ReGenesis Public Report (Eryl)

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ReGenesis Public Report (Eryl)
Date of Cutscene: 13 June 2015
Location: Scorched Earth-1
Synopsis: ReGenesis releases an official report based on the success of recent missions, concerning the relationship between their world and the Multiverse.
Thanks to: Everyone who showed up to the scenes leading up to this!
Cast of Characters: Eryl Fairfax




Eight months ago, our world underwent a process known as Unification. This caused our universe to integrate with a greater Multiverse. At the time, we did not know what to think, and our first recourse was to put SAVIOUR-001 (Eryl Fairfax) in touch with Multiversal authorities. Fairfax linked up with the organization know as the Union. As their philosophy and intent agreed with ReGenesis’ the most, we had Fairfax enlist as an official ally of the Union.

Since that time, he has formed bonds and alliances with many in the Multiverse, seemingly becoming enamoured with it. Over phone interviews, he admits that being able to see the fruits of what his efforts may one day bear in our own world has bolstered his commitment. But at the same time, his involvement in the Multiverse has distracted from his primary mission, the most recent of which is detailed in Official Public Report #708 (Three Days Without SAVIOUR-001).

However, Fairfax’s opinion of the Multiverse is not mirrored by the populace. We have endeavoured to encourage the idea that, despite differences in birthplace, appearance and belief, we are all one people, so as to eliminate prejudices that plagued the Before Times. However, this strong in-group identity of ‘Edenites’ has only caused resentment towards the out-group that is the Multiverse. Many Edenites would say that the Multiverse population do not understand how good they have it, that they are conceited, that they would only bring their troubles to our world. ‘We don’t need their sort nor their help’ I have heard people say.

I shall admit, I too felt the same at first, and Fairfax’s frequent dalliances with them did little to fix that. However, during one of our many arguments in the wake of them, he convinced me to reach out to the Multiversal community for aid in improving things here. Though reluctant, ReGenesis had made some money in selling spare technology to the Multiverse, so a fund was put aside to hire Multiversal ‘Elites’ to accelerate our long-term plans, passing with a 6-5 vote.

Our first job was to remobilize. To accomplish this in the wake of Before Time teleportation technology’s reduced functioning, ReGenesis needed to turn to vehicular transport. Recruiting six of the most Multiversal-friendly soldiers from the Eden Defence Force, missions were posted to aid them in reclaiming Jefferson Airport, Port Absolon Shipwrights and Torrenceville’s Car Museum. While the mission to the car museum was relatively peaceful, the airport’s security and the unexpected infestation of cannibals in the shipwrights may have spelled doom for EDF troops. Elite intervention assuredly made a difference in the preservation of life and limb.

Following remobilization came the reactivation of utilities. Operations APOLLO and POSEIDON were aimed at turning on power and water to the whole continent once again. Both missions were highly dangerous, facing threats from nature, machines and man. But again, all were successful with no loss of life. Original projections for the reactivation of utilities were at least a decade following the completion of Fairfax’s mission.

Not only that, but it is only thanks to Unification that we were able to reach the Moon again so quickly. Using warpgates, we were able to reach the Moon without a rocket science programme, fifty years earlier than our projections. This has given us a great boon in Before Times technology, and a clue as to the cause and origin of the disaster that befell the Before Times. The clue as to the origin may have gone totally missed had we only sent EDF soldiers, but because one of the Elites was a teen girl, she was able to spot it.

Looking back, there is nothing but concrete proof that Multiversal intervention is good for us. While it may require us to swallow our pride and request it, the benefits far outweigh that. To that end, I plan on opening the gates of Eden to the Multiverse, and I encourage all to at least be cordial to foreigners. I am also lifting the prohibition I placed on Fairfax in the wake of the events detailed in Official Public Report #708, so that he may continue to represent us on the Multiversal stage.

Diana LeFoe

CEO of ReGenesis