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P:WtWM - Party Time
Date of Scene: 11 May 2018
Location: Alberichstadt
Synopsis: Janine throws a party, Agatha gatecrashes, Hoshi might be in danger?
Cast of Characters: Janine Liberi, 999, August Kohler, Rebecca Chambers, Kotone Yamakawa, Atalanta, 1141, William Pauwel, Sanary Rondel, 901
Tinyplot: Persona: Were the World Mine

Janine Liberi has posed:
    Things have been approaching 'normal' in Alberichstadt.

    No more kidnappings. No more expeditions into the Forest. Bullying at Drachenblatt has been on the uptick, but that's all kept well undercover. Things seem back to normal in the sleepy little academic town, and that's just how Janine likes it.

    She likes it so much, in fact, that she has called for a gathering, an actual party. Not a faux invite like the one to her birthday party, but a real celebration. That suburban home now only occupied by herself and Emily is warmly lit from within, the door left open on this spring night. Some Italian pop singer is blaring from inside, as is the smell of home cooking, no doubt courtesy of Emily.

    Janine herself is waiting in that living room where the birthday party happened. The bags under her eyes have eased, her hair is clean, and she's actually smiling. A highly cursed event indeed. "'sup nerds. Thanks for coming," she says to those whoa arrive.

Emily Branford (999) has posed:
    In point of fact, the house smells positively wonderful.

    Tonight, however, rather than the usual Italian fare, Emily's insisted on something a little more close to home. A deep fryer is sizzling away merrily as breaded strips of cod are dropped in, while a second crackles away full of diced potato. It's an old pub staple, a perfect unhealthy 'comfort food' for celebrating a victory hard won.

    (Emily is, of course, not going to assume they've actually won for some time yet, but she can at least let them have a chance to relax.)

    Both the fish and the chips are being served onto large platters, with a stack of plates nearby, and bottles of malt vinegar on hand as well. "Go on, serve yourselves as you like. I'll be keeping it coming until everyone's had their fill."

August Kohler has posed:
August is pretty happy about the fact the Black Queen is gone, but you couldn't tell it by looking at him. Bags under his eyes from a lack of sleep, hair slightly unkempt, and overall looking like he's been stressing lately. The redhead is dressed in a jacket and shirt with a pair of jeans, luckily having not brought a gun (and isn't going to tell Janine about the knife in his jacket). The core sign that he knows this is a party is that he brought a six-pack of cheap beer, some casual brand.

As he enters the door, August nods to Janine, lifting the booze to show it. "No problem." He keeps his jacket on, moving to set the beer on the counter, taking one for himself. "Hey, Branford." Emily gets if August spots her, as he moves to take a seat somewhere, stretching out. "So, I have to ask. Who are you and what have you done with Janine Liberi?" There's the slightest crack of a smile as August asks, cracking open his can and taking a drink. He takes a nod to the food, but doesn't move to get any just yet.

"So, if things are as they seem, the Queen's finally dead. How the hell did we go from a ragtag group of teenagers and Multiversals to the saviors of the world?"

Rebecca Chambers has posed:
"Rebecca, you're out of uniform!"

That's what you might expect to hear if Rebecca were on duty today. The key word being 'were.' As it stands, Rebecca's actually off-duty, so she's switched to something a little more casual and comfortable. After all, you can't attend a party in uniform unless you're cosplaying or something, right?

When Rebecca shows up to the party, she looks a bit more cheerful than usual, but then again isn't that how you'd look for a party? She waves to everyone as she enters, looking around to see what the party has to offer.

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Things had somewhat got back to normal if you could call it that in Alberichstadt, Kotone is dressed Casually maybe slightly out of l;ine but it speaks of odd tate rather than froma nother world. She ajusts her strange little sleeveless jacket as she arrives. "Doing pretty well Jaine and glad to see things seem to be finished."

Atalanta has posed:
     August has a ferocious persistance in Atalanta not wandering around their - his - world as an actual catgirl. This had been a long fight, but eventually, Atalanta agreed, but only if she could buy her own outfit, on her own terms. As such, she shows up to Janine's outside of her normal dress, with a ... you guessed it... black, fuzzy cat ear hat on her head, a large, black scarf around her neck, a light green and white sweater underneath a long fur-lined dark green jacket, a blue-green skirt, black tights with green stripes on the outside, and blue-green and white high-top sneakers.

     She has about seven boxes in her grip, and she nods at Janine friendly enough. "I brought pie." The label is the best pie maker in the local area.

     It is, of course, all apple pie.

