Horrors Revisited

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Horrors Revisited
Date of Scene: 20 July 2014
Location: Ivalice
Synopsis: The battle between the Archadian invaders and Duke Barrington's soldiers rages on near the Fort City Yardrow, but there's been reports that the Yuguewood has been rendered impassible to emergency troops and supplies from Riovanes due to unusual levels of undead activity. Put the troubled souls of soldiers long since dead to rest, and help free up the roads to passing wagons!
Cast of Characters: Maya, 129, Allyn, Dr. Violet Hunter, Goffard Gaffgarion (Dropped)
Tinyplot: Of Stones and Sins

Ultima (129) has posed:
Yuguewood, Angel's Grove - The Yuguewood, east of Fovoham and lying at the edge of the Archadian/Ivalician border, is an ancient forest where trees literally thousands of years old yet live and continue to grow. These ancient trees which can only be found here, known as Yugue Trees, are revered far and wide for their almost mystical ability to transcend the withering bounds of time. The sheer height, mass, and dense foliage these trees naturally have make for a dark, and relatively cold, environment in which strange things grow and thrive like nowhere else. Especially the deadly Mosfungus, the spores of which can drop a man dead when inhaled in large quantities.

Here, the dense shade of the Yugue trees almost literally blots out the sun, its rays penetrating only sparsely through the gaps in a vast sprawl of leaves overhead. During the day, this forest is teeming with wildlife of all kinds... from the harmlessly cute to the utterly deadly.

At night, however, it is said that the forest takes on another kind of life entirely...

Many, many, bloody wars have been fought in this forest since men began to walk the earth. The blood of the slain has run like rivers here, and it is speculated by some that the reason for the Yugue Tree's long life span is because of it. Corrupted by the blood, of which their roots have doubtlessly partaken, these trees yet live by syphoning the life energies of the dead... producing the ghastly monstrosities which are known to wander about beneath their branches at night.

Whether 'tis true or not, ... there certainly is truth to the rumors of the unrestful dead...

...As the sun begins to reach the end of its journey in the sky, so too does another journey begin. The migration of souls long dead across the aether, their spectral forms taking on appearances they once had in life. They fade into existence alongside the roadway which winds itself through the forest center, between what are now known as Fovoham and Gallione. As these spectral figures appear, so too do the magically-sensitive creatures of the forest - drawn from all around by their presence. Descending from the sky, wading through the foliage, and clawing their way out from the earth they come... marking another haunted evening in what is wistfully referred to as 'Angel's Grove'...

<OOC: Enemy List: Skeletal Fiend, Bonesnatch x1 (http://goo.gl/irRHxw), Ahriman x1 (http://goo.gl/6EhCro), Monk (F, Ghost) x1, Black Mage (M, Ghost) x1, Knight (F, Ghost) x1, Samurai (M, Ghost) x1, (http://goo.gl/0OeShT)>

Dr. Violet Hunter has posed:
The Confederacy does not have unlimited resources, whether it be in material goods, or liquid assets. This is why Violet has decided to have a presence here, tonight. She has been looking for various mercenary jobs. Things that would not interfere with the Confederacy or the Union, but would be useful to build up her wealth. Having found this job, this undead extermination job, she deemed the pay worthy. She herself will not set out to deal with the undead, though. Instead, she is sending one of the various Digimon who work for her.

A cloaked figure walks through the forest. Most of his figure is wrapped in a brown cloak, including his head. Bits of blond hair flow out from the hood, though most of his face is difficult to see, especially within the only light being the faint moonlight that glimmers through the trees.

He looks upon the undead, considering them. They are, really, a bit strange to look upon. He is familiar with ghosts. Or at least, ghosts of a certain type. But, this is a bit different. These are actual, true undead.

He lifts his right hand. As it sticks out of his cloak, it seems to be covered in a white glove, made of some unknown material. As he holds out his hand, a golden staff appears in it, out of nowhere.

He doesn't attack. Or at least, not yet. These dead... They deserve an honorable battle, before they finally pass on into the next world. A surprise attack on them would, indeed, be efficient. But that would not be an honorable passing.

He shall simply wait a moment, until they notice him. Or until they notice any other living beings who might be wandering in this forest as well.

-<RADIO: 5>- Angemon says, "Hm. Are the other mercenaries in the Yuguewoods on this frequency?"

