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Archived Information: See [Dukemon X] (when available) For Continued Character Progression

Duke (Scenesys ID: 718)
"While my mind may have forgotten, my heart has not."
Full Name: Duke
Gender: Male
Species: Digimon
Theme: (OFC) Digimon: Great Demon War-1
Function: Amnesiac Knight
Status: Active
Factional Information
Faction: Unaffiliated (-)
Other Information
Physical Age: - Actual Age: -
Still Aging? - Voice Actor: Travis Willingham
Height: Variable Weight: Variable
Hair Color: - Eye Color: Gold
Theme Song: Linkin Park "Somewhere I Belong" - http://youtu.be/_iCtpuQvydk


Once a Royal Knight of Yggdrasil, Dukemon opposed Omegamon when he could no longer stand by the orders to kill off innocent Digimon. The price for his mutiny was death by his old friend's hand. Though left to die, fate had other plans for him. Dukemon, given a second chance at life, is now known as "Duke" -- one of the Exiled Digimon with the X-Antibody. The second chance at life has left him in a lesser "child" form known as Guilmon X, with his memories scattered of who and what he once was. Duke now strives to not only remember his past, but to become strong enough to defend his friends and allies. As a Digimon, he has the ability to Digivolve, or transform, into far stronger forms -- Growlmon X, and Wargrowlmon X -- each with their own strengths, sizes, and capabilities. When faced though with unbeatable odds and the life of those in danger, Duke is also able to Digivolve to Medieval Dukemon, his most powerful known form, yet one he can't keep for long. A problem he plans to amend one day when he has enough strength to permanently stay in any of his forms. For now, he'll keep training, keep getting stronger, and keep looking to the future.








AMNESIA: Duke is tormented by fragments of his memory that may explain who he once was, and how he came to be where he is now. Though many of his actions are instinctive, there is no end to the interior turmoil of maybe never having the answers he seeks, and never knowing what truths are locked away in his own memory.

DEGENERATION: As a Digimon, Duke is comprised of data that makes up his entire physical form. When he sustains too much damage or loses proper focus, he can Degenerate back down to his Child form, and he'll have to work his way back up. Even when he can hold a form with ease, he can still be knocked back down to his Child form if he is knocked out hard enough.

BLIND RAGE: Though most noticeable while as Growlmon X, Duke is susceptible to falling into a state of blind wild rage, attacking anyone and anything that gets in his way. This blind rage is triggered by negative emotions and complete frustration while in battle, or by the harming of one of his own friends or loved ones. Once he becomes this way, the only way to end his rampaging is to knock him out.

X-ANTIBODY: Though formerly a Royal Knight, due to circumstances and betrayal, Duke was given the X-Antibody, making him immune to the X Program. Many may see this as a good thing, but by being marked by the X-Antibody in his code, he has become a widescale target by his former brethren and those others who hunt X Digimon. This could endanger those around him if the Royal Knights or those allied to them ever decide to seek him out.

AGGRESSIVE FIGHTER: Duke doesn't back down from a fight, not easily, and when he does leap into a fight he tends to be very aggressive and passionate fighter, even in more level-headed forms. The more he gets into a battle, the harder it is for him to back down, and eventually he'll push himself near exhaustion, if not Degeneration.

VIRUS ATTRIBUTE: Digimon that follow under the Virus Attribute tend to be seen as greedy, wild, selfish, evil, and many other negative beliefs. Even when a Digimon doesn't fit under this stereotype, they are still lumped in with the others. This is a stigma that Duke has to deal with; he has to work hard to prove he is not like the others. Sometimes it's a harder battle than it's worth.


