6193/Tower of Santaga - Floor 9

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Tower of Santaga - Floor 9
Date of Scene: 09 December 2018
Location: Metastasis Denmark
Synopsis: The Tower of Santaga houses some fantastic places.

This one appears to be an abandoned festival with a monster in the middle.

Cast of Characters: Yang Xiao Long, 6764, Deelel, Bahamut

Yang Xiao Long has posed:
    This floor of the Tower is clad out in oriental stylings. It's very christmas-y still, but there's paper lanterns, gibberish script and a large wind-sock that looks like a chinese dragon streaming in some kind of breeze or other.

    The entire floor looks like a festival zone, and large barrels of roasted soybeans, with instructions on how to use them.

    The festival grounds are entirely barren, stalls unmanned and empty, and the reason makes itself apparent soon enough, with a loud bellowing roar coming from near the central square where a large gazebo has been erected.

Doctor Strange (6764) has posed:
     Strange makes his entrance to this floor of the tower to find that, absent some festive decor, it is completely empty. Then, he hears the roar. ...almost completely empty. Another Strange appears in a flash of green light and hovers over to the barrels to read the instructions.

     The Strange of the present, meanwhile, takes flight, ascending into the air to get a bird's-eye view of the empty festival grounds. The roar sounded like it came from the gazebo, so that's where he heads first--the central square. "Hello?" He calls the word out with a bit of uncertainty. Maybe it'll understand him. Or maybe it'll just get pissed off and break through a wall somewhere.

Deelel has posed:
Deelel is dressed as she normally is off-world, something that was her programs attempt to make some human-style clothing it worked mostly though there are no seams on her outfit and she's looking about for a moment at the nature of the floor.

"Now this is interesting."

She doesn't have a weapon out but on her back, there's a strange mount which what looks like a high tec chakram is fitted too as she looks about.

"Looks like the square is where we need to go."

She'll take a step forward and break into a note quite a run but not quite a walk.

"I have to admit. This is quite the 'Game' we'll have to see how good the game of whoever is in charge of this floor is."

There's a big old grin on the Basic's face, this was going to be fun. She notes Dr. Strange's arrival and will move to fall in near him, should he need some help with whatever is /in/ the gazebo.

Bahamut has posed:
     It has been a while since Bahamut ventured forth from Spira to grace the other worlds with his presence, but the tale of this tower peaked his curiousity and the creature of this floor drew him like a moth. The large metal dragon's footsteps can be heard from quite a ways away thanks to his bulk. He looks around as he walks, careful not to bump into any of the stalls. "Hmm...quite strange for such a festival to be empty." he says, running his shining claws along a braided paper charm before also taking a look at these barrels of soy beans and the instructions included with them. "Snacks?"

     He looks over quickly when he hears that roar, and his colorful wings spread. "Unless of course there is a dangerous fiend on the loose." he says as he takes to the air, flying toward where he thinks the sound came from.

     His landing shakes the ground and he lets out his own bellowing roar in challenge, teeth and claws bared. He isn't sure just where the creature is in this sprawling festival ground, but he is hoping his presence and his challenge will bring the creature to him. He spreads his wings to make himself even more visible, the vibrant golds and purples sure to draw some attention if he is within sight of the creature. And...is that a grin? The large dragon seems to be looking forward to the fight.

Yang Xiao Long has posed:
    Strange's future-clone finds the instructions. "one for each year of life, and one more for luck in the new year and drive out the Demon." It's a bit cryptic, but not too much.

    The gazebo is huge, open sided, and within, stands a tall creature, it's hair a blazing inferno, and the ends of its arms encased in massive gauntlets. Perched atop the blazing flames, is a santa hat, and cladding its body is a tattered costume that may have once been red with white trim, but is now torn, tattered and a faded off-grey. It turns burning red eyes on Strange as he calls out, and begins to exit the gazebo, bellowing out another roar in challenge.

Bahamut has posed:
     "Hmm...a demon santa?" Bahamut muses with a grin as he approaches the gazebo. He again roars back at the creature as he approaches, but rather than charge forward the big dragon raises a clawed hand and makes a few gestures. "Waterga!"

     An orb of water forms in front of Bahamut, steadily gaining size until it is about the size of a beach ball. "Let us see if elemental affinities apply." he says before thrusting his hand forward. The water orb launches like a cannonball, aiming to smash into the fiery creature and explodes like a pressurized tank being ruptured.

     And since he hasn't closed in yet, Bahamut rumbles as he looks at the nearest barrel of beans. He thinks for a moment before growling lightly. "It will be hard to gather the specific amount with these big claws."