Allyn has posed:
The large sabertooth hadn't even heard about this job, or that there were undead, but he hadn't really been himself for the alst little while. He thought perhaps doing a little wandering around a palce he had come to like being in would help, whatever it was that had been bothering him for some time. The locals never seem to bother him, seeing as they always just assume he is one of the things that they call a 'coeurl' when he is in any of his feline forms, despite the fact he doesn't have those long whiskers, nor does he seem to have an affinity for lightning.

That suits him just fine though, because as he's been lately he'd probably rather not be hounded or chased around. At fifteen feet long and with those eighteen inch long sharp teeth that doesn't fit into his mouth, well, he's probably close to the biggest specimen that they have seen. He's also been lucky that most of the other wildlife hasn't taken too much interest in him, but that might be because it's easy to tell he is a predator, especially in such a form.

He stalks about quietly, patrolling or something like that, when he lifts his head and sniffs the air and a quiet snarl comes from him as he notices something just not right. He turns his head in the direction of the undead and watches them for a few moments. He's not sure if they wont just think if they can think that is, think that he is just a normal piece of the local wildlife as well.

-<RADIO: 5>- Allyn says, "Yes. I am the large cat."

Goffard Gaffgarion (Dropped) has posed:
It seems there will be local help for this one. Of those 'wandering the forest', there's another figure as well; a large figure in dark armor, armed with a sword and a shield. A gray moustache can be seen under the helm. Goffard Gaffgarion may or may not be recognized by the non-locals here just yet, but he may just change that.

He stands ready for battle as the undead appear. Seems his usual tricks won't work here, with the undead. That's all right, this is precisely why he /didn't/ bring the Blood Sword. He had also requested Ladd remain with Melody, since the boy seemed noticeably upset by the mention of undead, and Gaffgarion didn't want that fear to cause Ladd to do something stupid. He /did/ still have use for a Squire, after all.

Practiced eyes sweep over the battlefield-to-be, marking positions of potential allies as well as potential enemies. Someone in a brown robe, with a staff and ... is that a Couerl? He'd have to be careful then, Couerls were bad news. Strangest-looking Couerl he'd ever seen, though, with less whiskers and more teeth.

-<RADIO: 5>- Goffard Gaffgarion says, "Aye. Who might..." Pause. "...A talking Couerl." Paaaaaaause. "Eh, why not? If the dead may rise in this forest, why can not Couerls speak?"
-<RADIO: 5>- Angemon says, "If you must have my name, it is Angemon. And... cat beast, though I have not met you, I recognize your voice. You have had dealings with some of my allies, before."
-<RADIO: 5>- Angemon says, "Let us give these warriors the honorable deaths they deserve, though, and let them pass on. I will deal with you another time."
-<RADIO: 5>- Allyn says, "Well.. I am not exactly a couerl. I am a shapeshifter.. Oh? Dealings hmm? I am not sure if that is good or bad."
-<RADIO: 5>- Goffard Gaffgarion says, "Goffard Gaffgarion, professional sellsword. Would that I could say 'twere a pleasure to meet you, but dealings with the undead are rarely a pleasure."
-<RADIO: 5>- Angemon says, "You stood in the way of my commander. Dr. Violet Hunter. And you are friends with that boy. Satou. But. I will ignore you for today, to deal with the undead."
-<RADIO: 5>- Goffard Gaffgarion amused, "Aye, this lot has enough of murder in mind."
-<RADIO: 5>- Allyn says, "I agree, undead before any other situations.."

Maya has posed:
Maya is good to help hunt down problems like this still she wasn't sure about this place She didn't like the undead and was often eager to pounce upon such a place. She had her plans to deal with it. She had her plans, and yes much of it involved fire if it was a lgiet things. Maya takes a moment to look over the monsters. There were several undead before her along with several others. She narrowing her eyes a bit.

"It seems the dead do not stay in their graves. This is far too much like home." It seems this place is indeed cursed, it's time to clean house."

She pulls the rifle off her back and makes ready.

