6171/Slightly Late Turkey Day

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Slightly Late Turkey Day
Date of Scene: 23 November 2018
Location: Moon Cell
Synopsis: A late thanksgiving party at Archer's home
Cast of Characters: Archer, Doctor Strange, Touta Konoe, 591, Maya, Staren

Archer has posed:
The Emiya Estate. A residence that can only be found inside of Fuyuki City. This wasn't the actual Fuyuki City though, this was Moon Cell's bastardized and condensed version it. The upside to this is that is finding where you need to go is pretty easy.

     The outside of the building doesn't quite match up with the inside once entered, seeming a bit smaller than what it should be. The place was also for the most part completely barren, save for what clearly seem to be packed boxes with red sheets draped on them in an attempt to disguise them as tables.

     And Archer needs a lot of tables, because atop those boxes is food. A LOT of food. So much food that one probably wonders if he enjoys cooking a bit too much. There's no real themeing to what he cooked either. American, Japanese, French, Italian, any kind of cuisine you can think of is probably there. There's also a single turkey as a center piece, as if he remembered at the last minute.

     "Welcome to my feast, enjoy yourself and try not to make a mess."

     Archer says this to pretty much everyone who enters through the door, his usual attire replaced with a black shirt, some black slacks, and a red apron.

Doctor Strange has posed:
     "Well, this is... cozy." Doctor Strange dismisses the portal behind him. He has literally no one, save Wong, who had plans of his own. So, he accepted Archer's invitation, a day late though it might've been. A day late is better than no Thanksgiving at all. He's come not dressed in his usual finery, but in a relatively more contemporary affair. A blazer, a dress shirt, khakis, and loafers.

     "Just get moved in?" asks the sorcerer, grabbing a plate. He helps himself to a plate that's just as eclectic as the selection. Anpan, stuffing, lo mein, and two cuts of turkey. He'll also help himself to a chair at the nearest open table. If there's no such chair available, he'll simply pull one seemingly from thin air and sit upon it.

     With hands slightly trembling in his lap, he looks around expectantly as others arrive. Having wasted no time in grabbing food, the doctor does have a certain impatience to him. He clears his throat. "So... we saying grace, or...?"

Touta Konoe has posed:
    Touta is surprised to see such a more...Humble estate in comparison to what else he's seen in the Moon Cell. From Tamamo's Millenium Capital, to Nero's capital, to even Gil's vacation home this was probably the most...Reasonable residence he had seen in the Moon Cell thus far.

    Being invited to the Archer's home was definitely an interesting change of place from his usual travels to the Moon Cell. Truthfully, he kinda wonder what kind of place this sort of Servant lived in, and now he knew...

    "Hey Archer! Thanks for the invite. Never been to a Thanksgiving Dinner before but I heard you're suppose to bring food or something. So I tried bringing the most American food I could think of."

     A young man walks towards the Servant in apron. The boy wearing his usual black attire of a black school jacket, black pants, and a red t-shirt underneath. But instead of a sword he brought what appeared to be a pie. An apple pie at that. Cause what's more American than apple pie?

     Taking a look around he does see that there's quite an assortment of cuisines to partake in and being a bit of a cook himself he can't help but lean in towards Archer...

    "Hey, not to be nosy but uh...How long did you spend prepping all this?"

Aoko Aozaki (591) has posed:
    There is a young woman here! A woman, really. Depending on your standards, an old one. That's alright, she doesn't really look past her mid-20s. It'd be hard to miss that flaming red hair, though, or the big suitcase she sets down to the side. White shirt, blue jeans, nothing out of the ordinary besides the air.

    And the awful aura of bad news.
    That's a thing. She can't help it.

    "Hey, Archer! I see you made yourself a place! You know, you remind me of someone else who used to live in a house like this. He loved to cook too! Kind of a stickler for heroics though. Hung out with King Arthur a lot. Didn't have your dashing face or hair though, ahah!" She wonders where that kid's gone off to. They'd met a few times, couple years ago by now. Probably went off to save the world and be a hero somewhere, she reckons. Or murdered himself with his awful, inefficient magecraft. One or the other! Maybe both.

    "So, who're all your guests? Come on, introduce me, be nice! Or maybe I'll have to muck with that luck of yours." It's entirely possible she spoke to the other Aoko. Or worse, that there's only one. You'll never know for sure. She does know Zelretch, after all.