Title Date Scene Summary
Catching Up Again December 18th, 2016 Catching up between Pokemon and Digimon
Woodvale Trial: Among The Giants October 10th, 2015 The true Devouring Earth invasion of Woodvale begins!
When Children Cry August 26th, 2015 Lute and the Confederacy go for some Digimon Children in a makeshift village, however they learn that it wont be so easy...
Mysterious Attack! Something From The Dark Ocean August 14th, 2015 A lake monster was beaten into submission via overwhelming firepower!
The Missing Lynx August 12th, 2015 Giant Monster Boss Fight!
WMAT BQ1 Duke vs Mortimer Balman August 1st, 2015 The Digital Knight, Duke takes on the Fire Soldier, Mortimer Balman!
Day in The Forest July 24th, 2015 Duke runs into someone new and slightly fascinating.
Digi Here - Digi Know July 15th, 2015 Duke holds a meeting in hopes to not only alert other Digimon, but to update the Multiverse on what is going on or at least what could happen soon.
A Shepard-mon And His Flock July 9th, 2015 Duke is tending to some sheep type Pokemon and some people decide to keep him some company as he does.
Stand Tall Before The Coming Storm July 3rd, 2015 A game changer has arrived as Yggdrasil has started to take more interest or maybe its just a very curious Royal Knight.
What A Ride June 23rd, 2015 Duke comes back home to the Ranch to tell everyone what he has learned and what could be coming.
Pay Up Or Ship Out June 17th, 2015 A exile needs to pay up, but things go quickly wrong for them both.
Forgotten Ghost June 10th, 2015 Duke runs into someone unexpected down in the ruins. A ghost to the Digital Past.
No Mon's Land June 8th, 2015 Duke goes after Gaonoir to get some answers to what is going on.
Village Fair June 1st, 2015 There is a city fair in a small town and people are invited to take part!
Knight & A Lady May 18th, 2015 Duke is in a mental mess and goes to find the one person he knows, unconnected to it all, that he can fully trust. One lady he knows will never turn his back on him...
Swords Without Cause May 15th, 2015 Gaonoir makes a deal with a Digimon and that Digimon decides to carry out the deal for the sake of his people. Only he will learn the hard way, that you should never make a deal with the devil dog.
Jungle Party May 14th, 2015 Duke meets a new digimon out in the jungle.
Beelzebumon vs Dukemon, Round 3! ... Or 4. Maybe 5 May 13th, 2015 Sometimes you just gotta keep hitting your head into that wall, until either it breaks, or you do...
Radio Mission: Retrieve the Scepter of Mot May 6th, 2015 The organization called MAGI has requested a dangerous magic item be retrieved from a cult of magic users known as the Circle of Thorns. Will the heroes succeed?
Here Comes A New Challenger!/The Audacity of Hiei! May 4th, 2015 A new power arrives in the Multiverse and decides to go after a hidden facility, however by attacking here-- it grabs the attention of several defenders.
Open Heart - Closed Eyes May 1st, 2015 Duke tries to distract himself by remembering the Digital World's alphabet(s), but this ends up being an exercise in frustration. Fortunately, Doran and Alexis help out in their own ways.
The Beast of Shadows Pt. 2 April 27th, 2015 Who is this Gaonoir and why is he attacking a hive of -Beemon?
The Beast of Shadows April 26th, 2015 Investigation of a digital disruption reveals a new Digimon.. But just WHO is he?
Razer Strikes! April 25th, 2015 Razer tracks down rumors of Green Lanterns, only to be intercepted by some Union Elites...
Round Two For Destruction April 17th, 2015 The Mad Exile has at last been located once more, threatening the lives of people over Multiverse broadband. It is time to end her, but will the be successful this time? (Part 2 of 2 - Previous Log: The Hunter Or The Hunted)
Steak Time! April 17th, 2015 Continuation after "Round Two For Destruction"
We Can Train A Bush-mon! April 16th, 2015 Duke tests Hana to see what she can do as a monster and also shares some apples!
Will You Ever Learn--Wait.. no... don't answer that April 10th, 2015 Continuation of "Beelzebumon's Wild Gravity-Defying Ride"
Beelzebumon's Wild Gravity-Defying Ride April 10th, 2015 Duke challenges Beelzebumon to a battle, with the hopes that if he wins, he can force Beelzebumon to honor his deal to tell him about his past.
The Hunter Or The Hunted April 3rd, 2015 A dangerous Digimon Exile has appeared and is threatening the lives of people. Can the people of the Multiverse end her madness? (Part 1 of 2 - Next Log: Round Two For Destruction)
The Wild Is A Dangerous Place March 29th, 2015 This is what happens when you go into tall grass as a Digimon in a Pokemon Island. You upset the local wildlife!
Rescuing Bots and Blind Girls March 24th, 2015 Yari and Duke rescue Ferham and Sanary from a bunch of mobsters!
IT'S SPRING!!!1!1 March 20th, 2015 Social in Gensokyo's Human Village, NO FAIRIES ALLOWED.
Moonlight Meditating March 16th, 2015 Ferham visits Duke to instruct him in transcendental meditation! Also chili's baby back riiiibs.
Are You Ready March 15th, 2015 Duke believes he is ready, he has challenged Beelzebumon, but will he win this battle against the Demon Lord or will Duke learn a hard lesson?
The Duke March 11th, 2015 Ferham comes across a wild Duke in some tall grass--err, forest.
Between a Rock and a Hot Space March 7th, 2015 Alexis goes to teach Duke some tactics, only for his aggression to get out of hand and now the Pokemon trainer has to deal with a raging Growlmon X!
Rock The Ages March 3rd, 2015 Rock Lee answers the call to fight Duke, so the Digimon can try and push himself further.
The Vast Valley March 2nd, 2015 Duke meets a very odd cyborg woman and her pet shinki.
Dream A Dream February 28th, 2015 Alexis comes to learn the truth behind who Duke really is, but if it is wise to hide it from him can only be found out in time.
Down On The Ranch February 27th, 2015 After run in with a nasty robotic bug on Cybertron, Duke went to the one place he knew that he could recover at safely... To Alexis' Ranch.
Kill It With Fire February 27th, 2015 Selaine and Duke try not to get eaten by a giant mechanical insect.
Valentione's Day Massacre February 26th, 2015 Yari Takane corrects a mistake, hires a mercenary company, and draws in the Elites Finna, Ineryon, Sanary, and Ferham into her little hunting trip on her days of leave. In the end, there's dead mobsters and a new beginning for the city and a pair of lives both.
After Effect February 25th, 2015 With the robbery done and Duke at an all time low, some friends go to find him. To pick him back up and get him back on the straight-n-narrow again.
Price Of Repayment February 24th, 2015 Duke carries out Lute's request in the agreement with Caster and Kari Wolf. Only to find the unexpected and the power within himself he didn't know he had.
An Agreement February 23rd, 2015 Lute gives Duke a bit of an assignment so that the Digimon can repay him for his 'kindness' and 'friendship'.
Dropoff at Waterland February 23rd, 2015 Fayt drops off some orders at a city in the Waterland Desert. Shenanigans ensue.
Friend Or Foe: Decision About Lute February 19th, 2015 Lute wishes to help out Duke and possibly Doran, but Doran is a bit wiser then his other Digimon Friend.
Friend Or Foe: Lets Play--Spar February 19th, 2015 Duke meets up with Alexis and Artyom, while learning a bit about them as well. There is also a spar fight involved.
Steak Friend February 17th, 2015 After stealing of the Steak and Kari pays for it. The two have a nice chat.
Intro: Runaway Steak! February 17th, 2015 It was a peaceful day, until a steak thief Digimon showed up!