Ultima (129) has posed:
The restless spirits of battles long past, at first, seem almost too complacent. The human amongst them simply standing around and idly casting their gaze over the forest floor, even being blanketed in darkness does not seem to hinder them any. The Samurai, a tall blonde man with three separate swords belted to his waist and dressed in flowing robes, clasps his right hand about a scabbard idly. As he does so, some manner of leather-skinned, one-eyed, bat-like creature soars in on wings of deepest black to perch in a tree branch up high. The creature of orange skin, an Ahriman, blinks the massive eye that makes up its center slowly... rolling its souless black iris about the landscape below.

From behind, a pair of skeletal creatures finishes clawing their way out of the soil - emerging in the tattered cloth garbs they more than likely died in. Not an ounce of flesh to be seen. In fact, their very bones seem to be subtly dancing upon the air as if suspended from a puppeteer's strings. No doubt animated by some manner of vile magic. The form of their bones has not the appearance of human ones though...

...The peace is not to last however.

Pulling a curved sword free from its scabbard, the Samurai shouts, "...to arms, men! To arms!" as though rallying his soldiers for battle once more, and then charging directly for Gaffgarion to swing the weapon toward the Fell Knight! At the Samurai's command, the undead fly into motion and charge at anything or anyone who is not clearly -yet- dead! The Monk and Knight - garbed in robes of blood red and black both - are first to charge after, bearing down on Allyn with a near-simutaneous sword swipe and punching combination whilst the Black Mage conjures a burst of flame to fire upon Angemon in tandemon with a frigid burst of magic from the Skeletal Fiend!

Finally, the Bonesnatch staggers toward Maya, a sphere of elemental water rising forth from an open hand into the moonlit air - as the Ahriman soars overhead, looking for an opening - and then launches the elemental magic in her direction with all haste!

Dr. Violet Hunter has posed:
As the flame and ice come in upon the cloaked figure of Angemon, it lifts its staff to block, albeit inefficiently. His cloak is aflame, now, while part of it is also frozen solid. His main goal is to earn the money, but he also has a goal of 'not causing a major stir'. He was picked for being the most efficient fighter against undead, based on guesses at what the undead might be weak against.

He is glad, though, that there are not too many people from this world, present. This land is supposed to be incredibly religious. He, and his commander, do not want to cause a stir.

Still, with this company, it should be relatively safe for his true form to be seen. And so, he throws off his cloak. His true form is somewhat glorious, emitting a holy seeming light that fills the area. He is white clad, and with blue ribbon over parts of his body, including his left arm. His head, including his eyes, are covered by a metal helmet, with a cross-like symbol upon it. His long blonde hair flows behind him.

Most stunning of all are likely his wings. Three pairs of them, stretched behind him. Who knows how he was able to hide these behind the cloak. But, by all appearances, Angemon does, in fact, sem to be a sort of Angel.


He grabs hold of his golden staff, with both hands. He turns towards the skeleton first, bringing it in upon him. He is aiming to strike into the skull of the beast, attempting to bash into it with most of his strength. The rod itself emits a holy power as it does so. Not really 'divine', honestly. More of simply connected to a holy element, or a light element, however one would want to put it.

After his swing, he steps back. He is trying to ensure that both of his enemies are within his 'sight'. Though his eyes are masked, it seems he still can see, somewhat. And it's better if both the wizard, and the skeletal beast, are in front of him.

"You have been in this world too long. I shall let you pass on to the next world. May you both have an honorable death, in combat."
-<RADIO: 5>- Goffard Gaffgarion grumbles, "A warning would have been appreciated, O Feathered One."
-<RADIO: 5>- Angemon says, "I apologize. I was hoping to clear these out before anyone had seen me. I also was hoping my cloak would be a bit more fire retardent."
-<RADIO: 5>- Goffard Gaffgarion says, "Understandable, fire does tend to be a powerful motivator."

Allyn has posed:
Allyn roars in pain as he is attacked by the monk and the knight. He growls lowly and tries to circle around them, looking for an opening. Who should he go after first. The knight might be the more difficult of the two, seeing as its armored, so he supposed that will be the logical choice. He then pounces at the knight and tries to bite into it, lets see if his saberteeth can open the tin can?
-<RADIO: 5>- Allyn says, "Fire isn't very nice most the time. I got singed a number of days ago fighting."