Doctor Strange (6764) has posed:
     Future Strange opens up one of the barrels and meticulously picking out beans one at a time. His shaking hands cause him to drop a few back into the barrel, and a few on the floor. He reads the instructions over the radio for his allies. The process of taking 38 of these takes him so long that the time on his spell expires, and the Strange floating in front of the akuma is forced to open the Eye without initially attacking. Travelling back in time to read the instructions (and take the beans), he vanishes, leaving Bahamut and Deelel to fend for themselves.

     Working as quickly as he can, Strange mutters to himself. "One for every year... plus the new year... 'and drive away the demon.' Is that an extra bean or a request?" He has to use both hands to keep from dropping any of them, cupping them together and staring down. "...we'll go with 'request.'" The beans are suddenly Gone, stored in a mason jar within the Sanctum--he'll keep them there until he figures out what exactly he needs them for.

     A burning ring of energy sparks into existence, back at the gazebo, and Strange flies through it. He turns midair, gesturing with a hand, and throws the portal into the akuma's path, intending to trip it up.

Deelel has posed:
Deelel sees Bahamut arrive as well someone she's not seen in a very long time.

"Good to see you still online big guy."

She notes as she nears it and then she looks at the creature that's before them.

"Well now this looks positively viral."

She notes and she holds out her hand there's a surge of magic as she summons her keyblade the dual disk into her hand and looks at the thing before them.

"Let's see if you got any game, shall we?!"

She breaks into a run, for the enemy, she will power up it's edge it humms much like a grid weapon does and she'll launch into a combo of attacks with it nice and up close. Hack, slash, hack slash, slam, goes the combo of moves she's trying to land.

She knows Bahamute and Doctort Strange's words are noted. It seem this is a puzzel floor of some sort.

Yang Xiao Long has posed:
    The Akuma lifts its arms, and punches at the incoming waterball, causing it to burst and splash across its body around that massive fist. Remds appear along the arm, and some of the fire seems to quench, if only for a moment.

    As it readies to charge, Strange opens a portal, making it falter and drop to a knee as it loses footing, leaving it open for Deelel's combo to slash it up while it's vulnerable.

    However it doesn't seem to be working all that well. The Akuma gets back to its feet, slamming its fists together in a way that Deelel and Bahamut might recognize, before is lifts its right fist up, and brings it slamming down into the ground, shaking the entire floor and causing spikes of stone to erupt at all three Elites!

Bahamut has posed:
     Bahamut stumbles as those spikes erupt against him, clanging against his metallic hide and puncturing in a few places. He grunts in pain before breaking the spikes, then grins to Deelel. "It has been quite a while, hasn't it?" he says, as if talking conversationally during combat is completely normal. He charges in this time, leaping and spreading his wings to pounce like a great eagle striking its prey. Hand talons and feet talons seek to dig into the creature, the big dragon trying to take advantage of the demon santa's loss of balance.

     "Does this fighting style seem familiar to you?" he asks Deelel as he grapples with the creature, shining metal reflecting the flames of the demon.

Doctor Strange (6764) has posed:
     Strange is nearly impaled thanks to Wizard Hubris. 'I'm up here,' he thinks. 'What could pounding the ground do to me?' When the spikes shoot up from the ground, he's caught by surprise, preparing a counterspell too slowly to completely avoid them. The Cloak of Levitation yanks him upwards, the hem of the garment looking as if an invisible hand were holding Strange by the cloak.

     One of the spikes nicks his arm, tearing the fabric of his blue tunic and creating an unsightly gash just before his elbow. He hisses in pain, his hands finishing the intricate weave of orange energy. The centerpoint of the design emits the flat blade of a monk's spade, upon which is balanced the aforementioned jar of beans.

     The haft of the weapon emerges, and Strange takes it. He tosses the beans up into the air, then bats the jar towards the akuma. Maybe it's a bit literal of an interpretation. Maybe he was meant to eat them--but if he was, it won't be an issue, for reasons soon to be seen. When the mysterious voice comes in over the radio, Strange hurriedly opens the Eye and stops the jar mid-flight by reversing time. "Oops. Lemme retry that."

     It flies back to land upon the blade of his weapon, and this time, he gives the chant before throwing them. "Luck Come in! Demon Begone!"

Deelel has posed:
Deelel pauses at the Akuma does something she knows she wonders for a moment about it as a spike of stone burst from the ground, but Deelelw as on the move and was airborne holding her keyblade as she flipped twice in the air and she calls out.

"Not bad but we're missing something here, I feel like I have seen it before, but..."

She snaps her finger, a second later wireframes form on either side of her and two flying speakers take shape hoving there as the hard lighter, constructs are finished they rise up and music starts to play a very popular club song from back home.

(OOC the song - Derezzed - https://youtu.be/KWXZLpXWEa0)

With the techno music blasting Deelel movements pick up a bit as she now makes to a barrel to get some beans, which she'll grab and throw at the Akuma.

"Luck Come In! Demon Begon!"

She then levels her keyblade at the Akuma muttering something and a cloud of ice shards form, which fly right at the Akuma!

