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Theo Morrison (Scenesys ID: 317)
"Okay, things are about to get both really stupid and completely amazing."
Full Name: Maldwyn Theodotus Morrison
Gender: Male
Species: Human (Planeswalker)
Theme: (OC) Deckmaster-1
Function: Theo, the Deckmaster
Status: Active
Factional Information
Faction: Unaffiliated (X-None)
Groups: Gatecrashers Union, Users.Net, Heaven Or Hell
Other Information
Physical Age: 19 Actual Age: 19 (Nov. 3)
Still Aging? Yes Voice Actor:
Height: 5'9" Weight: 200 lbs.
Hair Color: Red-brown Eye Color: Green
Theme Song: The Living End -- Universe


A young man from an Earth like many others, Theo Morrison is many things: a student, a gamer... and a Planeswalker. After narrowly avoiding death by meteor, Theo's latent Planeswalker's Spark ignited, the previously-unknown inborn talent suddenly granting him phenomenal cosmic power and little knowledge of how to use it. Curiously, a popular card game on his home Earth functions with this power, allowing him the ability to conjure armies and lay waste to his enemies... but only if he plays by the rules. Clever, curious, outspoken and otherwise friendly, Theo wants nothing more than to explore the Multiverse, see all there is to see, and to hone his newfound strength along the way -- and will accept nothing less, either. However, between his reliance on the game, his near-nonexistent skill in typical combat and his growing heroic streak, Theo seems destined to get into deeper trouble than he can handle alone sooner rather than later...



PLANESWALKER'S SPARK: Theo possesses an ignited Planeswalker's Spark, an inborn talent granting him several abilities. First and foremost is the ability to sense and call upon large quantities of mana very quickly, though only from the local environs. Second is the ability to harness said mana in order to fuel spells of a scale beyond the ability of normal mages, and to do so much more swiftly. It also gives him the eponymous ability to travel between planes -- more specifically, to travel between Unified worlds he knows of or has been to (see Planar Travel, below). Theo's ability to draw upon mana can be blocked by the right forces (or, in some instances, resisted). Drawing mana from certain locations might also be considered unwise, carrying with it various repercussions, be it magical (from tainted mana, for instance) or otherwise (like, say, drawing on mana from an intelligent place without permission).

PLANAR TRAVEL: By opening momentary doorways in space, Theo can travel the Multiverse without any external aid. Theo's planeswalking activation method requires directed will, a shock of some kind to reflexively draw upon local mana, and sudden motion. Due to the required ritual, the amount of mana required to open a hole and his total lack of short-range teleportation capability, Theo's planeswalking ability is effectively useless in combat. While he is capable of bringing passengers through the Aether with him, the dangers inherent in his method of transit make it extremely risky for anyone who lacks a method of protection against the Aether's effects to come with him. The usual wards against teleportation will suffice to prevent use of this power. (See +info Theo/Planeswalking for more.)

DECKMASTER: Like most Planeswalkers, Theo is a powerful mage, capable of using large amounts of mana to craft spells of immense power. Unlike most Planeswalkers, Theo requires a very specific focus to accomplish feats of magic: a deck of trading cards from a particular game from his homeworld. Theo's arsenal of spells is wide and varied, ranging from flinging fireballs to conjuring creatures and beyond, but they always follow a particular theme or pattern governed by the color of mana used to cast them and the composition of his deck. Creatures and objects summoned with this ability are strictly temporary, though the effects of something like a conjured lightning bolt might not be. Theo is currently only capable of channeling and controlling Blue and White mana, limiting his range of effects. While he can draw on other colors of mana and convert them to generic, colorless mana, he can't use them to cast colored spells outside his specialty. (Some spell effects, such as those that cause physical or mental alteration, require consent. See +info Theo/Deckmaster1 and 2 for more details.)

MAGICAL POTENTIAL: Theo has surprising innate magical potential. At the moment, this only manifests through his deck-based abilities, though he is capable of learning to emulate card effects outside the bounds of a duel through time and effort, and already has access to several minor tricks in that regard. (See +info Theo/Spells_Known for more.)


MUNDANE SKILLS: Theo possesses all the skills associated with being a 21st-century urbanite and has a practiced knack for illustration. He's also got an excellent memory; he can generally see or hear something once and reproduce it with exceptional accuracy. (Consent required to perfectly recall information obtained from scenes or other sources outside my direct control.) MAD SKILLS: Theo is an exceptional player of games of skill, including card games, board games, and war games. While this to some degree translates to other mediums -- like being good at skill-based MMORPGs, for instance -- it primarily means that if you need someone to beat Death at chess to save a soul, he's your guy.


