Rebecca Chambers

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Rebecca Chambers (Scenesys ID: 290)
"Just leave it to me, I'll take care of this!"
Full Name: Rebecca Chambers
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Theme: (FC) Resident Evil-1
Function: B.O.W. Hunter/Combat Medic
Status: Active
Factional Information
Faction: Union (7-Ensign)
Groups: X-Ray Unit
Other Information
Physical Age: 15 Actual Age: 18
Still Aging? No Voice Actor: Hope Levy
Height: 5'3" Weight: 93 lbs.
Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Blue-Green
Theme Song: What I Am - Edie Brickell & New Bohemians


A child prodigy who managed to graduate from college at the young age of 18, Rebecca Chambers joined the Special Tactics And Rescue Service (S.T.A.R.S.) with the promise of being given a medical lab for her research and studies. However, she got more than she bargained for when, on her first mission in the field as a combat medic, she encountered an outbreak of the T-Virus up close and personal. After barely escaping with her life, Rebecca has devoted her time to taking out the Bio-Organic Weapons (B.O.W.) that the corporation is developing with their viral research. Rebecca is a gifted woman not only with a great knowledge of science, but in the field she doubles as a field agent and as a combat medic.








ONLY HUMAN: The S.T.A.R.S. are an elite force, but they don't possess any sort of superpowers. Without any sort of weapons to utilize, Rebecca is an average girl who has no way of defending herself in any way. On that same note, if she doesn't have her kevlar vest with her, then she won't last for long in the field. And even with her kevlar vest, she's not entirely immune to bullets, let alone the other kinds of dangers that Rebecca will most likely encounter in the Multiverse. Rebecca has a strong dependance on her weapons and equipment, meaning that she must have enough time to prepare in advance for combat situations. If she were to be caught off-guard, she could be at a high risk for serious injury, if not something far worse.

YOUTHFUL TRAITS: Rebecca looks a lot younger than she actually is, meaning that getting respect from those who don't know her, primarily those outside of the Union, is not easy. Unfortunately, this point is one that can be used to provoke her temper, and when she is angry she may sometimes act without thinking it through first. This trait has gotten her into trouble before, and will most likely get her into trouble again. Rebecca is also very eager to prove her capabilities to others, and as a result sometimes can be baited into biting off more than she can chew. She's been known to rush headlong into things without any sort of plan, which has gotten her into trouble in more ways than one. Because of how easily exploitable these combined traits are, it makes her look more like a rookie than an actual Elite, and can also affect those around her as well, since Rebecca rarely operates alone.

NEVER ALONE: Whether it's a medical extraction, a scouting mission, or even pursuing a B.O.W., Rebecca almost never acts alone. She prefers to pair herself with others, whether they're fellow Elites within the Union or other operatives from S.T.A.R.S., and because of this she acts like someone else is watching over her, something she's become accustomed to from this preference. When Rebecca is doing a solo operation, her awareness of her surroundings is decreased and she doesn't do well in solo combat, meaning that on her own she's at an overall disadvantage.

NEED A MEDEVAC?: Rebecca's primary role in the Union is to support her allies by providing medical support as well as extraction from dangerous situations. She will stop at nothing to make sure that her job is done, even if it puts her in a dangerous situation. Even if the order to abandon the field is given, Rebecca may disobey it if means that a fallen comrade would be left behind. Because of this extreme dedication to this role, it is a weakness that enemies will more than likely notice and exploit.


Title Date Scene Summary
One Year Passed-2 June 8th, 2018 The walk down someone else's memory lane continues with post-depressing park scene.
MISC: Blaster May 19th, 2018 The mechanized virus criminal, Blaster, has been sighted in Vector. News vlogs supposit his intentions, with most seeming to agree that he's planning some kind of robbery.

One in particular focuses on a single photo of him with a blonde program in a white bodysuit, with multiple tabloid-like theories as to who the mystery girl is. An inside contact or informant (Treachary in Vector?!)? A friend (which is immediately dismissed, after all, this is a virus we're talking about)? A kidnapping victim (Could the Four Felons sink even lower!?)? A new Drive Core Controller (Why is she not immediately killing the crap out of a virus?) and many more.