Maya has posed:
Maya was happy to take up the invite from Archer, given her homeland they had no harvest holiday oddly enough but here she was happy to partake it and she would find her way in as Archer invited her and everyone else in. She was actually cleaned up and wearing a fresh not actually weather-beaten set of clothing too. She looks about the other guest and seems to be in good spirits as she takes note of the other guests, she's quick to get her own food picked up ready going for a bit of everything that she can din there as she seems to want to try all aspects of her host's cooking.

"So it seems this meal's going to be a bit more active than I was expecting Archer and hello to everyone else."

She will be quick to start attacking her food though the moment she has a chance.

"Food from earth's pretty strange a lot of Avian an mammels for meat..."

Staren has posed:
    Staren is somewhat confused at the random invitation, but just curious enough to show up. Canadian thanksgiving has been catching on in Lazlo since communication with the Multiverse was established, but of course, that's weeks ago anyway.

    "Thanks! Wow, that's a lot of food, how'd you make all of it?" Staren doesn't think one person would cook all this the hard way... He collects a mix of things on his plate, but makes sure to include some turkey and stuffing with gravy drizzled over them.

    At the Doctor's question about grace, he makes a face. He doesn't really like religion. "If you want."

    At Maya's observation he wonders, "What do they eat on Septerra then? Mostly reptiles?"

Archer has posed:
     "Moving out, actually. I've just been procrastinating. Also you can say grace if you want, I'm not one for it though, especially since I've never celebrated an American Thanksgiving."

     Archer waves a hand through the air at Strange in a somewhat dismissive manner as if to let him know he's free to do what he wants.

     Touta and Staren ask where he got all the food, which is a pretty good and valid question. They don't get a good and valid reply, though.

     "A chef has to keep his secrets, but who knows? Perhaps making extravagant feasts is my Noble Phantasm."

     The Servant seems pleased with his non answer, a feeling that is short lived when Aoko comes busting through the door. His face goes visibly pale, his fists clench, and his shoulders straighten out as if on high alert.

     "The-There's no need for that. My luck stat is fine where it is! Anyway, whatever loser kid used to live here doesn't live here anymore. I guess Moon Cell didn't find him important enough to record...Haha..."

     As if trying to avoid talking to the red-head, Archer calls out to Maya as he overhears her complaining(?) about the food choices.

     "If you don't like meat, there's tofu dishes over there."He points over to where they are to help guide them, because figuring out where they were otherwise would probably be hard.

Doctor Strange has posed:
     Staren's inner Richard Dawkins shows for a moment, and Strange feels the need to clarify, raising a hand. "It's just that it's not my--" His sentence is cut off when he hears Maya just tearing into her food. "...house." He gives her a slightly annoyed look, but says nothing further on the matter.

     The clothes he wears are 'nice' in that they are dress clothes, but he got them from a Goodwill, something he would never have even considered before his accident. Even so, he gets the distinct feeling that they're more expensive than the chair he sits upon. He scoots closer to the table, the flimsy plastic legs of the chair screeching awkwardly against the floor.

     It is this sound that punctuates his notice of Aoko. His emerald eyes fixate upon her in a way that she's probably used to--the 'hero encounters the dark lord' look. His trembling hand reaches up to grasp at the knife upon the table. At least, it does until he realizes she's been invited here. Or at least, that Archer is relatively fine with her being here.

     "Okay," says the Sorcerer Supreme, rubbing his hands together. He takes a look around the table at the other guests, then gestures outwards with both hands as if casting a spell. "Grace." There. He's Said Grace. With that done, he digs in.

     "I'm Doctor Stephen Strange," says the sorcerer. "Earth's Sorcerer Supreme. I safeguard it from... magical threats." Aoko gets a side-eye as he chases down a bit of stuffing with his fork.

Maya has posed:
Maya pauses as she has a bit of turkey in her mouth as she looks at Archer she swallows it before she replies. "No, I'm not complaining just noting the differences between our worlds"! She's slightly flailing. "No It's just different, there are few large mammals on my world, humans, Wulve, cats and dogs are the most notable large mammals on the planet." She looks embarrassed. "Normally our sources of meat are Giant Land Crabs, large insects about the size of Wolves, and several local species of creature called Helgak that have no analog on earth. If you're really rich you might get fish. I didn't mean to insult you or your cooking Archer."