Robert Speedwagon (1141) has posed:
    After everything that's been going on in Alberichstadt, Robert Speedwagon is concerned. So when the invitation for the party comes, he's definitely going, if only to check up on the group after everything's all been said and done. He's wearing his usual dark blue Victorian-style suit, and the odd diamond-patterned top hat that doesn't match the rest of his outfit.

    He's not here alone, either, as he rarely is -- Tattoo and Kempo are with him too. But he also didn't come empty-handed, either. He's carrying, of all things, a large container of those mass-produced cupcakes. He probably picked them up on the way here.

    That's confirmed when he offers, "Sorry if it's rude ta bring somethin', but I wasn't sure, and I didn't want ter bring three mouths ta feed and not contribute." He really doesn't have much in the way of etiquette knowledge. He also seems to be pleased with the cuisine choice too. "Oh! Didn't expect fish an' chips 'ere. That's a pleasant surprise!"

    Robert will find some place to put the package of cupcakes, and then ask the gathering at large, "I 'ope everybody's well!" He is indeed in high spirits, very much not apprehensive that things are actually over.

William Pauwel has posed:
A victory well earned indeed, though certainly one that was not without its sacrifices.

Take for example, the chipper-looking scifi cowboy drifting, nose-led towards the scent of bubbling oil and greasy breading... And the two mechanical arms mounted to his shoulders. Will gave his arms to fire the mother of all blasts into the Black Queen's face. He'd do it again, any day of the week-- especially considering what all the others have surrendered to make it this far.

"Oh miss Emily," Will sighs, already forking himself up some golden fish n' chips, "This all smells positively heavenly. I haven't had a good fish fry in months! I uh. Hope the pies are enough from me fer today." A set of HOME-MADE APPLE PIES sit nearby, still nice and hot and fresh from Granny Pauwel's oven. They smell of apple and cinnamon and thus deliciously.

Atalanta has posed:
     Atalanta quietly attempts to theft a whole Granny Pauwel apple pie in the back.

Sanary Rondel has posed:
     How did Sanary get in here? Considering what's happened, shouldn't she be on Janine's and everyone else's shitlist right now?

     Yes. Very yes.

     And yet, she's arrived wearing some more casual fare: A yellow t-shirt, shorts/overalls, recently cleaned work boots. She's also hauling in a suspiciously large sack over both shoulders, smelling much like the comfort food that Emily has prepared. It's probably something pig-related.

     No, it's definitely something pig-related. What else could it be? Whole roasted pork is her offering of the day, and the healer/pig farmer is looking uncharacteristically tense as she approaches the door and gives it a light knock with her head.

     She's not so much of a barbarian that she'd knock on it by kicking it. She has some class, at least! Maybe that'll even be enough to convince everyone not to attack her on sight. Hopefully.

Janine Liberi has posed:
    "Listen smartass," Janine says to August with a wry smile on her face. "This is me when I don't have the looming threat of some bitch horror trying to conquer our world looming over our heads." She takes the beer and examines the label with a discerning eye. "You sure have the look of someone who would drink this swill right now. You look like I did fresh out of treatment. But hey, I'll take it." She puts it in a cooler stocked with more expensive brands.

    "Not 'seems.' It is over," she says to Kotone with an insistant tone to her voice as she snags a piece of battered cod from the trays Emily brings in. "How the Brits became one of the biggest empires in the world with tripe like this, I don't know," she mutters. That doesn't stop her from eating it though.

    "Now we're talking!" Janine says happily as she carefully takes the boxes from Atalanta. "Oh this place is pretty good. Emily, get some of that French vanilla ice cream out. We'll need it for all this pie." She can't say the same for the cupcakes that Speedwagon brings though. She gets a whiff and her nose wrinkles. "Cheap cocoa, and they've overdone the frosting to try and hide it with sugar. But I'll never turn down excessive frosting. Thanks."

    She watches Will grab at the fish and chips and makes A Face. She almost looks regretful, but she bites down on her cheek and shakes it off. Only for Sanary to arrive, and now Janine's face looks like she drank toilet water. "Are you serious?" she asks, staring hard at the healer. Eventually, she can only sigh. "You're not allowed upstairs. Period. Got it?"

    She begins handing out drinks from the cooler. August and Sanary get the cheap stuff that August brought, but everyone else gets some fancy microbrew cans. "All right! We actually killed some utter horror borne from the shittiness of man or something. I can't believe it, but it means that things will go back to normal. It was great knowing... well, most of you," she shoots a glare at Sanary. "But with this, normal lives will resume. Thanks for everything, everyone. Cheers."