Goffard Gaffgarion (Dropped) has posed:
Suddenly there's an ANGEL on the battlefield, and Gaffgarion is looking in that direction, eyes wide in shock behind his visor. "What in the...?" He doesn't get farther than that. Due to being distracted, he didn't quite get his shield up in time, and the curved blade of the samurai found purchase between the joint at his left shoulder, his shield arm. Barely managing to parry the remaining strength of the blow with his sword before his arm was cleaved from his body, his sword struck that of the samurai and batted it away. He bares his teeth at the samurai, a low growl rumbling in his throat.

Regardless, he didn't get his reputation for brutality by being nice. So he rushes the ghostly samurai, attempting to bat the blade away with his shield. Hopefully this will give him an opportunity to stab in an unprotected place. He doesn't care if they're undead or not, as long as he can stab them.
-<RADIO: 5>- Goffard Gaffgarion sounding conversational, despite the clashing sounds. "Ah, yes. The beast resembling a combination between flying eye and lizard. Leave that one if possible. 'Tis the only one from whom I may drain strength should I find my own flagging."
-<RADIO: 5>- Allyn says, "as you wish"

Maya has posed:
Maya looks at the Bonesnatch and does not mve her gun. No she's got another plan in mind for the undead beaing and she's going to do she reaches for a fate card. She moves quicky avoiding the worst of it's attack. What does the junker have in mind? She's casting some sort of spell. If one knew Maya and how she made use of magic? It would be clear that it's not one of her more violent spells. It's a healing spell it seems, what's not commonly known is what her healing magic can do to the undead.

This bonesnatch is about to find out as Maya cast a healing spell upon it, which is going to do some very nasty things to it. It's actually going to hurt it.

Ultima (129) has posed:
Angemon's rod strike is well-aimed, but these puppets of bone are not quite as clumsy as they may look. The creature weaves, attempting to dodge, but even so the rod slams into its shoulder and sends it staggers a few steps away. This does give the Digimon a bit of breathing room, as intended. But it's not all-together much, considering the Black Mage is practically within breathing distance by now. Once again, sparks of flame lance from the black robed boy's fingertips toward the Angel - this time bigger than the first - even while the Skeletal Fiend lumbers forward shortly after to swing a bony knife-hand chop toward him as well!

The Samurai is thrown back by the shield parry from Gaffgarion, but fails to drop his blade as intended. Not merely that, he also manages to bring the blade to bear to deflect -most- of that stab. It still cuts his inner thigh, shredding etheral robes and opening a gash. But what spills out from the wound is not blood, but energy! Angered by the wound, however, the Samurai jams his sword back into its scabbard and grasps the hilt of another. "Legendary sword that kills freely...!" He calls, before drawing the blade and then quickly jamming it back in! "...Asura!" Within in an instant, the sound of steel cutting at the air comes and a ghostly blade begins to appear from the aether to cut at Gaffgarion! If he isn't swift enough to sense the movement of magical energies, he may just be getting cut!

The knight whirls in place as Allyn attempts to slip around behind, the Bite is successful in latching onto his shoulder and tearing at ethereal flesh - causing the knight to cry out in pain even as the etheral flesh dissipates into ghostly energy. The Monk leaps at Allyn again, however, relentlessly baring down on the large cat with a barrage of pummeling punches even as his fighting partner recovers!

The Bonesnatch continues to advance steadily on Maya, even as the orange-skinned devil settles in behind her, and when the healing spell is cast - it lets out an anguished hiss as black energy pours forth from eyes and mouth into the ambient air. Even so, it lifts a clawed hand once more, conjuring yet another sphere of highly condensed water - this one larger than the last - and hurls it in her direction! The Ahriman, meanwhile, leaps into the air and begins to beat its wings... somehow channeling an unusually strong gust against her in the doing!

Dr. Violet Hunter has posed:
Angemon lifts its staff up in response to the flames. He twirls the staff in one hand, rapidly. The flames impact the rod, dispersed by the force of its spin. Some of the sparks still fly through, though, causing some minor burns on Angemon's skin.

Then, in comes the Knife Chop. Angemon quickly stops the spinning of his staff, and instead brings it in to push away the arm of the Skeletal Fiend. This isn't meant to harm. It's just meant to get the attack out of the way. But if he does this right, it should leave the skeleton open to attack.

He now holds the staff with only his left hand. His right is pulled back, and glowing with a firey aura of holy energy.


He punches forward, trying to strike his knuckle straight into the Skeletal Fiend. From the knuckle, a column of light bursts out. This column stretches forward, hopefully engulfing the Black Mage as well, all within this righteous light.