The gets the look from Strange now and looks even more embarrassed as another thing has slipped her mind again more culture misfirings on her part.

She just kinda goes quiet stops eating for a moment and slips into her chair.

"I'd like to apologize for my behaviour so far...I am being a poor guest."

Staren has posed:
    Cooking /probably/ isn't a noble phantasm, but Staren doesn't comment. Archer likes keeping secrets, clearly. It doesn't make the food taste worse.

    At Aoko's question, he replies, "I'm Staren, Hand of the Concord. Who are you?" He chuckles as Strange says grace.

Aoko Aozaki (591) has posed:
    "That's too bad!" Aoko answers Archer, although she seems to refuse to let him go. No, she has pressing questions for him!

    "Actually, hey, I meant to ask, you ever lend your outfit style to a little girl before? Kind of... tanned skin like you, actually, pink-ish hair. Threw swords around like it was going out of style?"

    She did meet Illya. And Chloe. The magical girl versions! ... that was a while back, too. Seems she lost track of those folks. That's just something Aoko is fantastic at, wandering off and losing track of people and time.

    "Wait, I know! ... you're a father, aren't you?"

    There are worse guesses.

    Right, well, if Archer won't introduce her, she'll just have to handle it. Aoko grins and spins on her feet to face Strange. She's not sitting yet, despite the food looking great.

    "Sorcerer SUPREME? Where do I get a cool title like that? Aoko Aozaki, nobody magus. Miss Blue or Magic Gunner if you want. Teacher? Probably not yours." Probably not. "I like the sound of Magus Supreme. Bet it'd give the Association a couple headaches if I tried to claim it." Oh, but he said something interesting.

    "Magical threats though? Like what? Vampires? Monks making buildings to cheat death? Hermits who attack people for no reason? Oh! Ever had to deal with an angry catgirl? I could use tips."

    Staren's voice is familiar. They never met, but she's heard it before. Probably in the Union. "What I just said, repeated! It's Aoko. Think I heard you before, back in my Union days. You like... science, right?"

Touta Konoe has posed:
     "Pft, the same response as usual, huh? Well whatever, everything looks great."

     Well, no use questioning it, he'll take this opportunity to snag some of the good food while its around. He places his pie down with the rest of the deserts and then began going for some of that turkey, a bit of gravy, the sweet potatoes with marang looks tasty. Archer had really gone out of his way it looked like. Perhaps that was why the place looked like such a mess, mainly cause he had been focusing on all the cooking. Well, Touta won't judge though he might offer to help clean up after if Archer needs the extra help. For now though he'll take a squat next to Dr. Strange since he is pretty sure he's never talked to the guy in person before. He thinks he's heard him on the radio a couple of times before. "Name's Touta Konoe, nice meeting ya. Ya know, I think we have something similar to a Sorcerer Supreme in my world. We call it...Uh...I think it was Magister Magi or something? Well either way, I bet you can do a bunch of crazy stuff!"

     That's when a certain red-haired woman makes mention of magical threats, like vampires...To which Touta's attention gets pulled away. From what he's seen of Archer it actually a bit to throw him off his game, or at least to the degree he's seeing with this woman. Though one moment as she enters the room she gives off quite the...Presence. Something that is not 'normal' by human standards... Wait...He knows this face...He also knows this voice...But they don't match up from the last time he saw this face. Plus...The hair is way redder, and there's no lance. Thankfully the woman clarifies who she is before he says anything. "Huh, Aozaki? I remember talking to you a bit on the radio, I think you were making Archer panic there too. Hey, just wondering but are you related to anyone named Scathach?"

     Truth be told, he's not as intimidated as he probably should be as the one who looks the youngest of the group. He's maybe in his early teens and yet he seems perhaps even oblivious to this malice aura she emits. But truthfully...Most of the people he's use to give off that sort of vibe. Hell, the woman who raised him was known for centuries as a monster. And technically speaking if we're talking magical threats Touta'd probably be one as well. But this wasn't a time for that. "Anyway, I'll probably say grace too. I mean, feels like it'd be word to not say 'thanks' with the word literally being in the holiday right?"

Staren has posed:
    Staren tilts his head. "Have you heard me? Huh. Um..." he scratches the back of his head. "Well, I guess I used to think of myself as someone who examines and solves problems... still do, but I guess now I've got a bit more of an authoritative and leadership role..."

