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Maya (Scenesys ID: 19)
"Fate? Destiny? They are all something people use to make themselves feel better when they fail."
Full Name: Maya of House Marduk
Gender: Female
Species: Human?
Theme: (FC) Septerra Core-1
Function: Junker
Status: Active
Factional Information
Faction: Union (20-Ally)
Groups: Thousand Dreams
Other Information
Physical Age: 20 Actual Age: 30
Still Aging? No Voice Actor: Karen Anglin
Height: 5'10" Weight: I have a knife, don't ask.
Hair Color: Blue Eye Color: Green
Theme Song:


Maya was born in the city of Oasis on shell two of the planet known as Septerra. The city has seen its share of hardships, most notably being used as a battleground between two chosen lords about 10 years ago. Maya herself is normally a calm and fairly down-to-earth person who normally has the best interests of her people at heart, and she does what she can to help protect them. She often helps the man known as Uncle with the younger orphans. Maya's a fairly decent Junker and is able to salvage various bits of tossed away machinery. She is equipped with magical Fate Cards and her custom made assault rifle (complete with more features than a Stealth Bomber), Maya journeys to set the wrong things right. She started out as a scout. Served for several years as an officer then retired to better focus on her own world's problems while still aiding the union.








Helping Those in Need: While this can be a very good thing it also means, Maya can be taken advantage of if someone can trick her into thinking they are surely need her help in some matter. She's got a thing for protecting the helpless and weak and will often throw herself into the line of fire without a second thought. This can also distract her from her personal objectives as well, from time to time. A foe who knows this about Maya could more than make use of it.

Enemies: Maya made a lot of enemies during her quest to save Septerra and unlock the Gift of the Creator. Now many of them are dead and gone but not all of them are. Draxx the first lich and creator of necromancy still exists while his power has wained and doubtless harbours thoughts of vengeance. One of the Chief Minions of Arch Heretic Doskais also survives a merc by the name of Hawk, a powerful fighter,, he walked away from the whole thing but still harbors a lot of hate for Maya and would likely love a shot at payback. Finally there are Chosen nobles who hate Maya and the possible claims she has on ruler ship over her nation. Possibly because of that and they have acted against her and likely will continue to try to strike at Maya from the shadows. If anyone has want to deal with Maya getting in contact with any of them would be useful they have more experience with her than most in the multiverse at large. (If you want to make use of them contact me.)

Anti Holy: Anti holy magic, weapons and abilities have a noticeable effect on Maya - namely, she suffers noticeably from things that normally should not affect a mortal human being, but only at creatures of holy/light will effect Maya. However this is a weakness that Maya isnt aware of her blood line has left her with. So things that can bind, harm or otherwise do things to holy beings are very likely to have some sort of effect on Maya.


Title Date Scene Summary
The Countdown Is At One April 30th, 2019 {{{Synopsis}}}
Slightly Late Turkey Day November 23rd, 2018 A late thanksgiving party at Archer's home
RIFTS: The Garnet Town Gambit Part 3 November 7th, 2018 The party returns to Garnet Town with the freed prisoners. The town has a decision to make... and one last loose end to wrap up.
RIFTS: The Garnet Town Gambit (Part 2) October 24th, 2018 Having tracked down the brodkil camp, our heroes slay the demons, save the prisoners, encounter a human collaborator, and learn who was truly behind the attacks.
RIFTS: The Garnet Town Gambit (Part 1) October 19th, 2018 Answering a call for help, our heroes find a small town suffering from demonic raiders and caught between two factions offering help with strings attached.
Escape From Facinaturu August 5th, 2018 Elites from multiple factions as well those unaligned try to rescue Asellus and White Rose from the tyranny of Chateau Aiguille, run by Mystic Lord Orlouge.
FateParadox: New Beginnings May 26th, 2018 The new Grail War begins with a battle on a big bridge
Steelix-y Resolve November 15th, 2017 Alexis calls for help defending a rare wild Steelix from Teams Magma and Aqua.
Perfectly Symmetrical Violence September 13th, 2017 Yomi calls for help after encountering a youkai that can match her move for move.
