The Hashshashins

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"We work in the dark, to serve the light."
--Niccolò Machiavelli

Known throughout history as the Hashshashins, the Brotherhood of Assassins, or Liberalis Circulum (Circle of Liberals), the Hashashins are a brotherhood of stealthy killers whose primary goal are to use their skills and methods to preserve peace and protect the innocent from those who would abuse power.

Their main enemies are the Knights Templar, who much like the Hashshasins, strive to achieve world order and peace, though their methods differ drastically. The Templars wish to accomplish peace by controlling the minds of all men and women, while the Hashshashins promote the free will of others.

The Hashshashins accept members from all walks of life as long as they can adhere to the three tenets of the Assassin's Creed.




Ezio Auditore




The Creed

"We are nothing if we do not abide by the Assassin's Creed."
--Mentor Rashid ad-Din Sinan

        The Creed is the code all Assassins are expected to abide by. It was designed to restrict is members from committing unnecessary murder and to create peace, not just in the world, but in the individual Assassin him/herself.

The Three Tenets

  • Stay your blade from the flesh of an Innocent
The goal of the Assassins is to ensure peace in all things. Despite the Templars' accusations, the goals of the Assassins were never to spread chaos. This is why they keep their killing to political assassinations. Also, killing civilians would bring shame to the name of the Brotherhood.
  • Hide in Plain Sight
Be unseen. Part of the Assassins' mystique is in how they just appear from nowhere, slay a target in a way that made it obvious to all who saw that he was a target, and seem to melt away into the crowd. This is also why the Templars initially began to fear them-- this tactic was all but unheard of in the Middle Ages. By the modern era, this had become the Assassins' trademark.
  • Never compromise The Brotherhood
The actions of one must never bring harm to all. Above all else, an Assassin must remember to never do anything that would place the Brotherhood in danger. If captured, he must never reveal any of the Brotherhood's secrets. If pursued, he must never lead the pursuers to any safe place for the Assassins.

Goals of the Brotherhood

"Laa shay'a waqi'un mutlaq bale kouloun moumkin."
("Nothing is true, everything is permitted" in Arabic.)"
―The Assassins' Creed.

        Throughout the many long years that the Brotherhood of Assassins has existed, its main aim has never changed-- free the people from those who would oppress them. This is not, as the Templars seem to believe, in an effort to promote anarchy and chaos. It is actually to promote the exchange of free ideas amongst the people. The free exchange of ideas allows a people to grow and thrive, and that benefits everyone. In this way, civilization can support itself and prosper.

        Whether on a large scale or a small scale, freedom has always been the number one priority of the Brotherhood of Assassins. Freedom of one man or many, it's all the same.

Current Members


Altair ibn La'Ahad
Alexis Maaka
Connor Kenway
Ezio Auditore
Jericho Hawke


Eagle of Masyaf
Raven of Neo-Fuji
Phoenix of Spira
Wolf of the Iroquois
Hawk of Florence
Dragon of the North
Rat of London
Cougar of El Dorado
Fledgling of Alamut


Corvo Attano
Reisen Inaba
Rosamarie Alba
Sakura Kinomoto
Steve Rogers
Veiled Lily


Power of the Network
Crow of Dunwall
Lion of Ivalice
Sparrow of Tomoeda
Wolf of Space
Rabbit of Luna
Albacore of the Deep
Nightmare of Teras
Lion of Britania
Flower of Tomoeda
Eagle of Liberty
Owl of Creation

Notable Events

  • March 9, AU22 (2014): George Washington, corrupted by the Apple of Eden given to him my Haytham Kenway, was defeated by the Assassins and their allies. The resultant pulse of energy erased the events from the memories of all living non-Elites, including Washington himself.