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Doctor Strange (Scenesys ID: 6764)
"Yeah, you know... you really should've stolen the whole book. The warnings come /after/ the spell."
Full Name: Doctor Stephen Strange
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Theme: (FC) Marvel's Avengers-1
Function: Sorcerer Supreme
Status: Active
Factional Information
Faction: Paladins (4-Chevalier)
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Other Information
Physical Age: Mid-Forties Actual Age: Mid-Forties
Still Aging? For Now... Voice Actor: Benedict Cumberbatch
Height: 6'0" Weight: 174
Hair Color: Black (Greying) Eye Color: Green
Theme Song:


Doctor Stephen Strange was once among the world's most skilled surgeons, pioneering practices on the bleeding edge of medical science, not to save lives, but to satisfy his own ego. After a horrific car crash robbed him of his dexterity, Strange spent all of his money chasing procedures to heal his hands. With his last remaining money, he traveled in search of the mythical Kamar-Taj hoping for a nontraditional remedy. The mysterious Ancient One's mystic tutelage gave him a remedy not for his trembling hands, but his blinding ego. As Sorcerer Supreme, Strange now safeguards Earth from magical threats, though his secrecy regarding those threats often frustrates his allies.



Master of the Mystic Arts:

  • Time Loops, Multiple Discreet Actions: As the keeper of the Eye of Agamotto, Strange can pull alternate selves from the future to glean information or split his attention in the present.
  • Share Power: Strange possesses magical artifacts which may occasionally choose worthy owners. He may also assist his allies with conjurations, portals, and magical enhancements.

Spatial Manipulation:

  • Field Shaping: Strange can bring portions of the landscape into the Mirror Dimension, where he can alter scenery into a dense, confusing kaleidoscopic mess, with floating platforms, hazardous drops, and shifting gravity.
  • Flash Movement: The Sling Ring is an artifact which allows Strange to create portals to places potentially worlds away from his current location. The portals are visibly and audibly obvious to observers on either end.
  • Mobility: Strange has a degree of trained agility, as well as the ability to alter the direction in which gravity pulls him, allowing him to navigate complex terrain and remain extremely elusive in combat.


Temporal Manipulation:

  • Repair: By rewinding time, Doctor Strange can repair damage done to objects, within seconds or minutes depending on the size of the target and the extent of the damage.
  • Healing - Self: Strange can also heal himself or others by channeling energy into wounds to 'reprogram' cells into healing faster, or by rewinding time.
  • Temporal Acceleration: Conversely, Strange can accelerate the passage of time to cause objects to decay, machines/allies/himself to move faster, plants to grow, food to rot, etc.

Astral Projection:

  • Proxies: Doctor Strange can render expel his astral form from his body to serve as a remote actor, even when asleep. In this form, he can't directly affect people or objects, but may travel or manipulate time freely.
  • Intangibility: While in his astral form, Strange can pass unhindered through physical matter, unless it is built from rare, specialized or supernatural materials, or is otherwise warded against spiritual intrusion.
  • Remote Viewing: Strange can use spells to cast his vision outside of his body as a visible sensor or open portal he can see through.

Offensive Magic:

  • Attack List - Melee: Strange can conjure siimple melee weapons made of glowing orange energy. He favors weapons associated with martial arts.
  • Attack List - Ranged: Energy blasts, beams, and rays pulled from any number of dimensions can be fired at foes, as can ranged attacks born from classical elements like fire, ice, or lightning.
  • Weapon Mastery - Martial Arts: As his training made little distinction between the mystical and the martial, Strange is an accomplished martial artist in his own right.

Defensive Magic:

  • Flight: A surprisingly sassy red cloak allows Strange to levitate and fly.
  • Attack Redirection: Through creative use of portals or the Mirror Dimension, Strange can redirect attacks to remote areas or back at his attacker. He may also absorb the energy of an attack to disperse it or fuel a counterattack.
  • Illusions: A variety of illusory constructs can be conjured, in sizes ranging up to the average suburban home. They are entirely intangible, and dissipate immediately if forcefully struck by any means.


The Sanctum Sanctorum:

  • Hammerspace: The Sanctum Sanctorum is a mansion much larger on the inside, that Strange can store and retrieve items from at will.
  • Knowledge - Occult: The Sanctum is stocked with many magical tomes and ancient texts on spirits and their preferred means of negotiation, as well as what repels them.

Mundane and Magical Knowledge:

  • Hint: As a seasoned traveler of the Multiverse and a well-read sorcerer, Strange is occasionally familiar with worlds he visits. He may sometimes have knowledge of a world's trappings or lore slightly beyond the scope of the average visiting Elite.
  • Conveniences: Strange has a photographic memory, and can perfectly recall any text he's read or image he's seen. He can also conjure food or drink seemingly from nothing, and may transmute one into another.
  • Knowledge - Surgery: Strange is still technically a surgeon, and can provide instruction in real time when necessary, or provide diagnoses of injuries. Actually performing it is out of the question, due to the nerve damage in his hands.


A MAGICIAN NEVER REVEALS... <Trouble>: As a rule, Strange does not tell his allies more than they need to know. His judgment in this is not always perfect, and allies may not be understanding of his reasons. In some cases, it's because he doesn't want dangerous knowledge causing a panic. He may not trust his allies to be good stewards of that knowledge. In others, he may withhold knowledge he feels would frighten them. Either way, he doesn't care that this comes across as patronizing, and when challenged, tends to double down. On top of frustrating those he works with, his withholding of information can cause missions to drag on when being open would solve them much faster, and can jeopardize them if crucial details are omitted.

WIZARD HUBRIS <Significant>: A person's flaws can't always be wrapped up in one neat little lesson. While his ego has been tempered with empathy, compassion, and the scope of his own insignificance in the Multiverse, it still exists. Suddenly being able to bend time over your knee, fly around and shoot lasers out of your hands tends to make you overconfident. Because magic elevated him so far above his mundane life, Strange heavily underestimates his enemies. Even out of combat, he tends to showboat with his skills, which may grate on allies who have no patience for elaborate wizard nonsense.

NERVE DAMAGE <Minor>: Strange refuses to use magic or any other means to heal his hands, keeping the wounds from the accident as a reminder of the selfish, petty person he used to be. They have healed to the point where he can use them for most everyday tasks. However, certain tasks take him much longer than anyone else, such as typing on consoles, using scissors or other tools requiring fine manipulation. Forced into these situations when time isn't an option, Strange's hands shake visibly, threatening to jeopardize the task.


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