A Matter of Morale December 23rd, 2016 Several Paladins converge on Ferdinand Luke's orphanage to hand out some Christmas cheer. They're met by Heinkel Wolfe.
Against the Unliving December 21st, 2016 Vatican Section XIII investigates a region of the Austrian Alps that has been hit by a ghoul infestation, and brings along multiversal allies for the ride.
Damocles Released December 15th, 2016 Harry Dresden is double conscripted into being a double cop, is very confused about it.
Chevaliers December 14th, 2016 A meeting of Paladins in Hellsing-1 Earth.
The Halo November 15th, 2016 The allies of the Izzet defend the Nexus.. and then a miracle.
The Nexus - Finale I November 7th, 2016 Ijiwaru claims he's captured Yunomi and intends to turn her over at the Mana Nexus...
A Personnel Attack! November 2nd, 2016 The Namamura District is assaulted by the Guildless again... with Dimir skulking about as well.
Out of the Way October 23rd, 2016 O-Hiko's domain is attacked and the Izzet allies move to defend... and get help from someone they don't see..
The House in the Dark October 10th, 2016 The third lab of Yunomi is located near the Golgari Guild Gate...
The Butchery October 5th, 2016 Exploration and investigation of "The Butchery" Yunomi's second lab
Invaders From Beyond September 16th, 2016 Heroes respond to a mystical disturbance... And face interdimensional invaders!
The Guilds Meet August 24th, 2016 The Guilds meet.
The Jewel of the Outer Kingdoms April 8th, 2016 The Kingdom of Shun throws open its gates in welcome of their new Union allies, and invites a number of them to visit Jewelbough Palace.
We Didn't Start The Fire! April 7th, 2016 The Hellions are up to some kind of trouble again in an office building! And a mysterious second group has gone in after them! Heroes local and Multiversal respond!
A Stark Reception. March 5th, 2016 NO ONE PLAY RAINS OF CASTAMERE!
A Vow Unchallenged March 5th, 2016 The Wedding of Tony Stark and Virginia
A Special Day February 25th, 2016 Can't even celebrate the anniversary without something coming up.
Down the Tubes February 9th, 2016 Yunomi leads a group of adventurers down an access tunnel for some repairs -- but who knows what they will find?
Clenched Teeth Teamwork February 4th, 2016 Called by a Jedi temple to ward off a Sith intruder, Jedi Revan and Kyle Katarn bring Maya and Mairead Sandilands, only to end up working together. There they find revalations about themselves and their actions through the Force...
A Taste of the Multiverse January 7th, 2016 Hearing that Kal Udar has never had real food, Staren contrives to remedy this at the Bar & Grill
Kawakami City Unification December 17th, 2015 The Union shows up to engage in diplomacy with a new world. Fightgotiations ensue.
A Bad Time to Travel December 7th, 2015 Union forces under Pepper's leadership escorts a trade caravan for the Beifong family when mercenaries and Confederates strike. Also, dino-train.
Terry asking for help on a special gift November 16th, 2015 Terry asking for help on a gift for a friend that he thinks she will like.
Dragon Unchained October 24th, 2015 Only one thing remains to be done, and Defiant lives dangerously as he attempts to undo what Teacher did. Chaos ensues.
That Old Black Magic October 22nd, 2015 The season of the witch is ongoing, and Salamanca is experiencing strange events as it celebrates Halloween.
Woodvale Trial: Nature's Wrath October 20th, 2015 The Devouring Earth are launching another assault. Can the heroes beat them back?
She Who Would Inherit the Fire of Our World October 18th, 2015 The seekers of adversity have overcome their final challenge and gather one last time to peer through the mists of time, in order to rectify the mistakes of those who came before, and create a future from their last, desperate efforts.
Nemesis: Sub-Terra - Finale October 15th, 2015 As the Phalanx and the Cult of Nemesite converge on Alton Towers, the Union and Syndicate must do their best to prevent disaster.
WMAT CSF Maya vs Setsuko Kaminagi October 12th, 2015 Maya and Setsuko meet in the WMAT semi-finals!
Scion (2-2) October 10th, 2015 It's time to finish off Scion once and for all.
