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This page aims to list all radio frequencies which are either public or semi-private, based on voluntary listing. You can add them yourself, or send Homura an @mail with the listing information if you don't feel comfortable editing this page yourself or hate Mediawiki code.

Please note that whether or not a frequency is marked as encrypted or public doesn't make it any less impolite to just jump onto a frequency your character has no immediate tie-in to. If you have the slightest doubt about it, make sure to ask the owner whether or not your character can get on it or if it's alright to observe.

Freq: The frequency.

Owner: The current moderator of the frequency.

Enc: Whether or not the frequency is encrypted, and how to get its encryption key, i.e. "ask owner".

Purpose: What the frequency is for.

All-Purpose/TP Frequencies:

Freq Owner Enc Purpose
06.08 Milla Maxwell No Tales of Xillia-1 stuff, doubles as local cross-factional during scenes.
16.03 Homura Akemi No Anyone involved, wishing to be involved, or planning to get involved in Madoka-1 scenes, whether random ones or TP ones, is free to have this frequency on. It will not always be used, but expect it to replace Union-IC when Unaffiliated or Confederate parties are involved, or when we have to discuss things and X-U isn't an option. You should only actually ICly know about/use the frequency once you've been told about it, though. (Attend a scene/be told/etc.)
95.5 Courier Six No Mojave Wasteland general frequencies, also Radio New Vegas
413.612 Summer Powers No Pesterchum Chat. Open to public. Codenames are used. Two words together, first one lowercased, second capitalized. profoundBadness and crowravenWolfmoon are examples.
66.6 Psyber Ask Heaven or Hell backup radio. Will be utilized for smaller scenes featuring group members as well as splitting conversations off the main band.
11.5 Elise Leroy Ask XCOM-1 'public' radio frequency, for allies not directly involved in XCOM day-to-day activities. Used for field ops also.
13.33 Wuyin Tsai No The Buzzing. Lore drops from the Bees of Agartha. Receive /only/ except under exceptional circumstances.
8.33 Wuyin Tsai No General TSW cast/world radio frequency. Information is generally available to whoever wants it, no permission needed to join. Used for anything happening on The Secret World or for conversations involving its cast or concepts therein.
13.37 Chris Rothschild No Hacknet, a public frequency for techies, hackers, etc.
305.19 Elliana Fairchild No Frequency for all cross-factional communications related to Elliana's various scenes, plots and TPs when J-IC isn't an option.
42.0 Theo Morrison No Radio Free Nerdery. Public channel for casual talk from nerds of all stripes.
3.853 Kirito No Radio frequency for Kirito's Node scenes (Abstractum TP).
192.9 Eliot Ness No Radio frequency for Assassin's Creed: The Untouchables scenes.
7746.54 Fuki No Radio frequency for Confederate Shinki.
45.55 Serori Ask Radio frequency reserved for Dragon Ball Z characters and scenes.
4.97 Mizuki No A frequency to share dreams, both the ones you have when you sleep and the ones you have when you're awake. Casual philosophy talk is also permitted. All of this is IC, cross-factional, and anonymous unless a person intentionally reveals themselves. The owner of the channel is common knowledge, however. Completely public.
53.13 Sakura Kinomoto No Frequency for discussion related to the Deck of Light node.
80.8 Goffard Gaffgarion No Frequency for those wishing to solicit Gaffgarion's services as a sellsword. Note: It's usually going to be Ladd answering unless it's specifically requested that a caller wishes to speak to Gaffgarion.
140.5 Sir Bedivere No Semi-public radio frequency for the Knights of the Round Table, and residents as well as visitors to Dún Reáltaí.
442.2 Quote No Public radio frequency for the Flying Island, particularly during the Cave Story TP.
9.999 Landon al Cid No Multiversal radio frequency for interaction with Galianda and the Final Fantasy Act: Class theme members.
407.3072 Optimus Prime Yes Private channel for active Autobots. Ask for encryption key.
16.37 Snow White No Public radio frequency for the world of the Fables.
1994.0 Emiya Kiritsugu No Public radio frequency for Fate/Zero Earth.
996.5 Simon Petrikov No Public radio frequency for Mushroom War Earth.
22.2 Eryl Fairfax No Public radio frequency for Scorched Earth.
756.980 Gaius Van Baelsar Ask XIV Legion Private Channel. Ask for permission to join.
290.591 Gaius Van Baelsar No General Public Eorzea/Hydaelyn Radio. Open to everyone.
969.001 Admiral Merlwyb No Eorzean Alliance & Union Radio Service. Open to all Union and allies of.
756.900 Gaius Van Baelsar No Confederate Dungeon Exploration in Hydaelyn.
579.001 Gaius Van Baelsar No Primal battle radio frequency.
101.010 Rainbow Dash No Equestrian IC radio frequency. Open to everyone.
19.85 D No Scene radio for D's world. Open to whoever is present.
20.40 Busou Shinki Battle Rondo No BSBR broadcast radio for announcement of fights and fight commentary.
1022.13 Miko Fujimoto No Midnight Shrine Tokyo local/TP frequency.
6.29 Demetrios Vasilikos No Paragon Police Department. Local IC radio for heroes and police department, coordinating for missions, etc.
7.77 Sarah Parsle No Afterusbound Pesterchum. Used for IC text chat room communication amongst the Afterusbound cast and other interested people.
1.0 Vruasa Telash No Multiversal PBS. Public Info Dump channel for extended IC theme discussions that have no dedicated +radio yet.
229.77 Samar No Kantai Collection-1 Abyssal Navy IC radio communication network. Confederate-aligned radio. Non-Confed listening is OK OOCly.
353.38 Kongou No Kantai Collection-1 Fleet Daughter IC radio communication network. Union-aligned radio. Non-Union listening is OK OOCly.
4.0 Priscilla No Dark Souls-1 TP cross-factional collaboration radio.
432.1 Zwei No Radio frequency for use in Automated -blank- scenes.
764.94 Crystal Caravan No Radio frequency for use in Crystal Caravan scenes.
3.50 Yari Takane No Radio frequency for use in The Grimsangue's Rise scenes.
10.31 Demetrios Vasilikos No Rogue Island Police. Local IC radio for villains and Rogue Isles security forces, coordinating for missions, etc.
79.29 Yang Xiao Long No RWBY IC for general use/scene use in RWBY centric scenes.
8.8 Sanary Rondel No Radio frequency for little daily-life actions to add some flavor to a character without necessitating an outright scene, +j chatter, or a cutscene (but can lead to it!). Actions only, no dialogue, so more like a brief snapshot of the characters' lives rather than an actual frequency anyone is personally tuned into.

