Karian Icefang

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Karian Icefang (Scenesys ID: 451)
"For Leman Russ and the Allfather!"
Full Name: Karian Icefang
Gender: Male
Species: Space Marine
Theme: (OC) Warhammer 40k
Function: Wolf Priest/Wolf Lord
Status: Active
Factional Information
Faction: Unaffiliated (N/A)
Groups: Gatecrashers Union
Other Information
Physical Age: 80 Actual Age: 120
Still Aging? Yes Voice Actor: Peter Renaday
Height: 8"0 Weight: 500 pounds, 1 ton in armor
Hair Color: Grey Eye Color: Yellow
Theme Song: The Sons of Odin - Manowar


A Space Marine loyal to the Allfather and the Imperium of Man, Karian stands amongst his brothers as the first and last line of defence from chaos and alien forces. Born on Fenris, a savage planet known as a death world, he rose into prominance and joined the hallowed ranks of the space wolves. Quickly adapting to the augmentations and upgrades, he rose to a squad commander quickly. His deep bond to his brothers often leads him to make decisions to keep them safe, even at the risk of his own life. He also values his friendships with the few aliens that have earned his respect in the Multiverse, and is always willing to share a story or two with them. Of course, he still has a distrust of aliens, but that is slowly softening. At his side, his loyal thunderwolf Ygdril and Rune Priest Freyr guide him forward through trials, temptation to stray from his duty, and keep him on the path to a future safe for all man.








Xenophobic: As a soldier for the Imperium, Karian was trained to believe that if it was not a human, it was evil. Add to that the fact that it was a xeno that took a part of his arm and nearly rendered him incapable of continuing the fight,and you would find a man with a little more hate for xenos then his brother marines. Though his time in the multiverse has softened his view on Xeno's, he still has some issues with them.

Medical Technophobe: Being a superstitious marine, Karian and his chapter distrust the more modern of medical items, save for extreme cases, like the one that lead to him having his (disliked) mechanical arm. He sooner would use his traditional skills in old medicine.

Pack mentality: Karian has been a veteran of many battles with his squad, having grown to think of them as his 'pack'. With that in mind, he will rarely put them into a situation he has not thoroughly planned out. His connection with them is so deep that he would feel physical pain if one of his pack should fall in battle.

Terminator speed: While this armor grants increased defence and strength, it is extremely heavy. Usually equipped with a Teleporter, KArian had it removed thanks to his chapters disdain of such technology. Karian's speed will be very sluggish.

  • Scar of the World-Slayer: A mark laid on all of those who participated in the Union's campaign to kill the Confederate Emperor, Viridian Sunrise, in the year A.U. 20. Though successful, the campaign resulted in the destruction of his inner universe and the countless beings within it. The mark takes the form of a sun-shaped birthmark on the bodies of each of those who were present that day.
Though not necessarily readily visible, it cannot be removed even if the individual should be obliterated and regenerated from component materials. It imposes upon the bearer a complete knowledge of every entity who died in the Union's crusade, from enemy soldiers down to newborn babes. Those who bear this mark will remember them always, from their names, to their faces, to their lives up to their deaths. This does not provide an opportunity to learn the skills of the deceased, though it does give the bearer an insight into the world and universe of Annu.


Title Date Scene Summary
FateParadox - Duel July 19th, 2018 Saber Gwyn and Archer Shogo Arisu fight in a courtyard while several curious Elites try to track down their Masters, and chaos ensues.
FateParadox: New Beginnings May 26th, 2018 The new Grail War begins with a battle on a big bridge
Chasing The Sun (1) February 3rd, 2018 Investigators follow up on reports of missing Elites.
The Dark Lady PT 2: Little Trouble In a Little Villiage December 12th, 2017 Tomoe and company go to confronting the 'heroes' for the first time and accidentally end up kidnapping the local barmaid who looks a hell of a lot like she's Tomoe's sister.
Dorado Deadline May 28th, 2017 The mayor of Dorado has a secret meeting with Los Muertos, but little does he know there is a vigilante waiting.
Operation: Ominous Truth February 19th, 2017 The resistance investigates an ADVENT blacksite, but what they find is more than they bargained for...
Operation: Secret Father February 12th, 2017 General Peter Van Doorn, a high profile member of the UN and a key contributor of vital resources to the XCOM Project is under fire.

