Modernization (Abyssal Operation Hydra)

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Modernization (Abyssal Operation Hydra)
Date of Cutscene: 05 June 2017
Location: Abyssal Base AF
Synopsis: A hidden force prepares for war.
Cast of Characters: 2211
Tinyplot: Abyssal Operation Hydra

Mood BGM:

Abyssal Base AF, Site M

The rhythmic sounds of steel striking steel resound through dark, water-choked corridors. As the strikes continue, something begins to squeak, and then screech like tearing metal. Golden eyes open in the darkness, glancing from one side to the other towards the sound. Soon, they are joined by more in various crimson and yellow shades. As the squealing becomes an agonized scream, the Abyssal destroyers disperse like startled fish, scattering through the maze of corridors.

"Pathetic," a crimson-eyed figure mutters. Though cast in shadow, as she lowers her hand, the unmistakable shape of a smithing hammer hangs in her grasp, "Completely useless."

Before her, held in place by a vice around her arm, is a battered Abyssal Cruiser unlike any other. Oily ichor drools from the clamp, splattering into the knee-deep seawater. Her fingers tremble, her glowing eyes fixated on the red-hot rivets pounded into the armor now covering her forearm. Baring sharpened teeth, her gaze swings to the crimson-eyed figure responsible.

"You're incapable of accepting it," the figure mutters, those hateful eyes closing, "Much like the Dreadnought before you. You lack the potential for further enhancement. A complete failure, as before. A flawed design can only be elevated so far."

With an inarticulate roar, the abyssal cruiser wrenches up on the vice. Metal pops, then shatters, and she rips the device from the table. Two steps, and she swings. Metal striking metal once more resounds through the Abyssal fortress, the sound of steel shattering. Pieces of the broken vice rain into the water, and glowing crimson cracks show where the cruiser's blow had landed across her red-eyed tormentor's face. Raising her arms, still dripping with black oil, she prepares to fight. But she stops, letting out an uncertain noise.

Though the devil woman's mouth isn't visible, those hateful red eyes burn with delight.

"You may be of use to me, after all." Those red eyes narrow, "Report to the fitting bay, Water Demon."

Hesitantly, the newly minted Demon lowers her hands, looking at them. The metal pounded into her flesh had become a part of her after all. Still staring at herself, she steps past her torturer and into the darkened tunnels.

Pink eyes shine where the cruiser had gone, "So it paid off? That's three of them. What now?"

"I still have work to do."


Moments later, a watertight door's wheel spins and then unlocks, and the door swings into an isolated, half-flooded room. Golden eyes snap open, and the smooth black hull of an Abyssal destroyer surfaces.

Upon seeing what lurks in the entryway, the fish-like Abyssal recoils. She backpedals to the far wall, baring her teeth in a savage, static-filled hiss. As the figure approaches, she backs into a corner, then curls on herself, hissing continuously.

As the intruder ducks into the doorway, her eyes burning red, the dim lighting reveals a smithing hammer clutched in the woman's right hand.