Archer has posed:
     Archer laughs. First at Strange, then at Maya. It's probably the most sincere laugh he's ever given as far as the Doctor is aware of.

     "I invited people to eat, you'd be a worst guest if you just decided to stand in a corner and do nothing."

     Aoko then proceeds to ask him some REALLY STRANGE QUESTIONS, which cause him to raise a brow.

     "I don't give out my holy shroud to random girls off the street. Though given that she was also throwing swords... God, I /REALLY/ hope there isn't a little girl me running around somewhere. I already have to deal with there being a version of me that burns down villages apparently."

     Upon the realization that there probably IS a little girl version of him or something equally stupid, Archer just pinches his temple and silently curses to himself.


Doctor Strange has posed:
     Aside from the annoyed expression, Strange doesn't rake Maya across the coals any further. When Aoko asks how she might acquire the title, he doesn't answer--but he does offer answers to the second question. "Gods trying to swallow the world, douchebag cultists, douchebag vampires, lunatic Heroic Spirits... anything that'd be dangerous to the world or the people in it." The last bit is a little pointed. He shrugs casually and spears some anpan with his fork.

     Touta is offered a handshake. His hands are rough from the patchwork of scars, and tremble--but he makes an effort to ensure it's a firm shake. When Touta says he wants to say grace, Strange nods and sets his silverware down. He doesn't mind accomodating someone who wants to. He'll even do the 'join hands' thing if prompted, although anyone who does so with him will have to deal with the tremors.

     The scientist at the table mentions his penchant for fixing things. "You kinda have a reputation for that, yeah." Strange says of Staren.

Aoko Aozaki (591) has posed:
    "You burn down villages too?!"

    Aoko pauses. And then laughs.

    "I mean, ahaha, who would ever do that, RIGHT? Not you! Not me. Not us, that's for sure! Nope, it's never happened. And if it did, nobody could prove a thing. And if they COULD, it would totally have been accident anyway!"

    That's how that is.

    At Touta's question, Aoko taps her chin, and then answers: "Nope, sorry, don't think I've ever introduced myself like that. Can't say I know a Scathach in the family tree either!"

    And then Staren, whom she immediatly violates the personal space of to pat him on the shoulder. "Moving on up! Keep at it! I tried that once, now I'm banned from teaching at the Clock Tower. Did you know that it ISN'T cool to beat values into troublesome students? Geez, I was just trying to teach them not to sacrifice people for their goals."

    On the bright side, that was a full class of magi less to worry about when they grow up. Good day. Productive day. Unlike her usual.

    And finally Strange, whom Aoko finally makes an effort to sit in front of, so she can start filling her plate. "Alright, so the usual fare then. Are you the saves people for the sake of saving people kind of wizard, or the saves people for personal reasons kind of wizard?"

Maya has posed:
Maya relaxes as she gets honest to go natural laugh out of Archer, she pauses for a moment then relaxes a bit she does look to Aoko for a moment as she asked Archer some very odd questions which get her attention on her for a moment. She looks to Aoko.

"Hell I'm Maya and you seem to have some experience with Magic goings on I would take it?"

She listens to Doctor Strange for a moment and seems interested as well in as well.

"Staren you kind have a huge reputation more so at this point that I think any of the old major power players in the old war." She looks to Aoko.

"Banned from Clock Tower for teaching that? That's a point in your favour."

Maya has't touched her for yet she mutters brief thanks then looks to Touta for a moment.

"Touta right?"

Staren has posed:
    "There's a version of you that burns down villages?" Staren doesn't comment further. He's certainly seen some weird stuff in the Multiverse.

    But there's no little girl /Staren/ running around, so.

    Staren smiles at Strange's comment. "Even in the Paladins? Good to hear it."

Touta Konoe has posed:
    Strange is kind enough to humor Touta. Touta takes a look at the hand he's about to take hold of. Unlike Touta's they are scarred and aged, it doesn't take much of a hint for Touta to realize that this guy has probably gone through the ringer once or twice. That he probably has a story to tell as Sorcerer Supreme. Touta's on the other hand...Well, they're clean. Spotless even. He was someone who would never be able to have such marks for as long as he lived whether he might want them or not.