    She raises her can, no doubt to some confusion. Is she... going somewhere?"

Emily Branford (999) has posed:
    "Kohler," Emily greets with a nod, still bustling about the kitchen. She does, somehow, find time to get the pies from Atalanta and set them out, unless the cat is particularly possessive of them; either way, she'll soon have the ice cream set out as well, per Janine's orders. "Quite enough, Pauwel," she replies, with a warm smile. "Thank you, and eat as much as you like." Speedwagon, Kempo and Tattoo likewise get a pleased look. "Always nice to have a spot of home when you're abroad."

    Then there is Sanary.

    For a full three seconds, Emily Branford stops dead in her tracks. Her expression goes utterly cold and neutral, her eyes fix on Sanary, and she holds utterly still - waiting to see what Janine's take on the matter is.

    The answer turns out to be 'she gets to stay for now'. So the butler continues on as she was doing, though there's now a noticeable coolness to her demeanor.

Rebecca Chambers has posed:
Rebecca finds herself getting a soda, as she's not one to tie one on. She thanks Janine politely and raises her can as well. "Here's to victory and peace!" She blushes a little as she realizes that she's not the best at toasting. Instead she smiles and sips her drink, looking around for anything else to do or say.

When there's nothing else, Rebecca simply puts on a decent smile and looks around a little, trying to take in the general atmosphere of the party. How can someone like Rebecca be a member of S.T.A.R.S. yet seem a bit awkward?

August Kohler has posed:
"It was on sale." August says with a shrug, fine with his cheap booze for now. As everyone else brings out sweets, though, August just laughs to himself. Looks like he's getting upstaged a little, as he ignores the actual food to grab a slice of both Will and Atalanta's pies, wanting to try both of them. "Man, you guys are awesome." Mood - significantly raised.

And then it plummets a bit when August spots Sanary. He doesn't say anything to her, but the look he gives her is a bit unpleasant, as he eats a bite of pie. Seems he'll be civil, at the least, even if he's still hurting over the revelation. "Pie's fantastic. Wholly recommend it." He says to no one in particular, as he listens to Janine's speech. It gets a nod, and then a dawn of realization, as August basically starts devouring his slices of pie. "Wait, shit. Are you leaving?" August frowns sharply, and then exhales, crossing his arms. "Damn, that sucks. If you'd told us in advance, this could have been more of a going-away party." His voice actually has a hint of sadness, as he moves to get up and finally grab some food to go with his pie.

"Going back to Italy? I mean, I don't blame you, just some funny timing. Though, admittedly, the only timing that really works." August thinks for a moment, looking at the nearest mirror in the room (or his wrist, where there's a mirrored bracelet, if there isn't one). "Don't have to deal with the Forest ever again, atleast." August proceeds to just eat his food, thinking about this a little more, considering it all. "Man, man, we /won/. I honestly didn't know if it was possible. I need to decide what I'm going to do next myself. Probably the same old thing, fighting bad guys and saving worlds. But that's the path I've chosen. Can understand wanting to take a different one."

Over all, August's voice is a bit low, as he's entirely distracted away from bad feelings towards Sanary to thinking about the future. Two and a half years. Time really flies, doesn't it?

Sanary Rondel has posed:
     Sanary's mouth is already watering some at the smells hitting her nose, but she's got REPARATIONS to make first. Janine's stare has her freezing up for a moment, but she relaxes visibly when she isn't met with a dropkick and/or series of knives to the face. Not that she'd be in any position or have any right to move out of the way, of course, but being prepared for it wouldn't make it any more pleasant anyway.

     "G.. Got it. Er. I actually got a..." She trails off as she sets the roasted pig near one of the tables, making sure the contents aren't spilling out onto the floor and glancing over at Emily (just in case knives happen) before picking a slightly-grease stained card out of her pocket and sliding it to Janine.

     "For later. Or... Whenever." After clearing her throat awkwardly, it's time for less awkward beer time! She even manages a more casual grin at receiving the can, the cheapness of it completely lost on the healer as she turns it over several times just to check out the can itself.

     "Just proves that regular... Ish people like us can kill anything if we try hard enough. Good work!" Sanary breaks into a bigger grin, holding up her can shortly afterwards. She doesn't quite catch the implications of Janine's words until August makes it more obvious, though, and she raises an eyebrow towards the former a moment later.