COOL STUFF: Theo has been slowly accumulating objects from various Multiversal locations and implementing them into his usual list of things to carry around. This includes a growing variety of weapons, tools and miscellaneous helpful objects. You never know when youre going to need a frog-themed sword or a twined bit of vine that slows your fall.

MANA FIX: Among his pieces of exceptionally useful gear are what Theo would call "mana fix," and what anyone else would call "some kind of magical converter." These objects, signets of membership normally given to the Izzet and Azorius Guilds of Ravnica (and a Protoabstractum made from one of the former), allow him to convert normally-colorless or wrong-colored mana from his environment into useful colors. While this is useful in a pinch and when he only needs a little of a particular type of mana, they have a limit to how much they can convert at once, and are insufficient to do more than somewhat mitigate his reliance on specific terrain.

DECKS: Theo has a number of decks of trading cards he carries, foci through which he channels mana to cast spells and summon creatures. While his actual card collection is quite large, the number of decks he has that are useful in a Multiversal context are somewhat more limited. Without outside alteration, Theo's decks are vulnerable to anything that might normally damage pieces of card stock in a thin sleeve of plastic, though Aura and other items prevent casual damage to them when they're in use. Notably, Theo's decks are not unique, being constructed from a selection of mass-produced components for a game; thus, should they be damaged or destroyed, he can replace them fairly quickly and with relative ease. (See +info Theo/Decks for a list of approved decks in play.)


KICKOTRON, MYR SERVITOR: Kickotron is a Myr Servitor that Theo keeps summoned for all kinds of busywork. Small, silent and relentlessly dedicated to doing whatever it is it's told to do, Kickotron is useful for utility but not so much in a fight. (PL 22) ABSTRACTUM: Theo has an Abstractum, a Blue-type named Aetherwright meant to enhance and modify his Deckmaster abilities and give him further mastery over his unusual powers. See the character Abstractum.Net for further information.


COMBAT INEPT: Outside of his deck-based spellcasting, Theo is actually a completely untrained combatant. Barring some afternoons spent hitting people with sticks for fun, any engagement with him outside his element will be laughably one-sided.

RULEBOUND: Theo's ritualized method of casting spells through trading cards requires him to observe all the rules he would normally have to to play the game. In addition to requiring a legal deck, Theo has to go through all the motions of playing a normal game for anything to work, even in the midst of combat. If he wants to cast a spell hes drawn from his deck, he has to cast it during the right part of his turn and have the mana to use it. Similarly, he has to have garnered an appropriate reaction from an opponent to take another turn, effectively making it all but impossible to use his abilities from a position of surprise or to use them unhindered. Should he render a foe unable to act through any means available to him by means of his deck short of actually defeating them, he may continue to act as normal; similarly, if someone deliberately allows him time to build up, a reaction is unnecessary to continue.

SPECIALIZED FOCI: While Theo does possess the capacity to learn magic normally and to become a powerful mage to boot, his total reliance on his deck means that without it, he's effectively helpless. Removing it from him before he can begin using it is a perfectly reasonable method of stopping him before he becomes a problem. Until he learns a more traditional method of casting all the spells theoretically available to him via his decks, his reliance on them as a crutch will surely continue.

MANA DEPENDENCY: Theo's spellcasting ability relies heavily on the use of mana to function. Spells are grouped according to the color of associated mana needed to cast them, with each color having a particular environment it's found in. If Theo finds himself casting spells of the wrong type in the wrong environment -- say, fighting someone in a forest while attempting to draw blue mana, normally found around islands -- he can be at a significant disadvantage. Certain objects (artifacts) can generate a small amount of mana outside the appropriate environments or alter the color to suit his needs, though they're almost never enough to wholly negate a bad choice of battlefield.

CURIOSITY KILLED THE CASTER: Theo likes the idea that there are all sorts of cool things out there among the Multiverse. In fact, he might like it a little too much. If given the opportunity, he'll go out of his way to look for and collect cool things, to ask pointed questions, and to try and learn things people don't want known. This will almost certainly get him into a lot of trouble down the line.

MALDWYN THEODOTUS MORRISON: Yes, that is his full name. No, you may not call him by it.



  • Theo babbles when he's nervous. This has been observed in action -- repeatedly.
  • Theo is followed around by a Myr Servitor he has dubbed Kickotron. The name is both a stupid joke and pretty appropriate.
  • Theo has been gathering equipment to make his life easier. This list includes an "ecto", a trio of Guild Signets (including the revised Izzet one), a sword from a privately-owned dungeon, and a .45-caliber pistol that has exchanged owners multiple times.
  • Theo plays ALO. He plays a Leprechaun, and largely hits things with hammers and makes the hammers what hit things.