Title Date Scene Summary
Fragmented Dream III (Duke) April 30th, 2015 Duke's dreams continue to haunt him as he argues with himself.
Fragmented Dreams II (Duke) April 8th, 2015 When the mind can not remember, it tries to make sense of things, and even when you don't remember your past, the mind knows what to fear...
Fragmented Dreams I (Duke) February 25th, 2015 When the mind can not remember, it tries to make sense of things. The question is-- what is reality and what is a dream?


Duke may not remember who he once was, but the virtues and values still remain there in the choices he makes and where he stands on his own ground. In his heart of hearts, he is still a Royal Knight and will still do whatever it takes to protect others; So long he is right of mind. Because while he believes in doing what is right, being knocked back to his prior forms and having to deal with the "growth pains" again, represents a conflict in his own personality.

While he will fight for others, stand his ground, and never surrender until he can't move-- he has a predatory nature that lingers as Guilmon X and Growmon X. This predatory nature can cause him to fall into moments of rage, losing all sense of self during that time and causing him to lash out as a berserker, with only his friends and those he trusts maybe being the guiding force to bring him back. Though prone to this state of mind, he is less to fall into it as Wargrowlmon X and can completely avoid it as an Ultimate. Yet unless he can reach those two higher forms, this state can be triggered by heavy aggression and tense moments during combat.

