The Fall of Pearl Harbor (Abyssal Operation Hydra)

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The Fall of Pearl Harbor (Abyssal Operation Hydra)
Date of Cutscene: 10 June 2017
Synopsis: United States news outlet response to the Fleet of Darkness' recent activities
Cast of Characters: 2244
Tinyplot: Abyssal Operation Hydra

Amidst various news feeds is this breaking story. It originates from American news stations in the world that produced the Ship-girls and the Abyssal Navy.

"... a naval force identified as the Black Fleet, known around the world as the Abyssal Fleet, has made an aggressive move against the United States in an unprecedented attack the likes of which this country hasn't experienced in over seventy years."

The anchor's image is replaced by various aerial shots of a military base. In this one, a warship at anchor is overrun by animal-like black shapes, the frontal gun firing at targets scattered across the deck until it is overwhelmed. In another, an attack helicopter banking away, exchanging gunfire with small white objects trailing glowing red smoke.

"Curiously, while the military base at Pearl Harbor has been overrun and the vessels moored there have been destroyed, the Black Fleet is permitting civilian craft to depart safely from the island, under the ultimatum that they never try to return. This warning was delivered by this woman, assumed to be the leader of the attack force."

The screen flickers to an aerial shot of a tall woman in a ragged black military uniform, her sides and back covered in armor. She's most easily identified by the huge cannon-laden shields she carries and the Knight-like armored visor covering her eyes. In the same shot, a smaller girl appears to be launching torpedoes from the fingers of huge gauntlets.

"The United States Navy is currently in the middle of regrouping from the loss of the Pacific Fleet, but this newscaster has been assured that a counterattack plan is already being formed. Vice Admiral Chester H. Argus has been placed in command of the operation."

The image cuts to a man in a blue dress uniform, sporting numerous medals and ribbons on the left side of his chest: "Our enemy has no known base of operation. They have no clear motivation. America rides to war, but for the first time, not against an enemy country or ideal. This time, we fight against the rage of the sea itself, the Abyssal Navy. And just like every time before when she has been challenged, America is going to come out on top. This day might live in infamy, but our brave men and women will make sure this new enemy regrets it. We've already reached out to our allies who have had more contact with this enemy, and are already planning our next move." Raising a hand, he slams it on his podium, "They think they've caught us on the back foot. Time to show them just how big of a mistake they've made."

Cutting back to the newscaster, he nods once, "The entire statement can be accessed on our website."