Noble (Abyssal Operation Hydra)

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Noble (Abyssal Operation Hydra)
Date of Cutscene: 30 September 2017
Location: Hikari Seaport
Synopsis: Dreadnought meets with what has become of the Jellyfish Princess
Cast of Characters: Midway
Tinyplot: Abyssal Operation Hydra

BGM: Somnium ~Home Port~

Since her release from the Hikari stockade, Dreadnought Water Demon has wandered the base's unsecured areas, observing the ways of the Fleet while keeping her distance. After a full week, with the base embroiled in preparations, she finds herself at the end of the airfield, staring out over the sea from the artificial breakwater. Wind teases at her ragged uniform while she distractedly rubs her thumb into the blackened metal of the broken visor she still carries around.


The voice draws her out of her thoughts, her posture straightening. After a moment, she glances over her own shoulder towards a woman in a long white dress and jacket, caramel-colored hair dancing in the wind. After a long, silent moment, Dreadnought turns her gaze back to the sea.

"Jellyfish," she states, her voice hollow, "I have dreaded encountering you since my release." Looking down, she fixes her gaze on the visor, "I failed our Princess. I failed you." Those violet eyes close, cutting off the glow against her bangs, "I don't have the courage to face her. I don't even know if I have the courage to face you, who has been nothing but kind to me," She tightens her grip on the trinket, metal groaning, "I am an utter failure as a knight."

Unperturbed, Saratoga slips forward and down, resting on the edge of the airstrip's pavement with her legs dangling. Dreadnought fixes a look on her, surprised, but when the carrier pats the asphalt beside her, the Abyssal battleship finds herself complying, sinking down to her knees and settling back to sit on her own ankles. Only then does Saratoga speak again.

"It's alright."

"But..." Dreadnought starts, "I betrayed my fleet. My Princess..! I willingly gave the enemy secret information!"

"I know," Saratoga closes her eyes, "But your heart has always been noble. Even before this," Her head tilts thoughtfully, "Deep down...You couldn't stand her actions. When she modernized you. Heavy Cruiser. Destroyer. It was reprehensible...wasn't it?"

Dreadnought pauses. After a moment's thought, she settles back on her legs, eyes fixed pensively downward while the carrier continues.

"This is the only route you have that can bring her to face justice. Even a lord's knight should be able to see that lord's tyranny... And do whatever is needed to help the people who suffer," Eyes opening, Saratoga glances sidelong to the battleship beside her, "...Don't you think?"

As she mulls it over, it starts to make sense. Saratoga's words really do reflect her own thoughts, somewhere deep down where she'd repressed them. But why had she done so? Dreadnought lifts the visor in one hand, staring at it while her mind rolls over her own thoughts. Was this confusion...this habit of burying parts of one's true self, was this what it meant to be Abyssal? As the realization dawns on her, her eyes narrow. As she reaches her conclusion on this new epiphany, she voices it out loud.

"I hate this..." Her voice grows tense, louder, "Parts of my mind, my personality, keep coming in and out of focus, like I'm trying to hide from myself. It's awful. I don't want this anymore." Rising up on her knees, she draws her arm back, then hurls the visor out into the waves, her body glowing, her voice rising to a shout, "I HATE THIS!"

The woman who settles back down, panting through her frustration, bears no resemblance to the Water Demon who had risen up. Short blonde hair in a pixie cut, blue eyes welled with furious tears, and a healthy complexion set off by a navy blue uniform.

Saratoga closes her eyes with a smile, leaning against the battleship's side.

"It's alright."