Scion (1-2) October 9th, 2015 The finale of the Brockton Bay plot.
Jack Slash October 3rd, 2015 It's time to deal with Jack.
WMAT C2 Maya vs Lute September 28th, 2015 Maya and Lute face off again in a brutal fight down to the wire
Storm Warning September 25th, 2015 Jack brings a large number of Slaughterhouse members to a mall, and they need to be dealt with.
WMAT C1 Maya vs. Fate T. Harlaown September 15th, 2015 Bracket C1 WMAT 2015, Maya vs. Fate T. Harlaown
WMAT CQ1 Maya vs Lute August 15th, 2015 Lute vs. Maya at the WMAT, with Lute winning.
Out of the Fog August 4th, 2015 The R.S.S. Konstantinov flees the hot pursuit of the R.S.S. Taktarov, bargaining with multiversal powers if it means saving themselves.
Welcome to Portal Corp July 24th, 2015 A tour of Portal Corporation!
The Mechanics of Diplomacy: A Clockwork Blorenge July 13th, 2015 A foreign diplomat is being held hostage by a bunch of scavenging robots in Founders' Falls! What heroic types will come to the rescue?
Iron Within! Iron Without! June 15th, 2015 Honsou displays his hate-on for the Ultramarines by getting Confederate friends to punch them for him.
Husks Pt. 2 June 6th, 2015 The exciting conclusion to this story arc! A confrontation with the Banished Pantheon!
Low Hanging Fruit May 31st, 2015 Scarlet Everille and several members of Heaven or Hell follow up on the prior investigation into the former's home break-in.
Husks May 30th, 2015 The Banished Pantheon steal the Scepter of Mot. Heroes have to hunt them down before they can escape back to Dark Astoria with it!
Tony's 45th Birthday Bash May 29th, 2015 Tony celebrates his 45th birthday in style... in DISNEY WORLD! Karaoke, food, silly gifts and happy guests, what more can a billionaire superhero want?
Troll Rave Party! May 23rd, 2015 Trolls get hopped up on superadine and start rampaging! Someone has to put a stop to it!
The Evil That Men Do May 22nd, 2015 Heroes and villains clash on Valor Bridge over a shipment of ingredients for a medicine that could save the life of Dr. Vasilikos's father, and many other heroes!
Rebel Crossfire May 21st, 2015 In a sudden spearhead against rebel efforts, the Galactic Empire has ordered both the Rogue Shadow's crew and their Confederate Allies to a remote outpost off the Hydian Way. Imperial Intelligence has determined that there are no resources or enemy intelligence of value contained within the facility, and so Confederate and Imperial orders are simple: Wipe the facility off the map...
Paragon Introductions May 16th, 2015 New heroes receive their official I.D.s as protectors of Paragon City!
Space Plague May 13th, 2015 Dr. Vasilikos invites various heroes to help find a cure for his father's mysterious ailment. But uninvited guests bust into the lab!
Bank Robbery: Kings Row May 11th, 2015 A bank robbery on Kings Row! Heroes show up to stop it! But can they do so without any innocents getting hurt?
Radio Mission: Retrieve the Scepter of Mot May 6th, 2015 The organization called MAGI has requested a dangerous magic item be retrieved from a cult of magic users known as the Circle of Thorns. Will the heroes succeed?
The Guru on Mount Woe May 2nd, 2015 The group works to save Melchior from Mount Woe, Giga Gaia, and the elite of the Zealian Military.
The Bunny Trap May 1st, 2015 Faruja calls friends and allies to save his Acolyte! A plot is uncovered!
Radio Mission: Rescue physicians from Outcasts April 29th, 2015 Some doctors have been kidnapped in Paragon City! What brave heroes will rescue them?
AWftF: The Fifth Dragon Ball April 27th, 2015 The Union and Confederacy team up to claim the next Dragon Ball, but run into unexpected trouble on two fronts.
Return of the Singing Girl April 20th, 2015 A rescue mission, and an awkward reunion.
The Gundam that Fell to Earth April 17th, 2015 A Gundam falls to Earth. Chaos ensues.