     "You'll still be out and around, though, yeah? I mean.. How far can this Italy be, anyway?" A pause, and then the healer chuckles once. "... Ah, can't blame ya if you wanna do somethin' quieter, though. But you need any good pig meat or pig parts or help raisin' a pig, you know who to call. Okay?"

William Pauwel has posed:
There is nothing in this world that delicious pies cannot make better. Will doesn't stop Atalanta from gorging herself on one of those amazing apple pies, but only because he knows... He knows far too well...

That too much pie is sometimes just as bad... as no pie at all.

"Howdy there, Sanary~" Will says over a mouthful of fish n' chips. "Fancy seein' y'all here. Is that pork I smell? Bring it in and let's eat!" But, then...

Janine is... Leavin'? Will frowns, his mood faltering just a bit. August says enough for the both of them, but... "You're leavin' us? Is yer family callin' y'all home after all that business in the forest, or..."

Is it /her/ arm...?

Robert Speedwagon (1141) has posed:
    Speedwagon narrows his eyes when Sanary comes in. He hasn't forgotten what happened at the Black Queen's throne room. But then again... maybe she's learned her lesson; the Black Queen did kind of throw her under the bus. Can never trust those sorts of people, like the Black Queen... particularly if they're only PART of people. At least, that's how he understood what those beings they fought were. So... well, let's try being civil, huh? He offers a smile in Sanary's direction, at least, and a pleasant wave.

    Janine's assessment of the cupcakes gets a wince. "Ah... yeah, I noticed that too," he confirms. If he can smell evil, he can sure tell someone's using cheap cocoa. "Was rather a last-minute purchase, since I wan't sure what ter bring, or even if I should." And Emily's words get a broad grin. "You're not wrong there!" he agrees. "It's much appreciated!"

    Janine's got a toast, and all three of the Ogre Street gangsters area gonna drink to that. Both Speedwagon and Tattoo give loud cheers of "'Ere, 'ere!" Kempo's cheer is quieter, but amounts to the same. He didn't notice the final sound to Janine's speech until August points it out. And then he blinks. "Oh. Well, I s'pose movin' away from that forest's preferrable, yeah... Particularly if it's so dangerous."

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Kotone Yamakawa says "A slip of tongue Jaine your right it is over." She sees the battered cod showing an effect of being from a former British colony. Oh she wants some of that, then again she's from a coastal area to begin with, so she's just kinda yes to seafood in general. She has not come without something to share, nope two things, she's brought several wracks of smoked Pacific salmon also a smaller container of Candied salmon, roast salmon glazed in maple syrup and she'll move to set those out to share.

She is going to get the Cod though like so right now, she's not going to take too much, as eating is more of just for the enjoynment of it for her, for the most part.

"Brought some Salmon to zhare dig on on that."

Kotone gets a look of horror on her face of the brand August brought going right for the Microbrews.

"To the return of normal lives!"

She looks to August though for a moment, she will also get some of the pie. She thinks about the beer he still rboguht some and he did think to share. She does wonder though what Janine is up to and she looks over to Robtert.

"Hry try what I brought over!"

Then it hits Janaine is leaving, she can understand that wanting to get on with life and ...well just the meories of here.

Atalanta has posed:
     Atalanta, being the impolite, irresponsible lack of social graces bear that she is, continues munching down pie, although her gaze slides from the pie giver - Will - to her Master - August - and back. Then her head tilts, nearly imperceptibly at Will before she frowns at Janine.

Janine Liberi has posed:
    Janine looks confused as everyone assumes she is going to Italy. "What? No. I'm just... done. With the whole Multiverse thing." She looks around, looking vaguely bemused. "I mean, like... you never see me out there, right? And now that this shit is done, there's no need for you all to be here. I guess you'll see August 'cuz he's killing himself being a big hero, but... I'm done. I saved the world, you can't ask anything more of me."

    She shrugs, and takes a long drink from her can, before looking at August. "You really thought I would run out without letting you know? I'm not quite that big of a bitch." She also takes that card with a slight scowl and opens it, a gift card falling from it. "Oh dammit..." she grumbles, reading the contents before staring hard at the healer. "You don't get to absolve yourself with an 'asskicking.' You did a shitty thing, and now you have to live knowing that everyone here who trusted you can never do that again because you're a goddamn sellout. That's what you get."

    Her face was getting flushed there, but she takes a deep breath to calm down. "Sorry everyone. This was supposed to be a fun thing, and I'm dragging it down. Guess that's all I'm good at..." She lets out a heavy sigh and finishes her drink, when a knock comes at the open door.

