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This is an index of Multiverse Crisis MUSH's policy, rules, and setting information. Everything you need to know to get started on the game can be found here.

MUSH Policy & Theme

Policy FAQ Characters Banned & Restricted
Roleplay Theme Integration Factions
Mash-Up Combat

Characters & Applications

Advantages Disadvantages Add-Ons & Templates Power Copy

How do I apply for a character? Character Application.

How do I adjust or modify a character I already have? Upgrade Application

How long until I can submit another application after getting one approved? 14 days for characters, 7 for upgrades, variable for plots because we mostly just don't want somebody taking on the burden of running more than they can handle. Can be waived at request. You MAY have multiple types of application in simultaneously.

When can I bug you about how long my application is taking?: 4 days for guests, which does encompass players who simply have no currently-approved and compliant characters.

Application processing priority is: Guest Applications > Character Applications > Upgrade Applications (Compliance) > Upgrade Applications.

Note that having multiple applications in the box de-escalates the priority of your lowest priority item. It's fine to do, just understand that if you have a character application and an upgrade application in simultaneously, the upgrade application is going to take a major back seat to everything else in the box.


Character Application Upgrade Application Sample Applications
Clerical Application Csys Application Enhancement Application