Hawaii & Aftermath (Abyssal Operation Hydra)

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Hawaii & Aftermath (Abyssal Operation Hydra)
Date of Cutscene: 01 September 2017
Location: Honalulu, Hawaii
Synopsis: American news broadcast in the aftermath of Operation Hercules
Cast of Characters: Midway
Tinyplot: Abyssal Operation Hydra

"And thanks to the brave efforts of Battleship Nagato and her HIkari Defense Fleet, in conjunction with the United States Navy and various off-world volunteers, the Hawaiian islands have been returned to American control. Civilians and work crews are already flooding the islands, intent on repairing the damage caused by the Black Fleet's incursion."

"However," The anchor's image shrinks down to one corner, "The attack on Hawaii has had an unexpected effect. For years, the souls of warships from decades past, calling themselves 'Fleet Girls', have been fighting a war against multiple branches of the Black Fleet. We Americans have, in this time, enjoyed the protection of our advanced Navy, which as we learned was no match for a concentrated attack by these abyssal enemies."

The larger portion of the screen starts moving through a slideshow of pictures, each one dated, all of them coming from within just the past few days.

A stocky brunette, her rigging home to multiple gun turrets, carries a family of five to safety during a flood.

A tall blonde hoists a child on her shoulders, pointing at a moored warship in the distance.

A redhead with wild, wavy hair saluting to the camera, her numerous cannons smoldering while streaks from her shells trace off into the distance.

A small pink-haired girl bowing in apology to multiple suit-wearing, sunglass-clad men around a damaged limousine--which is hastily replaced by a picture of the same girl bashing an Abyssal destroyer with an anchor, her eyes squeezed shut.

A young woman with short red hair, her right arm adorned with a metal flight deck 'shield', staring off after a flight of ancient blue fighter planes.

"Texas. Iowa. Wichita. Enterprise." The anchor states, "The recent incursion has, apparently, awakened America's own Fleet Girls. The Navy is already reaching out to them, and has issued a request for any citizens who encounter a disoriented or distraught Fleet Girl to report her whereabouts so she can be properly welcomed."

"But questions remain," the anchor continues as his image resumes full-screen, "Just what motivated the Black Fleet to this attack? Where is their base of operations? Will they strike again, and if so, where? The Navy is continuing to work with the Hikari Defense Fleet to find answers to these and many other important questions."