Both XCOMs and Elite presence move to assist.

A Space Wolf Comes to Call January 7th, 2017 The GU do a bit of cleaning at the Castle and catch up with each other after the multiveral collapse.
The Space Wolves December 17th, 2016 Heinkel Wolfe meets with Karian Icefang to discuss, in brief, her world's persistent problem of cheap knockoff vampires.
Operation: Crimson Vengeance November 26th, 2016 Sometimes, people do things that are rather stupid.

Sometimes, those people get what's coming to them much sooner than expected.

Council Mission: Interception.

While We Sleep October 15th, 2016 Karian and Ophelia sit down for a relaxing chat over their respective differences.

And then they threaten to kill each other. Guest Appearance by: Kotone

Black Descent (CCO) May 14th, 2016 The players witness a scene of terror, where a top-tier pirate vessel is wiped out by a rogue encounter
Jupiter: Infested Outbreak (P2) May 2nd, 2016 While a source vector has been identified for the Infestation on Jupiter, getting more information to track down it's location is a problem that only wiping out more Infested can help deal with.
A three hour tour, an uncharted isle April 30th, 2016 Monsters give loot. They also hurt people... a lot.
A Grimm Tale March 28th, 2016 Grimm are massing for an attack.

Yang sends out a call for help as she tries to hold them off.

Help arrives and the Grimm get routed.