When he becomes enraged by the acts of others, one of his friends becomes heavily injured, or when he is pushed into a corner is other forms of triggers into this berserker state. Though when he comes out of it. He tends to come out of it, he normally doesn't remember what he has done and when he does start to remember the events, he tends to become very disconnected for a few days. Hiding away in fear that he could do it again, until someone can bring him back out with some comfort.

As Duke doesn't want to hurt others and he doesn't believe in truly harming anyone. Yes, he'll fight and yes, he'll pick fights to get stronger, but to kill-- to cause needless destruction? That is something he can not do or stand by. Though if he is forced into battle and the other is willing to kill, willing to harm innocents on the field of battle--- He will take proper action. That is when he will throw away the avoidance of harm and give it everything he has; Even if it means killing them.

He will also kill knowingly if someone has injured one of his friends or harmed an innocent. Though in his higher up forms, to becoming a Ultimate, he is more prone to show mercy. Hold back from the killing blow and just make sure to scare them enough so they think twice about doing it again. Perhaps this because as he "grows up", he becomes able to think more clearly and isn't blinded by primal actions and virus attribute traits. Becoming more and more like the Royal Knight he once was.

It can even be easily seen really, if someone observes him as he moves between the forms. How as a "Child" he starts out so, well, childish and very confused where some lines are crossed. Then as an "Adult", he shows more aggressive side, the more Virus Attribute traits and far more willing to fight for the sake of fighting. Yet then as a "Perfect", he is more refined, better at talking and a bit more reasonable to deal with. Then it is when he is in his "Ultimate" form, is he truly the Royal Knight. Able to shove away all the aggressive thoughts, primal notions, and focus everything into true cohesion, logic, and not let his emotions fully get the better of him.

Though like any grown man, he can still become angry in his Ultimate form, yes. He still has a great deal of emotions-- as he is a passionate Digimon-- but he isn't going to lose control nor will he be so easily tricked by gestures of others. Able to see clearly and reason just as clearly about things.

Duke is also very protective of those close to him. He will stand by there side-- no matter what and no matter the cost. He will do whatever it takes to be there for them and help them in matters. Even if he doesn't always fully understand it. This means that poor Duke can be taken advantage of by the right people while he is in his "Child" state, even as an "Adult", because of his inability to reason things out and see clearly what they may be trying to do.

Though when he is betrayed, he also doesn't forget it either-- nor does he forgive easily those who trick him. Easily upset by such behavior of betrayal, and yet-- he can forgive others. Perhaps if he can see where they too were mislead or lost. Such as with Omegamon-- if he could remember the events fully and when he does, he'll forgive him. In some ways, he already did even when Omegamon laid in the final blow that day; He forgave him. Why? Because he knew Omegamon was carrying out orders of another.

Now as Yggdrasil goes-- Duke has not forgiven the govern force. Deep inside he is internally angry at the 'god'. Knowing fully well, inside, that this is all Yggdrasil's fault. Everything. The fall of the Digital World, the tearing up of families, friends-- everything. Though Duke in his current state may not understand why Yggdrasil's name angers him. One day though, one day he will remember and he may even plot out a way to make Yggdrasil pay.

For while Duke may be a Royal Knight and while he can have trouble forgiving, but eventually can forgive-- he will not stand by idly when something like Yggdrasil, or any force-- just lays waste to things for what seems to be illogical reasoning. When others are hurt in this manner, even those he may not know well-- he will avenge them and avenge them to the very death if he has too.

it is also all these hidden feelings that surface that can cause Duke also some frustration as well. These unawares to why he feels the way he does and why some of the things make him angry. His amnesia frustrates him and is perhaps one of the driving forces to why he does what he does. He wants badly to remember, to put together the puzzle pieces so he can be 'whole' again. Be truly /himself/.

Yet sometimes to him, it feels like no matter how much he digs, the more things seem to be confusing and don't make sense. Leading him to moments of internal turmoil and inner frustrations that he may take out on someone, then swiftly apologize once he does. It is also this very reason he does fight. Not only to get stronger, but because in fighting-- he finds himself with a sense of purpose. A sense that maybe in battle he can figure things out better-- as it is battle that feels right.

That and a good fight, even if a spar, allows him to let out some of those frustrations and anxieties out, so he doesn't blow up on someone and he doesn't accidentally injure someone in a moment of anger. As talking does little good, because talking only leads to more frustration. After all, what is the point of talking about something when you can't even remember the details.