  1. Avantasia -- Forever Is A Long Time
  2. The Living End -- Universe
  3. Mumford & Sons -- Dust Bowl Dance


Anterior Causality

Anterior Causality (sometimes called "Tolarian Toolbox") is a mono-Blue deck focusing on Suspended cards and field manipulation. It uses a combination of time effects (delaying the casting of spells and providing extra turns to cast more, for instance) to prevent an enemy offense from forming, and then uses one of several creatures to overwhelm any defense.

(Anterior Causality doesn't actually allow for any OOC turn manipulation unless opponents think that'd be fun; it's just more time to "build up" in the context of the game-within-a-game and cool stuff to pose.)


Goat Simulator

Sometimes you just need an endless supply of expendable minions. Goat Simulator is a mono-White deck built with this thought in mind, focused around using Kithkin -- short, telepathic shepherds native to a strange dualistic plane -- to herd goats onto the battlefield and then use them to overrun your opponents. With a number of options included to make the inevitable goat swarm incredibly strong in a variety of ways, and an equal number of methods available to get even more goats on the field at once, Goat Simulator is a deck whose strength should not be underestimated... even if they /are/ kind of adorable.


Plan B

"Plan B" is a deck best described as "desperate times call for desperate measures." With a slew of synergistic artifacts, a few landscape-blasting lasers and a rapidly-upgrading machine army, the deck lives up to its name as the ultimate backup plan. "Plan B" is slow to build up, using interlocking parts to make a dangerous machine. In the end, it's remarkably straightforward, using massive golems to crush the opposition.

"Plan B" has an oddity: the Darksteel Reactor, an indestructible object that, were it to come online, would provides limitless power with which to rapidly forge a machine army. Its inclusion makes a long, drawn-out battle against the deck unwise, though the likelihood of it going off is slim enough that it becomes a sort of "Plan C" rather than "Plan B."


Mirran Metal

All the planes in the Multiverse create weapons to war with, and the artificial world of Mirrodin is no exception. Collecting the best among them, Mirran Metal puts deadly artifacts in the hands of talented artificers and skilled warriors, using their often-unique powers to level the playing field. With a dagger hosting a demon lord's essence and a sleeping dragon-turned-sword included in the mix, Mirran Metal has a truly impressive number of ways to defeat the enemy. When mythical weapons arent enough, Khemba, Kha Regent leads the leonin prides into battle, and the armaments of the legendary hero Kaldra wait to be gathered so the hero's avatar may walk again.


Weapons of the Gods

A mono-White deck built around enhancing creatures, Weapons of the Gods features a number of ways for making a warrior more than they are. With the inclusion of the Nyxborn, creatures from the starry sky of Theros who can bestow their strength on the worthy or take up arms themselves, this deck's flexibility lies in its capability to both empower one or summon many. When things get too hot for the Nyxborn to handle, Heliod, Theros' God of the Sun steps in to level the playing field -- and a Mass Calcify in the sideboard means that even the seemingly-endless ranks of the dead or the monstrous can be stopped in their tracks with enough time and preparation.