Angemon then leaps back, his wings flapping. They do not flap enough for a creature of his size to fly, but despite this, he is now floating in the air, a bit further back from the undead. Readying for his next strike.

Allyn has posed:
Allyn growls as he is pummeled by the monk, but he was distracted by the night. He's hurt, but he's not going to let that stop him. He turns his head and snarls at the monk for punching him that hard, but that's alright, it's two on one isn't it? He doesn't just stand there and take it though, he shifts forms, no longer that sabertooth cat, but now a large winged serpant, he coils his body around the monk and squeezes as tight as he can.

Goffard Gaffgarion (Dropped) has posed:
Odd how Gaffgarion seemed to be able to better tell what was going on magically than with a physical attack he should have seen coming. He feels the pressure differential as the spectral blade starts to form, and ducks, pulling away from the spectral samurai before he suffers much more than a nick on his armor.

That distance he pulls back lets him concentrate on something else. Ever seen a Knight use magic? Energies of flame start to gather around him. And as he raises the hand of his shield arm into the air, the hand clawed and open, he proclaims, "Out of the ground, raze all greenery with flame! /Fira!/" Careful, anything near that samurai might get a little torched too, even if Gaffgarion's spell misses!

Maya has posed:
Well now this is where things get interesting she sees some of the undead still have some minds to them. She seems actually sad, these are not liches, they are not people who sold their souls for power or to flee the reaper. No they were people who got caught up in the curse of this place. So it's simply just putting them back to rest, that has been denied from them.

Maya looks at the Bonesnatch gets closer again Maya moves to react but she's not quick enough she's caught in the sphere of water, and if you ever belly flopped you know how water can hurt on impact, the wind doesn't help much either as she starts to lose her footing but as she drops Maya lets off another spell, rolls and comes back up. What did she cast? A fire spell which attempts to catch the Bonesnatch in a pillar of flame.

Maya's back on her feet now and getting to moving again not wanting to sit still.

Ultima (129) has posed:
Both the Skeletal Fiend and the Black Mage are caught off-guard by the deft feats of deflection the Digimon brings to bear. When the staff finishes twirling, the pair have barely even had time to re-group to begin another assault before the Holy-powered Knuckle and its blinding aura crashes into their frames and send both flying away!

Both go rolling across the ground, but the Black Mage is thhe first to spring to his feet again - even as whisps of white energy drift into the air away from him. Leather-encased hands twitch, thrust together in a cupped fashion then sprea apart again as he fans his arms out in a circular fashion slowly, "...Swirling bolts..."

A crackle of thunder can be heard overhead, as lightning arcs across the sky.

"...gather together and strike! Thundara!" With a brilliant flash, and a thudering BOOM, the heaven's open and out pours a searing lightning strike... headed straight for Angemon!

Gaffgarion's deft evasion of his Asura technique earns a scowl from the undead Samurai, but he has little time to do more than advance a step or two before a torrent of flame is unleashed upon his spectral form that sears his ethereal flesh and blasts away yet more of the energy which composes him into the air! Crying out, as he raises his arms defensively, it takes him a moment or two to realize he was not outright obliterated by that as he imagine'd he'd be! Still, the battle is tiring him already - as the hand that moves lazily to another of his sword hilts shows. "Evil souls of the Dark, gather here...!" He intones, pulling the sword from its scabbard as he swings it forward to cut the air between them. Vile energies begin to pour forth from the ground, "...Koutetsu!" ... before howls of horrifying shrillness would fill the ears of alllll gathered as the summoned evil spirits charge Gaffgarion down and attempt to inflict their choking darkness upon him!

The Monk is bound up in Allyn's coilsreadily, not at all expecting the creature before him to shift into another shape entirely! The crushing force of Allyn's attack leaves him unable to fight back, even as his energies dissipate into the air. This forces the Knight to have to charge in, bashing at Allyn's snake-like form with his shield in an attempt to stun the creature in the hope to free the Monk!

The Bonesnatch lets out another shrill, but otherwise unintelligible, cry as the flames threaten to encompass it and burn away all but its very soul. Yet more black energy pours away from it, and it staggers, possibly about to collapse already. It's while the Bonesnatch is distracted that the Ahriman flies into Maya's field of view again, and its eery singular souless pupil locks onto her face. There would be a momentary subtle glow, that swiftly expands from pupil to the rest of the eye, and if she does not look away swiftly... she may (if she feels pain) soon find her body wracked with sudden BURNING pain as the Ahriman's gaze sends a flood of unholy energy through her!