    "I do hope I'm not interrupting," says a matronly voice. Standing in the frame is an older woman, clad in a blue and black riding outfit with gold buttons. Atop her fading golden hair is a chauffeur cap, and her eyes are bright yellow. In her hands is a pile of four books.

    It's Agatha, from the Velvet Room.

Rebecca Chambers has posed:
Looking to Janine, Rebecca's eyes go wide. "You're leaving?" She struggles to find the words to express how she's feeling, but all she can do is hold her mouth open as she struggles to figure out just what she needs to say. But the words never come. She can only stare in shock.

Just then there's a knock at the door, and then Agatha makes her appearance. Rebecca forces herself to close her mouth as Agatha arrives. "Oh, hello," Rebecca says, trying to sound polite.

Emily Branford (999) has posed:
    Shuffle shuffle bustle bustle... oh dear, there's Agatha.

    And she's not in the Velvet Room.

    Emily gently sets down the ice cream she's been getting ready, and then folds her hands behind her back, standing at an attention less like a butler and more like a bodyguard.

August Kohler has posed:
August actually sighs in relief as Janine reveals that they all had it wrong. "God damn, did I misinterpret that one. Sorry for thinking it'd be something relatively mundane!" August actually doesn't seem upset, though, more...glad? Relieved? It's clear on his face. "Okay, yeah, that's even more fair. I'm glad I got that wrong." There's a look around the room, basically an apologetic 'woops, my bad guys' for riling everyone up.

There's a glance towards Sanary as the letter is handed over, and Janine basically explains what was in it. There's a low whistle, and a nod towards Janine, but he does decide to say something. "Look. Even if we forgive you, we can't forget. I think the fact that you were let here is a good thing. We're still willing to be around you even with all the shit you caused. Hell, I'd probably trust you enough for healing still. Can you accept that?" It's not something he's sure he would have said at another time, but the mood feels right, and it's what makes sense. For everything Sanary caused, August thinks she's /really/ easy to read, and she seems to mean what she says. August turns to Janine as if he's going to say something...

And then Agatha walks in. August's eyes dart over to her, at first in confusion, and then he narrows his brow. His first question is pretty simple, because there's never just coincidences with the Velvet Room. "I doubt you're here for the pie. What's the situation?"

Atalanta has posed:
     Following up on August, as Atalanta walks over to her Master and arranges herself against his side like some sort of cat that tolerates people, holds up a plate. "Pie?" She offers Agatha. She has no idea who this woman is, but still. There's pie, and it must be shared.

     Besides, who doesn't like pie?

     evil people, that's who.

William Pauwel has posed:


"Oh, well that's... Less a thing then, I think! At least we can still visit n' stuff, right? I mean, as long as we don't bring any multiversal business in and like, get aliens to invade Alberichstadt on account of stealin' their robot arms, there's no problem. Right?" Will says cheerily in Janine's direction, his bad mood immediately evaporating like dew in the bright summer sunshine. "Don't worry about Sanary," he says, then, taking a sip of his HIGH GRADE BEER. "She's like me! Except... More bloodthirsty, I think. Uh. Don't worry, I think she means well, she's just kinda dumb sometimes?"


"It's adorable when it's not, like," Will wrinkles his nose, "...Hurtin' folks."

And then he catches Atalanta's glance and nods meaningfully back her way.

"There's plenty of pie!" Will says, coming up on August's other side and draping an arm around his shoulders like the ABSOLUTE BEST PALS they are. "Come on miss! I've uh. Never actually met you before! I'm William Pauwel. Nice to meet you! Some of the pie is from my gramma, so feel free to have some! You one of August's other friends?"

Sanary Rondel has posed:
     That wasn't too far off, at least. "Hmm.. Yeah, can't blame you there. It was pretty nice just focusing on the farm for a while." Sanary murmurs in agreement with an understanding tone in her voice, trying not to let Janine's more pointed response jab into her too hard while she raises her free hand in a stiff wave towards Speedwagon in return.

     IT IS JABBING VERY HARD. The healer puts on a very obviously forced poker face at that, and she can't really fault Janine for any of it. Hell, she can't even respond to any of it!

     So she just stands there and takes it, looking tense as all hell. August's words have her relaxing a bit more, though, and she even finally takes up Will's suggestion to munch on some food! "Th... That's fine. Hell, it's probably good for me that you all can keep me in check. A-and I ain't bloodthirsty! Or d..." She trails off, clearly unable to delude herself THAT much.

     William does get a grumpy look, though.