Personal Frequencies:

Freq Owner Enc Purpose
141.80 Solid Snake Ask Snake's personal CODEC frequency.
9979.5 Iria Ask Iria's communicator frequency.
723.98 Rebecca Chambers No Rebecca's main communicator frequency. Can be used to request MedEvac if needed.

WMAT Frequencies:

Freq Arena Purpose
900.1 All All-purpose WMAT IC chatter frequency.
900.2 Devil's Hand Frequency for listening to specific match commentary.
900.3 Diablo Desert Frequency for listening to specific match commentary.
900.4 Gizard Wasteland Frequency for listening to specific match commentary.
900.5 Northern Mountains Frequency for listening to specific match commentary.
900.6 Spinach Wasteland Frequency for listening to specific match commentary.
900.7 Yunzabit Heights Frequency for listening to specific match commentary.
900.8 Tournament Stadium Frequency for listening to specific match commentary.

Out of Character Frequencies:

Freq Owner Enc Purpose
0.1234 Sarah N/A An OOC channel for the discussion of the Lioden browser game, for those who play it.
140.6 Sir Bedivere N/A An OOC channel for the Fate/stay night cast, and those involved with the cast.
12.1787 Landon al Cid N/A An OOC channel for the Final Fantasy Act: Class cast, generally used for app discussions so we don't swarm under E-Chardisc.
211.314 Gaius Van Baelsar N/A An OOC channel for the Final Fantasy XIV cast, and those involved with the cast. Open to everyone and anyone.
1941.45 Kongou No Kantai Collection OOC chatter.
30105.00 Duke N/A Digimon: Great Demon War - OOC Channel for chatter, character concept talk for the theme, plot discussion.
113.8 Revan N/A An OOC channel for the various casts of the Star Wars universe and those involved with the casts, and general discussion. Open to everyone.
4.28 Demetrios Vasilikos N/A An OOC channel for City of Heroes/Villains/etc. discussion and cast chat. Open to everyone.
98.01 Sanae Kochiya No OOC channel for any Touhou Project discussions or chatter. Open to anyone that has an interest.
30000.00 Alice Margatroid No OOC channel for Mahjong players and interested parties. We use for our games.
3939.39 Toph Beifong No OOC channel for the MCM Sims stream