Allyn has posed:
Allyn hisses in pain as the knight's shield bashes him, which of course has him releasing the monk as he's forced backwards. He shakes his head seemingly stunned for a few moments. He almost loses his shifted form, but recovers before he can shift to his hated human form. He glares coldly at the monk and the knight with those retilian eyes. He needs a new form, but no, he flaps his wings and coils his body and hurls himself at the knight, mouth open wide as he tries to swallow the knight whole, he may be weakened, but he isn't done for yet. "Die again you unnatural monster." the serpent hisses coldly at te dead knight.

Dr. Violet Hunter has posed:
There is one problem that one faces sometimes, when you are an aerial target, and you are holding a large golden rod that would be good at conducting metal.

The burst of electricity flies true, impacting into Angemon. His entire body is shaking due to it. He stays calm, though, immediately launching into his next attack.

He lifts his staff, spinning it above his head. At the same time, he flaps his wings rapidly. The combination of wings and spinning is all simply to power up as he leads into his next attack.

A massive tornado begins to spin around him. This tornado is also being filled with the holy light. As he spins his staff more and more, its force simply increases. Possibly even tearing some nearby trees from their roots.

Angemon speaks. Calmly.

"You have fought well. But, move on to the other side, and find peace."

And then, he points his staff forward, ending the spinning. The tornado flies forwards, towards the skeletal beast, and the Black Mage.


Goffard Gaffgarion (Dropped) has posed:
Darkness? Really?

Gaffgarion is only marginally harmed by this attack, and even then only by sheer virtue of it attempting to do horrible things to a living soul. And despite being dark, he is still living, to whom the touch of death is still painful. He defends against the worst of the charge, whether it's because of his shield or because his own powers are just as dark as the energy that was leveled at him.

Pulling the shield down, he notes, "Poor choice of attack, wraith." Again Gaffgarion rushes the samurai, looking to bash his shield into the ghostly warrior's guard (or his face) and stagger him, so the slice he aims across the wraith's neck will /hopefully/ connect.

Maya has posed:
Maya is not having a good days he's already wet and battered, she's lucky she's not one to wear white really. She however has more than just the undead Bonesnatch to worry about right now,. She's got the strange demon looking at her as the blast she feels pain, she's feeling a whole lot of pain the unholy energy ravages Maya's body she screams trying to make it stop and lashes out with a spell without thinking. Lightning launches from her finger tips at the Ahriman!

She tries to get up but even the lingering pain is a heck of a lot to deal with that hurt, that hurt so damn much it shouldn't have hurt that much, why /did/ it hurt that much?

Ultima (129) has posed:
Allyn's attempt to swallow the Knight whole ends, rather unceremoniously, with an undead Knight running around in circles flailing in a panic as a snake on his head attempting to swallow him. While that may be embarassing for both parties involved, what comes next is no less so. The Monk exhales slowly, before bringing his focus to bear and channeling energy into his ghostly form. His entire body, crimson robes and all, throbs with glowing white chi. "Burning Anger Rising...!" The aura thickens, and he falls into martial stance, "...Burst!" The aura swells almost to exploding as the area around him glows ghastly white, and he thrusts his right fist into the air toward the pair. "Aurablast!!!" Suddenly, an eruption of powerful chi erupts forward from the Monk's body in a wave... speeding straight toward Allyn and the Knight!

The Skeletal Fiend and the Black Mage, meanwhile, are certainly having a time of it! The tornado conjured by Angemon surges toward them, ripping up foliage and tearing massive branches loose as it goes, before sweeping them into its Holy fury and then tossing them skyward!


...And it takes them quite afew moments before they impact the ground again, almost literally on top of one another! But while the Fiend's body gives way, turning into whisps of black mist upon impact, the robed Mage still finds the strength to push himself up... slowly... and his fingers begin to writhe in the air once more... producing frigid mist... "Howling winds, speak of forgotten truths..." The mist coalesces together in front of him as a large volume of cold, wet, air while the ambient temperature in their immediate area plummets practically in tandem. The mist rises into the air, and then a forceful clapping of hands comes, "...Blizzaga!", followed by the mist collapsing to form giant shards of ice that fall toward Angemon!