Sunburnt Metal Finale April 12th, 2015 The biggest trial ever to hit Elysium along with the final showdown with Alexandra.
Sunburnt Metal Part 2 April 3rd, 2015 The Union goes to confront Alexandria about where Freya is. Things don't go quite as expected.
Sunburnt Metal Part 1 March 27th, 2015 The Union investigates Freya's house for clues but runs into trouble there.
The Lavadome March 22nd, 2015 Allo takes some of their new allies to see part of the Lavadome for itself, to express how important it is to Reptilon's survival.
Earthbound March 17th, 2015 This scene stinks!
Reconstruction Blues March 15th, 2015 Yari Takane leads construction efforts in Freeport. Union, Confed, and Unaffiliated alike arrive to help out!
Birthday Beach Baloobas March 12th, 2015 Toph turns 14 and arranges a beach party!
Robot Unicorn Attack: Coming of Age Edition March 9th, 2015 To pass her rite of passage, Ariel must run the Rainbow Road, like many young unicorns before her. But she doesn't have to run it alone.
AWftF: Getting Better Acquainted March 5th, 2015 Allo meets with potential allies for Reptilon's situation.
New Blood: The Secret of Eveningstar March 1st, 2015 A Shajem has been found under Eveningstar. Binding it proves to be complicated.
AWftF: The War for Reptilon Begins February 28th, 2015 Kakarot's army of Neo-Saiyans has initiated an attack against Genghis Rex's homeworld, Reptilon. The Confederacy, Union, and Red Ribbon Regiment respond.
Dropoff at Waterland February 23rd, 2015 Fayt drops off some orders at a city in the Waterland Desert. Shenanigans ensue.
Withering Tree February 14th, 2015 A clockwork fortress goes to drain a giant tree of magic. A fight ensues.
AWftF: The Third Dragon Ball January 31st, 2015 The three-star Dragon Ball is found among the art collection of a wealthy executive. When the Confederacy moves in to claim it, the Union gets involved, and what was supposed to be a quiet theft gets messy...
Maelstrom: Upon A Black Horse January 22nd, 2015 The Master of Charlemagne invites Sir Gawain and his allies for tea. And then, SUDDENLY BUS DRIVING SERVANT.
Laugh Clown, Laugh January 19th, 2015 Maud is chased into the depths of the catacombs of Baltimare for a final showdown. Where the truth is revealed.
Obstructed Fate January 17th, 2015 The same night as the Union Elites are accepted as guests of the Einzbern family, they begin their plan to rescue Irisviel and Illyasviel from being used as tools in the Grail War. With allies on the outside securing their exit, and preparation for just about everything, there's no possible way this can go wrong!
The Castle In The North January 15th, 2015 Kiritsugu, Saber, Sir Bedivere, Psyber, Emiya Shirou, and Maya all venture north, to the Einzbern castle in Germany, to find out just how far they'll have to go to stop Jubstacheit von Einzbern. Some familiar faces are encountered.
Epilogue January 3rd, 2015 Hayate and the Wolkenritter, along with their new member, decide their future.
The Assassin's Council January 3rd, 2015 In a castle owned by the Einzberns, just outside Fuyuki City, various people assemble to discuss how to save Irisviel and Illyasviel von Einzbern from the machinations of a magus family.
A Surprise To No One December 30th, 2014 A group go to find out what the Einzberns are up to, only to discover that magi are awful. This is a surprise to no one.
Sanctus Espiritus December 13th, 2014 A job to retrieve a stolen summoning incantation in New York City becomes much messier and much more dangerous than expected.
Little Lost Lamb December 13th, 2014 Alicia Testarossa goes for a joyride... and attracts the Mariage.
Zombie University December 12th, 2014 The Mariage assault a magic school.
Logia Hunter December 10th, 2014 A pair of bounty hunters try to take out the Wolkenritter.
Automated Armament II December 9th, 2014 In which teamwork is lacking, but somehow the day is saved. Mostly?
The Days' Off Festival December 8th, 2014 An informal festival is held at the Odindome, and everyone is invited to attend! However, a conflict brews over the disposition of cookies...
