As the scattered murmuring grows louder, she glances over her shoulder. Finding nothing, her attention returns to her scarlet-eyed companion. When this taller figure stops, Pink does as well, hands dropping to her sides.

Slowly, the red-eyed figure reaches out, placing her hand on the hulk that looms before her. Battered, broken, and dead. Those red eyes narrow as she slides her hand across the ruined plating. The uneasy shadows react, twisting on themselves more vigor. Crimson light begins to seep out of the wreckage, through cracks and portholes and the great gaping holes in the underside of the capsized vessel.

"Anger. Hatred. You are familiar with these, yes?" the red-eyed figure speaks evenly, "These are what give you your power. It is what drives each of us." Turning slightly, she fixes a single glowing red eye on her smaller companion, "But what if I told you there was something stronger?"

The roiling shadows begin to gather, scurrying across the ruined hull to the place the figure touches. She steps back, arms folding. Her pink-eyed companion recoils in surprise when a third figure, raw bones made from ragged metal, hauls itself out of the damaged steel. Crimson light accumulates and shadow follows, assembling artificial bone and flesh until the new shape gains some semblance of humanity.

As her throat and face are constructed, the newcomer turns her face to the surface, unleashing seven decades of agony in a single scream.