     "... Just need to get stronger is all." She huffs lightly and replies in between small bites, breathing a sigh of relief when there's a distraction in the form of Agatha. There might even be some small respite with Atalanta offering the mysterious woman some pie!

Robert Speedwagon (1141) has posed:
    Speedwagon's features clear when Janine explains her stance. "Oh! That makes more sense," he notes. Though he does tilt his head. "D'ya really think the only reason any of us would come 'ere was ter punch things?" he asks. "Hardship forges bonds stronger than steel! I 'ave me doubts everyone in this room would jus' leave and never come back. I can say for certain I would, only to visit, if yer would allow it!" Speedwagon is a bro like that.

    August's apologetic look gets a chuckle. "Well, yer didn't know. I would've thought the same." And he starts to snicker at Will trying to make excuses for Sanary. But see... Sanary's reasons? That... he can't fault. Because, well... he's wanted to do that for a long time. Remembering how, despite doing his best, he was useless in helping Jonathan, how he hadn't been able to save Baron Zeppeli either...

    Sanary gets a sympathetic look. Yeah, he can totally understand wanting to get stronger, even doing things that... maybe shouldn't be done...

    Agatha's entrance gets a blink. He doesn't know her, but some of the others seem to. So he looks to those who act like they know her. Will gives him the idea, and he takes off that checkered hat, placing it against his chest and bowing politely to Agatha. As he straightens, replacing his hat, he offers, "The name's Robert E.O. Speedwagon. Pleased ter make your aquaintence, madam."

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Kotone Yamakawa looks to Janine. "It's totally understandable if you want to cash out I will not stop you and hope things go well for you after, Janine."

She is going back to her food and is enjoying it and won't step in for Sanary to get our of the ass kicking. She keeps more focused on the party at the moment but as another woman she does not really recalls enter? Agatha arrives and pauses for a moment. "Hello there..."

She looks to Janine, August and Emily to see if they know them or want to ask this woman leave.

"I don't think we have met before, I'm Kotone Yamakawa."

Janine Liberi has posed:
    "Oh, you are very kind. Thank you Atalanta," Agatha says with a smile, accepting the pie and taking a forkful into her mouth. She looks around at those she has not met yet and smiles. "I know who you all are. I keep an eye on those allied with our dear contractors." Here, she flashes a smile at August and Janine, the latter of whom scowls. "Yeah, what do you want?" she says, adding to August's question.

    The older woman puts down her dessert and nods. "Yes, this is a bit unusual, isn't it? Very well, I'll get to the point." She sits down on the couch, and places those four books on it. "You seem to think that it is over. I am afraid to say that this is merely a roadstop. You may end your journey here Janine, no one could fairly fault you, but the road stretches on through the mists." She looks around again, and lifts one of the books. The title is simply 'Wonderland.'

    "This story I will share with you first. Though it is important, please do not let it distract from what I have to tell you afterwards." She opens the page, and begins to read. Oddly, words do not tumble from her mouth, but a full-length mirror gilded in gold manifests. It does not reflect, but only shows something playing out on the surface...

Hoshi Amakasu (901) has posed:
    In the depths of the reflecting glass comes the familiar twinkling lights and interminable shadows that had marked the Forest's domain; it sways and twitches around as if seeing through the eyes of an animal. In the distance, down a darkened pathway, a town unusually sits bright and cheery in a clearing; two persons covered in heavy cloaks but festooned in flowering garlands and wedding attire make their way towards the viewers. At this distance, it's impossible to see who it is, but suddenly the camera is moving with agitation, shaking and twisting even as it sunk low into the earth and began stalking towards their position. Neither figure seems to notice that they are being hunted by what may be some Beast.

    Until they pass the hidden position the Beast has took, it falls still and only twitches occasionally. The merry married ones seem entirely oblivious of the danger they are in, until the Beast roars, and the mirror the gang is looking through vibrates with it's fury! Suddenly it is bounding forth, powerful claws rivving earth and shattering glass shoots beneath their tread. THe taller figure moves to a protective position in front of the wife, but is suddenly flung aside with a vengeance. THe wife stands trembling before the beast, and her hood shifts away from her face...

    Hoshi Amakasu stares at whatever is in front of her with wide eyes and her mouth locked into a terrified 'o', showing an unreasonable amount of fear compared to what she had been like in the past. Her golden eyes are wide and staring, and as the vision clouds and the mirror fades, comes a whisper of her voice, softly echoing for a moment before going dreadfully silent.