He knows that this is something he'll have to solve on his own and he knows one day-- one day he will solve it. It will just, well, take time.

Yet sometimes patience is hard for him as a "Child" and easier to come by as an "Ultimate". He has trouble just sitting around as a "Child" and twiddling his 'thumbs' as it were. He also has trouble as a "Child", keeping his nose out of things and tends to find trouble-- or trouble finds him. Much like his best friend Duran, whom he is extremely protective of.

Though as he does follow Duran's steps-- sometimes even getting himself lost while trying to figure where Duran ran off too. He has come to have a great curiosity for the Multiverse. He likes to see if he can learn more about the people, spar fight the people, and even manage to find ways to get himself into trouble.

He doesn't really understand the way between the Union and the Confederacy. Though he does equate it to something like the war between the Royal Knights and the Demon Lords-- or even with the Exiles. As a "Perfect" he does fully understand the concept of the war and yet, he finds no real reason to take part.

Though if he does make friends with one side or the other; Perhaps both; he may find himself being swept up into the war and taking part /only/ to support his 'friends'. Though as for the Confederacy side. They will need to hide their objectives well, if they desire to keep him-- as Duke would not agree with some of the Confederates standards of operations. Where he probably lean more toward the Union side of the fence.

Yet, friends are friends-- and that is something Duke doesn't have much of these days. Something he does want to amend, as much has his memory, and he wants to try to find the Exiles a new home-- a safe home. A home while they can all live in peace, instead of always feeling like they are on the run. To achieve this, perhaps, he is even to take some drastic measures-- if he is ever pushed that far. Though hopefully that day, will never come any time soon.


Dukemon was once one of the members of the Royal Knights. Guardians of the Digital World who oversaw the protection of the Digital World from any threat that may present itself. Protecting the people of the digital world from corruption and carrying out the will of Yggdrasil.

When the Demon Lords threatened this way of life, it was the Royal Knights who answered the call and war broke out over the Digital World. All to protect Yggdrasil from the corruption of the Demon Lords and for the future generations of Digimon. The wars that followed were long and brutal. Dukemon was there for everyone one of them and for everyone one of them he ended up facing down the Demon Lord Beelzebumon. The two quickly becoming equal revivals on the very battlefield and sometimes Dukemon forgetting himself in those conflicts. Just the sheer desire to be rid of the Demon Lord who continued to taunt him, to push him.

In a strange way though, Dukemon also knew that the Demon Lord was making him a better warrior and as the coming wars marched closer to what may be Dukemon's last stand in the eyes of his fellow brethren, he came to respect the Demon Lord. The matches were no longer just about the victory, but the constant pushing of one another to be stronger than the other.

Yet it would have to come to an end and Yggdrasil had such a method to end all conflict. To release a virus into the Digital World that would kill 98% of the Digital Population and leaving the 2% left for the new world. This plan flyed in the face of everything the Royal Knights stood for in the eyes of Dukemon. They were suppose to be protectors, guardians, the watchmen over all the citizens.

[Done by: Ryono - Click here for larger image][Click here See Ryono's work!]

If this virus was to activate, it would destroy what the Royal Knights were and perhaps make them no better than the very digimon they have been battling for so long. Dukemon tried to reason with Omegamon even with the others, that this was not the way to do this! That perhaps Yggdrasil was wrong. Perhaps there was a better way.

Yet such talk was ignored and Dukemon was warned that his actions, his words, were noted as possible treason of Yggdrasil's orders. That if he was to stand in the way again, proper action would be taken and so-- Dukemon could only watch as the virus was released; the X Program. He watched it be release and seemingly at the time, could do nothing. All he could was keep his displeasure for these actions to himself.

Though the unthinkable soon came. Digimon started to become immune to the virus with the X-Antibody. With this new immunity, they tried to make their way to the new world, to a new life. The next orders then came for the Royal Knights was to terminate any and all Digimon marked with the X-Antibody. This was followed by Yggdrasil started to terminate the old world. For what the Royal Knights did not remove, the 'god' of the Digital World would.

