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Rhongomyniad (Scenesys ID: 6864)
Look. Do you see it? Even if this is not the edge of the World, a world like this is beautiful. My lance will protect this brilliance.
Full Name: The Tower That Shines at the End of the World
Gender: Female
Species: Divine Spirit
Theme: (FC) Fate/Metastasis-1
Function: The Lion King
Status: Active
Factional Information
Faction: Paladins (4-Chevaliers)
Groups: --
Other Information
Physical Age: 22 Actual Age: Yes
Still Aging? No Voice Actor: [Ayako Kawasumi]
Height: 171cm Weight: 57kg?
Hair Color: Blonde Eye Color: Green
Theme Song: [Knights of Justice] [Rhongomyniad]


What happens if King Arthur does not die when she is fated to? The Goddess Rhongomyniad is a divine spirit who was once that human king, ascended through centuries of contact with a divine artifact. Having recently regained the memories from when she was human, she has taken it upon herself to become a living god of justice and chivalry, using her identity as a human king to inform her decisions as a goddess. Though confident in being a king, she does not properly understand human individuals. Her emotions lack a genuine feeling and she has difficulty truly understanding the feelings of mortals. When matters turn to force, she is no slouch, as the former King of Knights. Her weapon of preference is the one from which she is named, Divine Lance Rhongomyniad, an artifact that stabilizes the age of men by sealing away the divine, the demonic, and the phantasmal. Though Rhongomyniad does tend to charge ahead, a selfless paragon to inspire others, this also leaves her recklessly exposed.



The One True King:

  • Wielder of the Divine Lance Rhongomyniad.
    • Weapon Mastery - Rhongomyniad: Mastery of the Divine Lance and how it is used in battle.
    • Attack List - Ranged: The Divine Lance may also be used to fire beams of light, at varying intensities. The highest output is sometimes called the Light of Judgement.
    • Attack List - Melee: She may choose to use other weapons at a competent level. Swords, spears, lances, and shields, the tools of any knight.

Everything The Light Touches:

  • The Divine Lance Rhongomyniad exists to stabilize the world of man, a weapon against the phantasmal and supernatural.
    • Bane-Demonic, Bane-Divine, Bane-Mythic Beasts: The lance causes additional harm by rejecting the existence of demons, angels, gods and demigods, dragons, chimeras, hydras, sphinx, and similar great mythical beasts.


Long Live The King:

  • The various physical qualities and talents of Rhongomyniad.
    • Superhumanity: No longer human, she has ascended to something like a god, with physical attributes exceeding human norms.
    • Vehicle Mastery - Riding: Horses like her charger Dun Stallion, but also motorcycles and similar one-person transportation.
    • Field Shaping: The beams from Rhognomyniad may scar the land or destroy structures. She may also produce castle towers and walls from the ground, using the Lance.


Change Is Good:

  • Hammerspace: Weapons and armor are stowed within the Divine Lance and can be drawn or changed into at a moment's notice. Also changes of clothes.


Remember Who you Are <Trouble>

  • Rhongomyniad no longer thinks as a human does. Her behaviors are largely guided by the reference manual that was her former life, through the alien perspective of a god. Outside the practiced role of 'Being A King', she lacks social graces and has a distinct difficulty with appearing 'Genuine' even when she's trying to be. She also refuses outside assistance, in a firm belief that a King should stand alone as an example to others. This, combined with relying on the guidebook of her former life, can further lead to dangerously selfless acts that are remarkably poorly thought out.


Title Date Scene Summary
A Goddess Meets a Presiking January 18th, 2019 Thomas Alva Edison pays a visit to Camelot to discuss important matters with the goddess Rhongomyniad.
Rebellion in Londinium January 11th, 2019 The streets of Londonium run red as people attempt to bring an end to the new movement in the most direct and violent way possible, empowered by darkness.
Seeking a Lucky Charm January 10th, 2019 A mysterious knight approaches King Arthur. For good or ill?
Oh I Just Can't Wait December 29th, 2018 Archer meets Rhongomyniad face to face.
Divinity of Camelot December 26th, 2018 Gilgamesh meets Rhongomyniad face to face.


Title Date Scene Summary
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