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Dun Realtai is a loose affiliation of Elites who are guests, residents, or protectors of Dun Realtai, the "Fortress of the Stars," a neutral Middle Ages stronghold and village in the Tundra. Visitors are welcome from any faction so long as they abide by its rules and behave themselves; those who are protectors of the area trend towards knights, upstanding law-abiders, and Union members alike. They tend to be skilled melee combatants, although not always. Those who call themselves knights of Dun Realtai are famous for their moral integrity and their honour, as well as their compassion and their steadfast defense of the defenseless.









Dún Reáltaí is located in the Great Tundra region of the multiverse. The valley, village, and castle all share the name of Dún Reáltaí. Its territory consists of a broad hilly plain, with a stone hill in its heart on which the village and castle are built. A large lake lies northeast of the village. Due north is a tangled old forest with a lake in its midst, home to the land's original supernatural guardian.

The hill affords a commanding view of the region, surrounded by heavy curtain walls on its lower slopes. A second curtain wall circles the citadel at the top of the hill.

An illustrated map of the region is forthcoming.

Village of Dún Reáltaí

The village of Dún Reáltaí is situated on the western slope of the stone hill. Most of its layout is divided between the upper and lower halves of the hill. Craftsmen, industry, and other such facilities are situated on the lower half, while the upper half is primarily residences.

Halfway up the hill is a broad open commons, partly paved, that serves as market square and gathering-place. Its heart is marked with a stone fountain, and many of the permanent shops as well as the inn are found off this square. Storage facilities, including grain silos, are located off the northern part of the commons.

At current, the village is populated by a few hundred villagers, with resources and space for several hundred more.

Village Inn

The village's common inn is located off the market square. It's a large two-storey building, built to accomodate both residents and multiversal travellers. It has a pub on the first floor, individual rooms on the second floor, and a large common hostel-style room on the second floor, with multiple beds in a single chamber for those guests who only need an inexpensive place to stay.

Castle of Dún Reáltaí

Dún Reáltaí's castle is a citadel some five storeys tall, with a number of amenities to cater to both guests and residents.

Citadel: 1F

The first floor of the castle keep houses the forebuilding, which protects the entry ramp and serves as an entryway; the great hall, where gatherings are held; the kitchen, where meals for the castle staff and the lord of the keep are prepared; and the buttery (so named after the butt or cask used to store wine and liquor), where liquor as well as food are stored.

Citadel: 2F

Above the great hall and its structures are the armoury, where weapons and armour are stored; the servants' and guest quarters, where castle servants and guests reside; and storage rooms, used to store all manner of dry goods.

Servants' quarters and guest quarters are furnished with a single straw mattress, a storage trunk at the foot of the bed, and a small writing desk and chair.

There are communal baths for guests on the second floor.

Citadel: 3F

The third floor houses additional storage rooms, as well as common guest quarters, where Dún Reáltaí's guests may stay the night if they so choose.

Guest quarters on the third floor are set up hostel-style, with rows of straw mattress to a room, each with a storage trunk at the foot of the bed, and a common writing desk, a chair, and other accoutrements as required by guests.

There are communal baths for guests on the third floor.

Citadel: 4F

The third floor houses additional storage rooms, as well as guest quarters, where Dún Reáltaí's guests may stay the night if they so choose.

There are communal baths for guests on the fourth floor.

Citadel: 5F

Most of the fifth floor is made up of the lord's quarters, luxuriously vast. There is a small landing at the top of the stairwell, and a private bathing chamber as well.

The chamber itself is equal parts bedchamber itself and office. It has furnishings for both, including a canopy bed, writing desk, chairs, bookcases, a modern filing cabinet, hearth, armour-form for Bedivere's armour, and whatever other amenities Bedivere might need. It also has a number of glass windows looking out from the top of Dún Reáltaí's hill in all directions.


Dún Reáltaí came about when Saber and Sir Bedivere responded to a distress call from its people, assisting them in warding off hostile elementals. After a failed coup by a warlock living in the village, the village was destroyed and a handful of survivors sought Union help to ward off the hostile elementals. The area's weakened guardian spirit awarded Sir Bedivere temporary stewardship until she could recover her powers, and during that time, Bedivere rebuilt the village and did everything in his power to help the villagers get back on their feet.

Staying on to help rebuild, Saber and Sir Bedivere were eventually awarded permanent stewardship of the region for their dedication to their temporary duties.

The Round Table

Tales of King Arthur are known even in the multiverse to a great many worlds, and their noble deeds inspire the people even centuries after their time. Most of the founding members of Dún Reáltaí are indeed Knights of the Round, as well as their King... but this is not the Round Table so many are familiar with.

King Arthur was in fact Arturia Pendragon, daughter of Uther Pendragon. Since the people would never have accepted a woman-king, she disguised herself with the help of the magician Merlin, and her gender became a secret, supported by her most trusted knights.

For more information on the specific Round Table history as presented in Fate/Divergence-1, please consult the Knights of the Round Wiki.