Dukemon could no longer take this anymore, he could not disobey his heart any further. For when the next targets for them were that of the young. Dukemon quickly got in the way of Omegamon's blade and parried it away to protect the children. To stand between the innocents that never asked for this and his leaders; His old friend.

Dukemon tried once more to reason with Omegamon. That these X-digimon were no harm to the new world and they can do what is right not only in their hearts, but as Royal Knights. For they did not have to become machines of murder, they could turn this all around. Make it all right again. Sadly such pleas from Dukemon fell on deaf ears as Omegamon reminded Dukemon what his fate would be if he got in the way.

Omegamon then carried out what he warned and the two entered into a heavy confrontation. Though Dukemon tried to not harm his old friend. Trying to snap Omegamon out of it, while still trying to protect the children digimon that were going to get caught in the crossfire between the two.

In the end Dukemon sacrificed himself to protect one of the children that Omegamon laid his crosshairs on... Dorumon. The blast ripped into Dukemon, sending the Digimon to the ground before the child's feet, barely alive. Omegamon then declared to the fallen Dukemon that he was no longer part of the Royal Knights and he would die a traitor.

With his title and rank gone, Yggdrasil stripped Dukemon of his protection from the X program that still was in the Digital World. Now Infected by the program, Dukemon was fighting off the program and his own injury. All he could do was watch as Omegamon left as final operations went in to end the old world once and for all. In a way, Dukemon found himself humored that this would be how he would go out. Not on the battlefield against evil, but struck down by his oldest of friends and by Yggdrasil. To watch the light fade and to see his own end here.

But in those last moments he heard only faintest words from those around him. That other portals were opening and something had changed. There was hope in the darkness for those who thought they have no place to go. As many started to flee for the portals, Dukemon could only smile to himself. Knowing that they would all have a chance to live.

As the darkness though of his ending life started to claim him, he then saw a silhouette of someone he never thought he would see again. The silhouette of the original leader of the Royal Knights; Alphamon. Dukemon reached out to him and spoke his name on what he thought be his dying breath. He could feel his body being lifted up as others came to his side, but he soon found everything going dark and all senses fading away...

Yet this was not the end for Dukemon, only a new beginning as he was brought into the Multiverse by those he tried to protect and was given the Antibody. Dukemon's data was in extremely poor condition from what it should be. It was heavily corrupted, damaged, and unable to properly repair itself. Forcing him to revert back to a Child state and with the Antibody in his system it converted all his data over to an X Digimon, marked like so many others who have gained the antibody.

Though the damage claimed more than just his strength, but also his memories. His memories were scrambled and locked up tight with the pathways unable to bridge back to the sectors that held the events of his life. Only snippets of events he could recall, fuzzy at best, or nothing at all at worst. When he had the strength, he displayed that much of his reactions, his combat instincts, were still as sharp as they were when he was a Royal Knight. Like his body knew what it was doing, even if he himself did not.

Though the times awake and asleep were long. He was mostly cared by the digimon named "Doran"-- the very Digimon child he had protected as Dukemon. The former royal knight started to see Doran like family, his best friend, and when Doran gave him a nickname of "Duke", he cherished it. Referring to himself as Duke, instead of Guilmon or Guilmon X. He even slowly started to see the other exiles as family, unaware that this family circle had taken on and his forgotten past would bring him into a world of greater danger.

As Duke was now one of 'them', one of the exiles still slated for termination. He would be now hunted by those he once, so long ago, called brothers in arms. By the Royal Knights who believed him to be dead and so many unaware of the actions that went down that final day between him and Omegamon.

But with his memories locked away, he did not realize the bigger part he played and could play even now. That in him was still a Royal Knight and the very knowledge of where the new Digital World may lay. What he does know though, is that if he is going to solve the puzzle of who he was and solve the memory fragments, he will have to get stronger.

For as soon as he made a full recovery and the strength no longer faded from him, Duke made his way out into the Multiverse, leaving behind the safe haven of the others. To seek out the answers, find out who he once was, and end the suffering of his new family-- of the Exiles-- so they too may one day live in true peace or find a place to honestly call home.

He would make it right. Somehow, for that was his calling. The calling of his heart.

Recent Events

  • 2/17 - 3/15/15:

Duke had a rough start out in the new world, stealing food, getting caught, and not making the best choices with his naive child-like brain when it came to friends. Such a poor choice though did unlocked something within Duke that woke up some of his fragmented data setting things in some clarity in the amnesic mind.