Title Date Scene Summary
The Countdown Is At One April 30th, 2019 {{{Synopsis}}}
FateParadox - Duel July 19th, 2018 Saber Gwyn and Archer Shogo Arisu fight in a courtyard while several curious Elites try to track down their Masters, and chaos ensues.
FateParadox - Ruler Sighted June 25th, 2018 The Ruler of the Multiversal Grail War, Nagi Springfield, is met by several interested parties in a sushi bar.
The Guilds Meet August 24th, 2016 The Guilds meet.
Eridine January 3rd, 2016 An initial exploration of the nearest city in Omelas.
Redeem the Christmas Renegade December 22nd, 2015 Rudolph the red nosed reindeer has a very important quest.
Resurrection and Rebirth December 19th, 2015 Wherein a group of unionites deliberately create, then subsequently walk into, Omelas.
The Fourth One December 4th, 2015 An initial examination of The Book of Unification.
Cooking A Burger Because Why Not November 20th, 2015 A responsible use of company resources and super powers.
The Four Winds Bar: Cellar Infestation November 14th, 2015 An advertisement for a rat extermination goes a bit... more. Theo helps.
HALLOWEEN 2015 October 31st, 2015  ????
Nemesis: Sub-Terra - Finale October 15th, 2015 As the Phalanx and the Cult of Nemesite converge on Alton Towers, the Union and Syndicate must do their best to prevent disaster.
Scion (1-2) October 9th, 2015 The finale of the Brockton Bay plot.
Project C: Resolution August 16th, 2015 Description pending. (Project C TP Finale)
Project C: Devastation August 14th, 2015 Desription pending. (Project C TP)
Project C Begins August 13th, 2015 Description pending. (Project C TP)
Behind The Eyepatch August 3rd, 2015 The Maid Revealed
GGO: The Bullet of Bullets August 1st, 2015 The main event.
The Time, Part 2 July 27th, 2015 Sakura and Kaiba have a Duel over The Time, while the rest try to save Tomoyo and take the card outside of Kaiba's challenge.
The Time Part 1 July 26th, 2015 The Union enters Death-T, in order to try and reclaim Sakura's card, The Time.
Boston-666 Barbeque March 18th, 2015 Goaded by Kongou, Psyber hosts a barbecue and everyone's invited!
Sanctus Espiritus December 13th, 2014 A job to retrieve a stolen summoning incantation in New York City becomes much messier and much more dangerous than expected.
To the World of Guns December 6th, 2014 A government official who's more well-connected than he lets on has put a call out to Kirito and whatever remains of the Gatecrashers Union, promising payment in exchange for doing some investigative work in a VRMMO. The turnout will probably be far more than he expects!
Death-T Beta Testing - Monster World RPG November 17th, 2014 Kaiba invites various Elites to play in a game of Monster World, a tabletop RPG.
What Is This I Don't Even November 15th, 2014 Board games at the office.
TP: Endbringer: Leviathan November 14th, 2014 The Endbringer named Leviathan attacks Brockton Bay.
NODE: Game of Souls E03 November 7th, 2014 Node scene. Oh, and the Dark Lord is a woman.
Grand Theft Lotus November 2nd, 2014 Deckmaster Earth gets visited by some Confederates looking for very specific loot: the rare and powerful(?) Black Lotus. ...Card.
Completely Random Scene OF DESTINY October 1st, 2014 Fox Metroids, E-tanks, & Pinkie Pies. Also a Random MtG game breaks out.
NODE: Game of Souls - Episode 2 September 11th, 2014 An investigation crew climbs the Archmage's tower, while another team handles a raid of players led by a powerful trio.
No Sylphing Around September 2nd, 2014 The Union send people to help cleanse the black shroud. Attacking trees, unknown shadow beasts, and Odin kinda complicate things.

Plus there are Bunny Goats! Bunny Goats are cool.

Some Very Threatening Pizza August 18th, 2014 Ferham tracks down Theo to see who the heck this "Union Elite" is that tried to soup her to death. (Which is funny, because he isn't.)
The Great Diamond Heist Featuring Utter Chaos August 16th, 2014 Miss Clokwerk and Ferham of the Confederacy have gotten their heads together on a heist! Doing a bit of freelance work, Miss Clokwerk has found a report on the shipment of a large, and /very/ valuable magical diamond being shipped to the Detroit Museum of Magical Artifacts. The plan? Fake a robbery outside, and sneak on in. But surely things won't go easily for the pair!

... annndd they don't. For details including (but not limited to) devastating neuroi beams, plasma guns, killer drones, and more, read on!

Rescuing Gomamon From Prison August 9th, 2014 The Confederacy makes an assault on a Union prison, to free a Gomamon and the other prisoners.
Node Reconfigurement July 19th, 2014 The Homeworld's Nodes are reconfigured; a short interactive cutscene sequence where the Nodes and their users cause substantial changes, populating the Homeworld with various inhabitants and environments.
WMAT A2 Ainsley vs. Theo Morrison July 12th, 2014 Ainsley versus Theo Morrison in Round 2, Bracket A of the WMAT!
WMAT A1 Theo vs. Lupita June 21st, 2014 WMAT: Lupita vs Theo Match
NODE: Game of Souls - Link Start June 19th, 2014 Kirito and companions embark on the first foray into the Game of Souls Node, meet with the Lord of Shadow, and decide on a course of investigation.


Title Date Scene Summary
Browbeat (Theo Morrison) November 21st, 2014 Theo speaks to his mysterious benefactor(?) about recent explosive events. It goes poorly.
The First Time I Died (Staren) March 3rd, 2014 Staren is woefully underprepared to fight LUCHA KOOPA and pays the ultimate price. Fortunately, he was prepared for that. Or was he, really...?
Aether Snap (Theo Morrison) March 1st, 2014 Niv-Mizzet has made a sacrifice. Theo, hoping it's not quite as ultimate as it seems, leaves a message.
Homeward Path (Theo Morrison) February 1st, 2014 Theo finally gets home. Things are not what they seem.