August Kohler has posed:
Now standing with Will and Atalanta at his sides, August stares at Agatha for a long moment as she takes a bite of pie. He's not going to say anything regarding that. However, he does bite his lip when the fortune teller states that the journey isn't over yet. "Are you kidding me?" He's not against fighting for more, but it's such a way to sour his mood, for their big celebration to be ended with 'nah it's not over yet'. But when the book is shown, August looks through it...

"Amakasu...what? What is this, Agatha?" August's expression is bewildered, as he recognizes his fellow Persona User who he hasn't seen in years. "That's the Mirror Forest. Why the hell is she in the Mirror Forest? God damn it, can't this ever end?!" He stomps his foot hard into the ground, taking several deep breathes as he tries to think on her words. Agatha said there was something more to tell them.

"What else is there? Is that the good news, and now you're going to show us the bad news now?" His tone is sarcastic and jaded, August quickly taken out of the mood of revelry and into one of anger and frustration.

Rebecca Chambers has posed:
The journey isn't over yet. Story of Rebecca's life.

But now there's even more revelations happening, and Rebecca finds herself forgetting about the issue of Janine leaving the Multiverse. Now she's really on edge. It's no use trying to hide it, there's a look of shock and uneasiness on the girl's face. Apparently, this party has turned into something far less enjoyable...

Emily Branford (999) has posed:
    Well, at least Agatha isn't lunging to attack them all. That's a start.

    But on the other hand, they're looking at an old comrade in serious trouble. "What is this?" the butler asks, adjusting her glasses. "Is this a vision of the past, present or future? Is that really Amakasu, or is it a doppelganger? I don't suppose you've many answers to give, but I feel I must ask regardless."

Sanary Rondel has posed:
     Squinting at Agatha as she conjures up that mirror, the healer remains silent while observing the story unfolding in front of them. The familiar face ofHoshi has Sanary narrowing her eye a bit more, and then she levels her gaze towards the matron.

     "... Where's it happening?" She sounds like she's already made up her mind to go, although she's trying quite hard not to look towards anyone else just yet. No sense pressuring them into feeling like they need to go as well, even if several of them were likely to do so anyway.

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Kotone Yamakawa loosk to the new arrival for a moment she seems to understand she's not a danger. Kotones' gaze falls upon the page and sees. Hoshi her eyes widen and one word comes out of her mouth "Hoshi?!" Can't this end? This shit was suposed to end but she can't leave Hoshi, also the Admiral would have to be informed of this she thinks. The party's buzz has been killed hard. "We can't leave her like this."

Robert Speedwagon (1141) has posed:
    In a way, Speedwagon knew it wasn't really 'over'. Stories only end when people die, after all. And they most certainly weren't dead. However, when the mirror appears intead of words from Agatha, of course he's going to be shocked. "What the...? This mirror... it's like a movin' picture!" Victorian time period, 'moving pictures' were top of the line tech, after all. Though as he watches the incident, he has to stop himself from trying to reach through the mirror to help. That probably would have ended badly, one way or another.

    Speedwagon is not thinking 'doppelganger'. He's not thinking 'I don't know this person'. He isn't thinking 'goddammit we JUST got through saving the bloody world'. Much like Sanary, his only thought is... well, pretty much exactly what he voices. "We 'ave ta 'elp her! Can yer point us that way?" Not to worry, Sanary... you'll have at least three companions -- Speedwagon, Tattoo, and Kempo!

Janine Liberi has posed:
    "What the fuck, that was Hoshi. I thought she went back to Japan!" Janine exclaims, looking just as furious as August. Agatha meets their concern and outrage with a mere placid smile. "There is only news, August Kohler. Fret not, as I shall assist you in this one. This book, I leave with you. I'm sure your pig friend will know what to do. This shows the very present, and it is not a 'seperate' part of the Mirror Forest."

    With everyone's questions answered, she now indicated the other three books. "I am afraid that, after what was no-doubt a very refreshing course of straight advice, I must go back to being vague and mysterious. It is my role, I do apologize. These three books tell of three key things happening around you. I will read to you only two of them. Please make your decision now."

    The titles of the three books are WOODSMAN, LOST CHILD, and UNKNOWING SCHEMER.

Emily Branford (999) has posed:
    Almost immediately, Emily speaks up. "We've done well enough until now having no clue what the Woodsman is up to until it pertains to us. I think we'd be fine ignoring his and reading the other two."

William Pauwel has posed:
Unfortunately, Will is about as in the dark as a guy can be with regards to who this 'Hoshi Amakasu' person is. But...

There's concern obvious on his face, regardless.

William Pauwel is not a man who allows someone in need to go without help for too long.