Now a bit wiser to the world and not as naive, Duke has chosen to take the advice from Doran on learning how to hunt in order to hone his own skills, but also to stay at Alexis' ranch for a place to rest along with train so that he may not only solve who he is one day, but get a better grip over his own abilities, along with Evolutions.

Though the road isn't easy, because while Doran shared with Alexis the hidden truth behind who Duke really is and they both agreed to not tell him in concern it could do more harm harm then good, Duke was determined to beat Beelzebumon to learn the truth. In such purist, not only does he almost harm Alexis but he also meets a few more people, including one who shows an odd interest in him named Ferham. A female AI who expresses that not all Confederates were like the one who tricked him and that she wants to know more about him.

When he had at last got the chance to face the Demon Lord, he found himself unable to beat him and blaming only the fact that he still doesn't have enough control over his forms, as he knows deep inside that he should have digivolved sooner to his Ultimate form, if not been able to start out in it. Yet the mystery remains to Duke to why he can't just evolve to his Ultimate, why he can't stay in the forms, and more importantly-- why did Beelzebumon see it like old times?

  • 3/16/15 - 5/18/15:

With Alexis training and constant desire to find the truth, Duke continued to push himself to get stronger and tougher. That way when the day came he could beat Beelzebumon and find out the what the Demon Lord knew. This lead him to the ability to at last control his Medieval Dukemon; His Ultimate Form. Making sure though he could contain the form and not lose focus out of it, Duke started to push himself further, but had a frightening dream around this time period that he may be Dukemon-- the Royal Knight.

The fear of this being true and a nasty run in with Gaonoir, along with an odd experience of blacking out during a fight pushed him even hard to take down Beelzebumon, until he at last actually did so. The problem was, that when he was victorious in doing so, several harsh fact hit him.

That his nightmare was true, perhaps all of them-- he was a Royal Knight, he was--/is/ Dukemon and worse in order to defeat Beelzebumon for this information his body shifted to Dukemon X, to see not only the truth but to hear it from the Demon Lord himself. While a mystery still remains as to why, beyond perhaps hints within his own Nightmares now to why he is being hunted. Duke now has to find away to live with the fact he was one of the ones that allowed the Digital World to fall and that his hands are stained with countless lives.

Even though Beelzebumon did try to reassure him that such acts would not be in his nature, he knew that eventually someone would have to pain for all the Exiles sufferings and worse, there was no more hiding from what he was. It is only the simple question now of what to do and how to go about it...

  • 5/16/15 - 7/24/15:

Duke goes to the one person he can trust in such a state, Sanae Kochiya. With her help and trust in him, she is able to get Duke back to some semblance of himself again. This allows him to hunt down Yggdrasil's agent, Gaonoir, in order to get some information out of the wretched mutt. The answers he gets are both cryptic and yet very informing.

Duke also runs into someone on his way back home that is an ancient Digimon of their Digital World's past: Alphamon. Alphamon gives Duke some starting information, including further about himself and also what has caused the Digimon's state, yet so much of it left up in the air for speculation. Against Alphamon's words of wisdom however, the eager former Royal Knight goes to explain to those at Alexis' ranch on what is happening. This leaving Ryuu in a rather upset state over Duke's choice to tell others what he may have learned, even though Duke hasn't come to fully understand why.

With the awareness that things could go south very soon, Duke held a meeting at the Grill & Bar within the Multiverse in order to see what type of help he could get, including trying to inform others of the appending trouble ahead. Little does Duke realize that while his attempts were a good shot, it may be a little to late.

Friendship Meter

Here is a listing of those Duke has met and where everyone stands with him. Everyone gets 5 •'s at first, but you can either gain 5 more or lose the 5 you have. Depending on where you are on this scale, also effects on how much Duke trusts you and other factors as well. So as RP progresses, feel free to check in!


Linkin Park "Somewhere I Belong"
Nickelback "Savin Me"
Digimon Tamers "One Vision (Dukemon's)"
Groove Coverage "The End"
DragonForce "Soldiers Of The Wasteland"
Idina Menzel "A Hero Comes Home"
Cruxshadows "Winter Born"
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