The Samurai attempts to side-step Gaffgarion'sa shield bash, still managing to get smashed in the right shoulder with it and thrown off-guard. It staggers him, but he brings that sword to bear again and charges Gaffgarion headlong. "...You will soon know the cold embrace of death, knave!" The Samurai finally chooses to address him properly... right before executing several swift, lethally-intentioned, strikes with his blade against Gaffgarion in quick succession!

Ahriman squeals, body seizing as lightning lances from Maya's finger tips and strikes it. It quickly collapses to the ground, rolling across the dirt, as the Bonesnatch wades in again for last attempt against the girl's life. This time, with a wave of both hands in the air above its head, it conjures a massive sphere of elemental water almost literally from thin air and attempts to drop it on her head. As it does so, it gives up the last of its energy... causing its bony undead form to collapse!

Allyn has posed:
Allyn doesn't seem to really feel the attack from the monk, but he lets go of the knight's head and starts to flie off a little ways. He feels himself losing control though it seems, he is just a dumb beast after all. He shifts again, but doesn't change forms, well, not really. He can shift different parts of himself if he wants to, but he's not quite doing that either.

No..when he shifts his current serpent form grows..thirty...fifty...no to nearly a hundred feet, wings growing in proportion. Yes, its one pissed off shapeshifter and he's not holding back, and no, he's not done shifting, where there had just been one serpent head attached to his body three more branch off and he hisses menacingly at the monk and the knight. He doesn't usually do this, usually has more control. He strikes with two heads each at the monk and the knight.

Dr. Violet Hunter has posed:
The Blizzaga impacts into Angemon. The freezing cold bashing into him, and frosting him over. He can't move much, due to this. Or at leas,t he can't move much at first. After a moment, he finally breaks out of the ice encasing him.

But. This is an enemy who has only been relying on distant attacks. Magic. Generally, such are a bit frailer. And that is what he is banking on for what may be the attack that finishes off the mage.

He rushes in, flying at a high speed. He holds the staff in his left hand, and swings it in a wide arc. A wide enough arch it might hit the Black Mage in the back of his head. And at this point, he brings his right hand forward, trying to place his palm directly onto the face of the black mage. Again, his hand becomes filled with a massive amount of Light.

"Go to the afterlife, and be peaceful."

The massive amount of holy energy bursts out, aimed at the face.


Goffard Gaffgarion (Dropped) has posed:
Gaffgarion emits a grunt of pain at the flurry of slices. His armor doesn't seem to help him at all here, as the samurai seems to find every opening in his armor with every swing. That doesn't surprise him. Samurai are always a pain to deal with, all that disgusting honor and everything. Sometimes it seems to give them strength.

However, while it doesn't surprise him? It does rather piss him off.

Moving with a speed and precision that might not have seemed possible for a man wearing heavy plate armor, he turns, trying again to bat the sword away. This time he tries to knock the sword to the right, so that the samurai will have to use his left hand (hopefully his off-hand) to regain control of the weapon. That will, with any luck, give the Fell Knight a few extra moments to attack.

Speaking of attack? "I will see you again in Hell," he growls. With that he tries to impale the samurai, putting all hs weight and force behind a strike to an unprotected area of the samurai's body. Perhaps under an arm, or between the armor plates on his side.

Ultima (129) has posed:
Allyn's monsterous transformation catches both off-guard, the Knight and his martial artist companion both standing wide-eyed at the sheer impossibility that had risen before them. There is not even time to scream for either, and Allyn's attack crushes them both... turning the pair back into ethereal mist from whence they came...

...Angemon's staff strike, too, clocks its target hard upside the head and sends the ethereal spectre staggering straight into that holy attack... where his life too is snuffed out once more unceremoniously in a very literal flash...

Gaffgarion's swift maneuvering sees the Samurai's blade knocked aside... where it goes flying into the dirt nearby and vanishes in a wisp of white energy... a sign its host is not holding up well. Before he even has time to grasp the hilt of another, Gaffgarion's sword finds a gap in his armor and penetrates clean through to the other side! "Gac...!" And, suddenly, he too is gone in a cloud of ethereal energy...

