Motivation (Abyssal Operation Hydra)

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Motivation (Abyssal Operation Hydra)
Date of Cutscene: 14 July 2017
Location: Dark Sky Atoll
Synopsis: Modernization complete, the Destroyer Water Demon evaluates her priorities
Cast of Characters: Midway
Tinyplot: Abyssal Operation Hydra

Mood BGM: Somnium ~ Arsenal

Through the darkened, water-logged halls of Dark Sky Atoll, the song of metal striking metal and the agonized screams from each blow. The gold and red specks of light from the eyes of assorted destroyers cower around corners, flinching with every resounding crash, clustered together in small groups of a dozen or so.

For the first time in what might have been days, or possibly just hours stretched out by agony, the noise suddenly stops. The nearest pack of fish-like Destroyers leans almost as if it were a single entity, peering around the corner through waist-deep seawater, glowing eyes fixed on a sealed door at the far end of the corridor. When the locks screech and the wheel begins to turn, the dozen or so Abyssal ships screech and scatter, darting off through the labyrinthine halls of Dark Sky Atoll.

"That will suffice for now," the voice emanates, smooth and measured, from a red-eyed figure obscured in shadow, "This enhancement should improve your performance. Do not disappoint me again." She turns, briefly filling the entire doorway and then, just as suddenly, gone entirely. Only the angry orange glow of her hammer's striking head can be seen, bobbing as she strolls through the complex's darkness.

Left behind, smoldering, is an abyssal ship in the shape of a pale young girl, short white hair and face mussed with black soot and smears of oil. She pulls loose of the rig holding her arms in position, collapsing forward in the water with a cry and a hiss of steam. The enormous gauntlets she wears, streamlined, glowing orange in places that rapidly darken as the water cools them. Arms shaking, she supports herself, taking deep, unsteady breaths.

What did I do wrong?

Destroyer Water Demon's fingers tighten, digging into the grating covering the floor beneath her gauntlet-covered hands. She can feel the welds popping, the grillwork giving way, and she doesn't care. Unsteadily, she rises to her feet, grabbing on to that woman's workbench to steady herself once she's upright. Glowing violet eyes wander from her hand across the bench's tools and implements, recognizing each one that had been used. Her jaw tightens, growing more and more tense until, with a shriek of rage, she sweeps her gauntlet across the tabletop and scatters the tools into the water.

What did I do wrong?!

Destroyer Water Demon's eyes narrow, her stance growing neutral as she stares at the cleared countertop.

No, no, I did everything I could... It was her. The light cruiser. They said her name at the water station. What was it?

Violet eyes narrow, and the girl hisses the word between clenched, fanged teeth.