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Mu (Plotsys ID: -1)
Lao Beifong does everything he can to bring his family together again, even if the means of doing so are less than honorable and have worse consequences than he could have imagined.
Base Info
TP Scale: Minor
TP Runner(s): 20
Attached Theme: AtLA-1
Other Contacts:
Target Audience: Mainly Union
Genre & Tone: Dark

Events So Far

Mu - The Wilting Lotus

After several days of not hearing anything from Toph, Tony had enough and decided to find her herself, and the other Unionites agree. A band of 9 members of the Union, as well as last chancers, headed off to the Beifong estate in search of the blind earthbender.

When there, the guards are not intent on letting them in, and as a result, the Unionites were forced to fight their way in, taking out the guards in non-lethal manners, with some of them sneaking into the compound to try and look for answers. Toph's father showed up as well, and the Union didn't take kindly to this, with some of them even threatening him on his life if he did not tell them where Toph was.

After some persuasion (and sneaking by some), the group was finally able to find Toph, who was clearly not herself. Seemingly lethargic, Toph didn't seem to notice a lot of things going on around her, she was dull and clearly was in no condition to answer their questions.

Interrogating Lao proved to be difficult, as the man did seem distraught about the situation as well, and Sakura Kinomoto could confirm he was not lying. Neither was he speaking the complete truth.

In the end, Toph was brought with the others to Njorun station in her current state.

From medical to Malibu

Toph was cared for in Njorun's medical center and regained some of her strength, making her capable of doing minor things for herself even though she was still tired. The medical team was unable to find anything wrong with her, with no signs of physical injuries.

Any attempts to learn more about her condition was without luck. However, Tony managed to find two strange wooden dolls with holes in them and asked people to help scour the Earth Kingdom for news regarding these strange and creepy dolls.

Na`Sabal-Une Fang did notice a peculiar smell about Toph, but was unable to place it.

Mu - Sins of the Fathers

Haru found a lead on the mysterious dolls, and called the Union to a remote farming and trading village east of Gaoling in the Earth Kingdom. There the Unionites had to deal with near-deaf pai sho sellers, ditzy and grubby flower girls, unfortunate cabbage merchants, patient mystics and gentle tea sellers, all before their lead paid off. An elderly lady was familiar with the dolls however, retelling a story from decades past about a young man who lost his life due to the interference of a spirit, an inhabitant of a local shrine and that according to legend helps people balance their emotions. It gives and it takes.

Determined to see this through, the Union knows that the shrine needs to be found...


Rather than letting Tony confront Lao after the new information has come to light, Pepper took it on herself to get some answers. It was not a happy conversation, and Lao hesitated and showed little pleasure in discussing matters. However, Pepper played it very safe and appealed to Lao's love for Toph, causing the man to get upset, but eventually sharing that he himself was rather unaware of the events over the past weeks... but he did know about the location of the shrine, sharing it with Pepper.

Mu - Horrors of the Heart

While Toph's state deteriorated further, the Unionites headed to the shrine on the map, entering it and found more than what they bargained for. A spirit assaulted them, interfering with some of them, giving them horrible emotions and visions while the others tried to keep them together. Eventually however they managed to find the spirit as well as some answers. The shrine itself housed two spirits, by the name of Ma and Mu, the giver and the taker. Ma explains the roles of the two spirits, and how Mu has overstepped his role and taken to feeding on people's emotion and will at times. The only way to save Toph is to bring her to the shrine.

And soon.

Mu - Reforge

The Unionites headed to the shrine after Toph had time to stabilize in Njorun medical. Upon their arrival they were greeted by Ma, who urged them to be quick and get things ready before Mu materialized, and they became aware of something large being in the darkness of the shrine with them. Soon enough, a large 40 feet spirit made its presence known, more like a bloated slug with arms and hungry mouths who was eager to continue feasting and get rid of the Unionites.

Thanks to the combined effort, both attackers and protectors, they managed to withstand Mu's attacks and the shrine partially falling to pieces around them, and hit the spirit with everything that they got while Ma did its best to help them. As Mu was hurt he became gradually smaller, and Ma grew. After a long fight the odds were finally evened out, and Ma attacked Mu, restoring balance to the shrine, breaking Mu's influence over Toph.

In the aftermath Pepper Potts made the announcement that she and Tony Stark would be adopting Toph Beifong. Though Toph couldn't remember everything that had happened to her, the tales she had been told had their effects, and who only knows how the earthbender will cope with it all.

Other Information


Minor scenes tied in with this tp will happen if requested by the players and will be used to tie in minor elements and help ease into the larger scenes. These will not be announced on the scenesys.


Title Date Scene Summary
Mu - The Wilting Lotus August 1st, 2014 After several days of not hearing from Toph, some of the Union decide to look for her themselves and head to the home of her parents.
Mu - A dull patient August 2nd, 2014 With Toph safely at Njorun medical, her parents wish to visit her again, all under the watchful eye of Tony, Frederica and Maya. More questions are asked, and possible solutions are suggested.
Bedside Manner August 4th, 2014 Rorschach decides to visit the little earthbender while she is in medical and not quite herself.
Mu - Bring Me Icecream August 5th, 2014 Toph gives Mithos orders to bring her some treats while she is bored.
Mu - Hearts and Elixirs August 5th, 2014 Worried and burdened by loss of others past, Corvo decides to do what he can to help another young girl. Although he is reluctant to pry, answers must be found.
Mu - Sins of the Fathers August 7th, 2014 Following a lead Haru found, the rest of the people concerned for Toph head to a remote Earth Kingdom village in order to find out just what has happened to the young earthbending master.
Mu - Clash of Wills August 10th, 2014 Who will win in an argument concerning Toph and possible solutions to restoring her to normal? Her stubborn father or the immovable Potts? Tony listens in on the radio, ready to interfere if necessary.
Mu - Horrors of the Heart August 11th, 2014 With the location of the shrine secured, the Unionites head out in order to do what they can in order to return Toph to her normal self.
Mu - Reforge August 13th, 2014 It is time to end it. A group of Unionites set out to the shrine in the Earth Kingdom, their aim? Restore their friend and subdue a hungry spirit who threatens to consume her.


Title Date Scene Summary
Mu - Prologue July 29th, 2014 Desperate situations require desperate measures.
Spirits, Dolls, Cabbages and Kings (Haru) August 8th, 2014 While unable to locate the shrine that may hold the key to returning Toph to normal, Haru does the only thing he can think of... make tribute to a spirit.
The Watcher (Pepper Potts) August 10th, 2014 For once Pepper is in a situation she knows little about how to handle and solve.