"...Well, I think we know what we're gonna be doin' first," Will says with a long sigh. "What's this all about, though? I thought dealin' with the Black Queen was it, unless... This has to do with that thing she was afraid of...?"

Will shakes his head, then looks to Emily and shrugs, "I agree, but then there's that schemer there too and I ain't sure we know /anythin'/ about them. Might be worth crossin' that bridge later too? An' ain't the Woodsman responsible for... All this we've been through? I dunno."

"I'm worried about that Lost Child one way or another though," Will says, firmly. "Lost kids. They ain't no joke."

August Kohler has posed:
August just scowls at the mirror, putting his hands out to take the book. He'll fold it under his arms, exhaling sharply when Agatha mentions she'll only read two books. "Got to make things difficult for us, don't you? Can't just give us all of them?" There's a sharp sigh, as he scans over the titles.

August wants to know why the Woodsman has a book. The Woodsman's been a problem before, and if he's doing the Persona Game some more...but Emily speaks up. She makes a pretty good point. "Well, I want to know what he's up to, but we could honestly just go into the Forest and listen for smashing sounds. Other two, then?" August points to them. though he glances to Will. "If we don't know nothing about them, isn't that a bad thing?" A shrug from August. "If we're coming down to a vote, then at the very least I want to see the Lost Child. We can't ignore that. I /refuse/ to ignore that." A nod towards Will. Looks like they're in agreement.

Robert Speedwagon (1141) has posed:
    Right back to vagueness. And it's not like they can just search the forest like any sensible forest -- not THAT forest. Speedwagon does have a little bit of input, though he's not offering it with any degree of forcefulness. For once, he's speaking relatively quietly. "A schemer might have information... but 'e might also lie," he offers. "The lost child might refer ta her, and might be what's goin' on with 'er now. But it might not tell us 'ow ta get t'where she is, or 'ow ta help 'er." A pause, and he looks at the third book. "I don't know what the Woodsman might 'ave."

    Equal for and against the two books he can give an opinion on. But he's not familiar with any of the mechanics behind what's going on in this world. All he can really do is just take things as they come.

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Kotone Yamakawa says "I agree Will we're going to get Hoshi the heck out of there. I may be able to get us some backup on that one." She's pretty sure the Admiral would be interest in getting Hoshi the hell out of the forest. For now thought he matter of the books come up for a moment she looks to Emily, Janine and August. She hears Augusts fvote and htinks for a moment.

"If I even have a vote on this I'm for the Lost child and Schemer."

She's just listing to her ghost at this point on this, there may be other things to worry about with the Woodsman it's true but the other two books sound far more pressing to her.

Emily Branford (999) has posed:
    "I don't think the lost child will be a copy of the info we already have," Emily muses. "I concur with Kohler. We don't know anything about the 'schemer' whatsoever - and if anything, I'd call that more dangerous. We don't know who or what they are, or what they're scheming, or whether they're a threat or potential ally. That deep a lack of information makes them potentially more dangerous than the Woodsman. We at least know who he is, what he can do, and how he's disposed towards us. So I suppose that puts my votes for the lost child and the schemer as well."

Janine Liberi has posed:
    "I believe that most of you are interested in 'Lost Child, and 'Unknowing Schemer.'" Agatha says. She picks up the former, opens it up, and begins to read. Again, no words fall from her mouth, but a mirror manifests, showing a strange scene.

    The view depicts someone walking through somewhere dark. What little light is offered by the moon shining through a gap shows a place that is desolate and industrial. The viewpoint suddenly swivels, as if the person they're seeing things through the eyes of heard something. It then whips around again, seemingly focussing on a particularly dark spot.

    In the moment before the view cuts, the patch of darkness seems to move.

    Agatha smiles and shakes her head to any further questions, before moving on to the next book.

    The mirror generated from this one shows the hallways of Alberichstadt. The person looks about at students, focussing on their faces as they go. The view then shifts to someone seemingly following who they were just looking through. It's a girl, but her face is impossible to discern. They then go up to one of the students the girl had looked at, and slams their head against the wall viciously.

    The mirror fades, and Agatha finishes her pie before rising and taking the three books with her, leaving behind the one that showed Hoshi. "I'll take my leave now. I'm sure you all have much to discuss."

    She strides out, leaving Janine looking... defeated.

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Kotone Yamakawa makes sure to save these time indexes to go over later, she will watch them and have them for the group to make use of later but it seems things are far form over. She watches as things end the woman leave and she sees Janine she has no idea what to say.