What could the Magikon Interdrive Syndicate of Crime be up to this time?

Eclipse Phase: Mind the WMDs (Part 1) May 16th, 2018 An enigmatic client hires Multiversal elites to prevent a smuggler from selling an especially dangerous weapon. But what could be considered "especially dangerous" on a habitat with no real rules?
P:WtWM - Party Time May 11th, 2018 Janine throws a party, Agatha gatecrashes, Hoshi might be in danger?
TPT: The Crimson Thought April 27th, 2018 Pending
P:WtWM - Final Breaker March 29th, 2018 Elites fell the Majordomo, the last member of the Black Queen's Court
The Morning Ends March 10th, 2018 The end of Lumiere's ancient past
Then The Morning Comes (4) March 5th, 2018 Prepared, the party re-enters Lumiere to confront its mysteries
Coal-Raker March 4th, 2018 Die Reisende draws ever closer to the Black Queen, so the rest of the Court bands together to deal with them.
P:WtWM - Truth-Faker February 17th, 2018 The Pied Piper plays his last tune. Part of the Persona: Were the World Mine plot.
Chasing The Sun (1) February 3rd, 2018 Investigators follow up on reports of missing Elites.
System Tower re:BOOT January 25th, 2018 A new drive connects to the System Hub. Conclusion of the System Tower arc.
System Tower re:APPEAR January 11th, 2018 The true nature of the System Tower, and the person behind it, is revealed.
The Crumbling Foothold December 28th, 2017 In which our heroes investigate a supernatural missing persons case and find that not all youkai are nasty
Home for Christmas December 7th, 2017 A certain resident of Britannica has called a social gathering to her shop. Lexicon, wishing to support a reformed virus, has passed the invitations out across the Multiverse.
Wrench in the Works-3 November 11th, 2017 The Elites enter the inhospitable Reaches to search for the hideout of
Soliloquy of Reproach: Release, Part II November 10th, 2017 The two groups met up again in the throne room of the castle, to face Magnus for the first (and last) time. Attempting to masquerade as Alucard, who he had previously kidnapped, proved fruitless for the incubus, as the Elites saw through his scheme this time. A battle commenced, and through the efforts of the Elites, Magnus was sent back to Hell, and both Erina and Alucard were rescued safely. All's well that ends well, at the final "Roundabout"!
Sacred Eyes Show You The Pain November 9th, 2017 Yomi's friends are called to a house where something suspicious is going on. What could possibly go wrong?
Wrench in the Works-2 November 3rd, 2017 Eye and his allies investigate an apartment complex for Autochthon's Chosen. Their search for the saboteur yields a face and a name, but his motive and precise whereabouts will take further searching to find.
System Tower - Floor 85: Five More Hours at Patty's October 25th, 2017 Monsters roam these halls but they're not robots
Soliloquy of Reproach: Beset October 20th, 2017 A group of people go to Alucard's tomb to confront him for his role in the attacks at Windknight's Lot. A fight ensues and Alucard summons several beautiful thralls to battle the group. However, "Alucard" is revealed to be someone else -- a vampire named Lyudmil, a servant of Alucard's from long ago, mind-controlled by an incubus named Magnus. While the group is in Wallachia, Erina Pendleton is kidnapped by Magnus. He demands that Alucard raise Castlevania... or he will kill Erina.
P:WtWM - Re-confessions October 9th, 2017 Due to Mirror Forest-induced amnesia, Janine must tell her family once more of what she has been doing.
Soliloquy of Reproach: Prologue September 29th, 2017 Three pretty blonde girls of marrying age have been attacked for their blood in Windknight's Lot. Drained near to the point of death, they've only survived but for their speedy discovery. Jonathan Joestar asks for assistance in investigating the matter, and a team of Elites come to gather clues.
TGSBP: The Guilty Shall Be Punished September 15th, 2017 Elites investigate a strange murder in a foreign world, and discover that it won't be easy to solve. Part of The Guilty Shall Be Punished mini-plot.
P:WtWM - The Wheels of Fate September 7th, 2017 Janine's family is kidnapped by The Constable, who challenges them to a race of life and death to save them.
P:WtWM - The Intendent of Shallow Desires July 12th, 2017 Die Reisende set out to stop a member of the Queen's Court from harrassing some peaceful Shadows at the request of Spriggins Jack. And... well, they do succeed at that...
Money is the Root July 2nd, 2017 Cultists for the Urban Breath hijack several money transport trucks to spread tainted currency through the city.
System Tower: Floor 70 June 21st, 2017 The Tower makes its return to Britannica. This time, there is no puzzle. What, Wild Wolf is evolving..!
Field of Steams June 14th, 2017 The crew have to rescue Corona and her new friend from a steamy, slimy situation.
P:WtWM - Coachmistress' Challenge June 10th, 2017 Plumbing in the Mirror Forest is not the best.
Cultist Crackdown May 31st, 2017 Paladins interrogate the arrested cultists and manage to get some factoids from them.
=System Tower: Floor 67 May 3rd, 2017 Another floor of the Tower has appeared, this time in the Diamond Drive of Locus.