Yang Xiao Long has posed:
    As Bahamut pounces, the Akuma brings its arms up in a defensive brace, skidding backwards from the force of the blow. Talons dig into the tough, iron-like flesh, but don't seem to draw blood. The Akuma bellows into Bahamuts face, then shoves him away with a follow-up PUNCH.

    A look of fear appears on the monster's face as Strange says those words, and the Demon /actually/ cowers back as the jar comes in and shatters against its iron skin, the beans scattering across it and causing the flesh to sizzle and become soft.

    Still reeling from Strange's attack, the Akuma covers its ears as Deelel does the same thing, and is weakened and blasted with ice, making it seem to actually shrink a bit!

    It's working!

Bahamut has posed:
     Bahamut brings up his arms quickly as that punch comes in, catching it in an X-block. He still stumbles back, but his face is spared some trauma much to his delight. His footclaws dig furrows in the ground as he slides back, then he chuckles and grins. "Quite unfortunate for you that these little beans are your undoing." he says as he reaches into a nearby barrel.

     This may take a while, as big hands and claws are not good for small, delicate work such as counting tiny roasted beans. But, finally Bahamut counts out the appropriate amount for his age +1, then rushes in toward the creature again. "Do not forget mine!" he roars as he throws a punch, but opens his hand at the last moment to deliver an open palm strike with the beans pressed between his palm and the creature. "Luck come in! Demon...BEGON!" he roars as he unleashes a blast of Flare along with his strike.

     He leaps back after that, much like a character from a JRPG, then bares his talons once more in preparation for a counterstrike.

Deelel has posed:
Deelel see the beans are indeed working.

"It's like an antiviral!"

She chirped as she'll make a grab for more beans again as the Akuma seems to be weakened by it.

"It's weakening!"

She calls out as Bahamut lets his own attack rip on the Akuma. 5R
"Luck comes in! Demon begone!"

She'll lob them at the Akuma before she throws her melee weapon like a boomerang at the Akuma, and even if it misses she'll raise and hand, and the weapon will appear in it once more. She's also on the move again not wanting to get hit by the Akuma as it looks like it hurts a heck of a lot.

Doctor Strange (6764) has posed:
     Okay, so that's what he's supposed to do.

     Strange forms a band of congealed time around his wrist, turning it back. The beans he threw leap through the air, sticking to one another and spilling in reverse. Shards of glass from the broken bottle snap back into place with odd, chirping warbles of glass un-fracturing. Finally, the whole thing flips end over end, flying back towards him...

     Where it disappears into a barrier of fractured reality. Strange begins weaving another spell. A moment later, multiple such jars are flung from this barrier, held aloft on all manner of conjured weapons. He repeats the chant, arms making continuous gestures and shapes to keep the assault up.

     "Luck come in! Demon begone!"

Yang Xiao Long has posed:
    With the Flare striking its weakened flesh, the beans continuing to weaken it and then an absolutely overwhelming barrage from the Gate of Beanalon from Doctor Strange, the Akuma finally shrinks down, turning back into a small blonde girl?! Lilac eyes peek out from under the now too-big hat, and then she scampers off through the stalls.

    The gazebo that the beast was guarding holds a large chest, easily big enough for Bahamut to stand in front of and not dwarf. A voice speaks out. "You have earned the prize. Open the box and claim it."

Bahamut has posed:
     The onslaught of beans is quite the sight! If it weren't just mason jars of soybeans it would be much more impressive, but it is still impressive and Bahamut lets out a slight rumble of appreciation. "What sort of magic was that?" he asks the Doctor as it seems to finish off the creature. Bahamut...is surprised to say the least when the fearsome creature shrinks down into a decidely innocent-looking girl. He is about to say something when she runs off. He rubs the back of his head with a confused rumble, then looks up and around as that voice speaks up. A treasure chest that big has to contain something of worth, and he makes his way toward it. "Stand back, this could be some sort of trap." he says, thinking of the treasure box monsters of his own world.

     He hooks his big talons beneath the lid of the chest and pulls, his stance guarded just in case something happens other than treasure appearing.

Deelel has posed:
Deelel is flat out impressed at Dr. Strange's work to just deploy so many beans upon the Akuma that it finally falls to a barrage of beans. She'll banish her keyblades and the speakers. As the song they were playing ends and walks to the box, she'll let Bahamute pull it.

"I doubt he would do such a thing Bahamut."

She pauses to go check on the fallen Akuma, or should she say the girl.

"Nice fight are you all right?"

Doctor Strange (6764) has posed:
     Strange touches down. With a sedate wave of his palm the weapons which now litter the festival ground all disperse into shimmering swarms of orange sparks. These sparks burn themselves out, dissipating completely before a few seconds. He allows the girl to run off--that's probably the person running the floor, and the fight is over by the say-so of the mysterious voice.

