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Count Kord (Scenesys ID: 954)
Death calls for you.
Full Name: Jakob Ciobanu
Gender: Male
Species: Human (Demigod)
Theme: (OC) Pokemon: Shadow Grey-1
Function: Death Beast
Status: Active
Factional Information
Faction: Concord (3-Hand)
Groups: [Fangs of Nidhogg]
Other Information
Physical Age: Mid-20s Actual Age: 58
Still Aging? Yes (Non-human lifespan) Voice Actor: Jouji Nakata
Height: 6'2" Weight: {{{Weight}}}
Hair Color: Red Eye Color: Pale Blue
Theme Song: {{{Song}}}


Kord is a being born on a continent called Bayern, in a world where Pokemon exist. This world, darker than most where Pokemon are native, provided him with an upbringing that would teach him of the threat called Hollowness that permeates his homelands, thanks to his connection to a being called Yveltal. As he grew, he was shaped into a warrior that would stop at nothing to destroy the evils of the land, even if it meant killing those that would impede his extremism. His behavior brought him prestige, finely honed abilities, and eventually saw him acting as an agent in the Multiverse at large. He would try to bring his flavor of classical justice to all worlds he encountered... And then he died. His death saw a rebirth into an elemental being, a type of Pokemon, and so his journey as a man had come to an end. Now, he fights with tooth and claw, and the powerful winds of destruction, leveraging his wealth and resources to prove his right to rule. Even if that means exerting his superiority over those that fail to recognize it. Bayern has right to tremble, because Yveltal's offspring has finally hatched.



Wind of Destruction:

Kord is a primal being attuned with the nature of destruction, and so possesses a number of abilities associated with this.
  • Destruction: Kord possesses the ability to destroy anything he attacks, depending only on how much effort he goes to.

Flight: Kord is able to fly in the open air unassisted, even without flapping his wings, with a great amount of agility. Immortality: Kord will come back to life when killed, either at the place of his death, or the nearest convenient safe place if his body is destroyed or reviving there is unfeasible. He can be killed permanently if pierced through the heart with a weapon blessed by a life or fertility god.

Mythic Pokemon:

Being an elemental creature allows Kord to use a number of offensive abilities, as well as some perks of being a non-physical being.

Attack List - Ranged: Kord is able to emit offensive magic as beams, blasts and other forms of ranged attacks typical to Yveltal, encompassing wind, spirit or 'ghost', psychic, dark, and non-elemental or 'normal' attacks. Intangibility: With some concentration, Kord can become intangible temporarily, as his form is made of elemental energies. Superhumanity: Kord is, all-around, very powerful, fast, agile and durable, though may never meet the levels of more specialized beings.


Bestial Benefits:

Being a more animalistic supernatural creature provides Kord with some further instinctual skills and perks.

Weapon Mastery - Natural Weapons: The teeth, claws, horns and sheer mass that Kord possesses can be used with surprising effectiveness, and paired with his elemental attacks to fight at short range. Extraordinary Senses: Kord is utterly unhindered in the dark, seeing everything in photo-negative in pitch black conditions. Mobility: Usually through flight or his general physical prowess, Kord can navigate almost any obstacle competently.

Master of the Dark:

Kord has a proficiency in the power to manipulate shadows, making them physical or using them to evade notice.

Field Shaping: Being able to manipulate shadows allow Kord to create impediments such as walls or benefits such as bridges, at a visual range of about a hundred feet. Stealth: Kord may shape shadows or merge with them to move undetected, but his eyes or markings will always be visible to those looking for it. Remote Manipulation: Shadows can be shaped to move objects that Kord, himself, could reasonably move within visual range.

Count of Dragoni:

Being named nobility in the world of Bayern gives Kord resources to leverage outside of his personal abilities.

NPCs: Human soldiers with an aptitude for dark elemental magic blasts, with Pokemon (essentially magical creatures) that are capable of a similar flavor of elemental attacks and physical combat to Kord. Weapon Mastery - Polearms: His human soldiers are trained by him to fight with anything resembling a polearm, whether this is a large scythe or a pitchfork or a genuine lance, as long as it has a long haft. Kord, himself, is skilled in the use of a scythe. Wealth: Being a noble of Dragoni means access to the wealth generated by trade, thanks to the crops, crafts and mining in the area.