     Just as he's about to try and say something Aozaki speaks up again bringing mention that there's no relation of someone like Scathach that she knows of which would have surprised Touta. The two could practically be twins! The Multiverse really was a strange place. She then even transitions to Staren's achievements and somehow ends up on questioning the legitimacy of Strange's job! This girl definitely didn't pull punches. Though her kick ass mentality reminds him of a certain boss of his to a certain extent...

     The way Touta has heard this doctor speak over the comms, and the way he carries himself even now makes him think it's the former. Though he doesn't want to put words in the guy's mouth.

     "Oh, yeah that's me. Nice meeting ya."

     Truth be told he can't realy recall if he's met Maya or not...If he had it had definitely been a while. Anyway before things get too crazy he'll try to butt in to some of these remarks a bit.

     "ANYWAY, I didn't want to make a big say grace thing or what not but uh just wanted to say what I'm thankful for. That's what I think your suppose to do for this holiday anyway. I've never done it before so I have no idea but uh...Yeah...I just wanted to say first off thanks to Archer for inviting me, and setting up the meal. Also wanted to say thanks to everyone who decided to show up today whether I've known you for a while or it's the first time meeting ya. I've been hanging around the Multiverse for only about a year now but I've gotten to meet alot of amazing people, so I guess this would be a good time to say I'm thankful for all the people I've met so far and all the people I'll get to meet in the future..."

     He stops for a moment thinking over his words before adding on, "Jeez, all of that was a bit more mushy than it sounded in my head. Uh, well, whatever, I just hope everyone enjoys the food!" With that he just starts digging in, partially avoid further elboration on the subject, and partialy because it all looks pretty good.

Doctor Strange has posed:
     Strange's case of agita seems to ease up slightly when he overhears Aoko's reason from getting kicked out of the Clock Tower. There are a lot of people who get thrown out, but getting thrown out for trying to enforce 'don't be a dick' isn't a bad way to go. Still... there's something about her that puts him on edge.

     "Both," he says, cutting off a manageable chunk of turkey. "I'd be that kind even if I wasn't Sorcerer Supreme, but it's also part of the job description." He takes a moment to appreciate the food. As an aside to Archer, he asks a question about the bird. "This is great," he says. "What'd you do--smoke it? Bake it? Fry it?" He's not an expert on food himself, just someone with access to an eclectic array of it thanks to his teleportation and certain other means.

     Clearing his throat, he responds to Staren next. "Sure," he nods. "Lot of old co-workers of yours there. It's good to have a track record of altruism these days."

     He pipes down when Touta makes to begin saying grace. "Mushy... yeah." He doesn't want Touta to be the only one who admitted what they're thankful for, so, he speaks up once the vampire starts eating again. "Well. I was an asshole before I learned magic, and I pushed away everyone who tried to get close to me. So, I'm grateful that I've got people to spend Thanksgiving with this year, and a chance to start building bridges instead of burning them."

     His hand dips into his pocket, fingers slipping into the Sling Ring. Under the tablecloth, fingers pressed against the boxes, he draws a mystic circle, opening a portal atop the table. Its counterpart is opened beneath the wine glasses, causing a glass to rise up as it's thrown by its own weight. He catches it with his free hand, where it mysteriously fills with wine from Archer's selection. The glass shakes visibly, having been caught only through excellent luck--that trick could have just as easily covered the table in broken glass.

     His other hand clumsily fumbles, trying to deposit the ring back into his pocket. Everyone can kind of see him trying to get something back in there, as his arm moves. "To Archer," he says, lifting his glass.

Aoko Aozaki (591) has posed:
    "Well, I'd be a pretty bad magus if I DIDN'T have experience with magic. Though, depending on who you ask, I'm a pretty bad magus anyway. Pretty good at destroying stuff, not so much the other stuff!" Don't ask her to bend the weather unless what you want is brimstone and lasers. In fact, don't ask her to do anything at all, it's safer for everyone.

    Not that she can help herself.

    Strange shows off a little, and Aoko whistles, impressed. "Spatial manipulation? Awesome, awesome! That's really advanced! I've never managed that. Oh, here's something I'm really good at, though!"

    Aoko spreads her arms wide.

    Fiery blue sparks shoot up like fireworks, blue streaks of light tracing letters in the air like a neon sign made of... well, lasers. It's definitely a fire hazard.

