Abyssal Operation Hydra

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Abyssal Operation Hydra (Plotsys ID: 34)
A military operation launched by a faction of the greater Abyssal Navy. Known as the Yami no Kantai, or Fleet of Darkness, this force seized a major military base and has begun attacking resource operations and shipping across the sea, with no regards for who it belongs to. The ocean once more becomes a maelstrom of war.
Base Info
TP Scale: Major
TP Runner(s): Midway
Attached Theme: Kantai Collection-1
Other Contacts: Kongou
Target Audience: Everyone
Genre & Tone: Naval Warfare

Events So Far

The Fleet of Darkness has seized control of Pearl Harbor. Using this as a base of operations, they have begun attacking other worlds (as well as the human holdings in their own) indiscriminately.

Other Information



Title Date Scene Summary
AOH: Purify This Hate June 17th, 2017 The Black Fleet makes its first move. Their target: The Asherah mobile water purification plant in Scorched Earth.
AOH: Behind Enemy Lines June 25th, 2017 First scene for characters sent to investigate the Abyssal base at Pearl Harbor. Tactical Espionage Action.
AOH: Fan the Flames July 1st, 2017 The Black Fleet's next target is a shoreline oil refinery in the Great Ocean.
AOH: Every Rivet, Every Weld July 22nd, 2017 Agents of the Black Fleet turn up in Shirokodai, specifically seeking revenge.
AoH: Intersection August 2nd, 2017 After the tense encounter at Shirokodai was defused, Hikari Fleet Admiral Nagato wants answers.

If she can defeat the Abyssal Re-class battleship in a duel, the promise is that she'll get them.

AOH: Operation Hercules preamble August 9th, 2017 A briefing from Admiral Nathan Bridger, OIC of Operation Hercules, in preparation for the upcoming operation to re-take Oahu from the Abyssal Navy.
AOH: Operation Hercules - Harbor Defense Breakthrough Force! August 12th, 2017 The allied operation to re-take Oahu begins!
AOH: Operation Hercules - Secure Pearl Harbor! August 13th, 2017 Operation Hercules proceeds, pushing into Pearl directly. The Dreadnought Water Demon awaits within.
AOH: Operation Hercules - Pursue the Enemy Fleet! August 19th, 2017 Operation Hercules proceeds out of Pearl Harbor to pursue the Black Fleet's retreat.
AOH: The Dreadnought September 24th, 2017 Nagato, Shigure, and Yuna question the Dreadnought Water Demon
AOH: Dark Sky Atoll October 1st, 2017 The location of the Black Fleet's headquarters and leader has been discovered. The Hikari Defense Force and allies mobilize to bring an end to the Black Fleet's cruel leader, the Abyssal Princess of Progress, Midway.


Title Date Scene Summary
Awake (Abyssal Operation Hydra) June 4th, 2017 Dark clouds gather in the ocean's depths, foreshadowing a coming storm.
Modernization (Abyssal Operation Hydra) June 5th, 2017 A hidden force prepares for war.
Drums of War (Abyssal Operation Hydra) June 6th, 2017 A routine United States Navy patrol comes across something unexpected. The enemy is making their move.
The Fall of Pearl Harbor (Abyssal Operation Hydra) June 10th, 2017 United States news outlet response to the Fleet of Darkness' recent activities
One Foggy Morning (Abyssal Operation Hydra) June 10th, 2017 Unknown contacts appear on the scope of a Hawaiian radar station.
Operation Hydra (Abyssal Operation Hydra) June 10th, 2017 A dark meeting of equally dark figures, to discuss the state of the Abyssal war on the surface-dwellers
Tolerance (Abyssal Operation Hydra) June 25th, 2017 The forces behind Operation Hydra have a meeting to discuss the operation's status
Enhancement (Abyssal Operation Hydra) July 8th, 2017 The Destroyer and Heavy Cruiser Water Demons report their latest, modest success
Motivation (Abyssal Operation Hydra) July 14th, 2017 Modernization complete, the Destroyer Water Demon evaluates her priorities
Operation Volcano: Failure (Abyssal Operation Hydra) July 26th, 2017 The US Navy attempted to re-take Hawaii from the Abyssal Fleet on their own.
Scuttlebutt (Abyssal Operation Hydra) July 26th, 2017 A pair of pilots discuss their experiences during Operation Volcano
Shizume (Abyssal Operation Hydra) September 1st, 2017 Destroyer and Cruiser Water Demons report the outcome of Operation Hercules to their leader.
Hawaii & Aftermath (Abyssal Operation Hydra) September 1st, 2017 American news broadcast in the aftermath of Operation Hercules
Noble (Abyssal Operation Hydra) September 30th, 2017 Dreadnought meets with what has become of the Jellyfish Princess
The Answer (Abyssal Operation Hydra) October 7th, 2017 After the final battle against Midway...