Wild Expertise: Survival Skills: The aptitude to survive indefinitely in temperate areas, such as heavy forests.

Magical Know-How: Knowledge - Magic: Understanding of common magical concepts, such as magical circles or spellcraft.

Divine Biology: Low Intake: No requirement to eat, sleep or drink, but can still do so if he wants.

Low Profile:

  • Disguise: Kord is capable of taking on a humanoid shape and reverting back, and can alter how prevalent his Pokemon features are, but only as a tool of convenience.


Divine Right <Trouble>: While not necessarily selfish, Kord is incredibly arrogant. He is prone to acting dismissive, haughty, prideful or downright insulting to his enemies by default. He is, quite accurately, the brood of a divine being and so he puts himself above mortals and their ilk, which pretty much encompasses nearly every living or artificial being. The only people that don't get this treatment are gods, Pokemon, and the dead or undead. Gods are equals, Pokemon are kin, and the dead have paid their dues and deserve his reverence, respectively. This means he might lash out when spoken down to, or hold grudges against those that refuse to show him the respect he believes he deserves, and it can lead to him making decisions out of pride and acting supremely stubborn during moments of fragile diplomacy. It isn't likely to get him a lot of friends in casual situations, either.

Born to Death <Significant>: He gives off a profound Evil Divine Being aura that makes him very obvious to abilities or tools meant to sense that. Enchanted or blessed items aligned with life or justice do additional harm to him, and can even burn him with simple physical contact.

Possessive <Significant>: Anything he considers 'his', even if he also considers it inferior to him, is something he will jealously guard, the way a dragon defends his hoard. Killing his soldiers, destroying his possessions, or even verbally threatening what belongs to him, can drive him to a rage where he might make poor decisions, though this is a fury he CAN be talked out of, or hesitate to act on if it would harm him to do so.

Binding <Minor>: Kord is vulnerable to bindings and, embarrassingly enough, Pokeballs and similar devices... but no one can really have enough badges to keep him contained for very long.

Elemental <Minor>: He has a modest weakness to magic aligned with lightning, ice or stone. Magic utilized by faeries or similar beings can also hurt him more easily.


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Enark has a theory. That it was paintings. And he's a real boy, wait, something isn't right there.

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Unlit Boss (1) June 25th, 2016 The time has come to confront a powerful Unlit that terrorizes the Urban Decay.
Elimination: Urban Decay (3) June 18th, 2016 Efforts to remove the Unlit from the Urban Decay meet with continued success... And the access point for at least some of them is likewise located.
Exploration: Grand Gallery (1) June 14th, 2016 An attempt to put an end to mimics creating mimics results in an encounter that no one expected.
The Library of Murdered Knowledge June 11th, 2016 A tower supposedly containing the sum total of all human knowledge is being explored. The explorers are not alone.
Elimination: Urban Decay (2) June 4th, 2016 Further efforts are made to cleanse the Urban Decay of the Unlit that infest it.
Stone Devils (1) June 1st, 2016 Count Kord and Ebon Ribbon are called upon to help keep Lumiere broken by their new allies.
Home Monster Movie: Doctor Gross-O's Creature Carnival May 26th, 2016 A few Confederates decide to make a home movie involving mecha and kaiju.
Contact: Escher (2) May 24th, 2016 Some matters are clarified by speaking to a survivor among the Lit within Escher.
Contact: Escher May 17th, 2016 Further exploration of the tower of Escher turns out to be confusing and hazardous.
Elimination: Urban Decay (1) May 11th, 2016 An attempt to reduce the threat level of the Urban Decay results in the discovery of a new sub-area of it. Confederates, Syndicate, and Union work together to eliminate the enemy!
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Exploration: Urban Decay (1) April 27th, 2016 Exploration of the area immediately outside the Church of Bleak Mercy, known as the Urban Decay.
Welcome To Barrowville April 17th, 2016 The first encounter with a world of Death, known as Lumiere.
Stranger From A Strange Land March 6th, 2016 Count Kord pays the Foxtrot Ranch a visit. With exposition.


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