A very Shooty floor, full of bullets, grazing and Power Ups ensues.

A mysterious figurine of the local craft is received as a reward. What could this all mean?

P:WtWM - Clash in the Forest April 16th, 2017 People have wandered into the Mirror Forest once more. It's up to Die Reisende to extract them while avoiding the Wolf and Woodsman in the middle of a battle.
The Taint: Public Council April 6th, 2017 Inspiration Trust gathers to debate OMNI, the AI overseer of a futuristic city that forbids personal expression. More progress than expected is made!
P:WtWM - Beneath the Library March 19th, 2017 Die Reisende go do some late-night spelunking into some recently unearthed caves that may have a tie to the Mirror Forest. What they uncover is perplexing. Also, birthday planning ensues.
System Tower, Floor 55 - Bodybuilder Parade February 16th, 2017 The Tower has returned to Britannica, sapping system resources and generally being a nuisance.
Foodbringer: For Sustenance January 7th, 2017 First scene in the Foodbringer miniplot. In the city of Everria, a masked man has been giving away free food to the masses, to the ire of the government. The Paladins investigate the scene of the crime, but a Concord spy decides to make things more interesting.
P:WtWM - School Daze December 31st, 2016 Die Reisende meets with Alexis Eberhardt and Johnny Bridgeston, the two Drachenblatt students they rescued from the Forest.
P:WtWM - The False Raid December 4th, 2016 Janine's plan to completely clear August's name is put into effect. It may not have gone off without any hitches.
Party at Frightmare Manor October 30th, 2016 The subtitle of this scene is NIGHT OF THE LIVING COSTUMES!
Fright Factory - The Machine Queen October 16th, 2016 Epic Boss Battle versus Tesla... and the Factory itself??
Fright Factory October 7th, 2016 Ominous factory investigating turns into Night of the Living Memes.
Persona: WTWM - The Inquisitor September 3rd, 2016 Ainsley has been taken by the Piper. A team is mobilized to enter the Cathedral of Lies to save her from her own Shadow.
Eurobeat in the Velvet Room August 7th, 2016 The Velvet Room extends temporary contracts to off-worlders, so they may meet the long-nosed Igor and his lovely assistant Agatha.
4th of July Cookout July 4th, 2016 Bostong-666's traditional yearly 4th of July BBQ, done by Heaven or Hell.
In Pursuit of Justice May 15th, 2016 An illegal auction is broken up by Elites at Tomoyo's suggestion.
Exploration: Urban Decay (1) April 27th, 2016 Exploration of the area immediately outside the Church of Bleak Mercy, known as the Urban Decay.
A Meeting in the Ring April 13th, 2016 Not knowing what a kirin is, or perhaps curious that she's really a kirin, a few Unionites go to meet Shunrin in the Ring of Philosophy.
Operation Rei-Go: E-2! April 2nd, 2016 Another assault... and this time, it took more than just the Abyssal Lives...
A Stark Reception. March 5th, 2016 NO ONE PLAY RAINS OF CASTAMERE!
Kanmusu Hinamatsuri! March 3rd, 2016 It's time for the Hinamatsuri!
Taking A 'Shine To Things February 28th, 2016 A moonshine operation is discovered to be darker than it seems...
Returning Favors February 17th, 2016 After months in apparent hiding, HK-47 is finally spotted on the graveyard planet of Dahrtag - otherwise known as the 'Necropolis'. With his first open appearance since the truce, now is the best time to make the hunter into the prey - in one of the most brutal battles with the droid thus far.
Seriously, go on a tour with me!!! January 30th, 2016 Kazuko takes a few Union members on a brief tour of Kawakami City before a mission. Also, arcades, potential enrollment, and lectures.
Resurrection and Rebirth December 19th, 2015 Wherein a group of unionites deliberately create, then subsequently walk into, Omelas.
Touhou Kakudai Stage 6 - Alchemical After You November 7th, 2015 The Boss makes herself known along with her faithful daughter. Stressful to be in a strange land, the final confrontation draws to an end!
The Landviathan October 17th, 2015 What better way to spend an October weeknight than destroying a cosmic horror deep beneath the surface world?
The Rumble in the Jungle August 28th, 2015 The Union responds to a newly-unified world, seeking to arrest a notorious arms dealer. The Confederacy also responds, seeking to claim his new "superweapon" for themselves.
Declaration of War August 26th, 2015 The Black Blade Syndicate engages open warfare against the Cyberia Police. Whose side are you on?
Heads Will Roll August 23rd, 2015 What happens when a thousand-years-dead samurai warlord's rest is disturbed by a fox defiling the place where his head was buried?