Titan Field Trip: Geological Samples December 5th, 2014 A field trip to Titan becomes an example of multiversal interaction! The depths of Titan become host to lesson both for students and Elites.
Infestation December 3rd, 2014 The Mariage boldly attack a TSAB base. Are they getting more numerous?
Russian Roulette Dinner! December 1st, 2014 Mokuba invites a number of people over for dinner. Specifically, Russian Roulette Dinner.
Dungeon Run: Sector Three vs. Fire Bombers November 30th, 2014 Prince Landon al Cid invites basically everyone to his private box to watch one of the local professional sports events: Dungeon Run! Ensue mostly no one watching the game in favor of politics and multiversal information sharing.
Two Illyas November 29th, 2014 Chloe takes the Union to fix up Fuyuki's leylines and runs into an old acquaintance and an old enemy. Poor Illya is left as confused as ever, and Shirou never catches a break.
There's a storm in Tomoeda! It's a big one! Can Sakura and her friends deal with it November 24th, 2014 There's a storm in Tomoeda! It's a big one! Can Sakura and her friends deal with it?!
Maelstrom: Abbadon November 23rd, 2014 After Reaper's recovery, Sir Gawain, Riva Banari, Maya, Shirou Emiya, and Psyber interrogate him about what he knows of the Grail War, and about who he is.
Maelstrom: Tower of Babel November 17th, 2014 Sir Gawain and a few allies go to help with what seems to be just a day off doing construction for Caster of White's Wardenclyffe Tower, when Berserker of White and his Master make an unexpected visit.
First Target: Nassel November 13th, 2014 The Union and Confederacy investigate a Mariage threat, hunting for the source.
Maelstrom: The Art of War November 6th, 2014 Sir Gawain and his allies attempt to ambush Rider of Gold and his Master Hiroto Matou...but things don't go as planned.
Halloween Poker Night 2014 October 31st, 2014 Halloween Poker Night 2014. The poses below will look a bit sparse, as there was a TON of radio action! Expect radio stuff to be added later. I also had to cut out the pretty ASCII card art, because it wasn't playing nice with wiki code. :(
The Killing Fields October 24th, 2014 A murdering magus in a small town gets taken down by a combination of Union and Confederate participants... As well as one face that no one expected to see again.
Dark Divinity September 25th, 2014 The Dark Divinity has come to ride and those who heed the call of the people of Quarrymill must defend the settlement from his unholy might.
BtC: Knight Errant September 21st, 2014 Miss Clokwerk, Black Arachnia and Maya attempt to stop Ferham before she can assassinate the head of a giant corp subdivision, or get blown apart in the process!
Lord Of The Inferno September 15th, 2014 Vi'Sharra and the Immortal Flames have hired out assistance from all corners of the Multiverse to deal with a rather large problem. The problem being that of a Primal known as Ifrit. Can they take this massive aetheric creature down? Or will it be they who become BBQ?
Brockton Bay PRT Fundraiser September 12th, 2014 A light social scene revolving around a fundraising bound!
No Sylphing Around September 2nd, 2014 The Union send people to help cleanse the black shroud. Attacking trees, unknown shadow beasts, and Odin kinda complicate things.

Plus there are Bunny Goats! Bunny Goats are cool.

Gonna ave a Par-TAY! August 18th, 2014 Pinkie and friends set up a carnival for people to attend and have fun! Of course things don't always go right.
A Little Sun and Sand and Hopefully No Lectures August 16th, 2014 Impromptu ICE CREAM PARTY at Tony's.... and he didn't get any.
A little sun and sand and hopefully no lectures. August 16th, 2014 Impromptu ICE CREAM PARTY at Tony's.... and he didn't get any.
Mu - Reforge August 13th, 2014 It is time to end it. A group of Unionites set out to the shrine in the Earth Kingdom, their aim? Restore their friend and subdue a hungry spirit who threatens to consume her.
Mu - Horrors of the Heart August 11th, 2014 With the location of the shrine secured, the Unionites head out in order to do what they can in order to return Toph to her normal self.
Mu - Sins of the Fathers August 7th, 2014 Following a lead Haru found, the rest of the people concerned for Toph head to a remote Earth Kingdom village in order to find out just what has happened to the young earthbending master.
