Fragmented Dreams II (Duke)

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Fragmented Dreams II (Duke)
Date of Cutscene: 08 April 2015
Location: Duke's Dream
Synopsis: When the mind can not remember, it tries to make sense of things, and even when you don't remember your past, the mind knows what to fear...
Cast of Characters: Duke

Total darkness surrounded the small Guilmon X as he floated what seemed like a void, his body felt lifeless and even looked to be so. Yet several flickers of gold zipped around him. First a circular ring, then a flicker of a few circuit board lines.

Then there was voiced that filled the void. Voices of hyper-speed sound and some static, to the human ear, it almost be like listening to a modem on the web. His eyes opened gently, those gold eyes glowing in the void of darkness.

But as his eyes opened he found himself soon surrounded by what was rapid flying screens, flying screens that hovered in the air effortlessly. The Guilmon X tried to reach out, but as he did the screens only pulled away, then as he tried to like 'swim' toward the screens, they moved with him, that is until a voice spoke. A single voice in all the hyper-speed talk.

"You brought this on yourself." The deep voice said and the Guilmon's eyes could only go wide as all the screen floating around suddenly started to stack up and a hazy, digitized, static line imaged formed of a white digimon--- with glowing blue eyes and wolf-like head on one arm and dino like head on the other. "...On yourself." The digimon says to the Guilmon X as it starts to multiply around the room.

They all raise up their cannon arm at the same time, which seems to bend beyond the screens. A bright glow emits from the wolf head, and while the Guilmon X tries to scream stop...

The blast comes…

Then there is forest, forest flickering in and out with static lines and data corruption from time to time. There is also laughter as flickered images of something or several unknown individuals running along the forest, but the image flickers again, before it becomes a desolate wasteland. Trees vaporized with only a few dead trunks remain, the ground scorched, as a figure in the distance hovers down. The same figure on the screens but only black in armor with red glowing eyes that can be perceived in the distance.

"Duty." the dark figure says.

Another one shows up from the side, the figure harder to make out but different. "Compliance."

Then another different figure shows up, "Order."

Then a much deeper rumbling voices speaks up, as the whole world starts to dissolve into data, as massive chains slam down into the ground, "DEATH"

Those chains came right at Duke's own field of vision, it seems like he barely manages to escape one. His eyes tracking the chain as it suddenly wraps around, along with another chain, and another around those he knows so close to him. Alexis, Ferham, Doran, Beelzebumon… even the ones he doesn't know so well like Kari Wolf, Gogo, and Caster. The chain slowly crushing them as they scream out in pain.

"No…" Duke says from his own field of vision, his voice older, more mature. "No! STOP!"

The rumbling voice speaks once more, in time with the other voices of the other digimon present. "Payment... Price…. DEATH"

"I said…. STOP IT YGGDRASIL!!!" As Duke roars out, a bright flash happens and he can feel himself moving, to strike out-- that inner strength-- that hidden power…

...only to wake up falling right off the bed. "Waack!" Duke yelps out in surprise as he thumps on the ground upside down. His tail flops in front of his muzzle as he blinks his eyes a few times. "...was that…" blink, "...a normal dream?" blink blink.