...Any enemies present left on the battlefield suddenly burst into ethereal mist as well, driting off into the wind as the cursed event ends in silence...

Maya has posed:
Maya sees the Ahriman take the hit, she make ssure it's dead, but there comes the sphere of waterit slams into maya while it hurts. It does little more than leave her soaking wet she's howeve dazed from the eariler spell she took. She watches Alyn trandform and she's more than a bit shocked at that. She looks as the enemies vanish and she frowns.

"The source of this, the tale said it's the tree didn't it...?"

Dr. Violet Hunter has posed:
Angemon stands down. He reaches for the mostly burnt up robe. While it isn't /perfect/, it's better than no disguise at all. And so, he puts it on again. His wings are thankfully mostly hidden, but the rest of his body is more visible.

"May these undead pass on..."

And, a bit of a pause.

"And, may the pay for this job be worth it."

He begins to look around, trying to see if there is any sort of remains. Honestly, that would be the biggest problem about a mission where you have to kill ghosts to get your pay. How the hell do you /prove it/ if they don't drop anything.

He looks at the others, pondering. "...Well. I will say this, though. All of you are strong fighters. I hope that I might face some of you in battle. Some day."

A specific look is given to Allyn. Yeah. Angemon is expecting Allyn to need to get some sense beaten into him one day, to keep him out of certain things he shouldn't be getting his mitts into. Like helping Tatsuto.

Allyn has posed:
Once the enemies are gone the now overly alrge and unnatural serpent glances around with all four heads, most of those staring at Angemon, if he was in his right mind at the moment he'd have words for the creature, but he'll help Tatsuto whenever he wants to.. Besides this Dr. person Angemon mentioned isn't who his main concern is right now, its the one that stole the 'cub' from the human 'cub' Tatsuto. The serpent coils up on the ground, glaring with those icy repilian eyes at Angemon, yes, right now this form fits his already abd mood that he's been in lately, but he doesn't say anything. The heads of the serpent all close as the heads settle down.

-<RADIO: 5>- Allyn says, "your friend the doctor isn't my concern right now Angemon. The Emperor is and I will help Tatsuto as I can."
-<RADIO: 5>- Allyn says, "as are any who wish to throw off the balance of order and chaos..there must be balance"

Goffard Gaffgarion (Dropped) has posed:
As his opponent begins to dissolve, Gaffgarion speaks again, a growl under his breath. "And when I find you there, I will kill you again." Suddenly... poof. The ghosts are gone. Gaffgarion checks his blade. No ichor or blood there that he could see. Good, that's less Ladd has to do later. Sheathing the blade, he turns to his allies for this mission, looking to each of them as he raises his visor to see more clearly.

"Well. With that dealt with..." A pause at Maya's words, and he scoffs, waving a hand dismissively. "Wives' tales, nothing more. I hardly believe each undead that rises springs from this tree. There are more undead in Ivalice than merely in these woods." His skepticism is clear in his tone as well.

He looks to Angemon, with a measuring look. He's not seen a creature like him before. The statement of the pay gets a chuckle. "'Tis a truly worthy concern, good sir." And the mention of facing him in battle is met with an almost predatory smirk. "And that is an interesting prospect." Given how religious Ivalice seems to be, an angelic opponent is an interesting thing to consider!

Gaffgarion looks to the multiple-headed serpent then. Perhaps he's only just now noticed the sheer unlikeliness of that. And wasn't he a Couerl before? Or something like one? "Take care, should you leave the woods thus. You may be mistaken for a monster yourself and vanquished," he warns Allyn.

-<RADIO: 5>- Goffard Gaffgarion says, "That sounds like the beginnings of a fine heroic speech." Flatly, "Please, go no farther. Heroic speeches tend to make me retch."
-<RADIO: 5>- Allyn says, "heroic? I do not know about that, but do you know either chaos or order having too much power is bad. Neither one are good if they have power. Balance is what is required and it is my duty to make sure balance is kept between the two."
-<RADIO: 5>- Goffard Gaffgarion says, "There is no profit to be made from balance. In Ivalice, power belongs to those who take it. Whether chaotic or orderly is of no concern to me."
-<RADIO: 5>- Allyn says, "I left humanity behind a long time ago, I am a beast, an animal nothing more. Animals have no need for things, or power. We react to our surroundings we are not good or evil, we are balanced."