Xiang's Return August 2nd, 2014 Xiang and Galen Marek attack a town and research facility. Heroes stop them.
Mu - A dull patient August 2nd, 2014 With Toph safely at Njorun medical, her parents wish to visit her again, all under the watchful eye of Tony, Frederica and Maya. More questions are asked, and possible solutions are suggested.
Mu - The Wilting Lotus August 1st, 2014 After several days of not hearing from Toph, some of the Union decide to look for her themselves and head to the home of her parents.
Snow Tracks Pt. 2 July 31st, 2014 A brief bit of investigative legwork has turned up that the Dragon-chasing fellow whom the mission concerns has likely gone into the Gollund Mines after the object of his pursuit. Getting in still poses a problem, but it's a problem the mercenary party is keen to resolve - one way or another.
A Cloud Over Fovoham July 26th, 2014 The roadways between Gallione and Fovoham were cleared of the accursed undead, and much aid was to come to Fovoham under the canopy of the Yuguewood. ... But the aid never arrived. The Order of the Southern Sky has written it off as Archadian interference, but a soldier claiming to have survived the attack claims fiends the likes of which no man has ever seen descended upon the caravans. Many were killed, some were taken away into the forest - but none of the goods were taken at all.

The Soldier has posted three month's pay, requesting that captives be recovered if possible and their belongings recovered for memorial services. You have been provided a map, and a warning: be wary of the ominous-looking mausoleum.

A Lesson About The PTO July 25th, 2014 Raditz gives a brief tutorial on the PTO, and it goes slightly awry.
Snow Tracks July 23rd, 2014 A right crazy bugger has been wandering the Felmarian Highlands night and day, asking after Dragons only to disappear as quick as he came! We thought t'was bad enough he was always wanderin' around outside the house aimlessly like a blind Chocobo huntin' fer seeds in the snow! But now, he's gone and wandered off somewhere else and we're afraid he might have been chasing fairies into the mines! It's a meager sum, but we'll pay ye to find 'em alive, okay?! That damnable place is full o' things far worse than Dragons <Location: Mining Town of Gollund, Free Mission.>
Horrors Revisited July 20th, 2014 The battle between the Archadian invaders and Duke Barrington's soldiers rages on near the Fort City Yardrow, but there's been reports that the Yuguewood has been rendered impassible to emergency troops and supplies from Riovanes due to unusual levels of undead activity. Put the troubled souls of soldiers long since dead to rest, and help free up the roads to passing wagons!
Hell Hath No Fury July 11th, 2014 Faruja Senra has no doubt known troubled sleep for many moons, especially since even his alliance with the Church has been called into question as of late. But with the Cancer stone's recent awakening came the assassin's cryptic message, "...T'would seem you are fated for better things, Holy One...". One cannot be too sure of its meaning, but given the fashion of events lately... it likely bodes ill...
WMAT C1 Maya vs. Procyana June 26th, 2014 WMAT match Maya vs Procyana, Rainbow Dash commentary
Smiles Get! June 23rd, 2014 Pinkamena makes her debut in her greatest capering attempt to bring down House Moon and Star. But can she pull it off?
Manehattan Murder Most Foul! June 21st, 2014 The Multiverse's keenest minds are called by House Moon and Star to discretely look into the killings of a squad of royal guard.
WMAT A1 Theo vs. Lupita June 21st, 2014 WMAT: Lupita vs Theo Match
Toph's Pizza Party March 12th, 2014 Toph turns 13 and has her first true birthday party at the Bar and Grill.
Upload September 20th, 2012 Staren believes he's finally found a way to conquer death. But it relies on mind-transferring technology which must be tested first...


Title Date Scene Summary
Loss (Maya) November 13th, 2016 Maya thinks about what she's just lost with Yunomi's death and figures out just what to do as there's no time to mourn at the moment.
It came from beyond (Maya) February 25th, 2015 Maya gets a very unwelcome visitor related to the automate kill drones from Zwei's world. Thankfully Grubb caught wind of trouble or it could have ended very badly.