(Answer: Chaos and awesomeness, plus the occasional rolling head.)

WMAT CQ1 Tommy Oliver vs Toph Beifong August 13th, 2015 The Green Ranger faces The Blind Bandit! Rocks fall, beams fly as the green meets green!
The Purification Rite August 7th, 2015 Sensing an overflow of evil from a certain location, a single priestess makes the journey to ultimately purge those who should not be from this world. She didn't expect that she would have help however.
The Dark Experiment June 27th, 2015 A new form of undead is created.
Barrow Metrics June 12th, 2015 Steve invites Elites from the multiverse to his newly unified world, to help him with a little problem. Having discovered a barrow full of restless fiends, he needs it cleaned out. Promises of loot await!
Bridge To Nowhere May 28th, 2015 Steal a bridge? A whole bridge? WHO EVEN TRIES THAT?!
The Beast of Shadows April 26th, 2015 Investigation of a digital disruption reveals a new Digimon.. But just WHO is he?
Tour of Hikari February 18th, 2015 Nagato opens the home of the Fleet Daughters to her Union allies and hosts a tour, fleet maneuver demonstrations, and a dinner party.
Final Countdown December 23rd, 2014 The Confederates make one last push to at least ensure no single Target Zone remains entirely in Union hands, before the factional truce!
Union Secret Santa December 20th, 2014 The Union Secret Santa begins! People come together, gifts are exchanged, merriment is made!
Bad Blood November 4th, 2014 On the island of Phase Rock, a teenager has a breakdown and a soldier tries to stop them killing everyone in the vicinity in the process. Does anyone really come out of this a winner?
The Herald July 26th, 2014 A new entity makes its presence known in an attempt to draw out the Union-aligned Autobots.
Primary Village Seven June 20th, 2014 Primary Village Seven, in Tatsuto Satou's Digital World, seems to be under threat of attack by a Mothmon flying above its tower. Heroes gather to protect the baby Digimon of the village, but not everyone's there to be a hero!
Toph's Pizza Party March 12th, 2014 Toph turns 13 and has her first true birthday party at the Bar and Grill.


Title Date Scene Summary
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