It came from beyond (Maya)

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It came from beyond (Maya)
Date of Cutscene: 25 February 2015
Location: Septerra: Town of Oasis
Synopsis: Maya gets a very unwelcome visitor related to the automate kill drones from Zwei's world. Thankfully Grubb caught wind of trouble or it could have ended very badly.
Cast of Characters: Maya
Tinyplot: Automated Assassins

Location: Septerra, Shell Two, Town of Oasis.

It was late in the evening, Shell one was not blocking the stars but what did those stars see before them? There was no one thinking about the starts tonight other than wondering from what star in the sky this enemy had descended upon the town of Oasis. The downtown Core was a fair bit of a mess at this point several fires were burning, as the thing strode through one of them. It was basically a humanoid machine of some sort strode through the fire and ruin it's optic glowing a baleful blue of all things.

Maya had been attacked while she'd been sitting outside the local tavern the Old Junker enjoying her meal at one of the tables on it's patio and had been hoping to enjoy some conversation with the other Junkers before she went home for the night. Right now? She was locked in a fight for her own life. The fight had carried away from the bar, as she'd lured the thing away form all the patrons to the currently closed for the night down town core. The thing had high powered shields which were more than enough to seemingly absorb the magic she was throwing it or deflect her shots form her rifle.

Another beam swept the plaza forcing Maya to leap away, and things were just not looking good she scored are few more hits, but they just bounced off. How much more could this thing take? Maya was hurt already and the thing was trying to get into close combat. If not for the use of a speed spell it would have already been upon her.

Runner meanwhile had be messed up badly and was in a smoking heap near by the robot tried to get up but it had tanked a blast meant for Maya and he would not be getting back up without repairs and magical healing at this point.

Maya couldn't get to Runner at this point as she was now moving again to keep to cover and things were looking bad the down town was a mess at this point, memories of the burning of Oasis when she was a child flashes through her mind before she pops back up and fires off a grenade that has a bit more of a n effect but not enough and it was coming int clearly it was armed or close combat. Maya had to wonder was it the Chosen Nobility who had issues with her behind this? This wouldn't be the first time and with their hooks into the Confeds? That could be telling. Then again this thing looked like it was from wait Zwei's world? Wait Zwei? The idea the Chosen were behind it fades rapidly.

This has to have something to do with the assaults from rogue units native to Zwei's world. She's about to fire off a energy blast from her rifle, however it was getting into close combat range. That's when a figure dropped oft the roof of the forge. Almost like some kind of Earth Super hero. He did have a cape, the figure moved quick jabbing a staff into the thing past the shield and putting such a surge of power through it that the thing cooked off. The blast does kick Maya's saviour back.

Maya gets up to go help the man up and then notices the Mohawk.


"Hey, hi Maya! I'm sorry I'm late. What sort of trouble have you been getting into this time?!"

Maya sputters as Grubb who is the closest thing to a sibling she has.

"Your the one who dropped in like the dark night and nearly got blown up!

Under his goggles Grubb rolled his eyes a little bit not that Maya could see it he got up and looked out at the fires and pulled a card out of his pocket it glowed green for a moment suddenly a torrent of water appeared smothering one of the fires.

"Right, we need to get to work on this Grubb, if you hadn’t come I have no idea how bad it would have been."

Grubb looked back to Maya and paused.

"I hate people who use machines for purposes like this. This is why I don't let most of my creations be armed...."

"I know Grubb, now come on we have work to do."