Hunting the Most Dangerous Bug March 25th, 2016 A dangerous tyranid finds itself in the rare situation of being prey, as Sinon and Karian hunt down the final shred of a hive fleet.
Merchant Madness January 7th, 2016 More ALO shenanigans. This time, it's time to meet the Merchant!
And So You're Back From Outer Space December 2nd, 2015 ...So where HAS Sinon been for four months, anyway?
A Tome to Die For November 24th, 2015 Twilight and friends come seeking lost knowledge of the Jedi. But within the ruined Truuine Praxium, what awaits is not only the relics of the Jedi, but a legacy of the Sith - one that plans on making Twilight history.
A Sword For A Marine November 8th, 2015 Karian visits in regards to a blade
Getting Stuff November 8th, 2015 The Stuffgetter has a mission to drop off supplies for a frozen village. There, old friends and new friends meet.
TGR: The Grimsangue November 7th, 2015 The Grimsangue's base of operations was discovered to be in an abandoned castle, and the Elites attacked with everything they had. Also, a LOT OF PEOPLE DIED.
Killstealing Jerks! October 20th, 2015 The Sleeping Knights are ready to take on their third boss battle. Twice before, a guild raidgroup got there and finished the boss before the Knights could do so. The guild's about to do it again unless someone's willing to teach them a lesson... or at least stop them.
Woodvale Trial: Nature's Wrath October 20th, 2015 The Devouring Earth are launching another assault. Can the heroes beat them back?
Woodvale Trial: Hivemind October 13th, 2015 A massive psychic presence is encountered in Woodvale. Heroes go forth to confront it.
Welcome to Woodvale September 30th, 2015 There's a disturbance in the zone of Woodvale, in Paragon City. Faith Maccabe and the Woodsman call for aid.
The Absolute Blade, Zekken arrives! September 21st, 2015 Zekken takes on the Iron Wolf, stronger and tougher than anyone she's ever faced before. It's a battle of power vs. speed!
Light in Chaos's Shadow August 6th, 2015 Still recovering from the Noise Marines' Chaos Titan, Yuna goes to visit Karian at his home on Fenris, to talk to the Wolf Lord and to try and lay some of her lingering nightmares to rest with his help.
GGO: The Bullet of Bullets August 1st, 2015 The main event.
Stand Tall Before The Coming Storm July 3rd, 2015 A game changer has arrived as Yggdrasil has started to take more interest or maybe its just a very curious Royal Knight.
Scream to be Heard! June 17th, 2015 A 'concert' by the Noise Marines turns into a much larger conflict.
Operation Patient Sleep April 28th, 2015 The Council want something. And what the Council want, they get. Except this time.
And the Crowd Goes Wild April 18th, 2015 The appearance of a new World Raid Boss has the Gatecrashers scrambling to get the kill before other raiding groups can. But the appearance of a dark figure shrouds any victory celebrations with macabre horror.
The Gundam that Fell to Earth April 17th, 2015 A Gundam falls to Earth. Chaos ensues.
Bullet of Bullets: Amalie vs Karian March 17th, 2015 The Bullet of Bullets preliminary matches! Amalie versus Karian, two heavy armor, heavy weapon specialists duke it out in a battle of endurance and destruction!
Wings In The Big City January 15th, 2015 A Swarm of dragons decide to pay visit to Urbania-- and not in a nice way either.
Winter Ceilidh January 8th, 2015 Sir Bedivere hosts another céilidh in Dun Realtai, to brighten the dreary winter days.
Enter Space! Rock Lee becomes Comet Lee with Burning Passion! January 5th, 2015 Rock Lee goes into space!
Gun Gale Online - Introductions December 7th, 2014 The Gatecrashers Union enters Sword Art Online and starts to set up.
To the World of Guns December 6th, 2014 A government official who's more well-connected than he lets on has put a call out to Kirito and whatever remains of the Gatecrashers Union, promising payment in exchange for doing some investigative work in a VRMMO. The turnout will probably be far more than he expects!
Urban Danger October 3rd, 2014 Through the unnatural fog that casts itself into the Eastern Ruins, something wicked is soon to come and those who face its blade, may know of the horrors that is the Dark Divinity.
CP: Battle Over Bronze Lake September 22nd, 2014 The Garlean Empire with the Confederacy move in to take control of Point A in Upper La Noscea. Can the Eorzeans and their allies hold them back?
Dark Eldar Attack August 28th, 2014 The Imperial Guard call for aid against a Dark Eldar attack.
WMAT B4 Karian vs. Ariah August 5th, 2014 WMAT quarter-finals match between Ariah and Karian Icefang.
Nam-Ek and The Factory July 30th, 2014 Nam-Ek thinks the Factory will be easy pickings! Except Karian Icefang and Beelzebumon intend to prove him wrong.
WMAT B3 Richard Stadler vs. Karian Icefang July 22nd, 2014 The Space Wolf Karian has it out with Rick Stadler in this intense battle for the B Bracket. Next up, semifinals!
Let's Have a Ceilidh! July 12th, 2014 To welcome back her lieutenant, the Servant Saber decides to throw a céilidh, a Celtic-style gathering with food, drink, music, dancing, and other entertainment; a familiar setting which Sir Bedivere can meet some of his new Union allies and get to know them better.
WMAT B2 Karian vs. Taylita July 7th, 2014 WMAT Karian vs. Taylita
Parts 1: Tank You! June 29th, 2014 The Confederates enact a plot to steal a Razorback APC from the Imperium of Man.
Into Factorial Town June 26th, 2014 A distress signal from the Digital World's Factorial Town lures heroes, investigators and villains alike to see what is up, and they meet the Digimon Emperor in his role for the first time.
WMAT A1 Raven DeVanos vs. Elza Lengar June 25th, 2014 WMAT Elza vs Raven
WMAT B1 Mighty Hood vs. Karian June 23rd, 2014 World Martial Arts Tournament, First Round.
NODE: Kingdom of Reclamation - The Unknown Key June 20th, 2014 The door is unlocked... Army is built. Now... episode 3 is on the way...
NODE: Game of Souls - Link Start June 19th, 2014 Kirito and companions embark on the first foray into the Game of Souls Node, meet with the Lord of Shadow, and decide on a course of investigation.


Title Date Scene Summary
No logs submitted yet.

List of Allies and Friends: Mortimer Balman, Kirito and the entirety of the Gatecrashers Union, the Union (as an outside ally to the members), No.9.


Karian can easily serve as a gruff leader, preacher, or adviser. As a veteran of the savage world of Fenris, and the horrors of the galaxy, he often is a scion to the younger marines for both strength and conviction. Not a fan of long-winded speeches, he knows what to say and how to say it to rally the spirits of his men into a frenzy. While an optimist in his belief that the Emperor will always grant victory, he hides it well under his exterior of a soldier worn by war .Serving as an adviser to his personal squad, he has developed a strong camaraderie with them, and they him, referring to him as the 'old timer'. Not one to actually wish such a title, he allows it to be used, simply saying that it is the Emperor's will that he is with them. He also is a bit of a storyteller, regaling the recruits with stories of the legends among the Space Wolves, as well as their Primarch. Personally, he doesn't mind being the oldest of his group, as he see's this as merely his way of ensuring that whatever he does will see his squad through their tasks, as well as the feeling of adoratio he get's when the older wolf puts a younger one in his place through either words or strength. When not in the field of battle, or preaching to the young wolves, Karian is an avid reader. Rumored amongst his fellow marine's as able to recite the entire Imperial bible from pure memory, he always looks for a new story to add to his list of knowled