     "It's known as sorcery," explains Strange to Bahamut. And that is the only answer he gives.

     He does stand back as Bahamut goes to investigate the box. Of the three of them, he looks the most able to facetank a sudden explosion or trap. That said, Strange does keep a band of time on-hand--just in case.

Yang Xiao Long has posed:
    As the lid is lifted, there's a moment of suspense... the inside of the box is entirely dark as the lid swings all the way over , leaving the dark interior exposed....

    And then someone pops out of it, like a jack-in-the-box. "YANG IN THE BOX!" chirps the sunny blonde, wearing a very flattering santa-themed dress. "Looks like you won! Good job! Here, it's a key for some other floor, I dunno." she says, lifting a large gemstone, threaded with a string made of gold, set up like a bauble for hanging on a tree. "Oh, and these." she stoops down, and hauls some candy canes, handing them out to Bahamut, Deelel and Strange. "They're some kinda exchange currency? I dunno, I just got asked to play the boss for this floor." she remarks, grinning broadly.

Bahamut has posed:
     "GAH!" Bahamut takes a step back as Yang pops out, then blinks...before laughing. "Well worth the effort, I would say!" he says with a smirk, looking Yang over with an appreciative eye. He takes the offered gemstone and candycanes before rumbling lightly. "For the shop outside the tower, I believe." he says of the candycanes, which he slips into a non-descript pouch around his waist that easily blends in with his body. "Well, for my first time outside of Spira in several months, I would say this was time well spent. Entertaining, invigorating, and rewarding."

     He bows regally to Yang. "Of course, the reward would be much more valuable if it were you, Lady Yang." he says with a roguish grin.

     Strange's short and not exactly helpful reply earns a light chuckle from Bahamut. "I see. Sorcery must vary from world to world."

Deelel has posed:
Deelel pauses as Yang now pops out of the box she laughs at this and seems amused.

"Ah I should have guessed with the fist smash, that it might be you." She nods to Yang for a moment and will take her own cut.

"Well I think they might be more interesting to keep, I don't have much use for money."

Favours based on one skill set were the form of exchange on the Grid, you had a function to do and you did it to help keep the world running. She also thinks they'd be a neat thing to keep and put in her home somewhere too.

"Thanks I don't get to spar much like that anymore with the Arena back home being locked down for the most part."

Doctor Strange (6764) has posed:
     The sorcerer just sort of stands there when Yang pops out. There is a moment wherein he is completely silent and still, just staring. Then, he silently mouths the exclamation she'd made, rubbing his forehead and looking down. 'Yang in the Box.' Wow. It's a good thing no one reacted TOO badly to that.

     He manages to pull it together. "Thanks," says Strange to Yang. Did you set all this up yourself?" A gloved hand makes a vague, circular motion in the air, gesturing to the many barrels of roasted soybeans, the decor, and the festival stalls. The other hand holds the prize--the candy cane. At least, it does for a moment. The currency disappears, stored safely in the Sanctum for later use.

     "Might wanna check with Enkidu anyway," Strange says to Deelel. "He might have something that interests you more than the candy canes you'll get from doing the Tower."

Yang Xiao Long has posed:
    "Flatterer." remarks Yang at Bahamut, hoisting herself out of the box nimbly. She looks over at Deelel and gives a big old grin. "Thought you'd recognize my Quake Fist. Couldn't do the leap up thing with that setup, but it was close enough." the Arena comment makes her get a pondering expression. "You could always swing by the Shrine of Adversity. I've got a bit of a set-up there thanks to some funding from Ozpin and the academy."

    Then Strange speaks up, and she nods. "It was mostly the Tower system, I just gave it some images of a traditional Mistral festival near the end of winter going into springtime, it extrapolated from there. it's not quite right, but close enough." she explains.

Bahamut has posed:
     "Luckily for me, the truth is flattering in this case." Bahamut replies to Yang, then nods. "Yes, though it has been a long while, it is hard to forget such a technique." he says. He looks to Strange after that. "I do not believe we have been introduced. I am Bahamut, Aeon of Bevelle and King of Spiran Dragons. And I am quite surprised at the lack of surprise on your part. Do they have creatures such as myself on your world?"

     He looks to Deelel after that and smiles. "It was a pleasure to work with you as well. Your bladework is admirable. I've often considered commissioning a sword for myself, but my claws have so far proven quite up to the task."

Deelel has posed:
Deelel grins at Yang for a moment "Perhaps I will at some point though you like racing bikes right? There's ssomething coming up next cycle that might interest you." She notes before grinning again and she looks to Bahamut for a moment. "Thank you thought his blade chose me, I didn't have it forged. Still you could find someone to help with that, I seen custom claw mounted blades for beings like you! We can talk later about it and the Doctor Stange is right I should check out the shop to see what they have there..."