The Watcher (Pepper Potts)

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The Watcher (Pepper Potts)
Date of Cutscene: 10 August 2014
Location: New York-199999
Synopsis: For once Pepper is in a situation she knows little about how to handle and solve.
Cast of Characters: 204
Tinyplot: Mu

She still had the smell of Gaoling about her as she walked into the house, taking off her shoes at the door, and taking a deep breath. She had learned to try and be light-footed around the hosue, tried to sneak up on Toph once or twice... but the Earthbender always knew.

Potts set the paper on the counter. She remembered a brief kiss to Tony. Comforting words, and the young Earthbender laying on the couch, gently tucked in. Potts smiled... but it was one of sad understanding. She knelt, and ran her hand gently along the blind girl's forehead, brushing back her hair.


"Her vital signs are holding, but weakening. If they do not improve..."

"We'll take her to Njorun. Let her rest, for now. At least through the night."

It was torture for her to watch this... she couldn't imagine what Poppy and Lao Beifong were going through. Would Poppy be mad with grief? Would Lao forgive himself for the path he chose in what must have been either desperation or insanity?

That, she couldn't say. But she leans forward, and brushes soft kiss to Toph's forehead.

"I won't be able to promise you that eveyrthing will be okay, but as long as I draw breath, I will make sure you feel wanted, accepted and loved. That much I can promise." she whispers.

And Pepper leans against the couch, easing herself to the floor. And she tilted her head back. She didn't believe in God, and it seemed ingenuine to inquire to Odin or Thor for help here... and the only Spirit she knew personally...

... wasn't the type she'd want to ask. She could buy the equipment; she could buy the knowledge and pay for caregivers and find ways to make money do things... btu this?

How does Virginia Potts, who studied in California only to get away from her too-close New England town, who wasn't a great hero or had special powers, or the power of a god behind her.

She was Pepper Potts, the secretary pool girl who happened to correct Tony Stark's math.

But she wouldn't give up. Not on Tony, not on Toph... not on herself.

And potts would fall asleep, sitting against the couch until the break of the Malibu began to bounce against the waves.