Karian was not always a Space Marine, an elite defender of man. There was a time when he was a simple human, a nomad on the frozen planet of Fenris. The harsh environment lead to a constant battle for survival against other nomads, wolves, raiders, and even those of the same clan. But life for young Karian was always difficult thanks to his over-aggressive nature. However, this came to his aid in one incident. A raiding party struck his clan, trying to steal their hard found resources. Sparing no mercy for the raiders, he attacked them single-handedly. With a fury akin to that of a wolf, he struck, his skill greater then expected and also perhaps the blessing of the mighty Emperor. As his clan fled, he stayed back, and using nothing but his bare hands he killed every raider. This single incident was enough to send whispers of the 'wolf-borne' through the clans, and even to the hallowed ears of the Space Wolves.

A few months after that incident, the clan, now known as the Wolven, was visited by a Wolf Priest, the ones responsible for recruitment to the Space Wolves. He had come to take young Karian to the Fortress Monastery, to see if Karian had the potential to expand on his glory, and become of of the elite defenders of man. Through the trials and struggles that lead to the forging of a space wolf, Karian made himself known for being a bit more feral them most, but able to control his impulses. Once the trials were complete and he was made a full battle-brother, he was placed in the company known as the Blood Claws, forging his aggression into a potent weapon of the God-Emperor.

Forty years and many battles later, Karian was considered a veteran of the Space Wolves, and granted his place within the gray hunters. It was there that his squad was sent to clear out a hive of Orks. The mission at first went well, the orks proving to be an easy nuisance, until they caught him and his men in an ambush. Overwhelmed, but keeping a cool head, Karian opted to engage some orks with his chainsword. While fending them off, one ork managed a successful blow, shearing off the elbow and below of his left arm. Cursing, the other wolves flew into an anger, clearing out the orks and returning successful. Karian was forced to undergo a replacement operation, despite his vehement disapproval, because it was felt he would be incapable of furthering the Marines' cause while maimed.

Another thirty years would pass, Karian growing used to the limb but harboring a grudge to Orks as a whole. It was then that he was transferred from the Grey Hunters to be trained in the arts of the Wolf Priests, the healers and preachers, Apothecaries and Chaplains. The previous Wolf Priest had seen the potential that sat within Karian, and made his move after he was of greater wisdom. Not one to pass up the opportunity to better his chapter, he took up the mantle of the Wolf priest.

In one of his earliest deployments as a Wolf Priest, he was sent onto a hostile planet, one thought to be nothing more then a simple securing mission. Unfortunately, this outpost was held by Eldar rebels. He and his squad of Grey Hunters found themselves under fire from all angles. Working his fingers to the bone and beyond, Karian had no choice but to watch as his battle brothers fell to the shadowy xenos. Taken over by a rage, he lunged out, fighting on his own for over an hour before reinforcements arrived. Constantly feeling as if he failed the very men he had been sent to keep alive, he tried his best to never make a bond with those he served, but failed at that, taking his place as the 'old timer' of the group.

But this old wolf would soon prove he still had a few tricks. Yet another deployment found Karian and his squad deployed against the foul heretics of the Thousand Suns legion. While it would have been easy to crush them in a pincer, Karian opted to let the main force serve as a distraction, while he and his squad snuck in and eliminated figure's key to morale. But the plan fell through, when a second company revealed itself to surround the squad. Haunted by the memories of what happened long before this day, Despite being a man at the ripe age of 120, Karian broke rank, and fought like a marine possessed, using nothing but hs gauntlet integrated power claw and bolter to slay heretic after heretic. Soon enough, his main target appeared and challenged the wolf priest to single combat. Karian accepted and, despite his foe's mutation and greater speed, managed to eliminate him i a flurry of slashes andgunfire. On that day, Karian's bravery and ferocity earned him dual glory. His armor was covered in claw marks, and his helmet gives a tail, both signs of great honor within his clan.