    The lasers read THX ACHER.

    "Dangit, there's no backspace on this stuff. I have GOT to practice this trick more." The lasers fizzle. They're not very stable. Thankfully, she PROBABLY didn't put enough juice in them for them to explode. Probably.

    "As for that story," she looks at Maya, "It's not an especially long one! I'd set up a bunch of mannequins in a room and told the kids to pick out which ones they'd use as test subjects based on, you know, gender, race, social status. Told them the ones I deemed inacceptable to sacrifice were trapped."

    Aoko laughs. "So, about fifty explosions later and twenty nerds being sent to the infirmary, I got told I wasn't gonna be teaching anymore! I almost lasted a week." Almost.

    Her attention returns to Strange, whom she eyes carefully. Or maybe she's sizing him up? "So, is there a Miss Strange after the whole push-away incident?"

Archer has posed:
     "Apparently. Made a girl cry and everything from what I've gathered. But anyway, the only 'villages' I burned down were the ones when I was alive. You know, Heroic Spirits and their messed up pasts and all."

     It's really hard to tell how much truth is in Archer's statement, but he does his best in trying to not give people a chance to respond by finally moving to get some of his own cooking.

     He grabs a plate and casually begins filling it up with rice and fish based dishes, which totally doesn't give his nationality away at all.

     "I just deep fried it and added spices, I heard deep frying is all the rage in America after all."

They get a smug smarmy answer, which he probably expects at this point, but hey at least said answer as semi-straight.

     Strange then raises a toast to him, and it takes everything he has not to raise a toast in response. Because that'd be weird and kinda eyebrow raising because people aren't suppose to toast themselves.

     He also completely doesn't comment on Aoko's laser show, partly because he knows she won't take the scolding to heart, and partly because he's pretty sure the furrowed brow look he's giving her is enough.

Maya has posed:
Maya listens to Aoko's story as she regales the tale of how she got fired from it. She listens as the tale is laid out. She actually laughs at the fact all the dummies were rigged to explode.Only when the tale is finished though and she looks to her for a moment after noting. "That would do it, a very clever way to drive the point home. Hopefully, it stuck to a few of them after you left."

Then Doctor Strange suggest a toast to their host.

"The meal's been fanatic it would likely floor the men who raised me."

She notes and then she's raises her own and she offers up the toast as well.

"To Archer, may the Fates Bless the cook."

She also starting to Like Aoko. When the toast is over she looks to Doctor Strange.

"I'm thankful to have good company for tonight's meal."

Touta Konoe has posed:
    Touta raises a glass as Strange proposes a toast to Archer. It was his party afterall, and his decision to bring everyone here so it only made sense. The young man raises his glass of...Whatever was being provided to minors at the table with a hearty smile. "Yep, cheers to Archer for bringing this altogether."

     And with that Touta partakes in the stories of the others. Listening to Strange's contribution of thanks. Listening to Aoko's stories regarding her time as a teacher and applauding her light show somewhat as well, even if Archer didn't appreciate the fire hazard. He could definitely appreciate her outlook on life and not judging people on any of those matters but in regards to implementation he probably wouldn't have gone as far as she did. But he'll just keep that to himself for now. No need to ruin the mood right?

     For the time being he just keeps going back for seconds and enjoying the meal. Refilling drinks on occassion if people need it and passing food around. Though after a while of listening to the stories of the others, something comes to mind that makes him give an extra look at the others.

     "Hey Archer, now that I think of it, is that person you were asking me to help out before coming to eat with us tonight?"

Doctor Strange has posed:
     "I got it," says Strange when Aoko complains about her typo. As if in response to Aoko's message, Strange adds in a caret, strikethrough line, and the omitted letter, in burning red like a high school grammar teacher. Then the lasers fizzle, and Strange dismisses his correction with a wave of his hand.

     He sips his wine and maintains his composure admirably when Aoko asks him that question. "No," he says. "There's not." Christine was better than he deserved, even after they separated. Even she had her limits, though.

     Strange nods politely to Maya when she mentions having good company. When Archer brings up deep frying, Strange dryly responds. "So are grease fires," he says. That there is still a house here speaks to Archer's survival instincts.

