Browbeat (Theo Morrison)

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Browbeat (Theo Morrison)
Date of Cutscene: 21 November 2014
Location: Earth-8593
Synopsis: Theo speaks to his mysterious benefactor(?) about recent explosive events. It goes poorly.
Cast of Characters: Theo Morrison, Mister Suva

"It's been almost three weeks. You think people are just going to forget?"

Theo's question is insistent and his tone is fierce. The tale, almost skeletally-thin man regards him impassively as he does the rest of the city. Cars pass by far below, unaware of the tense meeting taking place atop one unimpressive office among many. The man folds one hand over the other very carefully, his lizard-like gaze carefully weighing the young man.

Theo has no such patience or care. He takes a step towards the other man. "They came in here, and we had to break out the big guns to try and stop them. It isn't like we're going to let some assholes from another dimension just do whatever they want, whenever they want. A secret like this can't be kept after that."

"It can," said the other man -- Mister Suva, Theo remembered, as if he was capable of forgetting -- "and it will." His voice is cool and slick. It's carefully measured, just like every motion he makes. "Pieces are in play to do just that. You need not concern yourself with --"

"Bullshit!" Theo retorts. Mister Suva reacts to the interruption as if he were slapped. Theo either doesn't notice or doesn't care. He continues on his building tirade while the lizard-like expression on the man's face gradually shifts to an irritated, perhaps angry one. He draws in a breath and draws himself up. Theo is only just then getting to his real point. "There were zombies in the streets, how the hell do you plan to --"

Theo blinks. Suva doesn't appear to move.

His head swims immediately. The Planeswalker blinks again, and he finds himself looking down over busy streets, tilted forward just so...

"You need not concern yourself with matters greater than yourself," Mister Suva continues, in the exact same tone. His grip is like iron; Theo finds one arm twisted behind him, and the other flailing, trying to find a hold. There isn't one. "You hold a measure of power, Mister Morrison, and both you and your... friends..." He speaks the word like he was tasting it, and finding it was not to his liking. "...are quite inventive in turning it to your advantage."

Theo tilts fractionally forward. He hears that voice in his ear, each syllable clearly spoken. "You are, however, merely human. Please do not forget that."

The world spins again. Theo hits the rooftop, hard, sliding through the gravel. He looks up, eyes watering, to see Mister Suva striding back to the access door. The man is adjusting his tie fractionally.

"Disruptions will not be tolerated under present conditions, Mister Morrison. Things must be set right." He opens the door. "Rest assured that we will be... watching."

By the time Theo collects himself enough for a rebuttal, the moment has passed, and the man is gone.

The feeling of stomach-twisting dread does not leave with him.