     "For what it's worth," Strange says to Aoko, "You might just be teaching at the wrong schools. But then, my teacher stranded me on Mount Everest and said 'do it or freeze.'" He shrugs slightly, taking another guarded sip of wine. He has to admit, he does like her style--but that feeling of existential dread gnawing at him just by being in her presence is too ominous to take her entirely at her word.

Aoko Aozaki (591) has posed:
    "Maybe! The Association's not exactly a model school anyway. It's fine, it's fine! I don't like staying in one place too long anyway, so I wouldn't be a great long-term teacher. I'm more a pop in every once in a while to see how people are going kind of girl, you know? So much to see and do, do you have any idea how much you miss out on by squatting on a couch?" The answer is a lot. It was a lot before the Multiverse, and it's even more now.

    "Though your teacher sounds pretty awesome! Mount Everest, sheesh! At least you can add having climbed it to your list of accomplishments, right?"

    Goes great on a resume.
    'Survived getting to the top of Mount Everest'.
    Technically totally accurate.

    She takes a moment to smile at Maya, then grin at Archer despite the stern glare. "Oh, cheer up, Archer. A little fire never killed anyone."

Staren has posed:
    Staren nods at Strange's assessment, and Aoko's... laser show and description of her teaching history, and Touta's being thankful. He laughs at Strange's correction of Aoko's words. He looks a bit more reticent to toast the guy he barely knows, but slowly raises a glass. "To our host, who I still don't understand why he invited us."

    "I'm thankful for many things... don't want to list them all out here, though. I'm thanksful I have that good reputation though, it used to be people kept misunderstanding me."

    And then he hears about Strange's horrible teacher. "Not every teacher fits every student, I suppose." And then he gives Aoko a 'you just said something crazy' look. "A little fire has _definitely_ killed people."

Archer has posed:
     If Archer's thankful for the praise he's getting he doesn't say it. He just silently picks at his plate with a smirk on his face.

     Then Touta asks him about The Thing. The thing he sort of forgot about at the given moment but now is instantly reminded of and how his time on this miserable rock maybe fleeting.

     "Who? Miss Aozaki? I suppose she somewhat fits the bill of a dangerous individual, but no. The person I'm bringing is somewhat like me, just replace the rampant sarcasm with unbridled anger and the swords with fire."

     He really doesn't clarify more than that, because giving straight answers is hard. A few people can probably make an easy educated guess as to who he has in mind though.

     Aoko also still doesn't get a response, she just gets an EVEN MORE ANNOYED LOOK from Archer. Apparently he doesn't like fires or something.

Maya has posed:
Maya says "A little fire...?"

She peers at Aoko for a moment, well she'll find out later at some point most likely but today she shall not.

"That's right she was trying to teach them than human sacrifce an acceptable practice."

She's going to get some more of the food for the moment and goes a bit more silent as to not talk while she's eating.

Aoko Aozaki (591) has posed:
    "Oh, come on, if it killed people then clearly it was Too Much fire, not A Little fire. It's like water! You can drown in a puddle if you're not careful, doesn't mean water's bad!" That's a terrible argument.

    Though then Archer mentions someone who likes fire and swords. "Oh? Who's this troublesome individual whom I'm apparently fitting a bill as being similar to? They sound like a hoot."

    Yes, edgy Jeanne and Aoko should be friends.
    Nothing will go wrong.

    Archer's stern glare isn't ignore per se. It just seems that Aoko is content enough to keep grinning in his general direction.

Staren has posed:
    Maya points out what Aoko didn't mention -- was that lesson teaching that NOONE is an acceptable sacrifice? "Did any of the students figure it out?" Staren asks Aoko.

Doctor Strange has posed:
     "Whatever else she was, she was a great teacher," says Strange on the topic of the Ancient One. He's nearly done with his first plate by the time he makes this observation. He kind of settles into silence for a little while. What finally brings his attention back to the forefront is the mention of Jeanne.

     "He's talking about Jeanne d'Arc," explains Strange. "If you think killing innocent people to settle a vendetta with people who have been dead for centuries is funny, then yeah... she's a laugh riot." His expression turns notably sour, and he finishes his glass of wine. "I'd like to believe there's a way to turn her off of that path, but you know how stubborn Heroic Spirits can be."

     He doesn't seem to censor himself or otherwise acknowledge Archer, figuring that he more than anyone else knows this. "Then there's the matter of that Lezard Valeth guy, who's like the demented Tim Burton to her Johnny Depp."